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WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Iraq Exit Strategy Predicted Yesterday Directly Cited in Suspected Leaked Military Document Today: DIRECT CONFIRMATION

What is going on here with the inadvertent publication of the Iraq withdrawal notice? I think it’s actually pretty clear what’s going on here as outlined yesterday.

In THIS item yesterday, I took several sources and a theory and then examined it all against 30 separate and additional sources presented in logical order so as to give meaning to the entire matter.

After distilling it all down, I identified this to be the crux of it all. This is an excerpt from the article linked above:

Is it possible that President Trump was able to prognosticate his way through the unending Middle Eastern complexity and intricacy to goad the Iraqis into expelling US personnel from the country? Was he able to make good on his campaign promise with what appears to be an insane level of political acumen, savvy and strategy? Remember, there are really only three basic options: 1) removal by Iraq, 2) removal by a third-party entity (UN or coalition of regional or global enemy states) in the context war or 3) self-removal.


That brings us to this evening whereby I’ve learned that the DOD has been reported to have bungled a sensitive and important Iraq withdrawal notice stating that its publication was inadvertent and that the document was an unsigned, throw-away draft presented to the President as one option on the table.

Again, just consider the timing of it all relative to the broader Iran/Iraq embassy (IIE) event. In rapid fashion, it’s apparent that the DSSG/MIC is opening another battle front on President Trump by leaking this document to further undermine, attack and damage him. In my opinion, this was not an inadvertent publication, rather it was a deliberate leak from someone on the inside.

Not coincidentally, this suspected leak occurred on the same day that Adam Schiff stated that he now requires oversight into the IIE matter (SOURCE) while the Speaker of the House, as I reported HERE, is pursuing a war powers angle to further interrupt the President’s Constitutional authority as our Commander in Chief.

It’s 360-degree, asymmetrical and unconstitutional warfare, folks.

But why leak this particular document and why leak it right now? Here’s why.

As I predicted yesterday, there was a good likelihood that the strike on Soleimani served more than one objective. The prima facie objective was the requisite, legitimate and lawful strike against Soleimani, as authorized by POTUS, to retaliate for the 600 or more US troop deaths attributed to the General.

The ulterior objective I suspected was the President goading Iraq into expelling US troops from Iraq so as to allow the President to make good on a campaign promise. I know – I thought it sounded far-fetched when I wrote it, which is why I left it to y’all to decide in the conclusion. My suspicions had wheels, though, and it explains precisely why the letter was leaked today.

Consider the SOURCED quote below from General Seely’s unsigned and leaked throw-away draft,

“Sir, in due deference to the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq, and as requested by the Iraqi Parliament and the Prime Minister, CJTF-OIR will be repositioning forces over the course of the coming days and weeks to prepare for onward movement.

Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, TF-Iraq

Here is a full representation of the suspected leaked document. (Article continues below)

Here’s the significance of the suspected leak and its timing. It strikes me as the DSSG/MIC looking to intercede and expose the President’s exit strategy by publishing it.

Making it public and preempting any official announcement or decision causes a ripple effect across the MSM and gives the broader anti-Trump cohort reason to dump more propaganda into in the echo chamber so as to further undermine and attack the President. As stated, it’s the opening of another front in the fight against the President.

Moreover, the DSSG/MIC is most certainly looking to complicate any such exit before it ever attempts to get off the ground. By doing so, it ensures their Middle Eastern investment is protected.

Meanwhile, this suspected leak complicates things for the President. He’s got yet another front on which to fight and now his Iraq exit strategy may be compromised. The suspected leak of the DOD letter and the timing therein most certainly suggests all of the above.

Yesterday, I outlined a painstakingly thorough but incomplete body of evidence suggesting that the President may have been in the middle of a calculated Iraq exit strategy that would allow him to keep the DSSG/MIC in check by honoring the sovereignty of Iraq on the world’s stage. Moreover, he’d be doing that while again making good on another campaign promise.

Today, a leaked DOD document directly cited that precise implication and confirmed it as a strategy on the table.


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