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21 Mar 20

We’ll waste no time and to start, I’ll tip my hat to a third-party for the heads-up on two fronts: the first 50 QAnon drops framing the broader 4-year timeline and the article sourced herein pertaining to events in Saudi Arabia. That new understanding has given new meaning to old drops. For context, you can refer to this ARTICLE speaking to the former (and you can refer to this CATALOG for all articles in the series.) As for the latter, let’s get to it and we’ll start with a concept, which is a sequence of events. That sequence starts with Saudi Arabia.

Here are two relevant Q drops that precisely outline the understood sequence:

#72 04 NOV 17

SA is the primary, US is secondary, (Asia/EU)…

#88 05 NOV 17

Ten days.
Scare tactics (MSM).
D’s falling.
R’s walk-away/removed.
SA –> US –> Asia –> EU

For the sake of brevity and since we’ve all been relegated to our households with an historic and unprecedented disproportionate response to a relatively mild illness that unfortunately killed several hundred Americans but falls exponentially short of even brushing up against the 15,000 that the flu kills annually, I’ll leave it at that as far as drops demonstrating the sequence. Those familiar with Q will acknowledge the redundancy of this sequence throughout. It’s understood that this sequence for eventual significant traction would begin with events unfolding first in Saudi Arabia and then the United States.

It’s also important to note that this information coincides with the previous round of Saudi arrests, as noted in the article cited below. Some will likely pick at that and cite relevance. I would argue that the given sequence isn’t limited to just the first round of Saudi arrests, but to the broader timeline. Moreover, it can’t be limited to just the first round of arrests if US traction is bound to it because US traction never happened. So although some may cite that, it actually works in favor of what I’m suggesting here. By that, I am saying that this second round of arrests becomes even more relevant as an antecedent indicator foreshadowing US arrests; especially given the current picture here domestically.

On a practical front, it would be tough to guarantee the second round of arrests on any form of a schedule unless the first round had already occurred and the foundation for the second round were fortified in place at that time. Ergo, including this sequence along with the Q drops pertaining to the first round of arrests makes sense logically; pragmatically. So, it’s reasonable to take the sequence at face value.

Translated in ONE SHOT – when then shit hits the fan in Saudi Arabia, the fan begins to wind up for a shit storm here. Are we all at home right now so that we don’t get shit on?

So, as we sit here, all safe and secure in the confines of our homes, consider this development as you ponder the plausibility of the political construct I’ve outlined for you in combination with QAnon’s drops; in combination with the globe being on the verge of a total lock-down (at least in the right places); in combination with your own curiosity as to when or if we’ll ever see mass arrests for corruption here in the United States:

Saudi Arabia: New Mass Corruption Arrests

Previous Campaign Marred by Lack of Due Process, Torture Allegations

On March 15, 2020, Saudi Arabia’s official government news agency announced the new arrests, stating that the Saudi state corruption watchdog had criminally investigated 674 state employees and ordered the detention of 298 for “financial and administrative corruption, consisting of bribery crimes, embezzlement and waste of public money, misuse of employment powers, and administrative misuse.” Among those detained are current and retired military officers, health officials, security officers under the Interior Ministry, and judges. The statement said that the acts of corruption amounted to 379 million Saudi Riyals ($101 million).


So there you have it. Does this tell us that it’s about ready to get very ugly for some and very glorious for many?

It sure looks like it does.


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