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Men in Tiny Suits Ignore Tiny Man With No Suit at All, U-Turn in Ukraine Still Has Us on the Road to World War III

There was a U-turn in Ukraine. Worry not if you missed it because it was a “slight” veer resulting in a “tiny” correction from the normal route on Insanity Avenue, which leads straight to the town of Armageddon. The “little princess” of Ukraine, who had been so adored and worshiped by a Globalist cartel posing as “politicians” and “elected representatives” of their respective nations; and who has been thrust to the pedestal as an idol of enterprise fraud and war, has been pushed aside like a diminutive pawn whose utilitarian value has diminished to the point of become a “small problem.”

The “small problem” is actually an incredibly large one.

The reality of the “war” in Ukraine undoes the entire Western narrative and it represents an unmitigated disaster for the miscreants that engineered it.

Meanwhile, Russia is clearly prevailing as has been reported on this site for the entirety of the matter since February 2022.

Make no mistake about the resulting and designed imagery below because it’s clear a message.

This is a message to the “slight little soldier” that in the broader picture, his petulant messaging is intolerable and requires a yank on his leash while his utilitarian value and role appear to be diminishing for the worse.

This is a message to the world that the war in Ukraine is shifting in a new direction and the new direction must align with or somehow accommodate the reality of truth.

The farther from the truth we get, the closer we get to World War III making the latter a more plausible outcome than the former.

Zelensky’s peevish message pertained to Ukraine’s pending NATO membership while its message was, “Not so fast, my ungrateful little friend.”

The Western propaganda system that hoodwinked Americans and Westerners into sticking a Ukraine flag to their social media accounts and making the Eastern European country a cause markedly more important than the plight of their own nations, has pulled a U-turn to isolate and marginalize Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

For anyone not comprehending this from Russia’s perspective: How would the US react if Russia executed a color revolution to overthrow and replace the existing government of Cuba as a means of continued encirclement and encroachment on the US while at the same time, Russia was pumping arms and rubles into the nation that was directly fighting the US on its behalf?

For a real and plausible answer to that hypothetical question, see The Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Zelensky scene was written, produced and acted-out on an incredibly large stage at the NATO Summit in Vilnius.

It was a scene for the ages where men in tiny suits ignored a tiny man with no suit at all.


In an unexpected microsecond, the pocket-sized prima donna Zelensky went from darling to diminutive detriment and you can see it on his sad little face.

One could almost envision if not hear Zelensky exclaiming, “But I’m a little teacup, short and stout, I launder the money and churn it out. Remember? Come on, guys!”

Ukraine is critical to this cabal of Globalists because it’s the hub of global money laundering operations.

Rule number one of enterprise fraud bears down – never let a construct serve a singular purpose meaning that constructs of fraud are designed to achieve more than one tactical objective.

COVID-19 is a perfect example of this and so is Ukraine.

COVID-19 ties directly to the Biden family via Metabiota via Labyrinth Global Health, Inc. via Black & Veatch via the Department of Defense and its contracts for COVID-19.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 contracts existed before the term “COVID-19” ever existed and that is a clear indicator of what I began hollering about the “pandemic” in early January 2020 – “It’s all enterprise fraud, y’all.”

As a construct of enterprise fraud, COVID-19 was designed to intercede on US election laws, steal an election, remove a sitting president and install a proxy into the Executive.

COVID-19 was also designed to introduce and force the acceptance of mRNA injections, which by an abundance of evidence is suggestive of a depopulation initiative or at least one to detrimentally affect the broader health of the people writ large; making them immune deficient, immune-dependent and worse.

For the evidence, read the contracts and follow the money back to the pockets of Big Pharma.


Then consider the degree to which Big Pharma has been normalized to the America people by means of social conditioning.

Importantly, also, remember that where the government is precluded from engaging illegally or unconstitutionally, it exports those functions to the private sector.

This is the case with Big Pharma.

Twitter is another example of this where the broader dialogue was moved onto a newly emerged social media platform and in turn, the platform subsequently censored truth tellers about COVID-19, the Bidens altogether, off-reservation messaging and more.

Twitter did this on behalf of and in conjunction with a government precluded from doing so.

Ukraine is no different than COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud.

The multifaceted utilitarian value in the Ukraine construct includes making the country the hub of global money laundering operations [and other sordid criminality] and the tip of the spear for NATO’s continued decades-long encirclement of Russia.

NATO membership for Finland, Sweden and, of course, Ukraine, is central to this position.

The Sam Bankman-Fried FTX scandal is part and parcel to these operations just like the Biden family’s entanglements with Burisma.

Recall that energy is the “currency of corruption” serving as the conduit to globally move laundered money and Ukraine is all about energy.

So is Joe Biden.

Therefore, when we see the “wee little point man” of this Ukrainian operation of enterprise fraud and war pushed aside because he’s not tall enough to ride the ride, it stands to impact much more than a manufactured war.

The Ukraine entanglements that are problematic for the Bidens realistically extend to other countries and the politicians representing them.

Therefore, it’s in their collective best interest to protect Biden as a mechanism for individually protecting themselves and collectively as a cartel of Globalists.

The petite Zelensky embarrassingly felt the magnitude of this at the NATO Summit.

The back end of the NATO Summit signals a shift for Ukraine and Zelensky with NATO membership on hold and for a very particular reason according to the analysis:

When viewing [Mike] McCaul’s [R-TX] statement that admitting Ukraine as a NATO member “would immediately put us at war with Russia” against the backdrop of Biden’s statement that Ukraine is not ready to become a NATO member, we see the creation of a geopolitical “switch.”

The “switch” becomes one that Biden can flip at a moment of his choosing [or more accurately, the people behind Biden] to further escalate the Russian front in the pending multiple-front war with Russia and China.

According to McCaul, all Biden has to do is give his blessing for NATO’s membership and at that moment, the “switch” is flipped to give the establishment the war they so badly desire and need.

It should be noted that Ukraine’s NATO membership is a longstanding marker event in my multiple-front war analysis and this makes the combined McCaul/Biden remarks and the resulting “switch” as potentially deadly as they are problematic.

Importantly we must overlay this with additional analysis on Biden’s pretext statement from 06 Oct 22 statement where he placed Russia on fabricated notice against using nuclear [or biological] weapons in Ukraine to “change the face of the war” as a means for direct entry by the US; although Biden stopped short of explicitly making that last point.

Ergo, we have our “switch” to start war with Ukraine’s NATO membership, which currently remains a card up Biden’s sleeve.

It’s here that ‘false flag’ operations ominously bear down with potentially horrifying consequences.

It’s the same type of ‘false flag’ that manifested as the Nord Stream attack that is is disconcerting.

Or 9/11.

Or COVID-19.

As it stands, we’re only one nuclear or biological ‘false flag’ operation in Ukraine away from Biden declaring that Russia “changed the face of the war” as justification for direct entry into a plausibly thermonuclear World War III.

The analysis holds that Beijing would immediately open a second front in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

It is therefore important to identify and track these matters of escalation.

The recent matter of widely banned cluster bombs being sent to Ukraine by Biden, which President Trump has since come out to decry, is another example of deliberate and purposeful escalation.

Trump characterized the matter as a deliberate escalation as I previously explained [emphasis added], Joe Biden should not be dragging us further toward World War III by sending cluster munitions to Ukraine—he should be trying to END the war and stop the horrific death and destruction being caused by an incompetent administration. These unexploded cluster munitions will be killing and maiming innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children for decades to come, long after the war—we pray—has ended.”

Not surprisingly, the ‘Uniparty’ voted down on a measure in the House to prohibit the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine.

Yet another escalation is Biden’s issuance of an executive order approving the mobilization of select reserve forces with up to 3,000 personnel, augmenting the armed forces in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.”

Every Ukrainian move Biden makes should be analyzed against the concept of deliberate escalation and the backdrop of Biden’s hand next to the war “switch,” whether that be Ukraine’s NATO membership or something different.

Until Biden’s war “switch” is thrown causing direct kinetic war between the US and Russia to break-out, the proxy war continues on and the window-dressing for it came out of the NATO Summit [emphasis added]:

The declarations were issued from the Vilnius summit, and included pledges to erect “a sustainable force capable of defending Ukraine now and deterring Russian aggression in the future” by continuing to provide modern military equipment, training for Ukrainian forces, and intelligence sharing.

The G7 further vowed “to create the conditions conducive to promoting Ukraine’s economic prosperity” including through recovery efforts, which is to also involve “the need for the establishment of an international mechanism for reparation of damages, loss or injury caused by Russian aggression.”

Zero Hedge

Moscow indicates that Kiev will pay a “high price” for facilitating NATO’s encroachment on Russia and that it must regard the arrival of nuclear-capable F-16s as a nuclear threat.

Biden’s Nord Stream attack, Biden’s war “switch,” Biden’s October 2022 “nuclear Armageddon statement” and the plausibility of a nuclear false flag attack attributed to Russia all bear extreme relevance as overlays to a manufactured war that is one Joe Biden flip of the “switch” from erupting.

With a rich bit of irony, the European Union brings us to a close.

Citing as problematic the same oligarchs that the Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland cohort leveraged to stage a coup beginning in 2014 that has delivered this entire manufactured war, the EU insists that Ukraine – the keystone of corruption and global epicenter of money laundering and criminality for this Globalist cartel that is maneuvering NATO and manufacturing this war – must clean-up the rampant corruption plaguing its institutions as a pathway to NATO [and EU] membership.

What about this, EU?

Can we clean-up this Ukraine corruption, too – please and thank you?

Clean up the corruption in Ukraine?

Funniest [saddest] thing I’ve heard all week.

Despite the U-turn, our route still leads to WWIII.

The men in tiny suits ignored the tiny man with no suit at all and it hurt his feelings.

Perhaps the tiny man also learned a lesson about essential and appropriate attire.

I hope to soon author the piece entitled ‘Men in Tiny Suits Continue to Ignore Man in Tiniest Suit of All.’


H/T: “Men in tiny suits” was first heard as used by Neil Oliver.

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