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FOCUS NARROWS ON BIGGER PICTURE: Trump’s Targeting and Kolomoyskyi’s Arrest

In March, I penned an article revisiting the analysis on the targeting of former President Donald J. Trump by the Biden Administration and Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice: The Bidens, China, Russia, Ukraine, SVB, and Silvergate: Making Felons, Erasing Felonies and Blowing It All Up, Literally. Importantly, Trump is the bridge the federal apparatus will cross to target the rest of Trump’s political opposition representing about 100 million Americans. Since March, Trump has been indicted several times with more indictments looming; and I’ve covered the proceedings closely.

In the March piece, I reviewed the primary objective contained in old analysis,

One of their objectives is to create a felon out of Donald J. Trump to preclude him from running again in 2024. This is especially so since he is dominating every legitimate poll for the GOP primary. It’s why the Capitol “insurrection” and Mar-a-Lago entrapment operations are so necessary. I discuss them both in my series THE HUNT IS ON that is dedicated to the granular details of Biden’s hunting and elimination of his political enemies, which are MAGA and conservative America writ large.

One way or another, they’re going to make a felon out of Trump – Capitol “insurrection,” Mar-a-Lago or Daniels. That much is clear and it clears the way for Ron DeSantis as the establishment candidate.”

Political Moonshine / March 2023

Once again, the original analysis in the targeting of Trump is informed by new developments resulting in a narrower focus on how these designs will play out.

Note that since the March quote, DeSantis has tanked to Trump in every accurate poll resulting in a problematic scenario for one side of the Uniparty coin: The one guy that the GOP is working to help remove is the only guy who matters and who can “win” in 2024 [we haven’t had legitimate elections in decades except for a partially “unrigged” 2020 and I clearly expect 2024 to be stolen since the theft is already under way.]

The focus narrows to the mechanisms for precluding Trump from 2024 and the fastest lane is leveraging lawfare to prevent Trump’s inclusion on the ballot recalling that elections are a function of the state.

This tactic should result in litigation over Trump’s appearance on the 2024 ballot in states infiltrated and controlled in all the right places; visually representing the same maps as the stolen 2020 election and “pandemic” mitigation policies and enforcement.

Recall that while the New York Times is the mouthpiece for the DOJ/FBI, the Washington Post is the mouthpiece for the intelligence community and so their stories are used to establish and reinforce the narrative.


Donald Trump could face a legal battle on multiple fronts over whether he even has the right to be on the ballot. Some scholars and liberal groups are stepping up efforts to disqualify the former president based on a post-Civil War provision of the 14th Amendment.”

Washington Post

As I reported at the time, then House Speaker Pelosi moved Trump’s first impeachment from Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee to Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Pelosi’s tactical move made the impeachment a function of the HPSCI that only flowed through the Constitutional home for impeachment, the Judiciary Committee.

This was done because Trump’s impeachments, like all else, are intelligence community operations.

It’s all one decades-long political continuum borne out of Dynastic Bush [George H.W. Bush is the head of the snake in contemporary times.]

This all bears mentioning because this delivery of the state-sponsored narrative creates high confidence in the analysis:


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said on Sunday that a legal argument to disqualify the former president is “valid,” and that the part of the amendment that bans those who have “engaged in insurrection” from holding elected office “fits Donald Trump to a T.”

Zero Hedge

The intelligence community pushed its established narrative cow out of the barn and it makes the existing analysis on the constructed nature of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation – a position I established and began analyzing and evidencing on 06 Jan 21 – critical for understanding; and it’s something I’ve covered in over 80 articles and videos.

The Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation is the pretext construct that is retrospectively pointed to in argument of the rationale and justification for invoking the 14th Amendment as the legal mechanism to intercede on the 2024 election.

In other words, the intelligence community first set the table with the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation for the purpose of creating the “insurrection” narrative that is required to invoke the 14th Amendment.

Overlay this narrative with the timing of Trump’s existing and forthcoming indictments that are the direct result of constructed lawfare.

Overlay this timeline and the fact set beneath it with the 2024 election timeline.

Further overlays include the reemergence of COVID-19 with yet another “variant” and the creeping and ongoing return to COVID mitigation policies issued and enforced by the governors of each state as the mechanism for election theft.

It’s a crystal clear picture and one I’ve evidenced in granularity.

[The most recent articles featured on the homepage and the series THE HUNT IS ON are good places to read the exhaustive backstory to it all.]

It’s comes down to this, which anyone with a modicum of common sense can discern: ANOTHER ELECTION, ANOTHER PANDEMIC.

Plug in the rest of the details for full comprehension.

Overlay these timelines with the timing of new developments in Ukraine.

There’s much to recall and process to understand what follows.

Recall that investigations are opened to either expose and prosecute or to conceal and cover-up; and my analysis regularly hangs hats on that peg.

Recall my recent analysis of Garland’s DOJ engaging in cover-up operations in Ukraine involving private equity, money laundering, financial crimes and biowarfare committed by the Bidens: 1-INTERNATIONAL COVER-UP: AG Garland Visits The Hague for Opening of ‘International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression against Ukraine,’ Signals Cover-up of Global Ukrainian Money Laundering Operation, 2-INTERNATIONAL COVER-UP: DOJ’s ‘War Crimes Accountability Team’ and ICPA to Veil Biden’s Biowarfare, Money Laundering, Fraud and Worse and 3-Unvarnished Political Projection Makes Remarkable Merrick Garland Speech A Massive Biden Administration Confession.

Recall that Ukraine is directly tied to both the COVID-19 “pandemic” and the Biden Administration by means of Black & Veatch, Labyrinth Global Health, Inc. and Metabiota, which are contractors/subcontractors for the U.S. Department of Defense relative to its biolabs in Ukraine and its contracts with the mRNA injection manufacturers.

Further recall that years ago and long before the “pandemic,” I branded Ukraine the “Keystone of Corruption“; dedicating an entire series to it and evidencing it as the global hub of corruption and money laundering.

That analysis includes intense examination of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried and politically centered money laundering for the ‘Uniparty’ and with Biden as the primary beneficiary.

Also recall the November 2022 analysis into Ukrainian oligarch and billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyi: The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine, the FTX Scandal, PrivatBank, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

Kolomoyskyi propped-up Volodymyr Zelensky when the U.S. installed him as its proxy beginning with the initial coup d’etat executed by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Nuland: the Euromaidan Revolution.

Kolomoyskyi is central to the nationalization of PrivatBank under Zelensky, which was the first Ukrainian bank to deal in cryptocurrency, which is the currency of the FTX money laundering operation.

Inform that fact set with this development relative to our position on investigations [and arrests and prosecutions]; paying particular attention to the timing and scope:


“With an estimated fortune of just under $1.7 billion, Ihor Kolomoisky is among Ukraine’s top five richest citizens. Over the weekend he was arrested by Ukraine authorities on an array of fraud and money laundering charges, at a sensitive moment the government is trying to show the world it can tackle deeply rooted corruption.

A Saturday statement from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said that the billionaire, referred to as the “de facto owner of a large financial and industrial group” – had allegedly tried to launder over 500 million Ukrainian hryvnia ($13.5 million) by “transferring it abroad, while using the infrastructure of banking institutions controlled by him.”

Zero Hedge

Entering “fraud” into the Moonshine search window will get you 354 returns.

“Money laundering” will get you 83.

And now, at a time when the Bidens’ corruption, crime and treason is actively being covered up in Ukraine by national and international bodies of authority, Kolomoyskyi the Ukrainian oligarch central to all things that matter in Ukraine – the KEYSTONE OF CORRUPTION – was just arrested for fraud and money laundering.

This is a clean-up [cover-up] operational arrest and it’s as plain as day.

The big picture is clear: Trump is being removed at the same time as Biden and both are intelligence community operations.

The establishment is in the process of stealing 2024 with clear designs on retreading the “pandemic,” eliminating political opposition and permanently galvanizing stolen authority and power enforced by Marxist communism.

Under the auspices and guise of investigating, prosecuting and fighting fraud, insurrection, war crimes, etc., the establishment [intelligence community] is engaged in cover-up/clean-up operations that are borne out of enterprise fraud, are executed by entities with legal authority and jurisdiction and extend to matters of biowarfare and treason.

This is all old and accurate analysis receiving a bump from the recent developments here and the importance is found in the further substantiation of that analysis.

Stay tuned.



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