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WAR DRUMS INTENSIFY: NATO Membership, Cluster Bombs and Biden White House Blow

The chorus around the Biden White House blow – the cocaine discovered over the Fourth of July celebration near the West Wing where the vehicle for Vice President Kamala Harris is staged – is a deafening distraction indicative of the entire Biden Administration ripping apart at the seams. That ripping is by design with Cloward-Piven strategy in full effect to reduce the nation to shambles and make it easier to herd-up and control the sheep. Another finger on that fist is manufactured war. The Commander-in-Chief presses down firmly on this.


Returning to the Bidens and White House blow, it seems that the only thing standing between the Bidens and the title of ‘poor white trash’ is money.

White trash is a lock.

Grandchildren out of wedlock is also a lock.

So is shagging your sister-in-law, banging hookers and showering with dad.

A more appropriate representation of the ‘Biden White House’ [from Appalachian Holler, 2018]

For the Bidens, it would be more appropriate if the White House were a double-wide trailer sitting on a cinder block foundation with howling coon dogs under the front porch and a variety of broken down autos and fridges in the front yard.

Is it not ironic how much more deplorable they are than the ‘deplorables’ they so detest?

It’s why socioeconomic status isn’t an indicator of character and it’s why actually being deplorable has everything to do with character and not at all with being poor or white.

Even worse, Joe sold us out and stole the money to make the difference.

Just ask Sam Bankman-Fried.

Just ask China.

Or Ukraine.

War compliments Cloward-Piven and should be regarded as a mechanism of controlled demolition.

The establishment and especially the Bidens need war badly.

This why an abrupt reversal in Trump era foreign policy and diplomacy occurred beginning in January 2021; with the pretext for it on record beforehand.

Not surprisingly, it represented a return to Obama-era policy.

The establishment has been manufacturing a multiple-front war with China [Taiwan] and Russia [Ukraine] since early 2021 after Joe Biden hijacked and occupied the Executive.

My series WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE back-fills the multiple-front war details and the evidence for them.

More recently, the article War at All Costs provides an explanation:

Here’s the analysis you’ll likely not find elsewhere and it’s simple:1-as threading through the Bidens and Ukraine, the COVID-19 narrative has unraveled entirely and it’s a monumentally problematic issue for the U.S. politburo and the federal apparatus and 2-the closer we get to the unvarnished truth about COVID-19, massive money laundering operations in Ukraine that have benefited the U.S. politburo, China, Ukraine, Trump, Twitter and the balance of that long list of crimes against humanity,THE CLOSER WE GET TO WAR.

War is the one thing with the capacity to erase any and all concerns and evidence preceding it. If all of the evidence of corruption, crime and treason is clearly presented on the chalkboard for all to see, war is your classroom teacher grabbing the eraser and making it all disappear right as the fire alarm sounds to send everyone outside in a panic.

This illegitimate administration is desperate to maintain control as it all crumbles around them and it places us in highly dangerous times. Make no mistake about it. If it is required, they will absolutely pull the fire alarm of war.

Political Moonshine

War is the ultimate eraser of factual but inconvenient history, which is a primary reason they need it.

Pause and let this sink in: Joe Biden has two epicenters of corruption, crime and treason and they are China [Taiwan] and Ukraine [Russia].

There are two primary fronts in the multiple-front war scenario being manufactured since January 2021: Taiwan/South China Sea [China] and Ukraine [Russia].

War is how you erase it all.

It’s that simplex to understand.

Before erasing the record of Biden’s transgressions; however, the federal apparatus must establish jurisdiction over it by opening investigations for the purpose of vacuuming-up the evidence of criminality to conceal it away forever.

The analog here is Dead End Durham and my analysis on the Special Counsel’s cover-up and concealment operation based on designed fruitlessness was exactly on the mark since 01 Jan 20.

A similar operation is now going on in Ukraine according to my recent analysis.

THE ANALYSIS holds that the appointments of Special Prosecutor Jessica Kim to the ‘International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine’ and Jared Kimball to the US Department of Justice’s ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ in Ukraine are two facets of a multi-faceted and international cover-up operation of Biden’s criminality in Ukraine; the latter I’ve branded ‘the keystone of corruption’.

In summary, I put it like this in the second part of the recent analysis:

This aggregate of the ICPA special prosecutor and the WCAT MOU are two facets of a multifacted cover-up operation installed by AG Garland and his weaponized DOJ.

When the precise areas of ICPA Special Prosecutor Jessica Kim’s[matters of national security, organized crime, enterprise fraud, investment fraud, corporate fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, cybercrimes and more] and WCAT resident legal advisor Jared Kimball’s[rule of law, anti-corruption, terrorism, counterterrorism and counterterrorism strategy]combined scope of expertise is examined, it represents a perfect overlay for Biden’s corruption and criminality [enterprise fraud, money laundering, war crimes, international terrorism and biowarfare] in Ukraine.

Political Moonshine

Here are both articles containing the analysis that no one else appears to have identified or is discussing:

These sorts of maneuvers from AG Merrick Garland and his weaponized DOJ focused on “lawfare” and two-tiered justice as viable tactics should be regarded as precursory to both cover-up and war, according to the evidence.

We’re bearing witness to the controlled demolition of unavoidable and unthinkable circumstances and the DOJ is facilitating front end control.

It’s an attempted feat of literal destruction with the intent to rebuild from the cinders of ruin and devastation.

They’ll blame Russia [and China] for it and then “Build Back Better” with a Marxist, communist government that would make the former USSR envious.

It’s here that the concept of attribution bears particular importance.

In both instances – the Biden’s criminality in Ukraine and the manufactured war in Ukraine – the attribution is being fraudulently assigned to Russia to comport with the establishment’s fraudulent and failing Ukraine narrative.

Attribution is a mechanism of political projection, where compromised, corrupt and criminal members of the US politburo frame-up and accuse their innocent political opposition of their own misdeeds.

The obvious example is President Trump and the multiple entrapment operations against him.

Two failed impeachments, the Mar-a-Lago raid and the Capitol “insurrection” operations are several examples.

This protracted march towards war has been long but deliberate and purposeful.

War escalation is again discussed in this recent article featuring Ukrainian President, US proxy and intelligence community asset Volodymyr Zelensky:

Matters of NATO membership with Finland, Sweden and Ukraine have been exhaustively discussed in our reporting along with the Military Industrial Complex and intelligence community miscreants functioning in the backdrop, like Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who has already called for Putin’s assassination multiple times among other things.

A slate of reports from The Hill further evidence established positions.

Recently, the matter of internationally prohibited [over 100 countries] ‘cluster bombs’ has been included in another $800 million “aid package” to Ukraine.

This represents another intentionally escalating and entirely avoidable event.

“Cluster munitions typically release large numbers of smaller bomblets that can kill indiscriminately over a wide area. Those that fail to explode pose a danger for decades after a conflict ends. Ukraine has asked for these weapons to fire against Russian positions with dug-in troops,” reports Reuters.

NATO is dumping fuel onto Russia’s justifiable inferno.

Reporting from The Hill captures the range of bad developments.

Click each image to read the article with brief summary analysis on The Hill’s reporting to follow.

The summary analysis on the Hill’s Reporting evidences our positions writ large.

The cluster bombs matter is another deliberate escalation maneuver split almost entirely along party and NATO/MIC/intelligence community lines.

It’s problematic that the same NATO/MIC/intelligence community assets that plagued the Trump Administration are pro-Biden and pro-cluster bombs: Bolton, Vindman, Graham, et al.

An initial check indicates that President Trump has yet to remark on cluster bombs specifically while protest and dissent from the likes of Rep. Barbara Lee-D, CA can be viewed as manufactured dissent as fat to chew-on for Democrats in the run-up to an election.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-TX is a clear NATO/MIC/intelligence community asset otherwise the 10-term Congressman would not have chaired the House Committee on Homeland Security nor would he be positioned to currently chair the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

McCaul was clearly dispatched to push cluster bombs but it’s his remarks on Ukraine’s NATO membership that are most problematic.

When viewing McCaul’s statement that admitting Ukraine as a NATO member “would immediately put us at war with Russia” against the backdrop of Biden’s statement that Ukraine is not ready to become a NATO member, we see the creation of a geopolitical “switch.”

The “switch” becomes one that Biden can flip at a moment of his choosing [or more accurately, the people behind Biden] to further escalate the Russian front in the pending multiple-front war with Russia and China.

According to McCaul, all Biden has to do is give his blessing for NATO’s membership and at that moment, the “switch” is flipped to give the establishment the war they so badly desire and need.

It should be noted that Ukraine’s NATO membership is a longstanding marker event in my multiple-front war analysis and this makes the combined McCaul/Biden remarks and the resulting “switch” as potentially deadly as they are problematic.

As soon as the Ukraine/Russia front goes kinetic, the analysis holds that Beijing will immediately move on Taiwan to open the second front with China.

Allow the 2024 election to bear down with a very plausible scenario of suspended elections due to war.

The analysis holds that this would be the final stages of overthrow, handover and conversion to Marxist communism.



  1. Hennie July 9, 2023

    Nato is impotent, and russia will restroy cluster bombs when they arrive in Ukraine

  2. Lori July 9, 2023

    Princess Diana would hate this.
    Great writing again.

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