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The Elephant Isn’t Standing in the Room, It’s Sitting on Your Face – Why Can’t You See It?

-12 Nov 22-

A recent and worthy article by Jeff Carlson, who maintains his own website [The Markets Work] and writes for The Epoch Times, is an excellent piece but it, like virtually everything else out there, it entirely misses the mark in making a complete and fulsome argument about the most important matter of our lifetimes.

The result is an enormous gap in the factual account of the story and even worse, that gap accounts for the most important aspect of the analysis.

Mr. Carlson’s website has been a forever bookmark of mine and I’ve used his analysis to inform the analysis at Moonshine countless times. Therefore, there is no disrespect directed at Mr. Carlson – far from it. Rather I maintain a healthy and appropriate level of respect and appreciation for him and his intellectual prowess and work.

That said, I am; however, going to fill-in that gap and complete the analysis because hardly anyone does; at least not like Moonshine does.

The title of Carlson’s piece is ‘A Key Date In The Efforts Against An Incoming President‘ and I sourced the article from another forever bookmark, Zero Hedge. There, the story presents as an extraction from the full ET item found here.

The president to which Carslon refers is clearly and obviously President Trump. The article centers on several critically important aspects that both Carlson and Moonshine have covered extensively: “Russian collusion,” the Steel Dossier, FISA abuse, the Flynn set-up, ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ the 05 Jan 17 memorialized meeting, the targeting of the Trump Administration with the full federal apparatus, the Durham investigation, which I’ve written an entire series on insisting that Durham would be fruitless never producing anything of value or importance, and more.

I began issuing the warnings about Durham as the clean-up and cover-up operation drawing back to 01 Jan 20 and I’ve kicked that Durham dead horse over and over and over.

This last Durham article contains links to the preceding six articles. The premise for that position was a simple one – his scope and authority derives directly from the complicit and treasonous two-time former Attorney General William Barr. The homework load to better understand Barr is a substantial one and my article ‘A Beholden and Bad Bill Barr Betrayed the Boss‘ is a capstone piece that makes for a good start.

Carlson’s piece begins with this: “Jan. 12, 2017, has proven to be an incredibly important date in American politics.”

Carlson goes on to say,

It was on this date that Igor Dancehnko’s soon-to-be FBI handler, Kevin Helson, sent an email regarding Danchenko with the heading: “Plan to convert into [confidential human source].” Danchenko, of course, was the primary source for former British spy Christopher Steele’s fictitious dossier on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

It was also on this same day that Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the initiation of a sweeping review into actions taken by the DOJ and FBI in advance of the 2016 election. This probe by Horowitz—either by design or by accident—effectively tied up any outside probes into the FBI’s actions for two years.

Also, on the same date, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was renewed for the first time.

Of particular note is the role of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the events leading up to that day. Without McCain’s silent endorsement and the efforts by Kramer, it’s unlikely the dossier could have been published as a prelude to the events of Jan. 12. Notably, the dossier’s publication coincided with a CNN article declaring that “Intel chiefs presented [candidate Donald] Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”

Just seven days earlier, on Jan. 5, 2017, top intelligence officials, including then-FBI Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and then-Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Rogers had briefed outgoing President Barack Obama on the ICA report. Following the official meeting, Comey stayed behind to brief Obama on the dossier. It was at this meeting that Obama stated that he wanted his team to be “mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia” with the incoming Trump administration.

Jeff Carlson

Moonshine has covered all of this fully, accurately and redundantly, much like Carlson has, and the rest of his piece is left for your independent consumption as the point has been made: The infiltrators and traitors responsible for this patently abject treason threw everything including the kitchen sink at candidate and then President Trump. They unleashed every hound in the kennel.

It’s the date of 12 Jan 17 that is the central node to Carlson’s analysis and immediately; despite it’s excellent and granular focus, the work becomes plagued. This is because the analysis not only falls short of a fulsome account, but it does so in a way to exclude the most fundamental and critical aspect to everything that has been vectored towards and targeted President Trump.

It’s a simple as saying this Carlson’s piece never once mentions the word “pandemic” or the term “COVID-19.”

Failing to include “pandemic” or “COVID-19” in the analysis of 12 Jan 17 is a failure to comprehend or report the full story accurately.

I underpin this further by stating that the constructs targeting President Trump parallel one another at the same time they are functionally reciprocal meaning that they serve one another. Therefore, any discussion of 12 Jan 17 demands inclusion of COVID-19.

One exclusive example of functional reciprocity is something that only Moonshine has positioned and evidenced: that impeachment 1.0 was the deflection point construct or diversion away from the implementation of COVID-19 as a “pandemic” of enterprise fraud.

Look here – fake impeachment. Don’t look here – fake pandemic.

Another important consideration for functionally reciprocal political constructs is that they are rarely ever devised to accomplish a single objective. As a construct of enterprise fraud, COVID-19 is a perfect example to consider.

The list of COVID objectives is now very apparent and includes but isn’t necessarily limited to stealing an election, facilitating overthrow, removing a sitting president, governing extra-constitutionally, installing permanent medical tyranny, implementing global governance, installing Marxist communism, etc.

For a full fact set expanding on COVID’s objectives as a construct, see this.

Conducting a timeline analysis of 12 Jan 17 must require pandemic considerations and here is exactly and precisely why.

What follows is extracted from perhaps the most complete and exclusive timeline analysis and graphically illustrated account of COVID-19; acknowledging that since I compiled it on 29 Sep 21, others have followed with similar pieces.

My recommendation is to view the following and then go to the linked timeline and graphic illustrations for closer examination and whereby links to analysis and primary and secondary sources are available. The graphic illustrations alone permit quick uptake of intricate, complex and complicated information in shorter order.

It’s important to note that the Moonshine timeline does not contain the 12 Jan 17 information that Carlson references because it only came to light recently. It will be added in.

I covered that new development in this 01 Nov 22 article: The Reality of Peak Insanity and Life on the Technocratic Global Plantation: War, Famine and Disease. The following image is extracted from it:

Anchor your examination of the following Moonshine timeline extraction with the date of 12 Jan 17. The examination becomes patently obvious:

Further inform your understanding of the complete analysis by examining these select graphic illustrations from the full array of them as found beneath the Moonshine timeline:

We take note in the timeline of THE CRITICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL aspects of the date 13 Jan 17, which I have branded one of two MOST IMPORTANT DATES IN CONTEMPORARY U.S. HISTORY; the other being inauguration day 2021 and whereby President Trump surrendered the Executive and the federal apparatus to traitors. This is because it was the precise moment that a complicit Department of Homeland Security and its functionary the Presidential Transition Office facilitated the outgoing Obama Administration’s insertion of the pandemic construct into the incoming Trump Administration.

The following images are the actual slides from codified and compulsory presidential transition meetings that took place on 13 Jan 17:

The evidence of COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud is substantial and overwhelming; and I know because as a former private sector fraud investigator, I’ve dedicated going on 3 years of pro bono work arduously, copiously and exclusively evidencing it all.

Analyzing the most important timeline in contemporary U.S. history while focusing on 12 Jan 17 as the central node and omitting the COVID-19 “pandemic” of enterprise fraud equates to ignoring the apparently invisible elephant is not just in the room, but sitting on your face.

Mr. Carlson is a brilliant analyst and author of the highest caliber who commands my highest level of respect for the work he has produced. I only wish that he and the few others like him would give credence to and include in their work the full truth; not just important aspects of it.

A dearth of accurate information in the face of rampant disinformation, misinformation and malinformation has divided our population and rendered our nation to a Third World banana republic transitioning to Marxist communism. There is no way around that.

Until that malady is remedied and the American people comprehend it to rise-up and effectively take a stand, it’s all over and you can write that down and pin it on your fridge.

The nation dies with the killing of the truth. The truth must include the full story. The most important component of the full story is the COVID-19 “pandemic” construct of enterprise fraud. Once the full story is fully told and fully comprehended by a threshold segment of the population, we’ll have a chance; and not until then.

Often times the truth hurts and it hurts badly. That is the case now and for the forseeable future, unless things change drastically and immediately.

Write it down. Pin it to your fridge.



  1. JP Maxwell November 12, 2022

    I’m not the only one that see’s it, right? What is the motive behind the impetus to destroy Trump? The elephant in the room is the CIA. How do you divide a nation and lift up it’s government to contempt? Trump is a necessary evil. And contrary to other opinions, he is NOT the good guy. What is REALLY going on here? TWA flight 800 was blown out of the sky by the U.S. Navy by “mistake” then covered up to eliminate two people. Ron Brown’s plane was “flown” into a mountain. Why? Think.

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