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COVID Carve-out II – The Long Knives Are Out for #FalseFlagFauci

President Donald Trump possess and leverages two modi operandi – he traps his enemies inside of their own constructs forcing them to march to their own deaths sans an exit except for the path forward and, more recently, he remains removed, quieter and as operates from behind the scenes.

Today’s discussion assumes that upon his departure from office in January 2021, President Trump left in his wake a covert military-based plan devised to reverse course on the stolen 2020 election, the overthrow of his administration and the subsequent broader overthrow of the U.S. government; and all at the hand of China, including the installation of a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden. Of course, all of this is occurring with in the context of an asymmetrical and undeclared World War III to which most Americans appear oblivious.

Therein, we find both modi operandi in effect – Trump forcing his enemies to march forward and navigate a landscape of terminal pitfalls while from the backdrop, he quietly leverages foot soldiers to do his bidding. After all, optics are critically important and there is no other way than for this to be a movement of state governments, the people and the military; the latter of which will factor in once the current illegitimate government is excised from the fabric of this nation like the cancerous and treasonous tumor it is.

A week ago, I delineated the emerging carve-out that is being constructed as the exit strategy from this patently demonstrable false flag political construct we call COVID-19 and that piece is should be consumed for comprehending what follows.

In it, I described the carve-out,

The carve-out permits China to use a fraudulent narrative to characterize as “accidental” and fully compartmentalize the culpability for an asymmetrical strike; a strike that is comprised of an act of war by means of the the release of a bio-WMD. It was an act of war designed to launch a fraudulent pandemic devised to begin the destruction of America from the inside-out.

In so doing, this carve-out will attribute China’s asymmetrical bio-warfare strike to a narrative of fraudulent lab sloppiness permitting China to further enshroud its broader construct that included leveraging a deep and broad infiltration of America’s institutions to remove a sitting U.S. president, overthrow the U.S. government and insert a Chinese proxy into the White House in Joe Biden.

This carve-out will also permit China to directly control the narrative, which answers a question some readers are sure to have – Why would China assume responsibility for the release of the bio-WMD (they won’t call it that but the FBI did)?

By assuming responsibility for the “leak” from it’s CCP/PLA WIV, China removes the U.S. from the dialogue and positions itself to take a full and commanding lead in controlling the narrative as it explains exactly how the “leak” occurred. Within this explanation, China can fabricate whatever story line and evidence it needs to serve it accordingly and it will do so with the WHO (and the CDC, NIH, NIAID) in its back pocket and with the U.S. otherwise left impotent. Those entities are sure to toe the Chinese company line.

Unsurprisingly, the central piece to the carve-out and a foundational component of my focus since January of 2020, has been Anthony Fauci. This Fauci carve-out is now manifesting writ large and others are beginning to piece it together; this being one example.

Between these two carve-out articles the Fauci emails dropped as a rather significant confirmation of the position and several of them are provided at the bottom for independent consumption.

Recent developments entailing the apparent dispatching of Florida Governor Ron Desantis provides for a clearer picture of the current landscape and, when combined with the developments of Fauci’s forthcoming fall and a report from the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, for the first time in a treacherous long time, there is legitimate, tangible evidence suggesting hope and promise for America.


It shapes up as Trump having dispatched Desantis to begin the undoing of Fauci as a circle back from Trump’s previous compartmentalization of the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic with the Fauci/Pence cohort; the latter whom Trump appointed to lead the broader federal response. This occurred during a legendary April 2020 press conference and I have hammered this point over and over as essentially everyone else missed it.

Reasonably, this left the Deep State Democrats in a position to be responsive to that development, which they most certainly knew was coming.

Therefore and for them, it makes complete sense for Fauci to be made to bear the brunt of it all; serving as the de facto fall guy. Critically and in a way imperative for full understanding, this would simultaneously begin to lay an exit path for the Biden Administration and logical thought has those talking points already written and ready to go for the MSM.

On his way out and likely in some perverse sense of martyrdom, Fauci will continue to toe the Chinese company line. All of his talking points and dialogue are sure to be in alignment with: 1) the Chinese proxy Biden administration’s newly minted investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2 and its findings, as recently announced by Biden himself, 2) the WHO’s investigative findings to which Biden was initially inclined to accept; perhaps until he realized that by doing so the U.S. would lose a seat at the narrative writing table, 3) the emerging narrative that China will accept attribution for the genesis of SARS-CoV-2, 4) that it was due to internal lab sloppiness, 5) which caused a “leak” and 6) more. A lot more.

China is no rookie in this game, so expect the Biden narrative to be part and parcel with the tactics of disinformation/misinformation. This will require China taking hits inside the Biden narrative to lend credence to the messaging. Kool-Aid drinking, elixir slurping narrative consumers will find it tasty and satisfying as they continue to shout “orange man bad!”

Importantly, take note that the U.S. gain of function research Desantis references is old information – real old – and so are Fauci’s entanglements in it. We’ve been hashing that out for what feels like decades now but in actuality, for over a year.

All of this makes Desantis’ timing here very deliberate and purposeful.

The timing of this Desantis attack, as underpinned by the notion that Desantis is a Trump foot soldier – see the pandemic response in his state and look at DJT’s zip code – is worthy of marking on a timeline. This is because it marks a fundamental shift in the status quo and the beginning of Trump’s reversal of course to go on the attack and begin that at the logical starting point – the undoing of Fauci.

If one can effectively yank the Fauci thread, the whole thing begins to unravel and that can be taken all of the way back to at least George H.W. Bush.

The Desantis attack would not be occurring outside of some very deliberate, specific and purposeful objective. Moreover and as indicated, Desantis’ dispatch in the role of a foot soldier comports exactly with Trump’s MOs.

Other developments also scaffold our positions in this and we anchor down with dialogue (tweet) from the NYT’s Maggie Haberman for full understanding,

““Trump has been telling a number of people he’s in contact with that he expects he will be reinstated by August” adding “(no that isn’t how it works but simply sharing the information),” Haberman wrote in a quote tweet of a video of a CNN segment.”

Maggie Haberman (NYT)

Why is a staunch Trump adversary like Haberman driving a message that Trump will return in August at this particular point in time? Why does the timing comport with the powers that be situating the central figure of Fauci as the fall guy?

Why is all of this happening against the backdrop of President Trump moving to shutter his new communications page? Is it because such communications will be unnecessary relative to August when he inherits back the Oval Office and the White House press room? It sure seems it.


For a brief sidebar and just to juice up the conversation, one can dump even more fuel onto the established fire by factoring in Arizona, Pennsylvania and the rest of the state election audits slated and queued up like cars on a Trump train and set and ready to deliver; and all on the same exact timeline.

Is 2021 the year of the boomerang?

For even more backdrop to the timing and developments here, we can further examine the Fauci carve-out by considering the perspective of a U.S. federal whistleblower working in conjunction with Lin Wood (and, in ways that exceed words, with an enormous sense of gratitude, appreciation and thanks for Mr. Wood and his recent support of the efforts at Political Moonshine.)

A fundamental shift is occurring and the long knives are out for#FalseFlagFauci. The messaging from both sides is changing.

On the way out is Fauci, COVID and eventually the entire Biden administration and all of those who participated in his treasonous installation.

On the way in is the President who never left – Donald John Trump.

Somewhere in between, we all sprint to latch on to hope and promise for the future of America.

I’ll leave you with some of the more important #FalseFlagFauci emails below for your independent consumption along with a promise for an article covering them soon.




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