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TRUMP INDICTMENT: Timing! President Trump and the Looking Glass

Timing is perhaps the most revealing aspect of evidence that shines a light on the truth, which is why the old adage remains a sturdy and reliable one: timing is everything. The timing of President Donald J. Trump’s most recent indictment handed-down by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is critical relative to the broader timeline. Smith’s indictment of Trump came the day after Biden family business associate Devon Archer testified in Congress about the nature of Hunter Biden’s crimes in Ukraine and the direct involvement of President Joe Biden; something he previously denied ad nauseam.

Smith; however, has opened a portal of lawfare that he and Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan, who has an embattled history with Trump and a track record as a judicial thug imprisoning Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights on 06 Jan 21, will have to carefully manage.

The portal opened by Smith that requires extremely careful management is the discovery process; also known as the ‘looking glass.’

In 2020, I wrote several articles in a small series examining the fraudulent prosecution of Lt. General Michael Flynn at the hands of compromised and corrupt Judge Emmett Sullivan as a functionary in traitorous AG William Barr’s Department of Justice.

In that examination, I defined the ‘looking glass’: Looking Glass” is rooted in its use as a colloquial term for the process of discovery whereby both sides of a lawsuit are entitled to examine all of the evidence in the case.

The caveat here is the judge as the gatekeeper of evidence and whereby rulings of admissibility bear down with great might.

The jury can’t contemplate something a judge never permits it to see.

Ergo, Chutkan bears down with the same force and that stands to be problematic.

The term ‘looking glass’ was placed into the dialogue by attorney Sidney Powell, who was litigating the case against Lt. General Michael Flynn and I reported on this back in September 2020 when she made the statement.

In the Flynn case, Powell said,

In closing I would just say that Mr. Gleeson continues to be lost in the rabbit hole on the other side of the looking glass. Where nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t and contrary to what is, it wouldn’t be.  And what it wouldn’t be it would.  It’s all backwards.  It’s upside down.  In a different scenario he himself notes the prosecutor can do justice by the simple act of going back to court and agreeing that justice should be done.

The importance of the Department of  Justice being able to self correct to maintain its own reputation and to restore faith with the public in the Department of Justice itself, is hugely important.  As Mr. Gleeson wrote then, ‘Doing justice can be harder, it takes time, it involves work, including careful consideration for the circumstances for particular crimes.  The victims and often relevant events occurred in the distant past.  It requires a willingness to make hard decisions including some that will be criticized’.

Attorney Sidney Powell

Powell’s remarks apply to Chutkan as the gatekeeper of evidence and now you can see the problematic aspects I cite.

Here we must pause to properly understand the big picture, which again draws down on timing, to provide meaning to our sequence of events.

Relative to the timing, in early January 2020, Lt. Gen. Flynn was positioned to enter the Trump Administration as National Security Advisor.

As Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor, Flynn participated in the compulsory presidential transition meetings occurring on 13 Jan 17.

The day before the presidential transition meetings, the outgoing Obama White House leaked to the press the cooked-up Flynn/Russia charges as a deflection point construct for the most important moment in US history that no one knows of but which Moonshine readers have known about for over three years: the 13 Jan 17 insertion of the pandemic construct into the incoming Trump Administration.

See this exclusive and substantial timeline of nearly 150 entries for comprehensive details, evidence, graphic illustrations, videos and sourcing; noting that it contains the actual slides from the presidential transition meeting pandemic insertion.

A sliver from my timeline that begins in 1988, consider this remarkable confluence of sequenced events that unpacks as if scripted by criminals and traitors.

It begins in March 2016, when then President Obama issued sunset executive orders to augment presidential transition law standing since the 1960s and arising out of Kennedy’s assassination, which not coincidentally [George H.W. Bush/Dynastic Bush] is the beginning of this all.

Obama’s sunset executive orders permitted him to insert “pandemic preparedness” into forthcoming presidential transition meetings with the incoming Trump Administration.

Consider that in January 2017 alone, this happened:

Jan 5th: Obama approves the “Russian collusion” operation in the “by the book” meeting self-memorialized in the 05 Jan 17 Susan Rice email

Jan 11th: At Georgetown University, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted a “surprise disease outbreak” to occur during the Trump Administration

Jan 13th: COVID-19 “pandemic” construct inserted into the incoming Trump Administration by the outgoing Obama Administration in compulsory presidential transition meetings facilitated by a corrupt and compromised Department of Homeland Security/Presidential Transition Office

Jan 20th: Trump was inaugurated

Months later on 13 May 17, the Biden entanglements with China and the CEFC China Energy Company were revealed in the mainstream media and four days after that on 17 May 17, the Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation was opened.

Let’s pause for another exclusive overlay that further clarifies matters knowing that while he was Obama’s two-term Vice President, Joe Biden was precluded from receiving money from foreign entities including energy companies.

This is important for what follows.

The overlay is that energy is the conduit to move and launder money internationally and my massive 01 Jun 21 article Follow the Money delineates it all in great detail.

Years ago and before Trump was elected, I branded Ukraine the ‘keystone of corruption‘ because it serves as the hub of global money laundering operations with energy and foreign aid as the central nodes.

Read my series The Keystone of Corruption to learn more about Ukraine as the hub of global money laundering operations.

Let us not forget the extensive analysis contained in hundreds of articles evidencing Ukraine, the Bidens, Metabiota, Labyrinth Global Health, Inc., Black & Veatch, US DOD biolabs in Ukraine and COVID-19 contracts with the US Department of Defense before the term ‘COVID-19’ ever existed.

That’s called direct evidence of premeditation.

Of course, note the timing of Biden’s pandemic preparedness remarks as occurring almost exactly two months before COVID-19 was unpacked, which is further aggravated by an FBI Tactical Intelligence Report acknowledging the emergence of a viral pathogen in China in October 2019.


1-Flynn’s constructed entanglements with Russia served as a pillar to the Trump/Russia narrative

2-The Trump/Russia narrative existed to permit spying and intelligence collection on the incoming Trump Administration by leveraging FISC/FISA

3-Flynn/Russia was a leak to deflect away from the COVID-19 pandemic construct insertion during presidential transition meetings scheduled for the next day

4-Veiled by Flynn on 13 Jan 17, the COVID-19 construct was inserted as the mechanism to steal the 2020 election knowing that Trump would easily prevail in any legitimate election

5-Mueller was opened to derail Trump with respect to the “pandemic” that was bubbling under the surface allowing it to take root

Moving forward and nearing the 2020 election, on 24 Oct 19, Biden issued a peculiar statement criticizing Trump for pandemic preparedness followed by President Trump then being impeached for Russian collusion converted to Ukrainian meddling; with a “pandemic” bubbling beneath it all.

Recall my longstanding, well-evidenced and exclusive position on Trump’s first impeachment extracted from my timeline piece: “There is a foundational Moonshine position that no one else immediately identified or referenced accurately beginning in January 2020. It should shape ones interpretation of the sequence of what follows. In simple terms, it’s that impeachment was a false flag construct with a paralleling objective to serve as a deflection point away from the ushering-in of the COVID-19 construct. Impeachment served to veil COVID-19 by distraction until the “pandemic” could take hold. Or, in other words, look here not there. A complete fact set beyond the impeachment position can be linked to in the menu above.”

My 25 Mar 20 article provides the extensive analysis on impeachment as a deflection point construct [diversion] away from COVID-19.

On 24 Oct 19, Joe Biden offered his peculiar pandemic preparedness statement targeting Trump.

On 13 Nov 19, the FBI acknowledged a viral outbreak in China.

On 18 Dec 19, the full House led by Nancy Pelosi voted to impeach President Trump and nine days later on 27 Dec 19, the first news of a “surprise disease outbreak” occurred in mainland China, just as Fauci promised.

The evidence and its timing speaks for itself.

It’s all scripted, deliberate and purposeful.

Take the evidence of timing and now overlay it with the timing of Mr. Trump’s January 6th Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation indictment; as compounded and aggravated by Trump’s Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation indictment, as discussed in yesterday’s article:

16 Mar 23: Comer reveals Biden family payments
14 Apr 23: Trump NY indictment

08 Jun 23: GOP views Biden bribery 1023 form
09 Jun 23: Trump [Mar-a-Lago] classified indictment

26 Jul 23: Hunter plea deal falls apart
27 Jul 23: Trump additional charges from Jack Smith

31 Jul 23: Devon Archer testifies
01 Aug 23: Trump [Capitol “insurrection”] Jan 6 indictment

It’s the same scripted pattern of punch, counter-punch; truths, lies.

THE BIG PICTURE BECOMES CLEARER: President Trump’s indictment in the Capitol insurrection” entrapment operation contains four primary charges: “conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights” – Randy DeSoto, The Western Journal.

President Trump’s indictment permits him to finally litigate the stolen 2020 election and competent counsel can attach to it all that’s contiguous to and part of it; including the fraudulent “pandemic” as the mechanism to steal the election.

As a former fraud investigator who has written over 400 articles on COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud, my analysis holds that Trump’s counsel now has a legal portal to undo much, but only in an objectively legitimate trial venue: FISA/FISC, impeachments, special counsel appointments, COVID-19, Capitol “insurrection,” Mar-a-Lago raid, classified documents and more.

The remarkable timing of the confluence of sequenced events leading up to and after January 6th makes the case for Trump, the stolen election and everything touching it.

Trump’s indictment therefore opens the ‘looking glass’ to those four charges, which serve as vectors to present evidence seen and not yet seen.

In between the ‘looking glass’ and us is Chutkan.

Rest assured that Smith and Chutkan must carefully manage the ‘looking glass’ because competent counsel representing Trump could make an inextricable case that enmeshes not just the stolen election relative to the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, but quite literally everything else they’ve thrown at Mr. Trump; all of it.

It leaves us standing on the razor’s edge as the country teeters towards full-blown communism with Mr. Trump’s most recent indictment providing an opportunity to shine the light on the entire cabal, its traitorous deeds and its crimes against humanity.

That opportunity arrives via the ‘looking glass.’

Let’s pray Trump’s counsel is competent, angry and motivated for retribution.

Let’s bank on AG Merrick Garland’s DOJ, Smith and Chutkan doing everything in their extra-constitutional power to cloud the ‘looking glass;’ if not break it altogether.

Keep your eye on Garland, Smith and the evidentiary gatekeeper, Chutkan.

Keep your eye on the ‘looking glass.’

It will tell you most everything you need to know.



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