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TRUMP INDICTMENT: Another Day, Another Trump Indictment, Another Step Closer to Full Communism

Another hot summer day brought us another indictment of President Donald J. Trump. In the short term this is nothing new but relative to the annals of history, this ongoing hunt for communism’s opposition to extinguish it altogether in the name of absolute tyranny and enslavement accounts for an unthinkable and devastatingly dark reality.

The United States of America has been the United States of Amerika for quite some time now; reduced to glowing embers and ash and far from its former self.

Meanwhile Joe Biden the Chinese proxy tasks his administration to “6uild 6ack 6etter.”

The result is a new Amerika being birthed out of of controlled demolition, deliberate destruction and abject defeat.

It seems the only remaining saving graces are the untapped magnitude and power of a united American people, a sliver of time left on the play clock and God.

If Amerikans haven’t figured it out yet, for several decades we’ve been processed through a meat grinder of chaos, fear and terror as one fraudulently predicated nightmare after another is unpacked on us in expedited fashion.

This is by design and is intended to keep us afraid, uncertain and moving in constructed directions to desired ends.

Those ends don’t terminate where the hoodwinked believe they will and the truth seers clearly know and see this.

Moreover, the constant and burdensome weight of thermonuclear war brings us all to heel while the puppeteers yank the strings of the sheeple puppets making them responsively dance in their chains and shackles.

The rest of us holler at them saying, ‘Don’t do it! Look here at the truth!’

They dance away in ignorance hollering back, ‘Conspiracy theorists!’

In the march to slavery, it appears that Americans do not broadly discern both the extra-constitutional governance borne out of fraudulently constructed “emergencies” and the two-tiered justice weaponized against us by a corrupt and criminal Department of Justice.

Those two are the marshals of the slavery parade; on we march.

What is also invariably evident is that not enough Amerikans who have reconciled the truth are willing to assume any form of appropriate levels of risk in order to effectively fight back.

If they did, we wouldn’t be here.

Here we are, though, still facing a stolen 2020 election delivered by a “pandemic” of enterprise fraud and where the thieves are sowing up 2024 as we speak.

That all begins with the end of Donald J. Trump.

It all ends with the man in the mirror.

Let’s all go find the mirror and take a good, long, hard look.

I hope and pray that this collectively passive Amerikan sentiment changes otherwise the commoner will soon be identifying his slave master simply by looking into that same mirror.

You get what you tolerate and freedom sure as hell ain’t free.

A weaponized system of perception management also known as “psyops” has manifested a massive propaganda machine that would make Joseph Goebbels blush.

It has effectively kept enough of the sheeple in check so far.

Our collective failure to defeat this propaganda impediment to the truth has caused many to be incapable of independent and critical thinking.

The inability to think independently and critically is the brand of the sheep.

As long as the herd maintains a threshold population, the truth seers and war fighters get dragged down to hell with the rest.

This war is a war for the mind.

It’s a war for the soul.

It’s an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war that goes unseen by many and that’s just the way China likes and does things.

Can you feel the hot breath of these dark and deadly forces registering on the back of your neck?

Does it feel like a red dragon?

It should.

Anyone answering ‘no’ has lost his grip on reality as evidenced by the republic continuing its slide deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of communism, tyranny and technocratic slavery.

Anyone caring to learn more is welcome to peruse the 30 articles in my series THE HUNT IS ON, where the exclusive analysis has been picked up by media outlets like Revolver and others.

Details aside, President Trump occupies a critical position as the linkage between those dark forces and all of us.

He is the bridge to us, making Trump the critical node of understanding to see the bigger picture.

Yesterday and several hours before Mr. Trump’s indictment, I posted this:

Understanding the simplicity of the message above provides a crystal clear explanation for what’s occurring against the backdrop of the remaining details [see the series.]

The further the country goes down this path in a misplaced, corrupt and criminal war against Mr. Trump, the closer those dark forces get to each and everyone of us.

Several hours after I posted that prophetic illustration, the news broke that Mr. Trump had been indicted again.

Can you feel the hot breath of these dark and deadly forces registering on the back of your neck, now?

What about that red dragon?

I hope so because its on your six.

There is no mistaking that AG Merrick Garland’s DOJ is running no fewer than two entrapment operations against Trump and his inner circle: the Capitol “insurrection” and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Now we have indictments for both and with more certainly to come.

There is also no mistaking that a weaponized federal apparatus will cross Trump the bridge to target 100 million conservative Americans next.

It’s actually already happening.

These people are all in and have literally everything to lose.

It’s just like I said about the construct for the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud back in early 2020: “COVID-19 is never going away” [the construct for enslavement designed around medical tyranny] and “these people will never stop until they are made to stop.”

Dead horses kicked again.

President Trump indicted again.

In the aftermath of the most recent Trump indictment and resting on the analysis in my June article TRUMP INDICTMENT: Timing Always Matters Especially During Historically Unprecedented Times, Larry Kudlow makes my case for me with this timeline:

16 Mar 23: Comer reveals Biden family payments
14 Apr 23: Trump NY indictment

08 Jun 23: GOP views Biden bribery 1023 form
09 Jun 23: Trump [Mar-a-Lago] classified indictment

26 Jul 23: Hunter plea deal falls apart
27 Jul 23: Trump additional charges from Jack Smith

31 Jul 23: Devon Archer testifies
01 Aug 23: Trump [Captiol “insurrection”] Jan 6 indictment

Punch, counter-punch.

Truths, lies.

The timing is remarkable, is it not?

Timing is perhaps the most telling indicator of the truth and timing has everything to do with the illustrations above and the points therein.

In the June article, I stated,

Timing always matters and this is especially so during such unprecedented times the likes of which have this nation teetering on the brink of a full conversion to Marxist communism. By all indications, this conversion will be irreversible once fully galvanized. The resulting million dollar [or $5 million if you’re Joe Biden] question is generally three-fold: What is that timeline, will the American people ever assemble in unity to rise to challenge it and what do the unvarnished outcomes look like if the people fail.

Let’s succinctly answer the last question first.

The unvarnished outcomes are as simple as they are old hat. To kick a dead horse yet again, it’ll be life on the technocratic global plantation. To understand what that looks like, see China as the exemplar.

The enforcement mechanism for the plantation bosses is also an obvious observation and our conversion to it is well underway; if not closer to actual completion: Marxist communism.

Be warned.

Once we fully go around the Marxist corner, we will not return. This horse does not go back into the barn. This toothpaste does not go back into the tube. This isn’t Legos and there are no “I call its” and “do-overs.”

There’s no undoing it.

It’s a forever mistake of the highest order.

Political Moonshine

Stolen elections, weaponized “justice” and fraudulent constructs that deliver technocratic enslavement enforced by Marxist communism – there’s not much else that needs to be said.

Well, except for that pending thermonuclear World War III.

And so far, we’re just sitting around taking it all.

Not all of us but enough of us.

It ain’t very American.

It is, however; entirely Amerikan.

Anyone remembering their revolutionary roots?

Wake the hell up, Amerika.

For God’s sake, wake the hell up.

Read the indictment here.


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