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10 Important Headlines Impacting Existing Analysis

A quick look at 10 headlines from Zero Hedge keeps our ongoing geopolitical analysis on straight rails. Here are several important headlines for developments impacting a range of important existing analysis:

  1. Newsom Funded Chinese COVID Lab Known To Biden’s FDA: Arduously evidenced and longstanding Moonshine positions include that 1-COVID-19 is enterprise fraud, 2-the “pandemic” was and remains biowarfare both internally and via China, 3-the US has been engaged in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war against China as per its primary and doctrinal warfare vector – biowarfare, 4-China has infiltrated and subverted the US on a long timeline and 5-there are clear ties between US politicians and the CCP. California and Governor Gavin Newsom falls in this category. It’s no surprise that the rogue biolab was identified, known to the FDA and funded by Newsom.
  2. Ukraine Warns Of “Significant Weapons Shortage”: Against the backdrop of the years-long analysis into the evolving multiple front war with Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan, the evidence indicates that in addition to the renewed calls for US F-16 fighters, the remarks our of Ukraine are likely pretext for direct rather than proxy fighting on the part of the US and its NATO allies. This narrative could be a stepping stone to justify direct US involvement and if it further shapes in this direction, we’ll know this is the case.
  3. Ukraine Claims It Foiled Major Assassination Plot Against Zelensky: I began reporting in February that the intelligence community was beginning the process of removing President Biden with the leaking of information about his retention of classified documents. I’ve written much about it since and this development reads like pretext for the eventual ouster of Zelensky by the intelligence community. Whether Zelensky’s departure occurs by coup, assassination or some other means remains to be seen. If we see additional stories and developments to this end, we’ll know we’re on the mark otherwise, this could be a legitimate one-off.
  4. Chinese Troops Pledge To Die In Alarming Docuseries On ‘Liberating’ Taiwan: The analysis holds that the outbreak of the China/Taiwan front off WWIII occurs following Russia/Ukraine going kinetic as impacted by typhoon season in the Taiwan Strait/South China Sea and the 2024 election. This release reads like additional pretext in evidenced of a manufactured WWIII.
  5. Nuland In Niger, Warns Coup Leaders Against Forging Ties With Russia’s Wagner: I’ve written hundreds of articles and sat for many interviews on Ukraine; and Victoria Nuland is one of the architects of the Euromaidan Revolution that occurred there beginning in 2014. Obama, Biden, Clinton and Kerry are the other architects and conspirators for the coup that installed a string of Ukrainian presidents leading to Zelensky. This resulted in an enormous global money laundering operation among other felonious and treasonous crimes; such as the DoD biowarfare and biolabs located in Ukraine. By all appearances, Nuland is in the coup game once again and therefore, Africa deserves close scrutiny.
  6. Rep. Justin Amash Defends President Trump Over 2020 Election Indictment and Nancy Pelosi Declares America Will Cease To Exist If Trump Becomes President Again: The intelligence community is dispatching its functionaries to drive the narrative, which amounts to partisan fat to chew on akin to the Roman circus. Amash is suspect for supporting Trump’s impeachment so his talk of the “Constitution,” “democracy,” etc. is intended to marry-up to the narrative in disingenuous ways. Pelosi is merely dumping fuel onto her own fire as the unavoidable circumstances of a forthcoming historical Trump landslide in 2024 demands handling by the intelligence community.
  7. Did Jack Smith Open The Door On The 2020 Vote?: I’ve written an entire series on the most recent Trump indictment and was one of the first to address the discovery process relative to the 2020 election: TRUMP INDICTMENT: Timing! President Trump and the Looking Glass. I’ve also taken a logically-deduced and well evidenced position that Jack Smith did NOT err, and that the indictment will function to cover-up and seal-away the stolen 2020 election and its most dangerous evidence: TRUMP INDICTMENT: Here’s How This Is Going To Go and It’s Problematic – Election Theft Cover-up Operation. That remains the position until something significant occurs to change it.
  8. FBI Official Involved In Trump-Russia Hoax To Plead Guilty To — Conspiring With Russia: “An ex-FBI agent who led the agency’s New York counterintelligence division and played a key role in the Trump-Russia collusion probe – will plead guilty to charges of colluding with Russia himself, a federal judge suggested in a Monday order reported by the Washington Times.” I’ve covered Charles McGonigal in 3 previous articles and the rich irony here speaks for itself.
  9. Emory Researchers Blame “Structural Racism” For Type 2 Diabetes Prevalance Among Black People: China is behind the divisive agendas in this country like “systemic racism” and the trans agenda; the latter of which I just provided a logically deduced explanation: A Logically Deduced but Controversial Explanation for the Trans Agenda. Now, diabetes belongs in this category and all of the conditions that cause this have nothing to do with fatherless children, an absence of dads, children out of wedlock, children with multiple dads, personal decisions, parenting, education, family structure and others.
  10. Members Of Congress Visit Site Of Parkland School Shooting In Hopes Of Passing New Gun Control: Gun rights v. gun confiscation remains as contested as anything and especially so after the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 ruling that Biden’s “ghost gun” rule can remain in effect. The underpinning component here is “false flag” or constructed events caused or permitted to happen to drive a political agenda. Therein, this visit reads like pretext for the next school/mass shooting, which feels a little overdue at this point.

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