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(TWENTY-FOURTH article in a series)

Let’s begin with a quick reality check: It goes without saying that the health concerns, warnings and cautions over COVID-19 should all be regarded with full fidelity – this is no time to be careless. The response to which we are all living through and being subjected to is a disproportionate one according to historical accounts of myriad other viral outbreaks, past protocols and similar scenarios.

If you’re current with this series, skip ahead.

Before we get into it, if you are new, please see the HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom otherwise you’re about ready to jump into the middle of the ocean with no shoreline in sight; especially the QAnon disclaimer.

For a quick review, here’s the underlying hypothesis that we are working to scaffold with open-source information.

Our hypothesis asserts that this political construct was inserted into President Trump’s administration during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. That’s the same day the MSM decided to release the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story preemptively and with Flynn taking part in those meetings. Unsurprisingly, the immediate talking points from Obama administration officials and others in-the-know were about the disrupted, off-kilter, reluctant and awkward nature of the meeting. How convenient for them to build their future MSM talking points into the meeting by designing and timing those dynamics. Since the insertion point, a mountain of correlated and interconnected evidence further propels this hypothesis as represented in the growing catalog of article.

Pick back-up here.

This article represents our ‘small team’s’ best effort to analyze the established timeline for the purpose of projecting forward a timeline of events or moments to come. The analysis below heavily relies on aspects of QAnon.

As we get into it, earlier discoveries still have our attention and they’re lined-out here for you, as sourced in this ARTICLE:

We saw a distinct change in how Q is represented dates as delineated in post #15. The dates given in that post are:

What happens if we heed Q’s implicit instructions and view these dates as expressed in military form? With no year given, it looks like this:
11.3> March 11th
11.4> April 11th
11.6> June 11th

We also have the matter of addressing the redundant 4 10 20 messaging:


All of the above dates of interest are marked in the timeline below by an asterisk (*) and all of the dates referenced in the ANALYSIS & PROJECTIONS are highlighted, too (as shown.) First, there are two additional and critical dates to be addressed supportive of the constructive aspects of our claims as the TIMING tells us so much:


11 Jan 17: Fauci makes a public statement: “During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Fauci said the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” (SOURCE)


13 Jan 17: Hypothetical insertion point for political construct during Obama/Trump transition meetings.


13 Nov: DOJ/FBI Tactical Intelligence Report> China<>WMDD<>US
17 Nov: Revised (backwards) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China
05 Dec: Pelosi authorizes drafting of Articles of Impeachment
09 Dec: 21 vials stolen> Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard
10 Dec: Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard/China arrest, Nadler> AOIs
13 Dec: Nadler’s Judiciary Committee votes to impeach
18 Dec: Full House vote to impeach Trump
27 Dec: Initial (original) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China> 17 Nov
15 Jan: House: AOIs>Senate, impeachment mgrs., engrossment ceremony
16 Jan: Senate formally receives AOIs
20 Jan: 1st COVID-19 case: US, Senate receives AOIs
21 Jan: Senate votes on trial rules
22 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
23 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
24 Jan: Senate trial> pros. ends opening arg., Loeffler begins dumping stock
25 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
26 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
27 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
28 Jan: Senate trial> defense ends opening arguments
31 Jan: Bolton witness debate, Feinstein begins dumping stock
05 Feb: Senate acquits Trump


13 Feb: Burr dumps stock
*11 Mar: Pandemic/emergency declaration, (DONE IN 30) > to 12 Apr.
12 Mar: Trump orders and takes-out Iranian commander
15 Mar: Saudi Arabia> mass arrests (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU), Fed rate cut
19 Mar: Lock-downs begin
24 Mar: DHS essential personnel moved to NORAD, NVSS issues COVID-19 diagnosis shaping memo
25 Mar: HHS OIG announces it will investigate Trump over COVID-19
27 Mar: National Guard called-up, Trump nationalizes GM, stimulus passed
28 Mar: Projected beginning date for virus peak
29 Mar: Fauci> 100s of 1000s dead, millions infected, Pelosi/attack>DJT
30 Mar: Projected that banks would close> did not happen
31 Mar: Trump tweets “30 Days to Slow the Spread” > 4/30 > 5/1
01 Apr: Schiff announces 9/11 style COVID-19 commission, Military> cartels
03 Apr: Projected that markets would close through 13 Apr
10 Apr: Projected worst day 1
*11 Apr: Projected worst day 2
12 Apr: Easter Sunday – POTUS’ initial objective end date
13 Apr: INITIAL PROJECTED END-DATE (now revised farther ahead)
30 Apr: Extended ended date for federal guidelines – 30 to slow/done in 30
01 May: Projected end date for virus peak
23 May: Lock-downs begin to relax
06 Jun: Lock-downs end
*11 Jun: Identified date / significance unknown

Analysis & Projections: The timeline is revealing and as outlined in earlier articles, we’re examining the constructive elements of transitional events; some that overlap, some that concur and some that converge; and we’re giving a special focus to sequence.

Pelosi rushes to push an incomplete impeachment (have discussed this copiously) before Christmas and for no good reason – the vote comes down 18 Dec. At this point, the ship is out of port and isn’t coming back. That’s important.

Note that the Senate receives the AOI’s 4 days before the 20 Jan first case of COVID-19 in the US. That’s also important because it denotes that the cover construct (impeachment) for the hypothesized primary objective (COVID-19) was in place in advance as it would need to be.

The actual impeachment trial begins 22 Jan, 2 days after the 1st US COVID-19 case and Trump is then acquitted 05 Feb and with the COVID-19 construct firmly in place.

By this point, impeachment has served it’s only explainable purpose – throwing cover to COVID-19 – therefore and importantly it puts us on a different timeline; a new timeline because the dynamics of COVID-19 will now drive the schedule; not the failed and cooked-up impeachment as in prior years. THIS EXPLAINS WHY NANCY SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES AND REFUSED TO SEND THE ARTICLES TO THE SENATE. She was waiting. She was calibrating for TIMING.

At this point, 3 lawmakers have already dumped stock and things galvanize on 11 Mar with the pandemic/emergency declarations.

Like clockwork, we hit a significant indicator making good on our above notion that timelines change – the arrests in Saudia Arabia. The 15 Mar mass arrests in Saudi Arabia placed us on notice for events here . THIS IS A TRUE INDICATOR AS PREDICTED AND IT HELPS CALIBRATE THE TIMELINE MOVING FORWARD. Even aside from COVID-19, this marker would suggest forthcoming traction stateside.

Now watch what happens (sequence: 19 Mar-29 Mar.) By 19 Mar lock-downs begin (important constructive element shaped by Birx/Fauci/Team) and by 24 Mar essential personnel are moving into NORAD (important military counter.) Trump has a history of vacating the premises when threatened (Trump Tower, White House > Mar a Lago.)

By 27 Mar, Trump had nationalized GM and called-up the National Guard (important military counter.) Altogether, these represent HEAVY military considerations and potentially in response to the lock-down as handed down by Deep State assets (Birx/Fauci) – THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS LITERALLY BEING SQUEEZED RIGHT NOW.

The following is IMPORTANT because it provides independent confirmation of the date. Research took us to a source (statistician) that predicted the peak of the virus beginning on 28 Mar, which converges with Trump’s heavy military considerations; in fact the very day after he called up the National Guard.

Then, right on cue, Deep State asset Fauci reemerges 29 Mar with his dire predictions (important constructive element.)

On 31 Mar, Trump tweets the ’30 Days’ announcement, which according to our QAnon filter is going to again re-calibrate the timeline within the construct and it fits.

So, what happens as soon as Trump resets the timeline? The next day, 01 Apr, which is TODAY, Schiff announces that he’s opening a 9/11-style commission into COVID-19 while Trump dispatches his military after Mexican drug cartels and other targets. Move, counter-move?

Recall the HEAVY MILITARY references above? This is another stride in that direction and when we pull back, whether the US is mobilizing for COVID-19 or something different matters not because the US is most certainly mobilizing and there is evidence of it everywhere (see LA trains and tanks for example.)

The 31 Mar ’30 Days’ timeline reset projects us forward to the days of 30 Apr and 01 May for an anticipated transition.

Between those two ranges of time, the two peak days of the virus, as predicted by our statistician, fall on 10 Apr and 11 Apr. It’s another convergence for us as the 10 Apr date could be related to QAnon’s redundant 4, 10, 20 messaging.

Back to our projected dates of 30 Apr and 01 May, and we again have convergence in multiple places. On 30 Apr, not only do the extended federal guidelines expire, but the [30 Days] QAnon drop projects to this same exact day (convergence.) Moreover, our statistician independently found that the next day, 01 May, the virus peak would end (convergence.)

The key word there is peak, meaning that quarantine/social isolation will be scaled back incrementally based upon infection rates in given areas rather than a wholesale, all-at-once pullback.

By 23 May our statistician has lock-downs easing and with full end date of 06 Jun.

As of this article, the Trump administration hasn’t expounded beyond the 30 Apr date so anything beyond it speculative (as is about all of this.)

Truthfully, it’s awfully difficult to know what’s going on in general, much less in these circumstances. If we default to the data in front of us, I think the dates outlined therein are possibly fairly accurate given what we know. We leave room for a faster remedy depending on prospective treatments and cures and that picture changes by the day if not the hour. We also leave room for other plausible scenarios that might speed-up the timeline and there are several plausible ones.

Lastly, we get the sense that given the broad and varied spectrum of information coming in from a host of MSM, independent media, citizen journalism and human sources, there is an undercurrent of one two things: a build up to the commencement of The Storm or the initial, clandestine aspects of that Storm. No matter, we’re mobilizing militarily and that’s significant…. good time to keep your head on swivel.

I suppose time will tell – pun intended.


*Revised/edited for correction on 02 Apr 20.


If you’re brand new, there is a recommendation as to where to begin catching up posted at the very bottom.

28 Mar 20 Update: What used to be a looser conversational group has grown and, over the course of this pandemic, has become a small team of folks working together most of the day every day. Much of what I’m writing recently is a product of that collective work and/or my own opinion as influenced by that group.

30 Mar 20 Update: Included QAnon disclaimer below.

Requisite disclaimer: This has now grown into a sizable series of articles on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understand that all of this began simply with some curiosity about whom may stand to gain or benefit with the discovery of a promising treatment identified as Remesdivir – no more and no less; it’s that simple.

There was never an intent to write a single article; much less a series of them. The rabbit hole into which I placed myself diverged many times over transitioning into a mess of global entanglements that converted this work from an exploratory exercise to one hunting for evidence to scaffold an hypothesis. The content, therefore, is affected and takes a different tone and direction. For deeper understanding, here is the CATALOG of all articles in this series.

QAnon disclaimer: I give much time to QAnon and for this simple reason – no matter if you believe QAnon to be absolutely real or absolutely fake, QAnon has consistently remained in front of the news cycle; with great accuracy, over time and while the MSM and other “news” outlets have consistently gotten it wrong for that same time. Yes, you have to dig to get the information but the doormats are conveniently placed in front of you if you care to enter. I care to enter.

At this point, I’ve covered so much ground that attempting to recapitulate it to introduce each new article has become too cumbersome. Please refer back to the catalog for a deeper contextual backdrop to what appears above. To save time, I would encourage you to START WITH THE NINTH ARTICLE (it serves as a recapitulation of the first eight and launches the effort in another direction, which is where we are right now and which is seemingly in the midst of a global 9/11; assuming the fulcrum point of the truth continues to shift in favor of my suspicions relative to the evidence uncovered thus far.)


  1. Gareth Griffiths April 1, 2020

    Great article!

    My mate (who posts on GAB under the username ‘Credible Threat’) recently asked:

    * Coronavirus
    * Event 201
    * Bill Gates
    * Charles Leiber
    * George Soros
    * China Communist Party
    * Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
    * Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
    * Harvard University
    * Common Purpose
    * NWO
    * 5G
    * Lord Anthony Tudor St. John
    * Gail Bradbrook & Extinction Rebellion
    * Chatham House
    * MSM
    * Emergency Services of Individual Nations

    Where do we even begin to join the dots here, also how do we Red Pill the masses?

  2. 1959boomer April 2, 2020

    I’m in over my head. Fascinating. ABSOLUTELY fascinating to say the very least. Thank you all SO MUCH for the work put in and SHARED SO FREELY. That’s AMERICAN generosity through and through. GODSPEED to all and a prosperous outcome soon.

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