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A Lucky America with A Second Chance Gets A Timely Reminder and Example on How To Act American

30 Jul 22

A lucky America with a second chance has just received a timely reminder and example on how to act American when it matters most. This second chance is miraculous in its own right even though it derives from Americans’ failing miserably at being Americans writ large with their first chance, which was COVID-19, and which was actually a construct of enterprise fraud as I’ve dedicated so much time to evidencing and proving.

This second chance is represented by Proxy Joe Biden’s recent promise of a second pandemic as previously reported. For now, it appears that monkeypox is the construct’s plug-n-play virus and it’s right on time for the 2022 midterms; just as projected. I wrote about this second chance and these details recently: Hey America, You’re Actually Getting a Second Chance, Don’t Screw It up This Time.

The timely reminder and example of how to act like an American that I cite and feature below speaks directly to our second chance as I put it in the article,

Let’s get straight to brass tacks, shall we? You’re getting a second chance with the fake pandemic, America. Don’t screw it up this time.

So what needs to happen? Easy:

1-No compliance with any of it – NOTHING. Masks, injections, quarantine, distancing, etc. – don’t participate in any of it. Be a bull in a china shop [pun intended] at all times. Be a thoughtful and kind bull but a bull nonetheless.

2-Kindly challenge those who do comply. Encourage these folks to live freely without worry and teach them why they should. Find clever ways to engage with strangers.

3-Spread the truth. Accumulate your reliable sources of good research, analysis, evidence and reporting and spread it like wildfire.

4-Fight a virus like a virus.

5-Never bend a knee to any of it.

Realize that to varying degrees and sparing mostly no one, this will result in short-term inconvenience, pain, difficulty and loss. It shall be rewarded on the other side with dignity, liberty, freedom and independence.

I’m a 70s kid; almost a 60s kid, and I remember the Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” campaign like it was yesterday. That’s all we have to do, America. We just have to say no.

Say no to medical tyranny. Say no to the transition to Marxist communism. Say no to the foregoing of traditional America and her national sovereignty to global governance. Say no to the sown division that is ripping us apart and seek to unite in truth and purpose. Say no to tyrants. Say no to all of it.

Political Moonshine

As you can see, it’s a simple concept directly evidenced by this timely example below. As you examine it, note that although it’s a small victory, it’s an important one in an unlikely area. Also note that the power comes not from fractured, individual entities, but in unity and where a common mission and purpose effectively rests in between.

With the U.S. Constitution as the spine to all it, the lesson Americans must learn entails remembering how to once again act American and at a time it is most needed. Now is the time for the silent majority to no longer be silent.

The reminder lesson and example comes in the form of a fully explanatory headline and where the article is left for your independent consumption: LA Abandons Plan To Reimpose Mask Mandate As Multiple Cities Refused Enforcement. [Zero Hedge]

“Multiple Cities Refused.” That’s unity with common mission and purpose underpinning it.

It becomes easier to assume risk to engage in the fight back when standing in a crowd; especially a large one, united in mission and purpose and where all of American history, culture, founding documents and principles rest squarely on that side. Americans must remember that, too.

It takes special people to be Americans; tenacious and gritty ones with resolve. It takes those types to share the difficult and challenging onus of these civic responsibilities; especially during these unprecedented and historically problematic and dark times. It’s why a controlled immigration system is so important for the nation to thrive as opposed to open-borders that result in transforming America into a Third World banana republic in a number of ways we talk about regularly; with Cloward-Piven being a primary one.

It’s why nothing rivals the magnitude and incomprehensible power of a majority of the American people united in mission and purpose; with revolutionary blood coursing through their veins, and shouldering the burden of assumed risk with all who surround them.

The silent majority can no longer afford to be silent.

America has a rare opportunity at a second chance in ways that matter now more than ever and whereby the future of the Republic will be determined by it.

The chance manifests as basic enough for everyone with modicum of American resolve to accomplish it and effectively so.

America has now received an example of exactly what it can accomplish if WE THE PEOPLE would leverage truth to put aside psychological operations devised to attack and divide us for the purpose of unifying in mission and purpose; and then just say no.

In that moment, they become powerless because the source of all power is just as the Framers intended it to be: WE THE PEOPLE.

Those whom we may perceive to hold power and authority over us do so only by our own accord and where we engage in informed consent to transfer that power and authority to those elected to represent us.

They broke the accord long ago and we did nothing about it. So they boiled the frogs alive until it was almost too late as we continued to do nothing about it. And here we are on the precipice of a world war but there’s a still a sliver of daylight left.

It begins by acknowledging the truth.

It’s all stolen and broken. Literally all of it. Corrupt, criminal, infiltrated, stolen, broken, treasonous and so on. Most importantly, it’s time to acknowledge that hostile foreign nations are guiding treasonous and compromised domestic actors designated to represent us and they are bending all of our own institutions, departments and agencies back against WE THE PEOPLE. And they’re doing it to transition us to the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism and global governance; and where a boot will be permanently affixed to the back of each one of our necks.

It’s time to heed the example. It’s time for the silent majority to roar in unity. It’s time to begin acting like Americans. It’s time to take back our power and our country.



  1. JP Maxwell July 31, 2022

    I’m going to respectfully say it is way too late to change course. What’s done is done and what is coming will not be stopped. However, hope is essential, even in the darkest times. So, like you, I hope that the bystanders who’ve stood by for decades while the rest of us fought and warned will find some intestinal fortitude and draw their lines in the sand. While the America we knew as children will never return, a new America can be rebuilt on the ashes of the old. But first, we must experience the disintegration of everything that once was – only then will people realize what they’ve lost by their willing capitulation.

  2. […] workplaces are gearing up to force the slave masks on Americans again. They want us to submit. Political Moonshine says we have a sliver of a chance of defeating them. IF. WE. REFUSE. TO. […]

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