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A Carve-out Is Being Made in the Broader COVID-19 Narrative

There is a carve-out being made in the broader COVID-19 narrative and it’s a slick approach that to some extent is sure to gain traction and be effective. The carve-out is a typical blend of information, misinformation and disinformation including appetizing talking points that will unfortunately appease a segment of the population seeking real answers.

Wall Street Journal

That population segment could likely be characterized as MAGA/Trump supporters who have doubts about COVID-19 but consume primarily mainstream media sources.

Wall Street Journal

Unfortunately, as satisfying and “I told you so” as the answers they receive may be and to the extent that this segment becomes effectively appeased, these folks will only be receiving just enough of the truth to get them to believe the balance of it all and wherein the sowers have enmeshed the misinfo/disinfo in the parts that taste best.

Our source linked at the bottom is the Wall Street Journal and it explores the importance and relativity of an abandoned mine (think bat feces) associated with the WIV. They almost got it right when they speculated to pin attribution for the pandemic on Chinese internal lab sloppiness.

It wasn’t Chinese sloppiness; however, rather it was Chinese bio-warfare.

That the Wuhan Institute of Virology is a CCP/PLA facility bears down fully and as I’ve asserted dating back for over a year, we’ve been in an undeclared World War III since at least Oct 2019, as previously demonstrated and relative to the existence of the November 13, 2019 FBI Tactical Intelligence report serving as the source of the time frame.

Now consider that in the broader scope of things, a carve-out is being made within the narrative to attribute the fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic directly to China, but characterized as internal lab sloppiness. This approach stands a real chance of appeasing low information consumers.

The carve-out permits China to use a fraudulent narrative to characterize as “accidental” and fully compartmentalize the culpability for an asymmetrical strike; a strike that is comprised of an act of war by means of the the release of a bio-WMD. It was an act of war designed to launch a fraudulent pandemic devised to begin the destruction of America from the inside-out.

In so doing, this carve-out will attribute China’s asymmetrical bio-warfare strike to a narrative of fraudulent lab sloppiness permitting China to further enshroud its broader construct that included leveraging a deep and broad infiltration of America’s institutions to remove a sitting U.S. president, overthrow the U.S. government and insert a Chinese proxy into the White House in Joe Biden.

This carve-out will also permit China to directly control the narrative, which answers a question some readers are sure to have – Why would China assume responsibility for the release of the bio-WMD (they won’t call it that but the FBI did)?

By assuming responsibility for the “leak” from it’s CCP/PLA WIV, China removes the U.S. from the dialogue and positions itself to take a full and commanding lead in controlling the narrative as it explains exactly how the “leak” occurred. Within this explanation, China can fabricate whatever story line and evidence it needs to serve it accordingly and it will do so with the WHO (and the CDC, NIH, NIAID) in its back pocket and with the U.S. otherwise left impotent. Those entities are sure to toe the Chinese company line.

Sure, China takes a hit but a self-imposed hit placed exactly where you want it and with full control over everything associated with it is a solid bet – just ask those Americans incriminated in the events of 9/11 and what that event has permitted them to do to the American people. Even more so for China, the feel especially emboldened since its proxy Joe Biden is already installed and positioned to drive it home.

China is betting this allows them to avoid taking WWIII hot (for the time being as Taiwan still looms) but achieving a similar result – global dominance.

From the WSJ, here’s what James LeDuc had to say about it all.

Wall Street Journal

This is James LeDuc who gives the appearance of being a bought and paid for Fauci lackey; #FalseFlagFauci, that is.

The Liberty Beacon (click to read)

Look back-up at LeDuc’s statement above and specifically the last line about following the science. Then be reminded of what I offered up the other day.

A carve-out is being made in the narrative attributing the COVID-19 outbreak to Chinese internal lab sloppiness. That’s Kool-Aid induced inebriation, folks, because what we’ve endured is an asymmetrical bio-WMD strike in an undeclared World War III.

Paging President Trump and his rebuilt military.




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