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Local Matters More Now Than Ever

21 Jul 22

The United States of America still has time to deviate from the continuum that has it in the early throes of China’s brand of Marxist communism and revert back to being a constitutional republic rooted in the democratic form of government. But it does not have much time. The American people will be the determining factor for if, when and where any remedy to tyranny is found because a unified American people is the only remaining remedy. It was our conversation once again yesterday as framed by the question “What are we doing, America?”

The Republic is underpinned by the institution of federalism, which is codified by the 10th Amendment providing that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” As I’ve outlined time and time again, federalism was bent back against the American people as the enforcement mechanism for COVID-19 [enterprise fraud] mitigation policies issued by governors. Illustrations of this can be found in the bottom portion of the timeline.

Strict interpretation of the Constitution and in alignment with the fundamental principles of the Founding Fathers, the governance of America is supposed to be a federation of states that rule themselves at the will of the people except for a short list of federal domains. It is not supposed to be some behemoth, over-bloated, metastasized federal apparatus serving as a tyrannical overlord for all things and all people, but that’s what it is and that’s what we are.

So then, how did we get here?

In short and beginning around the post-World War II era for modern times, a generational timeline of infiltration was applied to the United States. The two primary vectors were imported Nazis into the federal apparatus and intelligence community via Operation Paperclip and other avenues and China.

As covered yesterday, those forces have now coalesced to further expedite Agenda 2030, which is the blueprint for the construction and habitation of the technocratic global plantation; and so that puts us in the initial stages of them attempting to cinch the noose on humanity. Adhering to my longstanding position that the U.S. cannot be invaded and defeated outside-in due to the now diminished capabilities of its military and to the Second Amendment, infiltration to invade the U.S. inside-out was the only option and that is what has been done. Over 300 articles and videos evidence it.

The infiltration at the federal level that has manifested to penetrate some states at the levels of state, county and local governance. It’s the threshold number of states falling into this camp v. the number still holding on to our heritage that becomes so important. It’s why local matters now more than ever.

Some common sense underpins our arguments about the importance of local and it’s derived from analogs coming out of decades in public education: 1-monitoring a group of hundreds in a single space with only 2-3 adults is difficult and 2-using one instructor to educate a single class of hundreds of students is a terrible model.

It makes more sense to: 1-break the group of hundreds into smaller groups and assign one adult to each small and manageable group and 2-assign small groups of students to their own instructor and class. Common sense, right? It’s hard to come by these days.

It’s the same with federalism and each citizen’s responsibility and onus for civic duty. An image helps us understand:

Providing that the trunk, branches and foliage of the tree is the federal apparatus, the entire root system comes to represent the assembly of the states, counties, locales and citizens. Just as the above-ground portion of the tree depends on the below-ground portion of it, the federal apparatus is entirely dependent upon the underground portion of the constitutional system – the root system – ergo the people.

It is from the people that all power is derived and it is the who give authority for all power. The people interface locally. Local matters now more than ever.

It is the activity below ground – grassroots, folks! – that sets the course for what happens in a constitutionally restrained scope above ground. Attention, caution, due diligence and care become imperative; essential. Failing to water the entire root system will kill the tree just as poisoning it with something hostile and foreign will do the same.

Understand that the above-ground, federal system has been dead for quite some time. Trees and governments are much the same in that once they encroach on death, rehabilitation and return to health are implausible and unlikely outcomes.

Much like trees, when governments die, the first order of business is identifying the culprit and excising it so that it doesn’t kill the replacement. This entails the American people accepting the truth as we discussed yesterday. We already have the culprits identified writ large and the evidence for it is irrefutable. Unfortunately, the difficult part for many is found in that no matter they be Republican, Democrat or something different, Americans “voted” for these culprits or better yet, accepted them as they were installed.

For many, it’s time to starve the ego by discontinuing feeding the lie and begin feeding the intellect by accepting the evidenced truth. Truth is the predicate for action; especially bold or dangerous action.

The full slate of evidence indicates that it may be time to replant the tree just as the framers provided in the Declaration of Independence,

That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.

A full house-cleaning is in order. Whether the house is to be remade remains to be seen.

For my nickel and to start; and after multitudes of fat-trimming to lean-up the federal apparatus and dispense of unneeded positions, agencies and departments, any new tree should revert to strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, impose term-limits on all lawmakers, subject all lawmakers to all laws and legislation they pass with no exceptions or alternatives, and require all lawmakers to live and be available in their districts nine months out of the year reserving one month for hiatus and two months for general assembly in Washington, D.C. Their legislation can only occur in constitutionally restrained form.

That’s a starting point that continues in a longer list for another article.

Hypothetically, this process could begin tomorrow if the U.S. featured the application of the rule of law and prosecutors willing to exercise it with absolute fidelity. Mountains of reliable evidence lie in wait for prosecutions to begin. George Soros made sure this would never happen, though, by installing radical Leftist prosecutors all over the country. The results of it are all around us as crime runs rampant everywhere and two-tiered justice is served along the line of MAGA Trump folks and everybody else.

It seems membership has its privilege while no membership stands to cost you everything. If you’re old enough, you know that the current “America” is far from the real America with which we grew-up.

Here are some questions about the status quo to galvanize the importance of local. Each is asked in the sense of Americans acting differently; or America being different, than before, during and after certain events:

  1. What if at the very beginning of COVID, the majority of the population applied common sense on top of vetting COVID data and information to reach the same undeniable conclusion that Moonshine did using open sources; and therefore refused to participate in any of the mitigations and restrictions?
  2. What if Americans were appropriately civically active such that they prevented electronic voting machines from ever being used?
  3. What if American civic duty were so tenacious that states could fully retain and execute their rights to self-governance and provide avenues for robust election security fortified by simple election methods and open-access real-time monitoring throughout all stages?
  4. What if there were a way that every American could easily and confidentially track their individual vote from the time it became available through to the election; and where the full data sets are publicly available in real time, for the same duration and as reconciled against the state’s official census population and registered voter database?
  5. What if there were sound bi-partisan agreements and practices empowering transparently operating groups to fully validate this publicly available data set in real time; at all times?
  6. What if Americans identified for when their local communities began to change at the hands of outsiders moving in and immediately pushed back in an effective preservation effort?
  7. What if Americans had removed all aspects of private interest and lobbying from the political process?
  8. What if American civic duty were so strong that reliable candidates emblematic of the Founding Fathers were produced and bound to serve in Congress with courage and fidelity; and they exercised their oversight, enforcement and other rights and duties with the same honesty and tenacity?
  9. What if there were a streamlined, efficient and immediate recall system to address any candidates in the moment they begin to stray?
  10. What if there were an actual guarantee that at any moment an American’s constitutionally protected right[s] were encroached on or violated; from the complex to the simple, that according to black letter law, immediate due process would begin permitting the American to continue exercising that right until due process was fully expired and adjudication complete?
  11. What if Americans, rather than falling victim to psychological warfare and engaging individually and collectively in manufactured events designed to sow division and foment unrest, instead came together impartially to discover facts and make decisions on how to move forward and hold people accountable?
  12. After doing so, what would happen if such bipartisan groups of Americans took such matters and bi-partisan decisions for a desired outcome directly to reliable representatives living locally and serving there with fidelity?
  13. What happens when the citizens of districts like the example just described begin to talk with one another either deliberately and with a purpose or casually at events, parties, barbecues, away games, regular life events that remove one from home, etc. and it overlays an already formidable sense of active civic duty?
  14. What happens when the root-system functions harmoniously and symbiotically with its environment – the people – to dictate every living aspect of what the above-ground system does with the above-ground system knowing exactly this?
  15. What does America look like today had all of the preceding been affirmatively in place before 2020 or maybe even decades earlier?

America would look like an entirely different country.

It would be one more closely aligned with the administration of President Trump. It would be one that more closely resembles the America I was taught, that I taught and in which I lived long ago. It would be a far better America; one that truly shines as a beacon to mankind, and it would be fully emblematic of what the Founding Fathers intended for us.

In other words, there wold be no fake pandemic. No fake and stolen election. No compromised politburo. No two-tier institutions. No fake and illegitimate president that no one likes or wants. No very real slip into the throes of the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism. No any of the sort.

There would be nothing that would come before America. She would reign supreme as the first priority because at her roots are the American people. There would be nothing interceding on individual liberties and rights. Peace would return. Tranquility, love, and unity would prevail. An appreciation for all Americans no matter race, religion or creed would result.

There would be a way for people to legitimately and proudly join us from abroad and for us to help them assimilate. There would be reasonable costs of living and plentiful and meaningful employment with good wages and decent housing for every capable person and safety nets for the incapable. There would be a proud American norm of living and letting live.

That’s what the Founders gave us. It’s what we’ve given away over time. It’s what we need to take back. It needs to begin now. It all begins locally. That’s why local matters now more than ever.

Please take a look at the feature image selected for this article. We just did this weeks ago. The next time we do it, we need to feel good about it and for all of the right reasons.

It’s amazing what can be learned from a tree, is it not? Since governments are of people but not necessarily and distinctly of ‘the people,’ it is imperative to understand that trees and people are identical in the sense that both are systems designed to function harmoniously and symbiotically as intended by God.

And when there is a culprit interfering with the harmony and killing the tree, the remedy must be immediate, forceful and complete.

And when the tree is dead, it must be replanted.

And to replant the tree all individuals must reconcile the truth.

And that is where the problem lies for a critical threshold segment of the American people as we discussed yesterday.

It makes dissemination of the truth from reliable sources America’s top priority. That begins with each individual, in each home and moves outward and onward.

Local matters more now than ever.


For further reading, here’s the 58th and latest article in a series covering the geopolitical landscape with particular focus on the multiple-front war scenario [Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea], COVD-19/medical tyranny, the supply chain, the food crisis, the Second Amendment and more [all previous articles in the series are linked at the bottom of the article]: What Are We Doing, America?


  1. jpmaxwell July 22, 2022

    Perhaps you’re a tad too optimistic on this one. You’ve been in the ‘know’ awhile now, me – about 30 years. We are witnessing the final nails being hammered into place. There are a lot of us who fight desperately to preserve what is left and wake up those still smoking the hopium – but much to no avail.

    The time to reverse things was in the 1950’s – it didn’t happen. By the 70’s it was nearing completion. I don’t relish being a dark cloud – but truth be told, it’s over. It’s time to prepare for the worst, engage constantly in civil disobedience, and fight kinetically when the time comes, all else is lipstick on a pig, frankly.

    The blueprint has been followed to a tee – and with a few artistic licenses the most accurate portrayal of our fate was the 1980’s ABC Mini-series, “Amerika”, with Kris Kristofferson, Robert Urich, Sam Neil, Mariel Hemmingway, et. al.

    Trump is controlled opposition, plain and simple. He is a turncoat. There is no salvation coming. And sadly, the American People are deluded and overcome already in the majority of cases. The ‘dog and pony’ show in D.C. is – as you say – kabuki theater for the masses.

    I hate to be so blunt – but it’s time to lock and load – that’s all that is left.

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