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Pretend Infighting and Pretend Intelligence Leads to Real Kabuki Theater and Real War

The kabuki theater that continues to dominate the geopolitical landscape in Washington D.C. is as real as the clear trajectory towards a thermonuclear World War III that I began evidencing all of the way back in March of 2021. That was 110 articles ago. Emblematic of both are the pretend political infighting and the pretend intelligence coming from D.C. and the intelligence community, respectively.

Therein, we must remember that we never see anything until it is selected for us to see it at a specific time of their choosing. It’s the intelligence community that dictates the what, when and where.

So then, when the intelligence community comes out to say that China, North Korea, Iran and Russia pose complex threats, it must be situated within the greater body of analysis into the multiple-front World War III that is evidenced to begin on two fronts – Ukraine [Russia] and Taiwan [China/South China Sea] – with a likely timeline affected by typhoon season in the Taiwan Straight and the 2024 election timeline. That analysis indicates the entrance of the U.S. into World War III.

“During the coming year, the United States and its allies will confront a complex and pivotal international security environment,” the report states. The complexity is caused by great powers, rising regional powers and non-state actors vying for dominance as the entire world faces challenges such as climate change and food security, officials said.

Competition between the U.S. and its allies against China and Russia “makes the next few years critical to determining who and what will shape” the global narrative, the report states.

Just the News

The analysis further holds that the Ukraine front will go kinetic with Russia before Beijing immediately opens a second front in Taiwan to advantageously leverage an opportunistic geopolitical and military time window that is in alignment with long established geopolitical and hegemonic aspirations that are soundly rooted in substantial Chinese doctrine, which I have examined closely and intensely.

Old analysis back to 2020 and earlier respective to Iran and Obama’s illicit funding of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism parlays directly into Iran’s capability to develop nuclear weapons in the same capacity as North Korea. The analysis holds that the two nations are regarded as geopolitical sledgehammers for the Western Empire to wield against nation states that get off-reservation on their messaging and actions.

The takeaway is that the intelligence community is setting the table for the U.S. entrance into World War III with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. If that looks like the establishment of sides in a global war it is and the opposition would be NATO countries as long asserted.

The analysis holding Iran and North Korea as likely rogue nuclear arsenals receives further window dressing from the intelligence community. Consider that in a recent CBS interview, CIA Director William Burns offered a surprising and blunt assessment that contradicted much media reporting over Iran and its nuclear program from multiple international reports. The reporting claimed that Iran is enriching uranium to 84% to bring it very close to the level of purity needed for a constructing a bomb and Burns came-out to state that Iran is “not resuming” its nuclear weapons program. 

We must also recall other more recent analysis evidencing the same fabrication for the impetus and rationalization to establish a war footing with China respective to attributions for the origins of COVID-19. I recently addressed this in a string of articles:

  1. Enterprise Fraud and Treason in Lockstep as the Carve-out for #FalseFlagFauci Continues: Department of Energy Driving Lab Leak Narrative
  2. Tucker Carlson: CCP Whistleblower Provides More Confirmation of Analysis From Three Years Ago on China’s Biowarfare Attack
  3. War or Threat of War? Either Way It’s a Massive Money and Weapons Laundering Operation
  4. SLAM ON THE BRAKES! Major COVID-19 Developments Require Careful Examination for Accurate Big Picture Comprehension, Don’t Take the Bait!
  5. The Real Joe Biden, the Fake Pandemic and the Devastating Consequences

The attributions for the origins of COVID-19 overlay Tucker Carlson, who I’ve drawn into question on several occasions that you can read about independently as linked within the second item above. Carlson’s coverage also overlaps the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, which I’ve also covered extensively.

In the aggregate, the analysis indicates that Carlson is being used to deliver the conservative-based narrative so that segment of the population has some fat to chew on. Carlson has routinely ignored evidence and analysis available or in his possession to then later report on those matters with curious timing. Altogether and despite being a fan of Carlson’s content and reporting – taking it with a well-informed and rather large grain of salt – it causes us to handle Carlson’s fidelity to the cause of timely reporting or the best interests of America with discretion and care.

One aspect of the evidence on Carlson and his reporting is based on an inescapable fact set rooted in a stark reality. The reality is that no matter what one’s perspective may be, Donald J. Trump’s primary interests are the U.S. and its people while everything that he’s done or tried to do has served those two causes. That makes the following regarding Carlson problematic at the same time it evidences my positions on him:

“We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait.”

“I hate him passionately. … I can’t handle much more of this.”

Tucker Carlson texting an unidentified person

*Source for image and quote

With an understanding of how Carlson is being used, we revert back to COVID-19 origins attributions and Carlson’s release of the Capitol surveillance footage to make the case for pretend political infighting that is designed to hold America’s extraordinarily short attention span in kabuki theater fashion.

For one, Republican senators are now calling on Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines to turn over the materials that informed her office’s latest assessment on the origins of COVID-19. We note the overlay with the intelligence community and regard this as it dictating to a U.S. Senate controlled by Democrats when and how to put forth its desired Chinese attributions while ignoring a mountain of evidence implicating the U.S. federal apparatus and Department of Defense as I’ve covered and evidenced in countless articles. Linked items 4 and 5 above back-fill those details more recently.

Recalling further substantial analysis that China controls the WHO through funding, the COVID-19 attributions matter also envelops a recent development indicating that the World Health Organization’s new chief scientist made a crucial change to an influential 2020 paper that claimed it was “improbable” that COVID-19 came from a laboratory, a newly disclosed email shows. View that as China covering its tracks, which also conveniently covers the tracks of Anthony Fauci’s funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the conduit of Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance.

Fauci himself was further implicated in recent reporting of an incident that occurred back in February 2020. After Danish-born and British-educated scientist Kristian Andersen emailed Fauci to state that SARS-CoV-2 appeared to be the product of a lab, Andersen then changed his position. Subsequently, Andersen received a $1.88 Million grant from Fauci and $16.5 Million in funding from the NIH.

Along the same lines, we’re also now learning that CNN’s then president Jeff Zucker ordered the network to ignore the Chinese attributions story. That’s no surprise coming from perhaps the worst of the state-sponsored propaganda networks.

Just as there is pretend political infighting over the attributions of COVID-19, the same exists for Carlson’s revelations of the Capitol “insurrection” surveillance video publication and the claims associated with it. The mainstream media propaganda arm is using it for pure political projection purposes by accusing Carlson of doing exactly of what it did for two years. This is being done to get in front of unavoidable circumstances and to steer them to the most desirable available landing spot.

Contributing to this Capitol drama are the recent demands of Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for Fox News to yank Carlson off the air altogether. All of this manufactured drama is an intelligence community operation to brand the truth as conspiracy theory for the purpose burying it for good to permit the manufactured narrative of an “insurrection” to prevail as a false reality that is being etched into the annals of history.

While history is being unwritten and rewritten, we continue to march onward toward the most effective eraser of history and evidence there is – war – that will begin on our two fronts of Ukraine [Russia] and Taiwan/South China Sea [China.]

On one front, recent developments further evidencing the long and clear trajectory toward WWIII include a recent inadvertent admission from Samantha Power that the U.S. is actively engaged in a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

On the other front, consider these recent remarks out of Beijing overlaid by a recent statement from former Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security under President Trump, Ezra Cohen, about domestic train derailments and similar incidents:

Does this not read as a cryptic threat wagged in our faces?

“If the United States does not hit the brakes, and continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailment, which will become conflict and confrontation, and who will bear the catastrophic consequences?”

Wang Yi, China’s most senior diplomat

In further remarks that envelop the “no limitations” relationship between Russia and China, Foreign Minister Qin Gang said,

If one side, instead of focusing on giving one’s best, always tries to trip the other up, even to the extent that they must enter the Paralympics, then this is not fair competition [implying that Biden is handicapped.]

When jackals and wolves are blocking the way, and hungry wolves are attacking us, Chinese diplomats must then dance with the wolves and protect and defend our home and country.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang

Curiously and without specifying, Qin’s remarks also suggested that an “invisible hand” was driving the escalation of the Ukraine proxy in service to “certain geopolitical agendas.”

The Ukraine crisis is a tragedy that could have been avoided. But it has come to where it stands today. There are hard lessons that all parties should truly reflect upon.

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang

Consider the following respective to Chinese doctrine and the multiple-front war,

If the US truly expects a peaceful Taiwan Strait, it should stop containing China by exploiting the Taiwan question, return to the fundamental of the one-China principle, honor its political commitment to China, and unequivocally oppose and forestall Taiwan independence.

Separatism for Taiwan independence is as incompatible with peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait as fire with water.

For peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, its real threat is the separatist forces for Taiwan independence, its solid anchor is the one-China principle, and its genuine guardrails are the three China-US joint communiqués.

The Chinese people have every right to ask: Why does the US talk at length about respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity on Ukraine, while disrespecting China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Taiwan question?

Why does the US ask China not to provide weapons to Russia, while it keeps selling arms to Taiwan in violation of the August 17 Communiqué?

Why does the US keep on professing the maintenance of regional peace and stability, while covertly formulating a “plan for the destruction of Taiwan?

The Taiwan question is the core of the core interests of China, the bedrock of the political foundation of China-US relations, and the first red line that must not be crossed in China-US relations.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang

Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy and it’s why everything Biden says and does is detrimental to America at the same time it serves and benefits China.

My analysis drawing back to March 2021 evidences a clear trajectory in a multiple-front war with Russia [Ukraine] and China [Taiwan and the South China Sea] that positions Biden to take a dive in a predetermined loss. That war will also be a cover mechanism to rewrite a full slate of history that clearly indicates communist infiltration and abject treason on behalf of those we trusted most; and that’s why they need this war.

In a sharp and blunt escalation, the rhetoric that is now coming out of Beijing precisely fits into my corpus of analysis.

Meanwhile Americans are further subjected to more propaganda to occupy their short attention spans. The result of it all is pretend political infighting over pretend intelligence to bury the truth in a full-on and very real kabuki theater production that will eventually deliver real war.

Tick tock, tick tock.


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