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TRUMP INDICTMENT: Timing Always Matters Especially During Historically Unprecedented Times

Timing always matters and this is especially so during such unprecedented times the likes of which have this nation teetering on the brink of a full conversion to Marxist communism. By all indications, this conversion will be irreversible once fully galvanized. The resulting million dollar [or $5 million if you’re Joe Biden] question is generally three-fold: What is that timeline, will the American people ever assemble in unity to rise to challenge it and what do the unvarnished outcomes look like if the people fail.

Let’s succinctly answer the last question first.

The unvarnished outcomes are as simple as they are old hat. To kick a dead horse yet again, it’ll be life on the technocratic global plantation. To understand what that looks like, see China as the exemplar.

The enforcement mechanism for the plantation bosses is also an obvious observation and our conversion to it is well underway; if not closer to actual completion: Marxist communism.

Be warned.

Once we fully go around the Marxist corner, we will not return. This horse does not go back into the barn. This toothpaste does not go back into the tube. This isn’t Legos and there are no “I call its” and “do-overs.”

There’s no undoing it.

It’s a forever mistake of the highest order.

It’s remarkable. Obama deployed perception management tactics for eight years to hoodwink Americans into playing victim’s roles with self-ascribed identifiers in the realm of identity politics.

Notably absent from the myriad victims classes ascribed by race, sex, sexuality, personal preferences and others is the only class and identifier that matters – AMERICAN.

This sown division is actually cultural Marxism and I discuss it here:

Funny how that works.

Heed the warning.

Dead horse kicked. Again.

The timeline is impacted by 2024 compounded by President Trump’s ability and capacity to enter office despite a well coordinated and years-long effort to keep him out. Ergo, the timeline should be filtered and adjusted as needed by the 2024 election lens. The outcome of that election – stolen or legitimate – will determine the rest.

From there, the rest of it hangs on the American people and the notion of unity. Nothing and no one is coming to save us so it all depends on us and that requires a unified people.

Obviously, we’re far from that now but all it takes is the influx of a tidal wave of reliable and damning information irrefutably evidencing something ubiquitously valued by Americans. For example, I wish Americans would begin this process by considering what follows.

The US in the process of incrementally foregoing national sovereignty through a variety of capacities and as it is subjugated to eventual global governance.

Most importantly, China is supplanting the US as the dominant global superpower. That can also be viewed as a shift in Globalist operations away from a spent and depleted US to a burgeoning and eager China.

Countless hours of examining and analyzing Chinese doctrine has informed the analysis at Moonshine for years and for years the readers here have been ahead of most everyone else by years. That work delivered China’s BRI [Belt Road Initiative aka One Belt, One Road] as the primary geopolitical and hegemonic driver. Take note of the upper left hand corner of the following graphic illustration I put-out a few years ago:

My years-old examination and analysis of BRI relative to the Bidens’ private equity deal with CEFC China Energy Company was highly revealing and problematic. That analysis and primary source evidence was then followed and augmented by additional primary source evidence from the Biden laptop dossier compiled by Garrett Ziegler’s Marco Polo team, with whom I have collaborated for years.

Let’s pause to confirm the analysis. Consider this,

In less than a decade, China’s BRI has fundamentally transformed global geopolitics. It is already far too late for the west to compete…

It is important to recognize that the US/NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is simultaneously a war designed to interrupt the progress of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the BRI, to be marked by the third Belt and Road Forum later this year in Beijing, it is clear the original Silk Road Economic Belt – announced by President Xi Jinping in Astana, Kazakhstan, in September 2013 – has traveled a long way.

By January this year, 151 nations had already signed up to the BRI: No less than 75 percent of the world’s population that represents more than half of the global GDP. Even an Atlanticist outfit such as the London-based Center for Economic and Business Research admits that the BRI may increase global GDP by a whopping $7.1 trillion a year by 2040, dispensing “widespread” benefits. […]

Such a massive Make Trade Not War project, centered on connectivity, infrastructure building, sustainable development, and diplomatic acumen – focusing on the Global South – could not but be interpreted by western elites as a supreme geopolitical and geoeconomic threat.

And that’s why every geopolitical turbulence across the chessboard is directly or indirectly linked to BRI. Including Ukraine.

Pepe Escobar via The Cradle

While offering a position new to us in stating that the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is a primary interference strategy to intercede on the geopolitical and hegemonic expansion of China and its BRI, Escobar’s worthy piece goes on to address other areas of our existing analysis: Taiwan, Ukraine, the alignment of Xi/China and Putin/Russia, the energy sector [my analysis positions the energy sector as a conduit to globally move and launder money] and the formation of military alliances; primarily Russia and China.

From the above graphic illustration, take note of the diagrammed matters currently undoing Biden and serving as the impetus for the TIMING of the Mar-a-Lago entrapment operation indictment of President Trump: Ukraine and Burisma.

Timing always matters; especially right now.

President Trump is precisely correct in his remarks:

Augment all of those problematic Biden nexuses with these from the overlaying FTX scandal, which threads through Ukraine as keystone of corruption and hub of global money laundering operations. After all, every bit of this is ENTERPRISE FRAUD and fraud is my expertise:

Notable in the illustration above is Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the Ukrainian oligarch who funded and installed Volodymyr Zelensky on the back end of 2014 efforts from Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland to execute a color revolution in Ukraine that became the Euromaidan Revolution. I’ve covered all of this extensively.

Most recently, Garrett Ziegler references the importance of Kolomoyskyi in this superb interview on Bannon’s War Room:

I’d be remiss without injecting a little humor:

To go deeper on Ukraine and the FTX matters: The Keystone of Corruption.

Returning to our purpose and in light of the above, now consider this.

The Breitbart piece reviews Joe Biden’s criminality respective to Hunter Biden’s well evidenced Burisma entanglements,

In 2016, Zlochevsky was under suspicion of money laundering and public corruption related to Burisma. Prosecutor Victor Shokin investigated the case before his termination due to pressure applied by then-Vice President Joe Biden, who threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire Shokin. Joe Biden bragged about the firing in 2018.

In 2016, Hunter Biden and his associate, Devon Archerheld seats on Burisma’s board, where Hunter Biden earned 83,000 a month as a board member. The company appointed Hunter to the board in 2014. […]

On Monday, [Sen. Chuck] Grassley announced a foreign national allegedly paid President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden $5 million each and kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations of them as an “insurance policy.”

Grassley said the bombshell allegation originated from an FBI informant document, FD-1023. Last week, Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), and Nancy Mace (R-SC) said the foreign national identified in the FD-1023 form is Zlochevsky.

Wendell Husebø via Breitbart

Let us not forget that President Trump’s first fraudulent impeachment was initiated relative to Russia, but was then transitioned to Ukraine. It enveloped these matters and I’ve covered it repeatedly because it’s critically important.

It’s crystal clear. President Trump was indicted as the obvious Biden DOJ deflection point construct away from the Biden bribery details on the very day those details were released.

Timing always matters and this is especially so in this instance.

More importantly, President Trump is the bridge between a Marxist and weaponized federal apparatus and DOJ that has 74 million Americans identified and targeted as the political opposition.

Take note, they are crossing the bridge and we are next. I explain it all in exclusive detail in my series THE HUNT IS ON.

Joe Biden is an occupier of the Executive who is also a criminal, traitor and Chinese proxy. By the time Biden is through and in the absence of a unified and resolute American people operating on a short timeline with known outcomes, we’ll all be needing Mandarin lessons.

Please listen, America: speak [and act] now or forever hold your peace on the technocratic global plantation.

Trump now. Us next.

How much farther are you willing to go around that corner?



  1. John Day June 16, 2023

    corporate fascism is more like it.
    unlike the peasants in china we have guns dammit
    AND several million veterans.
    We WILL NOT submit MFKRS

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