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INTERNATIONAL COVER-UP: DOJ’s ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ and ICPA to Veil Biden’s Biowarfare, Money Laundering, Fraud and Worse

This is the second article with analysis on how the ‘International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine’ is the Biden Administration‘s cover-up mechanism to conceal Joe Biden’s criminality in Ukraine respective to the energy sector, enterprise fraud, global money laundering and more. A second facet to the cover-up operation is the ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ created in September 2022.

The first article provides how the expertise of Special Prosecutor to the ICPA Jessica H. Kim is the indicator of a cover-up operation relative to the areas of Joe Biden’s criminality in Ukraine.

We must pause to accept that the current state of the US Department of Justice is that it’s a politicized and weaponized instrument of “lawfare” and judicial retribution against the political enemies of Joe Biden.

It bears a simple and rhetorical question: Why would Biden’s DOJ be interested in sorting-out and prosecuting corruption in Ukraine, when the the Biden Crime Family’s corruption and crime threads right through the heart of Ukraine?

Occam’s delivers the answer: It’s a cover-up operation.

Biden’s political enemies include President Donald Trump, those under his umbrella and the tens of millions of Americans who ardently support him.

The assumption here permits us to view the federal agencies and departments through a lens of ulterior means and ends.

What are they really doing and seeking to accomplish in Ukraine?

That lens led to this analysis from the first article:

The ICPA is an international cover-up operation for the massive Ukrainian international money laundering operation and US Attorney General Merrick Garland is integral to its planning, formulation, operations and outcomes.

The ICPA even indicates that Russia is not subject to prosecution for its primary prosecutorial objective.

This makes the ICPA; at least from the US perspective, an organization functioning outside of explicitly stated purposes and therefore fueled by an ulterior agenda.

For the US, the ICPA permits it to maintain its fraudulent Ukraine narrative focused on blaming all of its own criminality and crimes against humanity on its favorite ‘boogeyman’, Russia, while it vacuums-up and seals away evidence of the Bidens’ severe and egregious criminality.

The evidence for this is found in the appointment of Special Prosecutor to the ICPA, Jessica H. Kim. As defined by the established narrative and despite the jurisdiction of Eurojust and ICPA, Kim’s exact areas of expertise have little to do with “aggression against Ukraine” and everything to do with the corruption, criminality and treason coming out of the Biden Administration and its departments: matters of national security, organized crime, enterprise fraud, investment fraud, corporate fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, cybercrimes and more.

Political Moonshine

We apply the same lens of ulterior means and ends to the ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ and the following extracts from a speech delivered by Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco on Friday, 07 Jul 23.

Sparing you the bulk of Monaco’s speech, it was laden with the failing establishment Ukraine narrative including this,

Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked actions seek to destroy a nation and its democratic institutions, because Russia sees those institutions as a threat. Russia’s actions aim to discredit the entire premise that law – and global norms – matter.

Russia’s continued war against Ukraine poses a serious threat to global peace and stability. Thankfully, the countries gathered here are steadfast in their commitment to Ukraine – for as long as it takes – and to ensuring accountability for the atrocities committed by the Kremlin.

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco

This and the balance of the fraudulent narrative is being leveraged to justify and rationalize the ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ [WCAT] created in September 2022.

WCAT is a facet of the cover-up operation in conjunction with the corruption, fraud, money laundering, etc. crimes targeted by the IFCA and Jessica Kim.

WCAT is extended to Biden’s entanglements in war crimes, international terrorism and biowarfare.

The WCAT analog to the ICPA Special Prosecutor Jessica H. Kim is Jared Kimball and Monaco addresses him and WCAT in her speech [emphasis added],

As our friend and colleague, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, has so eloquently put it: “Ukraine has two enemies: one external, Russia, and one internal, which is corruption.”

We enthusiastically embrace the decision of the G7 to aid Ukraine’s commitment to fight the internal enemy of corruption.

We have long been committed to this task in partnership with Ukraine. For more than a decade, including throughout the period of Russia’s invasion, our Department of Justice international police capacity building unit has been on the ground in Ukraine.

They have been working with Ukrainian counterparts to build a police force that is community-focused and committed to democratic policing.

And I am very happy to say that just last month, we, at the U.S. Department of Justice, sent one of our veteran federal prosecutors – Jared Kimball – to be resident in Kiev, with a focus on rule of law and anti-corruption capacity building.

I urge each of us here today to nominate a representative to the new G7 Anti-Corruption Task Force – and the United States would propose that Mr. Kimball be our member. He is available to work with all of you.

US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco

Like Kim, note the similar overlay of Kimball’s expertise to Biden’s criminality.


This is Jared Kimball:


Beyond what Monaco already outlined – his focus on rule of law and anti-corruption capacity building – here is the overlay of Kimball’s expertise that extends to Biden’s criminality, war crimes, international terrorism and biowarfare.

Jared worked overseas for several years at U.S. Embassies as a Resident Legal Advisor advising foreign partners on the investigation and prosecution of foreign terrorist fighters and in implementing the United States’ National Strategy for Counterterrorism.

Lawson Laski Clark

Biden’s severe and egregious transgressions are arduously evidenced and this article below is a critical piece from March focusing on the contractual ties to Biden through a contractor and subcontractors with the Department of Defense.

The DOD contractor and subcontractors tied to the Biden’s were Black & Veatch, Labyrinth Global Health, Inc. and Metabiota and they linked Biden to COVID-19 before “COVID-19” ever existed.

Among other things, COVID-19 is biowarfare and international terrorism, which are in Kimball’s wheelhouse.

The foundation of it goes back to the genesis of the ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ in September 2022.


On 20 Sep 22, US Attorney General Merrick Garland and Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin executed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Joe Biden has an established history of tampering with the analog to other nations’ Attorney General and DOJ.

In particular, Biden in 2016 threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire Prosecutor Victor Shokin, who was investigating the corruption of Hunter Biden and his private equity dealings with Burisma, which entangle Joe Biden.

Shokin investigated the case before his termination due to pressure applied by then-Vice President Joe Biden, who then later bragged about the firing in 2018.

The MOU was executed by Garland and Kostin to, “step up our common efforts in ensuring accountability for international crimes. Through establishing a formal framework of cooperation, we will strengthen effective investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine and provide a measure of justice to victims,” said Ukraine Prosecutor General Kostin.

The U.S.-Ukraine MOU will promote efficiency in investigations and prosecutions by, consistent with national laws, removing barriers to timely and effective exchanges of information and evidence in investigations and prosecutions by the two countries, and increasing the ease with which technical cooperation may be provided. 

The MOU builds on prior efforts by the department following the Attorney General’s trip to Ukraine on June 21, 2022.

During that trip, Attorney General Garland announced the launch of a War Crimes Accountability Team to centralize and strengthen the Justice Department’s ongoing work to hold accountable those who have committed war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s unprovoked invasion.

The team brings together the department’s leading experts in investigations involving human rights abuses, war crimes, and other atrocities; and provides wide-ranging technical assistance, including operational assistance and advice regarding criminal prosecutions, evidence collection, forensics, and relevant legal analysis.

DOJ Office of Public Affairs

This aggregate of the ICPA special prosecutor and the WCAT MOU are two facets of a multifacted cover-up operation installed by AG Garland and his weaponized DOJ.

When the precise areas of ICPA Special Prosecutor Jessica Kim’s [matters of national security, organized crime, enterprise fraud, investment fraud, corporate fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, cybercrimes and more] and WCAT resident legal advisor Jared Kimball’s [rule of law, anti-corruption, terrorism, counterterrorism and counterterrorism strategy] combined scope of expertise is examined, it represents a perfect overlay for Biden’s corruption and criminality [enterprise fraud, money laundering, war crimes, international terrorism and biowarfare] in Ukraine.

I’ve written several hundred articles on Joe Biden’s corruption, crimes and war crimes in Ukraine; branding the country as the keystone of corruption and one of two ‘epicenters’ for Biden’s corruption crime and treason.

The other epicenter is China.

Why would Biden’s DOJ be interested in sorting-out and prosecuting corruption in Ukraine, when the the Biden Crime Family’s corruption and crime threads right through the heart of Ukraine?

The only acceptable answer is that it’s a cover-up operation.

By establishing jurisdiction [ICPA and WCAT] and installing individuals [Kim and Kimball] with specific expertise directly overlaying the totality of Joe Biden and his criminal family, Garland’s DOJ can vacuum-up the evidence of Biden’s criminality and seal it away forever.

As the establishment’s Ukraine narrative crumbles to its foundation and the light of truth shines down, Joe Biden and his DOJ have developed an intense interest in sorting out Ukraine’s corruption.

The intense interest comes after Biden and the US politburo sent Ukraine hundreds of billions of US dollars in aid and arms.

The analysis holds steady that there’s a multifaceted DOJ international cover-up operation that is ongoing to veil Joe Biden’s criminality, fraud, money laundering, international terrorism, war crimes, and biowarfare in Ukraine.


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