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Russian Coup Over As Soon As It Began, Prigozhin ‘Exiled’ To Belarus, Major Questions Loom On US, NATO and Western Intelligence Community Operation as Thermonuclear Pretext Is Delivered

For discerning Americans with a penchant for delineating between truth and narrative, it would seem that the adage serving everyone best right now is, “When in doubt, blame the US/NATO.” This position was immediately assumed in the case of the NordStream attack that was later evidenced by Seymour Hersh in this light. That position was also immediately assumed in the Russian coup d’etat against President Vladimir Putin that was led by the Wagner Group founded by former Putin ally and inner-circle associate, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

In yesterday’s write-up, I addressed Prigozhin’s background and how on a long timeline beginning in 2014; as overlaid by the Euromaidan Revolution, he and/or Wagner Group were most certainly infiltrated and co-opted by the Western intelligence community, which has its fingerprints all over this coup.

The published article and the primary position grew longer legs when Marjorie Taylor-Greene, R-GA suggested the same:

No sooner than the apparent and obvious Western intelligence community coup began it was over.

The back end of it is replete with significant fallout:

  1. The Wall Street Journal has confirmed based on Kremlin statements that “As part of the agreement, Prigozhin will leave Russia for Belarus, and criminal charges against him will be dropped, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. His fighters will be allowed to sign contracts with the Russian military.”” Source
  2. “He added that Wagner’s fighters will not be persecuted, taking into account their efforts on the frontlines of the Ukraine conflict. Peskov explained that President Vladimir Putin’s team “have always respected their exploits.” Source
  3. Those PMC contractors, who refused to take part in the mutiny – and whole units did not – will be allowed to sign contracts with the Russian Defense Ministry, Peskov stated.Source

Other details include how changes in the Russian Ministry of Defense and its leadership are unclear while Wagner has handed HQ/bases in Rostov-on-Don back to the regular military.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin maintains a firm position:

“The plotters’ adventurist aspirations are essentially aimed at destabilizing the situation in Russia, destroying our unity and undermining Russia’s efforts to reliably ensure international security,” the Foreign Ministry said. “The mutiny plays into the hands of Russia’s external enemies.”

“The attempted armed mutiny in our country has aroused strong disapproval in Russian society, which firmly supports President Vladimir Putin,” the Foreign Ministry said.

TASS Russian News Agency

Reporting includes alternative explanations [emphasis added]:

“This is not a coup by Prigozhin. This is an inner war between the St Petersburg gang of Putin and the Moscow gang of Gerasimov and Shoigu. This is the beginning of Putin‘s election campaign to become reelected on March 17, 2024. His lapdog Prigozhin is masquerading a coup to put the blame on Gerasimov and Shoigu for losing the war against Ukraine. Prigozhin can always be scapegoated if he fails like this has happened in the past.”

Velina Tchakarova, Geopolitical Strategist

This explanation should not be discounted as it’s an analog for the proxy relationship between Joe Biden and Beijing that I discussed in my recent article Dreadful Dictators and Dead End Durham; albeit in collaboration not opposition:

Did Putin tee the ball by staging a coup leveraging his [former?] inner-circle associate, Prigozhin, who was known as “Putin’s Chef?”

It’s possible if not plausible.

Here’s another possible/plausible explanation:

Is it more plausible, though, that over the long timeline as begun in 2014 and up through to the present, that the Western intelligence community infiltrated and co-opted Prigozhin’s Wagner Group as a paralleling construct to the Euromaidan Revolution and the Ukrainian coup it executed?

The one spearheaded by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Victoria Nuland?

Yes, that’s why the Western intelligence community’s fingerprints are all over this.

Is it possible [plausible?] that Putin and Prigozhin unraveled this coup in the full public spectrum to undermine and embarrass the Western intelligence community and the NATO spear that’s been chucked at Mother Russia for decades?

Yes, that’s possible if not plausible, too.

Another realistic explanation for this coup could also be pretext for further Russian mobilization in ways to escalate the war.

Watch as the Western intelligence/CIA/NATO angles are considered:

To compound matters in aggravating fashion relative to the Biden Administration and the likelihood that the Russian coup is a US, NATO and Western intelligence community operation, consider this:

From the linked article [emphasis added]:

Viktor Bout, the freed Russian arms dealer nicknamed “the Merchant of Death,” was photographed with Wagner Group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin as they took a joint trip to the Russian city of Ulyanovsk.

Prigozhin, whose Wagner Group fighters played a critical role in Russia’s efforts to seize Ukraine’s industrial city of Bakhmut, published a photo of the pair on Telegram, announcing that they had taken a trip together on Tuesday.

Bout, a 56-year-old former Soviet military officer, was serving a 25-year sentence in the United States before he was freed in exchange for U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner as part of a high-level prisoner swap on December 8.


Was Bout the go-between; the Russian asset, that the Biden Administration freed and dispatched back to Russia with operational details on a forthcoming coup to take place?

Is it not curious that this coup unpacked as Biden’s presidential foundation crumbles beneath him and he slides into an ocean of evidence indicating corruption, criminality and treason?

After years of lying and denying, the MSM continues to put forth evidence of the Biden Family’s criminality meaning that the Western intelligence community is leaking that information.

This means the intelligence community is orchestrating Biden’s exit from the stage since he’s expended his disastrous utilitarian value in the designed and controlled demolition of the US and its conversion to Marxist communism.

The Democratic side of the Uniparty coin is being reset for 2024.

The initial analysis holds its water and no matter the anecdotal details, this so-called “coup” is by all appearances a Western intelligence community operation ergo, its a function of the US and its NATO allies.

That’s the explanation that is most sensible.

The Russian Foreign Ministry appears to agree in issuing a veiled warning to the West [emphasis added]:

“We warn the Western countries against the slightest attempts to use the internal situation in Russia for achieving their Russophobic aims. Such attempts are futile and evoke no support either in Russia or among soberly-minded political forces abroad.”

The Foreign Ministry expressed the certainty that “in the near future the situation will be resolved in a way worthy of the ages-old wisdom of the Russian people and the Russian state”, and that “all goals and tasks of the special military operation will be achieved”.

“Russia will continue its sovereign policy of ensuring its security, defending its values, strengthening its authority in the international arena, and creating a fair multipolar world order.

TASS Russian News Agency

Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC has repeatedly called for kinetic war against Russia and the assassination of Vladimir Putin.

In this instance, he places more Western/NATO/Military Industrial Complex chips on the table with help from Richard Blumenthal, D-CT [WATCH]:

Let’s be crystal clear about what this is.

MIC point men Graham and Bluemthal are issuing a statement of pretext to frame a future false flag operation centered on a nuclear threat to Poland. It’s for the express purpose of making a constructed and fraudulent retaliatory tactical nuclear attack on Russia as a means of escalating the war in Ukraine from a proxy war to a kinetic, thermonuclear World War III.

World War III will immediately transition to a two-front war against Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan.

Beijing will make good on One China and move on Taiwan immediately after Russia goes kinetic.

I’ve been evidencing all of this since March 2021 in excess of 100 articles in my series WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE.

The underlying issues are found in NATO Charter Article 5, which pertains to mutual defense agreements that could compel the US to engage if another NATO member is attacked and Article 11, which holds that the provisions of the NATO Charter be executed in accordance with member nations’ constitutional processes.

It’s all kabuki theater and window dressing, though.

The US is already all-in on Ukraine and that makes this thermonuclear pretext highly problematic for all of the obvious reasons.

Nonetheless, a duplicitous US politburo running point for the MIC and Western intelligence now has us standing neck deep in treacherous waters with the NATO sharks hungry and circling.

In the spirit of “Look here! Russian coup! Not here! Highway robbery!,” the US politburo and its overlords cite an “accounting error” in continuing to fleece Americans in favor of hegemony and empire to the tune of $6.2 billion:

Reuters reports that, “The $6.2 billion breaks down to $3.6 billion for fiscal year 2023 and $2.6 billion for fiscal year 2022.”

Enterprise fraud is my specialty and all of this is fraudulent and constructed.

“Accounting errors” are vehicles for fraud.

Let’s Make Ukraine Great Again! MUGA!

Any clarity in this highly problematic scenario is relegated back to muddier waters as found here.

This was sent to me by one of the members of Garrett Ziegler’s Marco Polo group:

Ayn Rand ‘s novel Atlas Shrugged posed the question, “Who is John Galt?”

I’m asking, “Who is Yevgeny Prigozhin?”

Better yet, “Who is Vladimir Bobrov?”

Even better yet, “What was the true nature of the so-called Russian coup d’etat that was over as soon as it began?”

The answers are to be found in close examination of the US, NATO and the Western intelligence community because it appears to be their operation.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland executed a coup in Ukraine circa 2014 and forward, which overlays with Prigozhin’s formation of the Wagner group in May 2014.

By all appearances, it was two coups for the price of one.


*Reporting from Zero Hedge was heavily relied upon in this analysis.


  1. Sally June 26, 2023

    If I were Putin I would suicide all those who ask for his execution. And aren’t a good number of NATO members a part of BRICKS now and wouldn’t they turn on NATO now if Russia was directly attacked? I guess Graham and Bluemnthal have a deep hole to jump into if they want to start a real shooting war in the US.they can’t be that stupid…..can they

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