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A Logically Deduced but Controversial Explanation for the Trans Agenda

Let’s dispense with important formalities before delineating a logically deduced but likely controversial position on the trans agenda. Live and let live, y’all. Go do and be whatever your heart desires. I’ll cheer folks on right up until those folks require me to change what I do and who I am. That’s the finer distinction between woke, trans, etc. and most ordinary people. Most people just want to live and let live while those folks tend to take the line in between and distort, blur and move it.

One more thing.

Leave the kids out of it.

Leave it to the adults alone to challenge real medicine, real science and real biology while altering their hormonal chemistry and mutilating their genitalia so they can pretend to be something they’re not.

The same genetics that are admissible in a court of law and irrefutable in their nature as DNA evidence fully and completely evidence that objective observation.

Yes, that’s a direct, callous and objective observation of reality but it is in no way intended to be derogatory to these people, their beliefs or any personal struggles.

Objectivity doesn’t have feelings, which is why so many people find it offensive.

But like I said and genuinely so, have at it and go onward knowing that I hope that such drastic steps deliver an equally drastic improvement in the lives and happiness of those consenting adults who believe it’s best for them.

In many ways a broken society has failed these folks driving them in a direction that by a mountain of evidence, is bad for everyone; especially them.

So, leave the kids alone and just let them be tomboys and fellas.

When I was a kid during the 70s and 80s, that’s how it was and it wasn’t perfect for many with it’s fair share of challenges but it was a whole hell of a lot better than what’s happening today.

See today’s rates for youth for obesity, depression, addiction, death, suicide and mass shootings if that notion seems to ring hollow.

Those weren’t our problems then.

For the kids battling these issues, support them in being patient until they’re more ripened and seasoned to make such a monumental decision that could result in catastrophic consequences.

No harm comes from waiting to make an irreversible and fundamentally life-altering decision when the decision maker is far from ready to make it.

That comes with age – hard stop.

Permitting or facilitating such a decision before the person exits childhood and before the person is psychologically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, etc. mature is as grossly irresponsible and negligent as it dangerous; if not criminal.

There are reasons kids are not permitted to drive, vote, smoke, dink liquor and a long list of other age-appropriate things.

So, support them, give them structure, hold them accountable and remember, the more you fill them up with love, the more you can take out of them when the reality of circumstances dictates it.

It’s those moments when things get tough and parents get tougher that make indelible impacts on the lives of young people.

About anybody can take ones kid to an amusement park and have a blast.

Real parenting requires real special people.

And in this case, it’s only a demand for time and patience to the wear the boots a bit before they’re bought forever.

Our kids don’t need radical agendas, they need love and effective parenting.

Our kids need parents [plural], parenting [verb] and the time-tested approaches to the latter that made this country great before cultural Marxists started doing their thing.

Behind that advisement, I stack-up 30 years of coaching, 23 years as a licensed educator and 3 years as the Dean of Students at an International Baccalaureate middle school overseeing school-wide discipline.

There’s never been a time when the younger generations have been as tolerant of alternative views than now and just imagine how far a simplistic but compassionate and understanding view of trans issues could go towards ends that benefit everyone.

Did you catch the reference to cultural Marxism?

It begins our analysis where our lens for understanding is the utilitarian value of the trans agenda to the geopolitical landscape.

Here are more objective realities that serve as our assumptions for what follows:

The trans agenda is a product of cultural Marxism and I address that here.

Joe Biden is a Chinese-proxy as evidenced by his private equity dealings with CEFC China Energy Company and more.

Behind Joe Biden, Barack Obama still pulls the strings and calls the shots.

The Democrats are dead in the water for a viable candidate for 2024 and as I began reporting in February, the intelligence community is in the process of removing Biden [and Trump] for a reset of the 2024 ‘Uniparty’ slate.

On a long timeline, the Chinese have infiltrated the US writ large and this is especially the case in education where the general trend is functioning as a means of indoctrination to things like critical race theory, social justice, BLM, LGBQT+, trans, systemic racism and other divisive agendas.

Following the money in education results in threads back to China.

Therefore, when we examine controversial matters such as the trans agenda, the political utilitarian value must be examined with respect to ‘cui bono?’.

Who benefits is China.

With these objective observations on the table as assumptions, let’s examine the nitty gritty of the trans agenda through our lenses.

Roger Stone recently projected Michelle Obama as the Democratic nominee and he’s far from the first to say it.

There is much preexisting evidence suggesting that former First “Lady” Obama is a member of the trans community and those longstanding insinuations are backed by several videos that “stick out” [if you know what I mean].

Happy hunting – easy to find.

More recently, we’ve seen what appears to be the intelligence community pushing stories questioning Obama’s sexuality where it’s reported that he wrote to an ex-girlfriend about fantasizing about sex with men.

This could be interpreted as a precursory step to accommodate the truth about Michelle, who Obama even once mistakenly called “Michael” at a military speaking engagement.

The last public words out of Joan Rivers’ mouth were that Obama is gay, “Michelle is a tranny” and “we all know it.”

Let’s make what appears to be another safe assumption according to just this limited and incomplete evidence: the Obamas present as a transgender couple comprised of two males.

No problem. Have at it. Live and let live. I mean that when I say it.

There is however a significant political problem with this arrangement.

Prior to 2008, the US was not ready to accept a transgender couple in the White House and so it represents an electoral impossibility to effectively kill any candidate.

What I’m laying-out here they all knew back then when Obama was formulated as a candidate out of thin air.

Or so I think the truth may eventually bear this out.

Now, if Obama is behind Biden and China is behind them both; and they faked a pandemic to steal the Executive and steer it in detriment to China’s benefit and our demise, it stands that they protect this at all costs.

There’s no better way to protect it than by keeping it in the family – just ask the Bushes.

Enter Michelle and if she is indeed a man, this requires a drastic change to move the needle with the American people for the ‘trans’ reality they knew about in 2008 and earlier.

*From 2012

So, China and the cultural Marxists hijacked public education to drive the trans agenda in a system of public indoctrination tied to policy, funding and curriculum.

Through funding, ownership and its proxies, China also drives the same messaging through our military, media, entertainment, movies, television, Hollywood, sports and more.

With respect to our objective realities and assumptions, China achieves three primary war objectives: 1-it makes the US a softer target by literally softening the fighting aged population, 2-it sows necessary division in the American people predisposing them to being divided and thus conquered and 3-it opens a massive portal to marginalize and seek to publicly discredit political opposition by painting them as intolerant, bigoted, phobic, etc.

The system of instant rebuke for off-reservation messaging shoehorns Americans into acquiescence and alignment with the trans agenda as the younger generations espouse its pillars and beliefs from a platform from which attacks can be launched on political enemies.

I care about people; not about radical agendas serving ulterior and nefarious purposes.

If I could say one thing to the trans community, it would be this: you’re being exploited for political gain by people who don’t care about you and seek to destroy our country and way of life; and back in the day before they really got going, this was a pretty decent place to live for everybody.

I support trans people for the real issues and struggles they face.

As for the rest of it – the unwanted intrusions in public spaces, the speech police, the pronouns and the unreasonable demands for everyone else to comply with it all, – well, that’s a big, hot bag of Marxist shit and like Joan said, we all know it.

What are your pronouns?

Mine are “Fuh” and “Queue.”

We’re all Americans and that’s the only label that matters.

Just love and take care of one another as fellow Americans and the rest takes care of itself.

People seem to have been programmed to forget that.

If our assumptions bear-out and Michelle is in fact a man; and the Obama’s a transgender couple, it means the 2024 election is going to be stolen to put Barack in place for arguably his fifth term.

Consistent leadership is a hallmark of success and this is especially true when trying to overthrow the most powerful nation on the planet with asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared warfare; most of it from within.

Behind Joe is Barack.

Behind Barack is China.

In front of China is the trans agenda.

Is the trans agenda Michelle’s campaign strategy?

If you don’t accept the result of the 2024 election that saw Michelle Obama installed as President of the United States, you’re a bigot and a number of phobes that includes ‘transphobe.’

The younger generations have been properly indoctrinated to see that as awesome.

China will think it’s awesome, too.

Maybe that’s the explanation for the trans agenda.

You decide.

Ironically, it could be a man who finally breaks through the glass ceiling.

I can hear China laughing.



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