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Timing Validates Established Interconnected Positions: CIA’s Engineered Russia/Ukraine War, COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct, Our Federal Grand Jury Petition, Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Criminality, and Gas Prices Serving Cloward-Piven

04 Mar 22

Timing is everything. I hang my hat on it and it is so revealing when the box inside which these global miscreants and compromised and criminal politicians play is identified and properly analyzed. The timing of the news headlines occurring recently, last evening and into this morning is incredibly informative in the way of validating a full slate of major established and interconnected positions. Some of these positions draw back by years; others by a week or less.

Yesterday’s article was another that went deep in further outlining and evidencing exactly what the Russia/Ukraine war is and is not. It amounts to years of U.S., CIA and Western efforts to sow social discord and unrest in Ukraine as a measure of regime change that includes parking NATO on a contiguous border with Russia. Deciphering Putin’s actions and intent is clouded by the military details, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda surrounding it all. The article lays it out for you as does the article from 01 Mar 22. They represent a continuation of work that entails years of work and a multitude of articles.

A third more recent article recapitulates the Russia/Ukraine matter as enmeshed in a multiple front war scenario into which the U.S. is being ushered by its own government, military leadership and intelligence community. How is it that an ordinary person who does this work as a hobby can be so deadly accurate in prognostications made years in advance if the positions are incorrect? Rhetorical question. Timing bears down hard.

The third article is the impetus for a fourth article that I’m linking because every single American should read and come to understand it. Why? Here’s why: The U.S. is being set up for defeat in the precise multiple-front war scenario I not only prognosticated, but in the exact way, involving the exact war scenarios and exactly when it was it would occur – after the holiday season of 2021-2022. Look around you. That doesn’t happen unless the prognostications are deadly accurate and moreover, they are evidenced to the moon. This isn’t shooting from the hip. Far from it.

The scenario entails a complete reversal in military and White House positioning drawing back to last summer and whereby the multiple-front war scenario involving Russia/Ukraine and the asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China are thrust forward to now and in a fashion such that the White House says it’s a viable strategy that should be undertaken.

This about-face reversal is problematic in catastrophic proportions when you come to understand that the U.S. Air Force gamed out the exact war scenario I prognosticated – a war with China over Taiwan – and in every single scenario gamed, the U.S. loses. It was so devastating, they literally quit the exercise and gave up. Now, Proxy Joe’s regime believes it’s a good idea to take-on this exact same multiple-front war dynamic.

There is no way around it. The U.S. is being set-up for defeat and dethroning as the preeminent global superpower on a global stage.

The timing of news events found recently, last evening and in this morning’s headlines validates the positions established relative to the U.S., CIA and the West; and the multiple-front war scenario established. For one, perhaps one of the most duplicitous, compromised, reckless and treasonous U.S. politicians to be found – the consummate liar Lindsey Graham – is calling for Vladimir Putin’s assassination. Why? Why now? Timing is everything.

I believe that I outlined the most plausible explanation in the last few articles and it’s as simple as saying that Putin’s strategy in Ukraine is targeting the locations of the CIA’s regime change efforts while likely entrapping the U.S. in such a way that the end result will expose and evidence the corruption and meddling outlined and evidenced. It’s highly plausible that the targeted locations contains biolabs that tie to the U.S. What better way to intercede on that devastating potential development of exposure than to cut the head off of the snake – Putin. Just ask the detestable Graham.

Now consider the compounding effect caused by this headline from yesterday: China’s Military Strategists Watching Russian Invasion Closely With Eye On Taiwan. Like I said in yesterday’s article linked above, there is a zero percent chance the positions here are off-the mark. These longstanding prognostications don’t manifest how, when, where and why predicted unless they are deadly accurate; perhaps described better as catastrophically accurate. That other independent journalists and researchers are making the same evidenced conclusions provides further validation.

More recent headlines and source articles further evidencing the exclusive Moonshine multiple-front war position including these, which stand alone without the need for expanding on them:

Heed the warning. The U.S. is being set-up for a global defeat in a multiple-front war scenario.

Why is it that China did not mandate “vaccines” for its military but its installed U.S. puppet – Proxy Joe and his illegitimate regime – did? As I continue to state, China may win this war whereby the only shot fired is an hypodermic one. Unfortunately, that would not be the only shot fired. In the same vein and according to another recent report, China is considering the possibility of abandoning “Zero COVID” policy. It’s all for good reason. COVID is falling apart.

These developments and the ones that follow are fully emblematic of what I have been routinely posting and penning as of late: the enterprise fraud construct that most people erroneously identify as the COVID-19 “pandemic” is falling apart at the seams. The real science – much of it existing before the outbreak and multitudes of it becoming available all throughout the “pandemic” – is catching up to the enterprise fraud construct of perpetual design. The evidence for it is everywhere and again, it stacks to the moon.

The crumbling of the “COVID” narrative; and with the construct serving as a mechanism to usher us all onto the global plantation, is manifesting as a loss of control over the populace. Once a threshold of the population is reached in this regard, I theorize that the regime will lose total control and that necessitates a different societal control mechanism.

What better societal control mechanism is there than a multiple-front war scenario that is being slated to bring an end to the U.S. as we know it. Cloward-Piven, which is designed to render the U.S. to Third World banana republic status, serves this scenario by targeting the U.S. populace to make Americans see it, experience it and feel it by softening the target in the pre-hot-war phase. Only by seeing, experiencing and feeling it can Americans be positioned to accept the biggest nightmare outcome imaginable in the form of global defeat.

Relative to Russia/Ukraine and specifically as a function of Cloward-Piven, Americans feel it most at the gas pump where exorbitant inflation is rocking all of us while depleting our finances. The continual squeezing and elimination of generational wealth, as this corrupt and criminal system routinely does, is both devastating and by design. Russia/Ukraine serves as a cover mechanism for the true purposes of obscenely high gas prices – to enact a nefarious political agenda, to facilitate Cloward-Piven and to force undesired and ineffective energy policy on the U.S. and Americans.

See it for what it is relative to the multiple-front war scenario and the essentially useless “green energy” as applied to the practical matters at hand. It draws back on this headline from 04 April 21: Renewable Energy In The U.S. Military: Creating A Lean Mean Green Warfighting Machine. This is garbage, propagandized narrative bullshit – period. It represents and is fully emblematic of China’s infiltration of our institutions, agencies and departments writ large such that the only way to defeat the U.S. or its military is from the inside-out; by flipping a switch and turning off the power. “No sir, we can’t counterattack now because our batteries aren’t charged and the sun isn’t presently out. We’ll have to wait.” I can’t explain it any simpler than that.

Now, consider the above respective to this headline, article and video where the U.S. government admits that the rise in gas prices is by design and to deliver the forced policy change onto us all: Energy Secretary Granholm Admits Biden Economic Pain and Gas Prices All Part of New Energy Transition. Cloward-Piven, people, Cloward-Piven.

Again, the evidence for it is everywhere assuming it’s being viewed, analyzed and understood through the proper lens. Recall my longstanding and evidenced position that communist China installed Tedros as its proxy and that his is the only bureaucrat ever appointed to lead the United Nation’s WHO. This occurred by secret electronic vote understanding that Tedros hails from Ethiopia, a country with a history of communism dating back to the 1970s.

The various health agencies across the globe and specifically the U.S./CDC/WHO/NIAID default to aligning with the WHO in matters such as pandemics. I evidenced long ago that the U.S. public health emergency determination, which is unilateral at the level of the DHS Secretary, fell in line behind Tedros and the WHO’s global public health emergency determination. The U.S. pandemic declaration fell in line behind the WHO’s pandemic declaration. Subsequently, the Stafford Act bore down establishing that matters of national security importance exceeding the scope of a legal term called “presidential competence”; and they did relative to Trump and epidemiology/COVID, compelled Trump to defer to his field experts for stewardship. Enter Fauci, Birx, Redfield, et al and the Mike Pence-led “Task Force”, which drove the U.S. into disaster with Trump sitting idly by and helpless. All of the enterprise fraud I have evidenced in exclusive and copious fashion occurs precisely at the level of the emergency determination process. See how it works? That’s all very old and very deadly accurate Moonshine.

With the above in mind consider the timing of these headlines and articles as fully emblematic of the COVID enterprise fraud construct of perpetual design falling apart at the seams:

  • Peter Schiff: Russia Is The New “Excuse Variant” For The Fed *Importantly, note how the “variant” becomes interchangeable between COVID and Russia/Ukraine relative to the Fed. It’s fully emblematic of the exact positions I’m outlining here and especially as it relates to concept of the transition from COVID to Russia/Ukraine as a societal control mechanism.
  • Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells And Is Converted To DNA: Study *Importantly, and in a brief sidebar, following our event and press conference in Portland, OR last Friday, I was sitting in Dr. Ealy’s hotel room with Tom Renz and Johnathan, the journalist compiling the accompanying video documentary, when Dr. McCullough’s text came in to Dr. Ealy confirming what we already knew – the “vaccine” is a bioweapon. The reverse transcription process alters the DNA makeup of the recipient such that the body is programmed to produce the S1 spike protein [the bullet that does the damage] on its own and forever. Pfizer’s is now shown to convert to DNA itself within liver cells. The Lund University study finds that, “The messenger RNA (mRNA) from Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is able to enter human liver cells and is converted into DNA, according to Swedish researchers.” As stated, the evidence and real science is catching up to the fraudulent narrative in devastating ways that are entirely destructive to it.
  • No masks required at Biden’s State of the Union, removing possible source of conflict with some Republicans *Importantly, this represents blatant messaging to the American people that the enterprise fraud construct is crumbling and thus necessitates a full reversal of course and transition to the new societal control mechanism.
  • We Were Right – New Data Provides Evidence that COVID Deaths Worldwide Were Greatly Overstated – Remember 6%? *Critically, this development represents a significant component to the enterprise fraud construct that Moonshine exclusively outlined and evidenced in ways no one else has. It fully evidences the aspects of back-end data revision occurring at a veneer level and largely unknown to the public. Multitudes of Moonshine articles and proprietary information graphics lay-out this exact scenario relative to the fraud. The exclusive Moonshine COVID timeline is an excellent resource containing the graphic below.

This brings us to Oregon’s governor Kate Brown and it gets personal for me, as you know. This Chinese-owned and treasonous criminal cost me my job, salary, career, benefits, life cashing savings and my home. Because I refused to bend a knee and comply with mandates I could prove were entirely constructed of enterprise fraud, I now live in a van.

This article proves beyond a shadow of a doubt my positions respective to China, COVID and Brown while tying it all directly to the WHO as the driver of mandates and mitigations in the United States and furthermore, in evidence of the asymmetrical, undeclared and irregular war with China. I attempted to share all of my findings and evidence with my employer and their law firm on retainer and they refused to even listen to me instead deciding to ram me through the discipline process and fire me while going after my teaching license. There is a place for them in hell and I’m coming for them BY INDIVIDUAL NAME like a freight train barrelling into court. See you there. Better buckle up.

Understand this relative to Brown and the State of Oregon because it’s critical. For COVID-related unemployment; meaning that one is unemployed for declining to wear a mask that doesn’t work as a function of employment or to receive an experimental “vaccination” that obliterates informed consent and is now irrefutably evidenced to alter ones DNA to produce the spike protein decimating the health of the vaccinated and boosted, the unemployment rules were written as follows. Refusing to wear a mask or receive the “vaccination” [for educators and healthcare workers] results in being placed on unpaid leave like me or being terminated altogether. Refusing to wear a mask or receive the “vaccination” also disqualifies the individual from receiving any unemployment benefits at all. That is by design and it functions to target off-reservation people like myself. See how it works? Nefarious. See you fucking bastards in court and I apologize for the profanity but sometimes it’s the only thing that’s appropriate. I’m angry and motivated in ways never experienced. Freight train en route.

Now consider these relative to Brown and Oregon and see them through the lens of panic, unraveling and self-preservation as Brown is on her way out of office, out of power and potentially exposed to severe criminal liability:

How ironic policy decisions are given that Brown’s panic and backpedaling coincides with our team’s federal grand jury petition filing in the Ninth Circuit and the respective event and press conference held in Portland just one week ago. How does one issue such drastic measures enforceable by the governor’s emergency powers only to say, “Oh, never mind. We’ll just learn to live with it.” This isn’t just grossly irresponsible and completely inexplicable, it wrecked the lives of countless Oregonians while rising to the levels of criminality [RICO], treason and self-preservation.

Now consider that the vaccination requirement ending does NOT apply to educators. There is nothing scientific or medical about that. There is everything political, criminal and treasonous about it, though. Brown is bailing on COVID to save herself while she still can. Too little, too late; let’s start tying nooses.

If anyone can find another source that ties it altogether like Moonshine, please send it my way. Pour the Moonshine tall and serve it to as many people as you can. The only way to get our country back is to unify the people – liberals, conservatives, independents and others – and that all begins with people challenging their own conventions by receiving, understanding and accepting the unmitigated truth.

Time is of the essence and waiting and delaying is not an option. Rather, it’s a fatal mistake; fatal to the U.S. and everyone residing in it.



  1. EH March 4, 2022

    I love your brilliant writings and your integrity. I think maybe you’re discovering a new calling. Would love to meet you some day and if you need a place to stay for a bit I have a house here in Charleston SC. Keep spreading the truth!

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 4, 2022

      Super kind and thoughtful… really appreciate that on all accounts. I’m aiming to visit Lin in Tomotley sometime soon so maybe we can make that happen!

  2. JP Maxwell March 4, 2022

    Sure wish Del Bigtree would sit down over a cup of coffee with you, RFK, Jr., for that matter, too. Ever get up to Eastern Washington I’ll buy you lunch.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 9, 2022

      Really appreciate that. I was just toe-to-toe and chatting with him in Portland at our event – he was one of the speakers. I also contacted Joe Rogan for a second time today. We’ll see what happens. Consider reaching out to Del to suggest it and remind him that we were together in PDX and that I’m on Dr. Ealy’s team with the Senators. Feel welcome to pass along if he cares to take you up on the suggestion. Thank you for your comments; they’re appreciated.

  3. Ninel Perez March 5, 2022

    Enjoy reading your articles! In case you need a secure place to continue researching safe and comfortable, I have plenty of space in my place. South and East Coast!

    • Political Moonshine Post author | March 9, 2022

      I’m hoping to find security in never being in one place too long. On the downside, the rig has so many electronics on it and in it that my location is certainly known at at all times. Appreciate the offer! Very kind. Thank you.