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SLAM ON THE BRAKES! Major COVID-19 Developments Require Careful Examination for Accurate Big Picture Comprehension, Don’t Take the Bait!

SLAM ON THE BRAKES! They’re trying to bait us again. They baited most of America into a fraudulent “pandemic” and now, because of an imploding narrative spiraling completely out of control, they’re trying to bait us all out of that “pandemic,” but it gets far worse than that. Not only is the new company line abjectly bait, it’s direct traction towards a multiple-front war that I began formulating projecting analysis on and evidencing over two years ago. That analysis is laser accurate and entirely on the mark and therefore, DON’T TAKE THE BAIT!

Instead, retrieve your magnifying glass, set aside a little time and give very close and careful attention to recent major developments respective to the COVID-19 “pandemic” that in no way is a “pandemic,” but rather a construct of enterprise fraud functioning as a mechanism for biowarfare. The developments include a remarkable video put forth by one of my favorite fighters in all of this – Dr. David E. Martin – that bears down mightily on the other aspects that we must examine; especially the newly emerged limited hangout exit strategy that the Biden Administration has assumed to navigate the U.S. out of COVID-19 and into World War III.

A recently and unanimously passed bill in the U.S. Senate is the central node to assemble all of the evidence in my exclusive analysis for proper and accurate understanding. These aspects overlay and include my further analysis that is laid-out in recent articles which I link below; including an excellent piece by Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards that quotes the work.

The totality of existing and underpinning analysis and evidence for what follows is massive.

Necessary Contextual Backdrop

A word of caution before we get going. If you’re new to Moonshine, you’re hopping onto a freight train that’s been barreling through the COVID landscape at ridiculous speeds since the very beginning in early January 2020. The full corpus of tedious and arduous analysis can be overwhelming for about anyone; especially newcomers.

If already up to speed and meaning that you’ve consumed my most recent analysis linked below, consider skipping ahead to the next section.

This article pushes us close to 400 pieces on the subject and there is required contextual backdrop for what follows. Another entire series of 108 articles entitled WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE includes pieces that overlap the COVID-19 analysis and inform our understanding of the war trajectory the Biden Administration placed us on immediately after his January 2021 inauguration. For quick uptake, I outline the framework of that arduous analysis in this video recorded back in late March/early-April 2021.

If you’re brand new, consider giving my timeline a read to permit quick uptake.

Another resource that can be helpful for deeper comprehension is the article I wrote in mid-January that was the second dedicated to the Pentagon’s role in COVID as evidenced by contracts signed with mRNA vaccine manufacturers: The Department of Defense and Its Biowarfare Against the American People: Contracts and Evidence. Inside that article, I provide a menu of 60 articles that are necessary for comprehensive understanding of COVD-19 and a second menu of 15 articles that are foundational to the Pentagon’s biowarfare. I also took the time to mark appropriate individual articles as “CRITICAL.”

The analysis in this piece vectors in a very important direction – the “keystone of corruption,” Ukraine, and the Biden’s ties to Ukraine in two ways imperative to understand: 1-direct linkage to U.S. Department of Defense labs in Ukraine via Metabiota and 2-the FTX money laundering operation that delivered kickbacks to the corrupt and criminal U.S. politburo that were used in-part to steal elections.

My extensive analysis on Ukraine draws back to 2018 and earlier and that work is encapsulated in yet another series of 23 overlapping articles dedicated specifically to this hub of global corruption: THE KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION.

Like I said, it’s a freight train barrelling at insane speeds and the full corpus of work is as substantial as it is complex. There’s just no easy or simple way to comprehend it in short order and so accepting evidenced analytical claims in this piece is therefore required. You can always dig it out later.

Recent Imperative Analysis

If you skipped ahead please pick back up here.

My recent analysis includes the following articles and the summarized meaning distilled from them. These articles should be regarded as required reading for the analysis in this article. The analysis builds on previous work and so they are presented in the order written; oldest to newest.

The first piece is entitled Enterprise Fraud and Treason in Lockstep as the Carve-out for #FalseFlagFauci Continues: Department of Energy Driving Lab Leak Narrative and from it, we are reminded that the first fraudulent impeachment of President Donald J. Trump was the cover mechanism to install the COVID-19 construct.

I go on to describe that the recent Department of Energy report, which is classified and not currently available, confirms the outbreak of COVID-19 as attributable to a “lab leak” at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “Succinctly, this DOE report is sowing further fraudulent narrative as a cover story and exit strategy. That exit strategy extended to Fauci is something called a “limited hangout” and I go on to explain it all relative to COVID-19.

The article reviews old analysis to go in important directions including how how the Obama administration utilized James LeDuc of the University of Texas Medical Branch to calibrate China’s biosecurity rules and protocols with ours at the same time he established a working relationship with China in the domain of biowarfare and the weaponization of BSAT pathogens that included SARS-CoV-2.

That analysis also examines further old analysis found in the conduit of Peter Daszak and his EcoHealth Alliance as utilized by Anthony Fauci and the NIH/NIAID to funnel U.S. funding to the WIV specifically related to SARS-CoV-2.

Here’s the critical takeaway:

The limited hangout exit strategy is another example of incrementalism. Therein the population was fed a specific sequence of COVID-19 narrative explanations: 1st-an organic viral outbreak occurring by means of the virus jumping from bats to humans and spreading via a wet food market in China, 2nd-the proposition of a “lab leak” theory with continued denials and further adherence to the organic outbreak and 3rd-the confirmation of the “lab leak” position.

The new DOE report accounts for the third component in the sequence.

What is missed altogether; however, is the truth: COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud and the release of SARS-CoV-2 was deliberate and intentional.

Political Moonshine

Knowing that my analysis already fully envelops the Department of Defense as underpinned by the fact that the Pentagon and the intelligence community are both legs of the same operational stool, it is imperative to understand this: “We’re seeing the DOE report confirming a “lab leak” because the intelligence community wants us to see it and that narrative at this very particular point in time.”

Recently, Tracy Beanz and Michelle Edwards sourced my analysis in this article, for which I highly recommend making time to read. These journalists do excellent work in parsing it out: The Timing of the DOE Lab Leak Announcement: Why Now?

The second piece is entitled Tucker Carlson: CCP Whistleblower Provides More Confirmation of Analysis From Three Years Ago on China’s Biowarfare Attack and from it, we receive testimony from CCP whistleblower and virologist Dr. Li Meng Yan, who clearly delineates the attribution of COVID-19 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as based upon her direct knowledge of the WIV relative to SARS-CoV-2.

Specifically, Dr. Yan stated without hesitation that the, “CCP government intentionally to let it [the SARS-CoV-2 virus] go all over the world to kill millions of people all over the world later.”

I go on to examine Yan’s remarks relative to my old analysis that reflects intensive examination of Chinese doctrine. Given that for a long time, I’ve drawn into questioning the timing of Carlson’s reporting, we must consider the timing of his reporting on Yan’s revelations respective to the DOE report and the subsequent and unanimous passing of the Senate bill to declassify all information on COVID-19.

As Beanz and Edwards put it, “Why now?” I answered that question long ago and will do so again in the next section.

You can also read about how I twice sent this analysis to Carlson, which he ignored entirely, including directly to his personal cell phone and beginning almost three years ago in May 2020. It terms of ignoring it, why then?

The third piece is entitled War or Threat of War? Either Way It’s a Massive Money and Weapons Laundering Operation and in it, I reexamine the timeline between the patently stolen 2020 election, which was permitted by the outcomes of the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct, and Joe Biden’s January 2021 inauguration.

Therein, I reexamined old analysis of major components to the COVID-19 timeline reaching as far back as 1963 and including Fauci’s 11 Jan 17 promise of a “surprise disease outbreak” during Trump’s term and the 13 Jan 17 presidential transition meetings that represent the exact moment the construct was inserted into the incoming Trump Administration by the outgoing Obama Administration and as facilitated by the Department of Homeland Security and its Presidential Transition Office.

Recently, in an interview with my team leader Dr. Henry Ealy, I reviewed old analysis of how this pandemic construct was fabricated around a single point identified as the Stafford Act.

The article also went on to reexamine the then incoming Biden Administration’s December 2020 pivot back to Obama-era foreign policy that featured a return to Russia as the favorite geopolitical “boogeyman” for the U.S., the Western Empire and NATO. I go on to explain this against the backdrop of the continual encroachment on Russia by NATO and the Western Empire respective to matters of Russia’s national sovereignty, security and defense.

In the aggregate and overlaying designed regime change in Ukraine delivered in 2014 by the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland cartel, Metabiota, U.S. Department of Defense biolabs in Ukraine, the Bidens and the Biden Family’s corruption, criminality and outright treason in Ukraine [and China] – all evidenced by Hunter Biden’s laptop – we can distill down to a cogent and accurate explanation for Vladimir Putin’s “special security operation” in Ukraine.

Everything the “news” is telling you about this so-called war is purely fabricated narrative and very far from the truth. In short, they need this “war” with Russia as the villain to cover-up their own treasonous deeds as explained here: War At All Costs.

The article also reminds us that fraudulent “Russian collusion” was the predication to leverage the federal apparatus back against an incoming and then sitting U.S. president so as to eventually remove him and install what I branded long ago to be a Chinese proxy and U.S. national security threat: Joe Biden.

Moving forward I will tie all of this back to our analytical stalwart, Dr. David E. Martin, and his superb corpus of evidence and analysis on U.S. patents.

The corpus of Martin’s analysis [1 2 3] delivers a broad body of irrefutable findings and it is incumbent upon me to once again acknowledge his work as crucial and foundational pieces to formulate my own analysis, which has permitted me to arrive at conclusions no one else has. I often claim being the first to identify COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud in early January 2020 and in the way I presented it, that’s true. The same can be said for my analysis on the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war [biowarfare] that China has waged on us as I presented it in early May 2020. Martin’s unique work relative to the domain of SARS-CoV-2 and RICO crimes; however, clearly preceded mine and I have relied on it heavily in my own work.

My analysis includes a three-part series that is entirely dedicated to Dr. Martin and he is featured in myriad other articles: 1-COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign – The Most Important Article To-date, 2-COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign Part II, Martin on Stew Peters with Confirmations and Relevant Data Points and 3-COVID-19: Public Crisis or Opportunistic Marketing Campaign Part III, Additional Confirmations and Relevant Data Points from Dr. David E. Martin.

We can regard this article as the fourth in the Martin series. I am entirely appreciative of Dr. Martin, his expert analysis drawing back to the early 2000s and his efforts; not to mention that quite frankly, I love listening to him speak.

Martin’s most recent publication will be the final aspect in our accurate comprehension of the bigger picture that screams, DON’T TAKE THE BAIT!

Accurate Big Picture Comprehension

Timing is everything and relative to the trajectory towards World War III, we must examine the aggregate timing of Carlson’s reporting on the CCP and WIV attributions, the DOE classified report on COVID-19 origins and the unanimously passed U.S. Senate bill to declassify COVID-19 intelligence. The confluence of these events is alarming and highly revealing when viewed through the appropriate lens.

Getting into it, I often remind folks that what you’re looking at isn’t as important as how you’re looking at it. Ones lens for examining evidence takes precedence over the evidence itself because misinterpreted evidence delivers bad analysis that can often be far from the truth. That bit of reality is important in answering the question that Beanz and Edwards astutely posed: Why now?

The answer is prefaced by this memetic overlay:

When someone pulls a drastic U-turn, SLAM ON THE BRAKES! This is especially so when that someone is a U.S. president or, in this case, Congress; especially a Democratically controlled U.S. Senate.

Ask yourself why it is at this very specific moment in time; and after the embroiled and long denials and obfuscation over the truth of the origins of COVID-19, that with the support of RINOs a Democratically controlled U.S. Senate has unanimously voted to unpack it all in the full public spectrum? Timing bears down.

Making all of this more problematic is the abundance of evidence implicating a wide slate of Democrats in the totality of criminality and treason that targeted and removed President Trump: the fraudulent “Russian collusion” narrative, the Robert Mueller Special Counsel appointment, the first fraudulent impeachment, the COVID-19 construct of enterprise fraud, the stolen 2020 election, the stolen 2022 midterms, the FTX/Ukraine money laundering operation, the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, the fraudulent House hearings on January 6th, the second fraudulent impeachment, the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation, the Jack Smith Special Counsel appointment, the continued fraudulent attacks on Trump and conservative Americans, and more.

Why now?

The short answer occurs in two parts. The first part is already stated: this is exactly what the intelligence has constructed for us to consume and understand at this very moment in time.

The second part we’ll address momentarily.

Consider this:

“U.S. Senators Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Mike Braun (R-Ind.) have reintroduced the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023, requiring the Biden administration to declassify intelligence related to any potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the origins of the COVID pandemic.”

Homepage for U.S. Senator for Indiana Mike Braun


This bill was initially introduced and unanimously passed in May 2021 but the Biden Administration declined preferring to give none other than the intelligence community a 90-day window to produce a report on the origins of the outbreak. This is all orchestrated and designed conjecture to drag the populace along with sown narrative that is far from the truth and remains so today.

The bill was reintroduced 01 Mar 23 and again unanimously passed. Why now?

The answer is found in the broader COVID framework of old analysis that envelops individuals and entities that includes but certainly isn’t limited to George H.W. Bush; Bill Clinton; George W. Bush; Barack Obama; Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton; John Kerry; Victoria Nuland; Nancy Pelosi; Chuck Schumer; Mitch McConnell; Ralph S. Baric at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; James LeDuc of University of Texas Medical Branch; Ft. Detrick; the Department of Defense; the umbrella of HHS and its functionaries like NIH, NIAID, NVSS, CDC and others; the umbrella of the Department of Homeland and its functionaries like FEMA and others; Metabiota; Batelle; DARPA, and many, many more. This is only a sliver of the full line-up.

To better position it all we rely on Martin.

Dr. Martin’s most recent published video is linked for you at the bottom of the article and here, I capture his points of emphasis that rest on an important publication entitled: SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence. Martin’s analysis is enumerated:

1-Martin opens by calling everyone – Democrats, Republicans, media and later, governors and prosecutors writ large – to the carpet for their failure to understand and hold accountable the appropriate defendants in the COVID construct.

2-To make his point, Martin draws back on his work in the early 2000s covering the Department of Defense and its involvement in the anthrax scare. He cites two important items: the WHO’s A World At Risk report and the DOE report. Martin scrutinizes the DOE assertions on attributions to the WIV predicated on the same narrative construction found in my analysis.

3-Martin expands on the September 2019 World At Risk report that preceded the COVID-19 outbreak by several months identifying its forecast of the exact circumstances that manifested with COVID-19; specifically focusing on a term in the early pages of the report citing a “world exposure” to an “accidental” or “intentional release” of a “respiratory pathogen” [noting that an image of the coronavirus is featured on the report’s cover.]

4-Martin examines Moderna relative to RICO and the evidence of enterprise fraud respective to a royalty bearing license with Fauci’s NIAID, which is indicative of kickback payments respective to the enterprise fraud evidence. Martin identifies the $400 million in kickback payments from Moderna to NIAID. The timing of the execution of the royalty bearing license agreement is curious respective to its December timeline, which overlays Fauci’s departure [retirement] from NIAID.

5-Martin brings forth the document cited above indicating the obvious aspects of its title: SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence. He notes the timing of the article highlighted in the image [the following highlighted images are extracted from the actual document]:

6-Martin remarks on the timing above relative to my old analysis on the gain of function moratorium during Obama’s second term and in the run-up to COVID-19. The work is detailed in a substantial piece on biosecurity entitled Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules. Martin indicates how during the GOF moratorium a “selection of pathogens” were brought over from China; focusing on WIV1-CoV [WIV = Wuhan Institute of Virology]. Notable are the same components of SARS-CoV-2 long identified: human airway epithelial cells, spike proteins, ACE 2 binding domains, etc., which are all indicators of bioweaponization [gain of function.]

7-Martin identifies how WIV1-CoV 2 was the “template” to bioweaponize SARS-CoV-2 for a deliberate release further indicating how this dispels any notion of any natural outbreak. Martin’s existing work that I often cite in my analysis identifies over 40,000 U.S. patents on SARS and it bears down here. As Martin has stated, U.S. patent law prevents patenting anything naturally occurring.

8-In the above highlighted portion, Martin focuses on the phrase, “we designed and synthesized a full-length infectious clone of WIV1-CoV…” drawing down on “we.” “We” is the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and more specifically, Ralph S. Baric, which represents old analysis initially delivered by examining Martin’s work.

9-Here are the attributions to UNC Chapel Hill and Ralph S. Baric [“R.S.B.”] from Martin; noting that I’m also identifying Harvard University as another overlay in old analysis.

10-Martin emphasizes that the pathogen responsible for injuring and killing Americans was “engineered from an infections clone” developed in a U.S. laboratory. This evidences my analysis explaining why the federal apparatus and intelligence community require the DOE report with attributions to the WIV. Martin further elaborates on the list of individuals and entities provided above respective to the RICO crimes, monetary kickbacks, etc. that all arise from the criminal conspiracy which delivered COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud.

11-Martin identifies what amounts to witting criminal intent in the broader conspiracy with the deliberate targeting of human epithelial cells noting the transpiring bioweaponzation process that eventually led to the capacity to produce robust human infection in human airway epithelial [HAE] cells:

12-Martin identifies the “smoking gun” delineating how the bioengineered clone pathogen known to be harmful to humans was deliberately placed into animals; a process called in Vivo. The location for this work was UNC Chapel Hill and it occurred in violation of all of the statutes prohibiting the amplification of BSAT pathogens to weaponize them for use against humanity.

13-Martin indicates the problematic nature of the bioweaponzation of the chimeric virus that was committee-approved [“UNC institution biosafety committee”] evidencing forethought, premeditation, malice and other important criminal indicators. Other problematic aspects identified by Martin beyond in Vivo infection include admissions on “biosafety and biosecurity.” Note that the following occurs during the GOF moratorium.

14-In the above highlight, Martin identifies the “funding agency” as NIAID indicating NIAID’s [Fauci’s] foreknowledge of and granted approval for the bioweaponization process of SARS-CoV-2. Overlaying this is my analysis on the NIAID/Fauci funding of the WIV. Martin identifies how NIH requested and approved the continuation of “these studies.” Respective to Fauci, this makes his testimony to Congress perjury, as Martin indicates.

15-Martin remarks on the acknowledgements in the above highlighted portion that not only tie back to the WIV, but more specifically to “R.S.B.” in reference to Ralph S. Baric, as noted earlier.

16-Martin fully implicates the U.S. federal apparatus and university system in ways similar to my analysis.

Martin’s analysis requires us to balance the explanation for attribution of the outbreak of COVID-19 outbreak respective to the WIV and the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2. We must overlay the analysis indicating that the suspected ground zero release point event that was the 2019 World Police and Fire Games held in China. The balanced explanation for attribution provides a greater degree of culpability that is attributed to the U.S. than most may think. This is precisely why the WIV narrative is being driven right now. It’s clearly a function of the limited hangout exit strategy in my previous analysis.

Martin’s superb analysis helps evidence my answer to the question, “WHY NOW?”

Answering “Why Now?”

The answer to “WHY NOW?” is presented in two parts; the first part is indicated above and the second below. I wrote this in December 2022:

Here’s the analysis you’ll likely not find elsewhere and it’s simple: 1-as threading through the Bidens and Ukraine, the COVID-19 narrative has unraveled entirely and it’s a monumentally problematic issue for the U.S. politburo and the federal apparatus and 2-the closer we get to the unvarnished truth about COVID-19, massive money laundering operations in Ukraine that have benefited the U.S. politburo, China, Ukraine, Trump, Twitter and the balance of that long list of crimes against humanity, THE CLOSER WE GET TO WAR.

War is the one thing with the capacity to erase any and all concerns and evidence preceding it. If all of the evidence of corruption, crime and treason is clearly presented on the chalkboard for all to see, war is your classroom teacher grabbing the eraser and making it all disappear right as the fire alarm sounds to send everyone outside in a panic.

This illegitimate administration is desperate to maintain control as it all crumbles around them and it places us in highly dangerous times. Make no mistake about it. If it is required, they will absolutely pull the fire alarm of war.

Political Moonshine

War is needed for two primary reasons: 1-to eviscerate all attention to and evidence of an illegitimate president’s criminality and treason and 2-to permit China to drag the United States into a World War III with a predetermined outcome that has Chinese proxy Joe Biden taking a dive in a loss that will deliver the U.S. to global governance.

My laser accurate analysis two years ago in March 2021 told you exactly and precisely this. Now it’s all coming to fruition accordingly.

The timing in the confluence of Carlson’s CCP/WIV reporting, the DOE classified report on the attributions of the COVID-19 outbreak to the WIV and the U.S. Senate bill to declassify all COVID-19 intelligence represent the initial entrance into a retaliatory strike against China that if left unimpeded or unmitigated, will ultimately result in kinetic warfare.

Worse, it’s all by predetermined design.

Remember what I told you in the March 2021 video: Joe Biden’s China policy is China’s policy on China.

The Chinese proxy Biden conducted an about face on the Russian “boogeyman” reverting back to Obama era foreign policy that placed us on an escalating trajectory for war. Biden then removed the leash Trump had placed on China that permitted escalations over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

My old analysis holds that the U.S./Russia/Ukraine front will go kinetic followed by Beijing immediately opening a second front in Taiwan. That remains true and accurate; however, it could be superseded and expedited by new developments.

Aggravating it all is this headline once again validating my analysis from March 2021 that cited Senate testimony stating that China would move on Taiwan within the next six years: Beijing To Fast-Track Taiwan ‘Reunification’ Plans After “Extraordinary” Year Of Tensions. I accurately redefined the Senate testimony to project, “that timeline is going to be much tighter than that.” This new development out of Beijing precisely confirms my analysis from two years ago.

My analysis of Ukraine, the multiple-front war and COVID-19 have been entirely on the mark for a very long time and I have mixed emotions about it. It’s always good to have ones work validated so clearly and especially when it’s so controversial, but if the established trajectory continues unmitigated, we’re going to arrive on Armageddon’s doorstep and sooner than later.

At this juncture, many have COVID-19 dialed-in as a fraudulent construct. Others have accurately examined the trajectory to war that includes biowarfare. Many have correctly explained the corruption and criminality of the U.S. politburo. More are coming to better understand the true nature of Ukraine as a global hub of corruption and money laundering.

No one; however, has pieced it all together in aggregate form to present fulsome and accurate analysis and explanation like the complete corpus of work at Moonshine; and no one can draw it back to laser accurate analysis from two years ago in March 2021 that is entirely on the mark today.

We slammed on the brakes and intensely examined the fraudulent narrative that’s currently being driven. Now you know why they’re driving it.

Don’t take the bait!

Instead, put any partisan differences aside, reach-out to andy and all and begin to rise as one. We’re Americans and that’s what Americans do; or at least we used to. If we don’t, we won’t be Americans much longer because America won’t exist as we knew her. Those who survive it will be residing on the technocratic global plantation. Dead horse kicked.

Here is Dr. Martin’s Youtube video, which curiously would not embed on this platform. I highly encourage you to watch it closely and spread it widely.



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