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Two More Coffin Nails and 100% Certainty of COVID-19 Fraud – Can Anyone Prove It Isn’t?

Care to understand how COVID-19 is a false flag political construct that was intentionally developed as a bio-WMD to facilitate the overthrow of the U.S.? Then this article is for you and it includes an abundance of links and other resources to verify positions and provide you with all of the evidence you need for a deeper and clearer understanding of what is being done to us. That’s right – done to us.

On a date conveniently saddled between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2019, when the majority of the Western world was occupied and distracted with both holiday recovery and preparation, the world fundamentally changed on 27 Dec 19 when the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak (not yet a “pandemic”) was first announced in the mainstream media news. They eased it in and perhaps many missed it.


Curiously and by means of evidence later provided to me by an epidemiologist, we confirmed that the U.S. and other Western nations were ordering “COVID”-specific test kits and supplies by a name that technically wouldn’t exist until 11 Feb 20, when the WHO/CDC cohort would officially apply the “COVID-19” moniker to it. Moreover, the evidence demonstrates that the U.S. and those other nations were making such “COVID-19” purchases dating back to 2017 and in each and every year up to 2019. How does that happen outside of a planned event? It doesn’t – period.

I caught the breaking China viral outbreak story in real time and immediately became suspicious of it so I began paying attention and collecting evidence and data points as best I could. Those instincts were on-point and with deadly precision because the first infection and mortality data that arrived in February-March 2020 initially verified that position and placed us on an investigative track that’s still ongoing today; and like a fine wine, the complete body of work only improves as time passes; and in many critical ways not identified by anyone else. That was a year and a half and hundreds of articles and videos ago.

A day before the story broke back on 26 Dec 19 and moving forward in that general time; and in review of my pre-COVID-19 work, the focus then was diversified on topics like President Trump’s fraudulent impeachment (the first) over a completely legitimate and appropriate diplomatic phone call to Ukraine and tying that directly to the 2020 election timeline; Joe Biden and the Biden crime family’s energy corruption in Ukraine; developments, crime and corruption within the FBI; continued research into Q for vetting and establishing veracity; detailing efforts in institutional preservation relative to self-preservation (corrupt politicians); FISA abuse and especially against Lt. General Michael Flynn and President Trump; the 2015 cybersecurity bill relative to impeachment; the 2020 election; John Brennan; developments in Iran; the 25th Amendment; the coup d’etat in general; and more.

In the backdrop of most of what I’ve written and shared publicly, there has been a years-long private conversation with a cohort of informed, intelligent and fiercely patriotic people; one of whom provides me unique access to three particular sources I often cite without naming. In that dialogue, I began detailing my suspicions over the outbreak and even some of those individuals thought I was off the mark, but I continued to make my case over time. I didn’t; however, have anything beyond anecdotal and circumstantial evidence as supported by rational and logical thought and deduction that would permit me to publish and present cogent thoughts on COVID-19 being a false flag political construct and do so without looking mostly insane, which some friends and relatives already think anyways. So I withheld those thoughts until something would arrive into which I could sink my teeth.

It would end-up being the first data sets for infection and mortality that arrived in February-March 2020 that did it. My position on the “fake pandemic” was partly verified by what I found inside those data sets and now, I had to continue working to prove it, which constituted a long path forward.

The simple concept of inverse proportions on a single timeline and with hockey stick relationships (a hallmark indicator of fraud) made for some straight forward parsing out of data to confirm positions.

Notably and dating back to mid-December (pre-COVID), I was focused on this curious need for Adam Schiff (HPSCI) and Nancy Pelosi (Speaker) to ensure that President Trump were impeached before Christmas. Why? Who enforces a due date – like it’s some sort of overdue library book – rather than giving full fidelity to conducting a thorough, proper, fulsome and accurate investigation to provide full and accurate summary findings for public consumption?

No one. That’s who. No one who has a modicum of appreciation for the gravity of a presidential impeachment or fidelity for the work therein and sure as hell not Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler (House Judiciary Committee.)

It would lead to one of the most substantial and exclusive findings that everybody else missed but I nailed down precisely – that the first impeachment was devised primarily as a deflection mechanism to usher-in COVID-19 while distracting the world from it. The COVID and impeachment timelines braided together like a rope in light of actions coming from the WHO/CDC cohort.

Everybody missed this. I didn’t and its fundamental importance can’t be overstated. What delivered it was a method of applying timeline overlays in search of overlaps. This timeline work is absolutely essential and it delivered throughout the investigation.

As impeachment dominated the news cycle, I continued to work on COVID in the backdrop; privately sharing thoughts and collecting what evidence I could. The MSM was essentially easing us along and letting the COVID pot come to a simmer on the back burner right up until the impeachment verdict was reached. Following the announced Senate trial acquittal, the COVID narrative was kicked into overdrive and that pot started towards a boil.

As best I can tell my first COVID post on social media was on or around 02 Feb 20 but really, I think I was chiming in on it as soon as days after the first news of it. I’m uncertain because my primary social media account – Twitter – is now deleted due to my banishment and I’ve not accessed the archive file.

On 05 Feb 20, the Senate acquitted President Trump in his impeachment trial and our COVID pot begins to boil. On 09 Feb 20, I had acquired enough evidence to publish my first article.

By mid-March, I had a galvanized position with substantial evidence that COVID-19 was a false flag political construct and we were set to continue making that case.

From early February moving forward, I had investigated and written about virtually every angle you could conceivably identify and using open sources to do it.

By mid-April 2020 and 28 articles into it, we were locked in for the first comprehensive article entitled Cause of Death for Sale, which delineated the broader premise and included examining financial incentives in federal dollars for medical providers complying with federally issued COVID policies (Fauci/CDC); all within the outlined construct for the criminal predicate (fraud), which I later diagrammed (below) to include a lengthy report I’ve yet to make public. That report assumes the same quality, format and detail relative to what I formerly used to submit to law firms and insurance companies as a high-value fraud investigator.

That article also contains the actual slides from the 13 Jan 17 presidential transition meetings whereby an outgoing Obama administration inserted the pandemic construct into the Trump administration by means of those same compulsory transition meetings.

Presidential transition meetings are framed in longstanding legislation that Obama augmented with an executive order on 18 Mar 16 when he included “pandemic preparedness” as a topic for the meetings. Obama’s White House also coordinated the initial leak of the Flynn/Russia lie releasing it to the MSM for publication immediately prior to the transition meetings and as a deflection or distraction.

Note this redundant pattern of tactics of using one event to detract from another.

Moving forward, note two critical elements. For one and relative to both the 2020 election and his eventual refusal in January 2021 to execute his electoral duties as President of the U.S. Senate, Mike Pence was previously assigned by President Trump as the point man for COVID-19. Then, in April 2020 during a legendary press conference, President Trump dragged Anthony Fauci to the podium and required him to correct the record that Trump had accepted all of his recommendations, mitigations and guidelines the first time they were presented to him and on each and every occasion.

This is a fundamental component that, once again, seems to have escaped everyone and it’s one I’ve hammered home in this context; alongside the use of the same tactic as identified in other contexts. With these critical maneuvers, President Trump sagely and entirely compartmentalized the culpability for COVID-19 and the accompanying genocide with the Pence/Fauci cohort. Having done so will allow Trump to walk away from a modern day holocaust with no strings attached and rightfully so. Pence and Fauci own it all.

Dating back to this general time period (spring into summer) last year, much effort was spent outlining the treasonous aspects of both former President Barack Obama’s presidency and a full slate of corrupt bureaucrats, officials and politicians.

In late August 2020, I reported that on 26 Aug 20, the most significant confirmation to-date was received relative to the underlying premise underpinning the entire COVID-19 “pandemic” – that the pandemic was nothing more than the deliberate propagation of patently fraudulent infection and mortality data harvested and curated from an average of 2.6 underlying comorbidities. Therein, they stated that 94% of the data used to justify guidelines and mitigations were unreliable and that only 6% was valid. This put the number of “COVID deaths” under 10,000 and precisely in the range of seasonal flu/pneumonia; not what the MSM is and has been reporting. Fraud. Through and through – fraud.

More recently I reported that on 12 May 21, the CDC made the same revisions but exacerbated the situation by increasing the numbers. It now stands such that for all “COVID deaths,” only 5% of the data remains valid, 95% of it has been revised away and the average number of underlying co-morbidities (primarily flu, pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes and obesity) was increased to 4.0. That’s even worse fraud.


As it stands now, there is no chance that the positions and work are in error or, in other words and as I’ve been hollering for about a year and a half and long before anybody else, the entire pandemic is one of fraudulent data. Every bit of it; except for the real virus, the real bio-weaponization of it, the real and intentional release of it and sadly, the real Americans and others who died from it. That’s all real. Very real. As in modern day holocaust real.

Let’s pause. Some of you are calling me out saying I’m contradicting myself but that would only be in absolute terms. Yes, the virus is real and it killed people and yes it’s entirely a pandemic of fraudulent data – they’re not mutually exclusive; rather, they serve one another. Look at what that nasty little bug has delivered. But here’s the data point that the CDC can’t escape.

Moving forward from October 2020 and focusing more closely on electoral politics, of which there has been and continues to be plenty, the effort continued to focus on enmeshing the established COVID-19 fraud as a known China mechanism within a broader effort from China, the CCP and the PLA; and then establishing all of the nexuses and linkages tying it all together. Again, there was no shortage of work and it can be consumed independently.

In November, I identified a particular aspect of COVID-19 respective to the stolen election and the need for President-elect Biden to enter office with momentum established to reverse course on it. Who unleashes a bio-WMD to steal an election only to let that bio-WMD continue to wreak havoc with your own presidency? No one. That’s who. That explains why Fauci began to pivot-out of COVID in late November; after the stolen election but before Biden entered office.

Keep the above in mind as I front-load the next data point. The front-load is this – the CDC/WHO cohort was using deliberately and anomalously high cycle thresholds (35-40 v. 17-25 and as an indicator of viral load) relative to PCR testing. Now, bear in mind that the virus was never isolated relative to PCR testing and moreover, the developer of the PCR test – who is now deceased circa 2019 – how convenient? – advised that the PCR test was never intended as a diagnosis tool implying that it’s being misused and delivering unreliable data relative to COVID.

Do you know what PCR tests with faulty high cycle thresholds deliver in absolute abundance? False positive test results. FALSE POSITIVE TEST RESULTS! Remember how I framed the “pandemic” as one of propagated fraudulent data? The intentionally faulty PCR tests, as determined by the CDC/WHO cohort, became the primary data driver for the pandemic.

Remember what occurred around mid-April 2020? The CDC/WHO moved away from the historical and conventional pandemic measurement of mortality data, which was in decline at the time, to the measurement of “new case data.” That’s never been done before and it allows them to leverage the faulty high CTs in the PCR test; remembering that beginning in January 2020, the Democrats were howling about expanded testing. Now you know why.

Following the mid-April shift, the PCR tests delivered the pandemic as designed and now, everywhere we see cases of expanded testing and vaccination, we see explosions in COVID “cases.” India and Seychelles are perfect examples of this dynamic and that of vaccinated people subsequently testing positive (Seychelles.)

I asked you to keep in mind the Fauci pivot out of COVID four paragraphs up and it applies to PCR testing. This is why. Knowing what you know now about PCR tests and acceptable cycle thresholds, consider this.

Do you know what the WHO/CDC did within one hour of Biden’s oddly early 20 Jan 21 inauguration? They revised the CT for PCR tests back down to a conventional range presumably at or near 17-25. WITHIN AN HOUR!

The COVID “variant” has become the 2021 version of the 2020 shift to new cases and in both instances, these deliberate spring-time maneuvers serve as bridges to drag the “pandemic” through the annual seasonal die-off of the co-morbidities (primarily flu/pneumo) being leveraged for data and taking us right back to peak flu season, which the CDC indicates as beginning every 01 Dec and running for two months. Rinse, repeat.

People not catching onto what I was shouting over a year ago was a nightmare come true – none of us are getting our lives back until someone makes these people stop.

After taking a stab at podcasting (9 volumes) followed a brief hiatus to take a needed break, I came back with several hard-hitting articles recently; saving the best for last. In the first, I provided a complete recapitulation and explanation of the pandemic while reinforcing the notion that the country seems to be oblivious to the fact that we find ourselves in an undeclared third world war and with a Chinese proxy occupying the White House in preparation for taking a likely dive.

In an another, I built on existing work to zero back in on the longstanding position that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the genesis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; that the virus was bio-engineered and bio-weaponized; that it was released deliberately; and that Fauci and the NIH collaborated on and funded the research.

A third article delineates how China may use their Biden proxy to legislatively apply Chinese doctrine to the U.S. with the looming infrastructure bill.

The fourth one identifies a substantial shift in the broader narrative and whereby I have identified the exit plan for Biden and China whereby a carve-out is being made for China to assume responsibility for a “leak” by sowing a fraudulent narrative around internal lab sloppiness. This apparent and odd assumption of culpability by China permits the compartmentalization with China itself and that is beyond a big deal.

China is making this compartmentalization as a means of excluding the U.S. from and completely controlling the explaining narrative. It allows China to determine the exact explanation of the origins of SARS-CoV-2 and to provide all of the requisite evidence (or not) they want (after they fabricate to meet needs.) It should be a surprise to no one that Biden recently ended former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s investigation into the same rather preferring to defer to the WHO, which China (and Gates and others) own and have owned by means of funding. No sooner did I hit publish than did Joe Biden announce today that he’s opening is on inquiry. Joe can’t even find his house shoes.

What are the chances that Proxy Joe and the CCP sing the same song in their summary findings?

For deeper understanding of how and why that is important (and it is and in fundamental ways), take-in the linked above-linked article because once again, China is leveraging the strategy of compartmentalization just as the U.S. used it as outlined in the next article and relative to U.S. biosecurity.

The fifth article is the most recent and it appears to be an absolute haymaker; catching the attention of others. Lin Wood, John Here to Help and I all recommend that you consume it independently and fully for it identifies and delineates something that few if any are talking about – the 2009-2016 timeline.

The 2009-2016 timeline featured an outgoing Bush handing off another executive order to an incoming Obama and for the express purpose of remaking U.S. biosecurity writ large at U.S. biocontainment facilities. It was all predicated by a Department of Defense initiative and further, it appears that Obama leveraged a potential false flag construct created by a memo co-issued by Lisa Monaco (Department of Homeland Security) in the form of a national “security stand down” at U.S. biocontainment facilities. The security stand down permitted the capture of necessary labs to prevent further exposure in an internal whistleblower scare and may have been a mechanism to off-shore dangerous and unethical GOF research to China.

In backtracking all of the documents and reports – hundreds and hundreds of pages – I identified a specific timeline along with its components and established that the beginning of this particular effort occurred during “Phase 1” in 1999 during the Clinton presidency. I then link from Clinton through every administration right up to Biden. For the record and according to my work, you can draw all of it back to at least George H.W. Bush and prior to the time he entered the CIA in the 1960s.

Who bridges the presidencies of GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden? Anthony Fauci. He entered the federal apparatus un-elected in 1984 during the Reagan administration. Who was VPOTUS then? GHW Bush. Full circle and closed.

In this monster article eclipsing 8,000 words, I identify how the Obama DoD initiative served to underpin a complete rules re-write for biosecurity to install a philosophical change that featured moving away from more robust biosecurity to a system that compartmentalizes biosecurity at the individual scientist and laboratory level; just like the stolen election compartmentalized voter fraud at the individual state and voter precinct level.

Are you now coming to understand how these people operate?

Importantly, it should be understood that internal U.S. whilstleblowers came forward to report U.S. gain of function research which the Obama administration halted in 2015 before they off-shored the effort to China in 2016. Again, it was the Monaco memo and the subsequent national “security stand down” that may have been the false flag mechanism to envelop and facilitate the off-shoring of U.S. gain of function work to China.

That brings us to the present and with new coffin nails en route for bad people and entities.


Perhaps pause for a moment and let all of the above sink-in to marinate because two new story lines further validate our positions and the full body of work. They also provide for two additional nails in the coffins of Fauci, China, Biden, the fraudulent COVID-19 construct and the treasonous rest of them all.

For one, we now have two widely known and highly regarded virologists who previously and similarly provided work and evidence, which we then cited and worked from, and which identified SARS-CoV-2 as bioengineered as a bio-WMD. The evidence is derived from the existence of six artificial HIV inserts, which can not in any way be accounted for as occurring in nature. This was a primary and underpinning premise to scaffold our overarching position(s) on the COVID-19 “pandemic” and this further verification of it is of great consequence.

Consider this from Zero Hedge,

British professor Angus Dalgleish – best known for creating the world’s first ‘HIV vaccine’, and Norwegian virologist Dr. Birger Sørensen – chair of pharmaceutical company, Immunor, who has published 31 peer-reviewed papers and holds several patents, wrote that while analyzing virus samples last year, the pair discovered “unique fingerprints” in the form of “six inserts” created through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

They also conclude that “SARS-Coronavirus-2 has “no credible natural ancestor” and that it is “beyond reasonable doubt” that the virus was created via “laboratory manipulation.”


For brevity’s sake and understanding that other teams of virologists and their findings were also discussed, including this quote, “If I was trying to engineer a virus strain with a higher affinity and infective potential to humans, I would do exactly that…”, we’ll exclude the balance of the article and recommend that it be consumed in full.

It should also be noted that up until now and based upon previous research, we understood the number of artificial HIV insertions to be four (4), which they now update to six (6.)

The second story line is about fully explainable from the headline alone; also sourced at Zero Hedge – Fauci In 2012: Gain-Of-Function Research ‘Worth Risk Of Lab Accident Sparking Pandemic’.

From Zero Hedge quoting Fauci,

“In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic?” Fauci wrote in the American Society for Microbiology in 2012, adding “Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario – however remote – should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision?”

“Scientists working in this field might say – as indeed I have said – that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks,” Fauci continued. “It is more likely that a pandemic would occur in nature, and the need to stay ahead of such a threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky.”


Really, Tony?

It seems to me, rather, that based upon evidence and not Fauci’s always incorrect rhetoric, it is more likely that a pandemic would occur in U.S. and Chinese laboratories and with compromised scientists and treasonous politicians serving an evil Deep State and with Fauci running point.

The intelligence community is the spine to the overarching coup d’etat effort just as Anthony Fauci is the bridge connecting every presidency from George H.W. Bush through Joe Biden’s stolen, illegitimate and fraudulent presidency.

We began this article by asking if you cared to understand how COVID-19 is a false flag political construct that was intentionally developed as a bio-WMD to facilitate the overthrow of the U.S.?

Let’s rewrite that question and make it rhetorical for our closing – Can anyone prove that it isn’t?



  1. Maria Hall May 29, 2021

    Thank you!!! Finally something that says it ALL!! FULL CIRCLE

  2. Judith Vaughn May 29, 2021

    I am in tears. Grateful to finally hear the truth. Angry for the damage done. I always felt the numbers never made sense and that the Dems had something to do with it. Such evil people.

  3. Robert Buckner May 29, 2021

    I had inklings of some of your underpinning major elements. But I missed the False Flag. As I have others. I get it now. Sick psycho evil bastards!

  4. […] Two More Coffin Nails and 100% Certainty of COVID-19 Fraud – Can Anyone Prove It Isn’t? ..Curiously and by means of evidence later provided to me by an epidemiologist, we confirmed that the U.S. and other Western nations were ordering “COVID”-specific test kits and supplies by a name that technically wouldn’t exist until 11 Feb 20, when the WHO/CDC cohort would officially apply the “COVID-19” moniker to it. Moreover, the evidence demonstrates that the U.S. and those other nations were making such “COVID-19” purchases dating back to 2017 and in each and every year up to 2019. How does that happen outside of a planned event? It doesn’t – period. […]

  5. Rob May 30, 2021

    You weren’t the only one who caught this, I’ve espoused this view on ZH several times. Here are a couple of more indicators you didn’t mention. The house impeachment proceedings were intentionally changed by Schiff to speed up the house portion to the extent they denied Trump any ability to defend himself. So it was a rush job right up to the vote to impeach. Then Pelosi sat on the articles of impeachment for 2 weeks after this big rush, WHY? Well, look at what happened here domestically the very same 24hr period in which she released the articles to the Senate? The very first Covid patient was hospitalized here in the US! That isn’t a coincidence.
    They were timing the impeachment for maximum effect and distraction from Covid!
    Then Schumer put forth a long list of witnesses to call for the trial in the Senate. What happens when an impeachment trial starts in the Senate? No other Senate business can be conducted, Congresses hands were tied to address any possible forthcoming
    Covid legislation! So Schumer was trying to tie up the Senate for months had an immediate vote not been called to dismiss the trial!
    The leadership of the Dem party, and in my opinion both sides of the aisle at one point or another, were up to their necks in this bio-weapon attack. Great article, keep them coming!

    • Becca May 30, 2021

      I work at a mental health facility and I can’t believe the ignorance of Staff when It comes to understanding how this is not something that happened naturally and the lack of Documentive and scientific evidence brought forth to the world. Even the use of masks. You would think the Medical community would stand on the science more than the unconfirmed heresay by big gov”t

  6. […] On a date conveniently saddled between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2019, when the majority of the Western world was occupied and distracted with both holiday recovery and preparation, the world fundamentally changed on 27 Dec 19 when the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak (not yet a “pandemic”) was first announced in the mainstream media news. They eased it in and perhaps many missed it.Read full article: Two more coffin nails and 100% certainty of COVID-19 fraud – can anyone prove it isn’t? […]

  7. myfoxmystere May 30, 2021

    Well done my fellow blogger! If something smells rotten, it’s usually beyond rotten.

  8. Me May 30, 2021

    And we haven’t even discussed the so called “vaccines!” They are NOT safe, they are or will be killing/culling many thousands of people in the near future besides what is going on now. Yet people still line up for the kill shot and still wearing their one or many masks (outside or in their own cars eve!!!). I leave mine off for as long as I can but where I work, it is still mandatory and right now, not ready to lose my job but will when those kill shots become mandatory.

  9. Christy May 30, 2021

    WOW!!! Oh what a tangled web they weave! You’re tenacious & a truely committed patriot. Thank you and God bless you and protect you.

  10. ARG May 30, 2021

    If I may, exactly it is said in this logical analysis; the reasoning is at most value for humans. Congratulations.

    Just maybe adding that the fear induced by the usage of an health theme can affect the judgement in elections and in the acceptance of some laws.

    Regarding the HIV insertions, for their appearence in there as unvelope protein more details can be found at Dr. Judy Mikovits.

  11. Jay May 31, 2021

    Yes, good job however incomplete. There is no mention of several key facts around the role of Britain, the Privy Council, and British-controlled entities. GOF viral samples developed in Canada stolen by researcher and sent to China. GOF research in American labs. Pirbright Institute role in England. COV-2 patent issued before the outbreak. Outbreak rehearsals and roundtables. And so much more. See

  12. Cool Dude June 2, 2021

    Great body of work. Now let’s get this to as many as possible….

  13. Patriotic Ohioan June 8, 2021

    I’m another member of Make Americans Free Again (part of the Columbus, OH main group) and a big supporter of the affiliated group Ohio Stands Up.

    You very well may be able to provide some evidence that could be used as MAFA continues its work across the country with lots of litigation. Email to make contact if interested.

    Our original attorneys Tom Renz and Bob Gargasz have joined forces with those around the country, and have now created the Legal Eagle team that’s connected with America’s Frontline Doctors.

    You may also want to get in rich with Dr. Frank, another Ohioan making huge waves. He’s lately been very dedicated to the fraud he’s found in the election, but he’s involved with plandemic stuff too. He’s part of the Ohio Post-Depresser shows that take place weekly to debunk or governor’s propaganda.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      Sad I didn’t see this earlier – thank you for the thoughtfulness of the suggestion. Ecstatic that Tom Renz is on our team and we had dinner last night!!!

      • Patriotic Ohioan March 8, 2022

        No worries at all! It’s been a wild ride, and continues to get more nutty by the day it seems. That’s fantastic that you met with Tom! Admittedly, I’m very behind right now on all his latest endeavors – I need to catch myself back up!

        Take care, keep fighting the good fight.

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