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CIA Asset and US Proxy Volodymyr Zelensky Issues Problematic Pretext for Joe Biden’s ‘Nuclear Armageddon’

Let’s begin with a reminder of how things work in this world of state-sponsored and manufactured chaos and terror designed to keep the sheep afraid and herded-up. The reminder arrives in three parts: 1-the cover of major holidays is frequently used as a veil for inserting required narrative, 2-‘pretext’ that is normally in the form of mainstream media publications is established well in advance of operations to sow narrative and 3-the US has a long and sordid history of ‘false flag’ operations that serve as the impetus and rationale to engage militarily when it would otherwise be objectionable.

The three points fit together in a logical sequence: establish narrative > issue pretext > execute operation > post operation reporting > point back to pretext.

That’s how you execute an operation and blame it on others.

It’s all a very deadly form of fraud.

For an example of point one above, COVID-19 was unpacked on the world beginning on 27 Dec 19; squarely in the middle of the Western world’s major holidays of Christmas and New Year’s.

For an example of point two, we will discuss Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent issuance of pretext relative to Joe Biden’s longstanding and promised ‘nuclear Armageddon.’

The context of Zelensky’s statement is the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southeastern Ukraine.

For examples of point three, we cite the most historically relevant one and two more recent and catastrophic others: the Gulf of Tonkin incident in the Vietnam War, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in the Middle East and 9/11, respectively.

Simply stated, ‘false flags’ are the permission slips to do the unthinkable.

And they’re all fraud and lies or lies mixed with aspects of the truth to buoy the fraudulent narrative.

In March 2021 and in my series WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE, when few had assembled the evidence for proper meaning, I began reporting on the designed escalation to a multiple-front war with China over Taiwan and Russia over Ukraine. The series nears 150 articles.

The analysis holds that the US will abandon its proxy approach via Ukraine and enter into direct kinetic warfare with the Russians.

In order to accomplish this, the establishment must receive a permission slip from the American people.

Permission will be issued when the establishment [US/EU/NATO] assigns attribution to the Russian’s for something so vile that the US people will have no choice but to support it.

Logically deduced, permission will be issued and then war declared.

That vile act will be one of our own creation – a ‘false flag’ – because that’s how this works.

A critical aspect of false flag operations is the sowing of pretext in the months and even years running up to the operation.

The pretext is critical because when the establishment approaches the people to ask for its permission slip, it must have something to point backwards to in order to claim, “We told you so. We told you this was coming and now it’s here so let’s go to war.”

Often times, leaders like Biden will make nonbinding defense agreements in these pretext statements to facilitate permission to go to war at a later date when they point back at the statement.

Ukraine and Taiwan are perfect examples of and that’s no coincidence.

The two-front war analysis holds that once the US/Russia front goes kinetic, China will immediately open a second front in the spirit of ‘One China’ to wage war and reclaim what Beijing views as its own: Taiwan.

Let’s put all of this together with events that unfolded over the July 4th holiday and give it all meaning.

First, I issued this projection that more folks on my throttled Twitter account should have re-posted because once again I hit the bullseye and delivered the news before it happened [when you know the playbook, predicting the plays is child’s play]:

Intelligent analysis for intelligent people:

In the same way, the 4th of July also veiled this pretext statement issued by Ukrainian President, US proxy and CIA asset Volodymyr Zelensky [click the link to view the post]:

What Zelensky is doing is simple: constructing pretext for a nuclear event in Ukraine that will be executed as a US/EU/NATO false flag operation with attribution assigned to Russia.

What this will permit is also simple: direct and kinetic warfare with Russia that will be thermonuclear whether that be tactical nuclear weapons or worse.

What this ties back to, few are discussing: Joe Biden’s promised ‘nuclear Armageddon.’

Zelensky’s issuance of pretext isn’t the initial narrative; rather it’s a follow-up to Joe Biden’s ‘nuclear Armageddon’ statement from 06 Oct 22 and therefore the statement should be viewed as a deliberate escalation.

It’s a deliberate escalation that includes framing a fraudulent scenario to justify declaring war against a global thermonuclear superpower.


Remember when the Left insisted that Donald Trump would lead us to war?

Biden’s ‘nuclear Armageddon’ statement positions Zelensky’s pretext as a clear and direct escalation of an established narrative over two years in the making.

This is Joe Biden’s 06 Oct 22 ‘nuclear Armageddon’ from my 11 Oct 22 article:

From the piece, we note the same lack of any credible evidence in support of Biden’s claims akin to what we saw with ‘weapons of mass destruction’ claims in the Middle East.

When you know the playbook…

From the article, this puts everything into full perspective:

The pretext is obvious and simple.

The US/EU/NATO et al cohort issued additional pretext in a follow-up to Joe Biden’s 06 Oct 22 statement where he placed Russia on fabricated notice against using nuclear [or biological] weapons in Ukraine to “change the face of the war.”

Coming soon to a television near you is Joe Biden addressing the American people to advise of direct war against Russia because Putin used nuclear weapons or caused a nuclear event to “change the face of the war” in Ukraine.

Video and pictures of death, destruction, women and children will be plastered everywhere as the slave masters yank the emotional chains of bondage for an American populace that has been socially programmed to think with its collective heart rather than with its collective brain.

Or think at all, really; at least independently and critically so.

Playbooks and plays, people.

As a result of a weapons-grade propaganda system and writ large, the American population has been socially programmed to be vulnerable and predisposed to psychological and emotional manipulation.

In the military and intelligence worlds, it’s called ‘perception management’ and more commonly, ‘psychological operations.’

A manufactured reality largely devoid of the truth but with enough of it to float the boat will lasso-up and pull-in the collective American psyche manipulating it into support for war against Russia in Ukraine.

Accurately recorded history establishes that entry into World War II was permitted relative to Japan’s oil reserves and the timeline to Pearl Harbor on 07 Dec 41, when the US Pacific fleet was largely dispatched out to sea and coincidentally avoided catastrophic damage.

The Gulf of Tonkin was no different and neither were ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ 9/11 and a long list of others.

That leaves us teetering on the razor’s edge for the next false flag operation to drag this war-weary country back into another killing operation to satiate a ravenous intelligence community and military industrial complex that are hellbent set on conquest and empire.

It will immediately become a two-front war when Beijing moves on Taiwan and my analysis holds that it’s a war that Chinese proxy Joe Biden intends to lose.

The resulting UN treaty process will represent the end of US national sovereignty and the formal handover of the US to Globalists leveraging China as the hammer to every nail and implementing Marxist communism as a mechanism for one world governance.

The US has arguably already fallen unless the American people finally rise-up and act.

Russia is their last remaining obstacle and objective.

Putin and Trump found common ground in pushing back against this international cartel of killers and thieves as Putin hones in on NATO and US DOD bioweapons labs in Ukraine; among myriad other strategic targets.

Orange man bad and Russia bad.

Pay close attention to this scenario and the pretext for its long escalation into this two-front war.

See the pretext for what it is.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

The power of pretext!

You know, we’ve seen how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasingly are able to cause damage and disruption to the real world. I think it’s more likely we’re going to end up — well, if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a major power, it’s going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach of great consequence.

Joe Biden

[Above quote from my 29 Jul 21 article The Power of Pretext]

You mean like a cyber breach of great consequence to hack an election to steal the vote with fractional voting algorithms to steal the Executive to make good on the same Ukraine where you engineered a coup alongside Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Victoria Nuland to enter a war to target Russia to lose to Russia and China to hand the US over?

Something like that?

That kind of cyber breach of great consequence?

81 million votes my ass.

They always tell you what’s coming and it arrives in the form of pretext long before it ever happens.


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