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It’s Not a Coup When the Primary Asset Absconds With the Primary Target and the Payoff; All $6.2 Billion of It

There are several competing theories on the Russian coup that wasn’t; the Wagner Group insurrection that was no more of an insurrection than the January 6th Capitol entrapment operation. Of all the various explanations being proffered, one rises above the rest as permitted by Occam’s razor, logical deduction and a long and sordid history of regime change campaigns around the globe: it’s a Western intelligence community operation.

The required contextual backdrop is found in these two articles:

Before examining the most compelling alternative explanations for the Wagner Group supposed coup, let’s acknowledge two critical data points:

For one and from my series WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE, we learned long ago that Russia and China entered uncharted waters when they broke all conventions and aligned militarily.

That lens frames our understanding of this headline, which needs no further explanation: Russia Wants World To Know It Had China’s Full ‘Support’ During Wagner Mutiny.

Another critical data point is that the US intelligence community had advanced notice of the Wagner Group coup although the timeline of said notice is likely unreliable and further disinformation/misinformation.

From the NYT,

U.S. officials felt that if they said anything, Mr. Putin could accuse them of orchestrating a coup. And they clearly had little interest in helping Mr. Putin avoid a major, embarrassing fracturing of his support.

While it is not clear exactly when the United States first learned of the plot, intelligence officials conducted briefings on Wednesday with administration and defense officials. On Thursday, as additional confirmation of the plot came in, intelligence officials informed a narrow group of congressional leaders, according to officials familiar with the briefings who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

New York Times

The assertions holds that the intelligence community was privy to the details around mid-June.

I’ve argued that the foundation for all of it goes back to 2014 and the color revolution in Ukraine executed by the same intelligence community with Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland on point.

Russia has always been the primary objective drawing back to the Cold War.

First, the West broke apart the USSR relegating the former satellite states to sovereign nations independent of Russia. Ukraine is one.

Moreover, Ukraine is merely the vehicle to capture Russia.

That’s our primary lens with decades of history to evidence it.

That hasn’t changed except for the intensifying efforts under Obama/Biden; especially after President Donald Trump normalized relations with Russia and found common ground with President Vladimir Putin in opposition to the same intelligence community and Globalists ripping the nation to shreds.

Kim Dotcom offered a perspective of infighting between Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu and Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin; characterizing the latter as having made a desperate move in a power struggle with Shoigu.

Importantly, Dotcom also remarked on the $6.2 billion accounting error I covered in the second article above:

Dotcom’s remarks are cogent as presented in a suggestive meme indicating that the $6.2 billion “accounting error,” which is most assuredly an element of unmitigated enterprise fraud, was a pay-off to Prigozhin for conspiring in the coup against Putin.

That makes a boatload of sense.

Senior fellow at the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center Tatiana Stanovaya offered an opinion also painting Prigozhin as desperate but for the reasons of self-preservation and self-relevance.

At a time that Russia is a far better barometer for the truth than the US, the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a veiled message about US-led insurrections manifesting as war:

The competing explanations are all meritorious on their face because the deduced logic used to arrive at them is sound; however, assigning attribution for the so-called Russian coup to the Western intelligence community supersedes them all.

Larry Johnson of The Gateway Pundit is former CIA and once CIA, always CIA. Hold on to that.

I’ve taken Johnson to the woodshed a few of times and most recently in his attack campaign on Garrett Ziegler and Marco Polo relative to the Biden family laptop.

Johnson and TGP delivered a propaganda campaign centered on the failures of self-promoting, shameful and narcissistic Jack Maxey. The purpose was to undermine the impeccable work done by Ziegler and Marco Polo.

This article contains links to the others for anyone caring to go deeper:

All of that said, I agree with Johnson’s position here, which he outlined today and which I first put into ink two days ago [emphasis added]:

So we are left with two possibilitiesPrigozhin flipped and decided to play for team Ukraine and team NATO or Prigozhin, a consummate actor, was a double agent who kept his colleagues in the GRU apprised of his plans and upcoming actions on behalf of NATO.

Larry Johnson, The Gateway Pundit

Two days ago, I put it like this:

Is it more plausible, though, that over the long timeline as begun in 2014 and up through to the present, that the Western intelligence community infiltrated and co-opted Prigozhin’s Wagner Group as a paralleling construct to the Euromaidan Revolution and the Ukrainian coup it executed?

The one spearheaded by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Victoria Nuland?

Yes, that’s why the Western intelligence community’s fingerprints are all over this.

Is it possible [plausible?] that Putin and Prigozhin unraveled this coup in the full public spectrum to undermine and embarrass the Western intelligence community and the NATO spear that’s been chucked at Mother Russia for decades?

Political Moonshine

I’m standing tall on the initial assessment even if it puts Johnson next to me.

Supporting evidence includes recent remarks from Putin confirming the West’s attempt to spark a Russian civil war and that Wagner Group killed at least 12 Russian pilots.

We should not forget that Putin has a reputation of ruthlessly terminating political opponents and yet Prigozhin remains alive with permission to seek refuge [for now?] in the former satellite state of Belarus.

Is that not evidence in and of itself?

The Western intelligence community has its fingerprints all over a coup that detonated in its face as it attempted to spark it.

By all appearances, Prigozhin wore his double-agent hat, maintained his Russian loyalty and conspired with Putin to do two things: 1-embarrass the West and stomp out any flames of insurrection while 2-fleecing the US for $6.2 billion.

For more anecdotal evidence, we can take Joe Biden’s denial of any US involvement in the Russian coup as reliably as anything else to indicate that this is a failed Western intelligence community operation.

What it really means is that the US appears to have paid $6.2 billion for a coup it never received while Prigozhin and Putin are counting their cash all of the way to Sberbank.

The initial dusting for fingerprints indicated that the Western intelligence community is the primary suspect.

Closer examination only reaffirms that analysis.

How embarrassing for the Obama/Biden cartel to orchestrate a $6.2 billion coup only to have the primary asset abscond with the primary target and all the dough.

What an abjectly miserable operation that only does one thing – put a thermonuclear Armageddon an inch closer to every American’s front door step.

Can you hear it knocking?


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