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THEN & NOW: Significant Escalations in Ukraine Overlay the Dichotomy of Biden/Trump in Review of Accurate December 2020 Projection

Even before Joe Biden’s early inauguration by thirteen minutes in January 2021, there was a palpable shift in diplomatic relations between the US and Russia following the results of the controversial [stolen] 2020 election. Whereas President Trump had normalized relations with Putin and Russia during his administration; finding common ground with the Russian president in opposing a cabal of Globalists using color revolutions and Marxist communism as the formula for implementing their utopian one world government, Biden pursued the exact opposite approach because he is one of them.

The most problematic aspect of this shift came in March 2022 when a Biden White House national security advisor reversed a Pentagon position derived from Department of Defense war game exercises to state that not only could the US effectively fight China over Taiwan, but it could also simultaneously engage in a second front against Russia over Ukraine.

This fact set is severely aggravated by accurate projections on Russia drawing back to December 2020 and revisited below.

Previously, the DOD held that no matter the variables plugged into its war game exercise carried out by the US Air Force, the US loses every single engagement against China, alone.

Since no later than early 2021, I’ve repeatedly cautioned about the deliberate escalation and march towards a thermonuclear third world war that has the US losing by design to an unprecedented Russian/Chinese military alliance; meaning that Biden is going to take a dive.

Therein, the same Chinese controlled UN that led-out on the fraudulent COVID-19 “pandemic” to remove a sitting US president would facilitate any post-war treaty process that would inevitably and formally handover the US to global governance.

The other obvious component to global governance is the UN’s pending international pandemic treaty that causes nations like the US to forego national sovereignty in the context of a declared “pandemic.”

As Americans have learned the very, very hard way, all one needs to declare a “pandemic” is a bunch of cooked-up infection [“new cases”] data, a compliant MSM to propagate viral terror and enough sheep in the population to drag down the rest of us out of misplaced fear and acquiescence to it.

Shockingly, that formula for fear didn’t even require dead people, which is the gold standard measurement for pandemics – mortality.

Rather in mid-April 2020, the criminal enterprise abandoned mortality in favor of driving the “pandemic” with “new cases” created by purposefully flawed rtPCR tests in combination with medical coding and other infection data harvesting mechanisms.

Cycle thresholds as they apply to the rtPCR tests could be manipulated to turn the “pandemic” on and off like a light switch and the fear porn of “new cases” hoodwinked Americans into cowering in fear over something they couldn’t see or touch and certainly didn’t understand; and they did this because of “safety.”

For those who haven’t figure it out yet, “safety” is the most dangerous word in the English language.

THE ANALYSIS of several years and hundreds of articles stays on straight rails with new developments pertaining to a manufactured third world war borne out of biowarfare and dressed up as a “pandemic”:

One aggravating circumstance that we review regularly is the notion that over time, the US is expending and depleting its supply of weapons and ammunition by exporting them to Ukraine to fuel its proxy war against Russia.

The resulting aggravation is an obvious one that directly ties back to the two-front war analysis I’ve been cautioning about for years.

THE ANALYSIS holds that once the Russia/Ukraine front goes directly kinetic between the US and Russia, Beijing will enforce One China and open a second front in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

At that point, the US will face the two-front scenario in depleted form and once again, Senator Rand Paul, R-KY remarked on it,

“Senator Rand Paul declared Wednesday that the U.S. cannot afford to keep sending money and ammo to Ukraine in order to fight a war with Russia, because the country has run out of both,” reports Steve Watson at Summit News [courtesy of Zero Hedge, emphasis added below.]

“From a fiscal conservative perspective, it makes no sense to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine,” Paul urged, adding “It’s not like we’re sending them surplus funds.

It’s like, ‘Oh, we have surplus ammo around.’”

“We’re actually out of ammo now, we’re out of money.

And so, there’s no real sense in continuing to do this,” Paul further emphasised [sic].

Biden himself admitted recently that the reason he is sending horrific cluster bombs to Ukraine is that “we’ve run out of ammunition.”

“This war can go on forever,” Paul continued, adding “I don’t think the Russians are ever leaving Crimea.

I don’t think the Ukrainians have the might to push them out.”

“If the endpoint is Russia has to leave Crimea and all other parts they occupy of Ukraine then the war goes on, it will be a war of attrition over many, many years and the Ukrainian people are suffering horribly,” Paul further explained.

Summit News/Zero Hedge

How many times have I said that Joe Biden is a Chinese proxy and that Biden’s policies are China’s policies?

Therein and translating Paul’s quote: 1-China has infiltrated the US, 2-to position it to borrow money from China, 3-to fight a war it will lose to China [and Russia], 4-because China’s proxy Biden has emptied-out the US cache of weapons and ammunition prior to Beijing moving on Taiwan, 5-which will split the US military in half over two war fronts.

It’s one thing to fight a war on one front in depleted form but it’s suicide to do it on two fronts.

Just ask the Germans how it worked out for them circa 06 Jun 44.

Through the lens of deliberate and purposeful escalations to war, overlay the aspects of the second front in Taiwan with this: Taiwan Says It Detected A Record 16 Chinese Warships Around Island.

“China sent a record number of warships around Taiwan in a single day last week, topping a previous high set when the Chinese military responded to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island in August 2022, The South China Morning Post reported.” Hedge

Meanwhile, Globalist lapdog and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, resurfaced to ensure that the fraudulent and inaccurate Ukraine narrative stays the course with an open end [emphasis added],

“On Tuesday the Washington Post reported that US officials are piling the pressure on Ukraine to make a breakthrough against Russian forces, following weeks of bleak headlines.  At the same time, US General Mark Milley, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the media that the Ukraine counter offensive was ‘far from failure’ but will be ‘long and bloody.’  

Zero Hedge

Milley is a liar and a traitor and Ukraine will only be ‘long and bloody’ by manufactured design as the inroads to a thermonuclear World War III.

To properly situate the developments in the multiple-front war, the dichotomy of two-tiered justice as applied to Presidents and Commanders-in-Chief Trump and Biden requires close examination; especially relative to timing.

Most recently, I discussed two-tiered justice in these two pieces, which provides the schematic for delivering the same to local levels:

The timing speaks for itself with the 2024 election directly bearing down.

At the exact same time that this was revealed – ‘Foreign nationals gave Biden family and associates over $17M, IRS whistleblower claims‘ [NY Post] – this was occurring – “Former President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he expects to be arrested and indicted by special counsel Jack Smith in connection with the January 6th Grand Jury investigation” [Zero Hedge].

The aspect of arrests compounds matters in thinking back to Trump’s normalization of diplomatic relations with Putin and Russia understanding that there are currently two presidents in the crosshairs for arrest by this Globalist cartel: Trump and Putin.

There can be no clearer lens than that.

“South Africa now says Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the BRICS summit hosted in the country next month. As of just within the last days, the Kremlin was signaling he was committed to attending in person, despite the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant hanging over him.”

Zero Hedge


Everything to which we are bearing witness is the product of planning and design.

That requires a constant false narrative and at Moonshine we hang our hat on dismantling that narrative on a daily basis.

Consider Trump’s remarks,

“You have cities with no buildings standing. It looks like just a demolition zone. It’s so horrible and, you know, and then they’ll say two people were hurt.”

“No. Hundreds of people and thousands of people were killed. You’re gonna find out when this whole thing is over that the number of people killed is far greater than they tell you,” Trump further urged.

He continued, “They’re not telling you the truth. Many, many thousands, hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Their cities are being obliterated.”

“And basically they say, ‘What’s your stance? Are you for Russia or are for–? I’m for one thing, very simple,” Trump emphasised [sic], adding “I want to stop people from getting killed and I’ll have it stopped, fast.”

Zero Hedge

Indeed, it’s a false and failed narrative and Trump indicated precisely that.

On 19 Dec 2020, I wrote an article entitled, ‘CRITICAL: The Pending Pivot Back to Russia.

The article begins with,

There is an ongoing pivot back to Russia and it’s pending on the finality of the Biden steal. As 80 million Americans find themselves imprisoned by draconian measures delivered by the CCP’s weaponized pandemic, they are also trying to sort-out the granular aspects of a patently stolen election. Meanwhile, there is a fundamental shift that is occurring and is likely going unnoticed. The implications of it all are profound.

Political Moonshine on 19 Dec 20

The image above is from the article and it’s rife with duplicity coming from a compromised intelligence community that is the spine to all of this corruption, criminality and treason.

I recently rehashed the intelligence community’s broader role in the first FBI article above and in this piece:

The claims in the above image are now known to be fraudulent.

I hang my hat on evidenced-based analysis to issue projections about the trajectory of the geopolitical landscape and my track record is an accurate one.

Consider these remarks from the 19 Dec 20 article that bear mentioning again to bring us to a close [emphasis added],

It’s as simple as this and it’s really old hat. Russia is the current boogeyman du jour for the Deep State. When I was a kid, it was the USSR (and not forgetting the Iran hostage affair during the Carter administration.) When I was in college the second time (late 90s) it became radical Islamic terrorism. Get the picture? The boogeyman is as fluid as a viral pandemic construct. It can be whatever, whenever and why-ever as desired. […]

The spine of the overarching and ongoing multinational overthrow effort is China and the CCP, which is why Russia is the our boogeyman du jour. It’s an easy sell as big, scary and mean and the narrative is already deeply sown; ad nauseam. […]

The Deep State leviathan sold us all out to China and the CCP for their partnership in assuming full and final control of this once proud constitutional republic.

They drove that effort with a false Russia narrative devised to deflect everything away from China and it’s purchase of an illegitimately installed puppet in Joe Biden.

Nancy Pelosi calibrated her irregular impeachment of President Trump to veil COVID-19 as it was ushered-in and saddled between Christmas and New Years.

It then was leveraged to steal the election.

We were placed on a war footing with China long ago and at the latest when they released a bio-WMD against this nation back in October.

Now, pending the finality of the Biden win, that war footing is being pivoted back to Russia and it sounds like Congress cares to leverage it further in suppressing the great awakening while further driving the great reset.

The pivot back to Russia is here and it’s not going anywhere.

Political Moonshine on 19 Dec 20

The late 2020 projection is laser accurate as if made with a crystal ball.

That’s because the analysis hinges on the evidenced reality of a march to war that is a manufactured product of a playbook.

That playbook is known and it makes Moonshine intelligent analysis for intelligent people who care to stay ahead of the “news” by years.

THE ANALYSIS in late 2020 on the pivot back to Russia is important to recall and revisit for its accuracy and the evidence it provided as an indicator of the path forward.

That path has been laid-out and paved with evidence and analysis in hundreds of articles.

THE ANALYSIS on that path forward is equally accurate and exclusive because it relies on sound evidence examined through myriad lenses.

Learn more from my series WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage.


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