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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reaffirmed that the Democrats and the Deep State (DSSG – Deep State/Shadow Government) are in league with Iran.

To think that eliminating an Iranian general who was responsible for over 600 US soldier deaths, as permissible by law, is somehow unworthy of a drone strike characterized disproportionate by Leftist politicians and the DSSG is utterly absurd. What universe are we in?

If it wasn’t clear before, it ought to be crystal clear now that President Trump is being framed-in by the Iran event, which is an engineered political construct that is now merging with other DSSG efforts. Here’s a review of the foundation of said construct:

  1. DISCUSSION of moves/countermoves and the origins of President’s authority to strike.
  2. DISCUSSION of blending the Iran/Iraq event and 25th Amendment for removal/assassination.
  3. DISCUSSION of blending of Iran/Iraq with an apparent assassination narrative from Senator Murphy (which, if successful and with the elimination of VP Pence, would put Pelosi in the Oval Office.

That brings us to today where we have the Speaker of the House, yet again, looking to rule as Queen in an effort to please her DSSG masters. To think that she would fall in league and oppose the President of the United States as he contends with the world’s nation state leader in global terrorism is unthinkable on the one hand (traditional America) and completely thinkable on the other (see Barack Obama, his two terms and the DSSG.)

That the previous Obama Administration funneled a reported $150 BILLION to Iran in pursuit of illegal nuclear development and ‘hostage release’ factors in heavily here; especially since the President is attempting to bring down what is expected to be the grandest global corruption scheme in history. $130 billion to Iran seems like a fantastic way to engage in corruption, does it not? THIS article on the old site creates a nexus for corruption by linking Ukraine (the suspected funnel for the corruption and for my money, the KEYSTONE) and Iran.

So then, in order to preserve that corrupt criminal construct and apparently themselves (self-preservation), Speaker Pelosi is attempting to usurp the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States to fulfill his duties as Commander in Chief. Remind me again, what is the definition of TREASON?

At what point will the DSSG’s/Left’s allegiance and treason be recognized for what it is? At what point will these miscreants meet ‘Lady Justice?’

Off the cuff, Pelosi’s push here is both telling and considerable overreach. Moreover, it’s another CONFIRMATION of the POLITICAL CONSTRUCT that the DSSG/MIC has engineered to destroy or remove (however necessary) the duly elected President of the United States.



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