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We’ll just play this card immediately – the DOD’s claimed inadvertent publication of the Seely letter was not “an honest mistake.” Also, the word “suspected” is being removed from further discussion.

THIS will provide the background for what follows. It’s the original premise.

THIS is confirmation of the original premise and the establishment of a new premise. Namely, that the DOD letter was LEAKED rather than inadvertently published as “an honest mistake.”

THIS is a logical deduction from Zero Hedge that is based upon the available evidence and makes the very same argument I made yesterday – that this letter’s publication was ENTIRELY A LEAK.

As I mentioned in the second article above, “It’s 360-degree, asymmetrical and unconstitutional warfare, folks.”

More importantly, I also said,

“Again, just consider the timing of it all relative to the broader Iran/Iraq embassy (IIE) event. In rapid fashion, it’s apparent that the DSSG/MIC is opening another battle front on President Trump by leaking this document to further undermine, attack and damage him. In my opinion, this was not an inadvertent publication, rather it was a deliberate leak from someone on the inside.”



The time is nearing that the President must go on the offensive and in a capacity so as to fundamentally shift the entirety of the geopolitical landscape to his favor. Here are few practical tools to make that happen: monumental revelations, declassification, legitimate investigative findings, indictments, arrests and most importantly, the enforcement of the RULE OF LAW. I’m rooting for all of the above.

Despite his record-breaking economy, remake of the Judiciary (appointments) and unprecedented follow-through on campaign promises, the standard low-information and/or misinformed American (which is most Americans) really only hears what is squawked in the echo-chamber of the MSM. As we speak, it’s all impeachment and the Iran Scandal and we’re already in campaign mode for 2020.

What can you take from all of that? If and when he elects to go on the offensive, the President must do so in tectonic fashion and it should be much sooner than later.


A parting thought on the timeline – From a broader perspective, I would even suggest that at this point, we’re off-schedule and on an expedited timeline. Again, the time is drawing near or you can even say that it’s here. The President must go on the offensive.

The landscape has shifted and adaptation is required.


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