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Team Leader Dr. Henry Ealy Discusses the Federal Grand Jury Petition in the Ninth Circuit

22 Mar 22

A little over three weeks ago, our team in conjunction with Stand For Health Freedom and others held an event in Portland, OR that I attended and which coincided with a press conference. That press conference announced the filing of our team’s federal grand jury petition in the Ninth Circuit asserting that COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud. I covered this event and the filing in my article The Real Fight Begins!

Here is Dr. Ealy discussing the federal grand jury petition filing on Unbreaking Science [click the link to view on Rumble.]



  1. […] In January of 2020, I leveraged a particular skill set acquired as a former fraud investigator to make the determination that the “COVID-19 pandemic” is actually an evidenced construct of enterprise fraud. It started by assembling the evidence on this website to begin doing everything in my power to take this message to the American people so they could learn what is being done to them, which is distinctly different than what is happening to them. By February 2022 and after kind introductions to Oregon State Senators Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher and then Dr. Henry Ealy, aspects of that work was attached as an evidentiary exhibit to the filing of our team’s federal grand jury petition in the Ninth Circuit naming the current and former directors of the CDC and others as defendants [1]. […]

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