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Oh, Omnipotent Overlord Master of All, Keep Me Safe from My Own Mind

Progressive liberals and functional idiots from a myriad of political persuasions love and remain loyal to Twitter because it censors and insulates them from anything that presents a challenge to their own conventions and convictions or questions the basis of the unmitigated virtue they spew all over us with absurd regularity. It’s the same reason they watch and repeat Rachel Maddow and legacy media. It results in them making demands on the rest of us that has this nation upside-down, inside-out and on the brink of collapse in ways I never thought imaginable in my lifetime. Cloward-Piven bears down.

Or, perhaps the progressive liberal and functional idiot dares to wade into the waters of introspection. Understand that they do so behind a facade of boldness found in the comfort in knowing that if the messaging gets too far off-reservation, an intellectual superhero will certainly come to their rescue with a life preserver taking the form of a blue check mark or a fact checker or a warning or a place to go for better information or other. Literally, anything but the truth. “Pheeeew, that was a close one,” they likely say.

It’s as if the presentation of anything antithetical to their knowledge base functions to elicit a cry into the darkness of night, “Oh, omnipotent overlord master of all, keep me safe from my own mind.”

Having done it a few of times in my life and in various contexts, ripping-out ones internals; ones conventions and principles, for the purpose of overhauling them into something different that is based on and informed by the presentation of new information is extremely difficult. 9/11 applies as one.

It’s not more difficult than admitting that you were wrong for so many years and that you allowed yourself to be fooled, led astray, deceived and programmed to herd up out of indoctrinated fear like sheep to the herder in response to the wolf. That’s way harder and contemporary Americans don’t know struggle and they don’t like things that make them uncomfortable; much less things that require the assumption of personal risk and the fight that follows or that are difficult to accept and challenge everything they think they know and believe.

We can make that assertion based on the simple fact that upon repeatedly offering good evidence information to these people, they continue to ignore it out of programmed ignorance and a seemingly unfounded internal sense of defiance that is not fueled by evidence of fact, but something different. Like a deep rooted vulnerability inside the human psyche that can be exploited by social programming and psychological warfare.

Rather it’s easier for the ego to keep functioning in the mode of self-preservation to continue fooling the conscious mind into believing that it is a much easier course than admitting wrong and fighting like hell to fix it. “Let’s just keep believing they lie,” the unconscious mind says and so they do – the unconscious mind, the conscious mind and the person. At a level, though, and in most cases, the person senses that there is discord; that there is a lack of needed coherence in thought in it all.

“I’ll fix that!”, says the ego.

The cry for protection to the omnipotent overlord master itself is evidence of the psychological warfare, indoctrination and social programming efforts that have been applied to the American people for decades.

It reminds us that we should never underestimate the absolute destructive and dangerous capacity of the collective feeble-minded; especially the programmed one.

“Trust the science,” they say. That’s the same “science” they hijacked with federal funding and then paid to lie to you, me, progressives and functional idiots. The simple line of us realizing this and them not accounts for the efficacy of the stated psychological warfare and existence of the status-quo upon which we find ourselves.

It’s one where actual science, common sense and basic logical deduction that easily reveal obvious truths has been replaced by ever-moving goalposts, word salad narratives, duplicity and propaganda. It’s generated and delivered by means of enterprise fraud.

What’s more disappointing for those of us who have been viewing events through the lenses of well-founded reality and truth, is how these people allow themselves to so easily manipulated and how they cannot see what is so plainly right in front of them.

These following examples speak to all of this and they really don’t require much more interpretation aside from what’s offered.

It’s as simple as saying you don’t build a bomb you don’t know how to diffuse.

The likelihood of the COVID-19 pandemic not being a construct of enterprise fraud is precisely 0%. In fact, I may even be wrong about that figure, rather it may be less than zero.

And so it is that the sheep prefer and enjoy their continued herding not realizing that the wolf dons the shepherd’s clothes.

For clarity and from the Zero Hedge piece,

One Twitter user, however, noted that an “expression of concern” was filed over the AHA study, noting that there are “several typographical errors” and “no data in the abstract regarding myocardial T-cell infiltration” or “statistical analyses for significance provided.”

That said, Twitter’s warning says that the link was identified as being “potentially spammy or unsafe,” and could contain:

-malicious links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices

-spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience

-violent or misleading content that could lead to real-world harm

-certain categories of content that, if posted directly on Twitter, are a violation of the Twitter Rules

It’s unclear as to which of these warrants the label. 

Nonetheless, it’s the “reflexive” censorship as the article cites.

Upside-down and inside-out best describes the scenario of a social media platform superseding the American Heart Association on matters of clinical research about the heart and its findings. This propagandized, destructive and programmed group-think has the nation on the brink of collapse.

“Thank you omnipotent overlord master of all. Thank you for protecting me from my own mind that once questioned my decision to get an injection qualifying as human genetic experimentation with unknown and significant detrimental side-effects. Thank you for preserving my ego in lieu of the truth, my health and my longevity. Thank you, omnipotent overlord master of all, thank you,” they’ll say.

Everyone will have their day of reconciliation with the omnipotent overlord master of all. For these progressive liberals and functional idiots, it’s only a matter of time.

For us and as it relates to them, it’s realizing that we don’t have that time and therefore that becomes our reconciliation point for the time being – how to move the line and reach critical mass.

The best thing the American people have working for them is knowing that Joe Biden represents the tip of the spear of the omnipotent overlord master of all. If the American people who know better aren’t capable of wrecking Proxy Joe’s classroom while he sits in as the sub, then they don’t deserve to be a free and independent people.

If the rest of us don’t reconcile that to guarantee freedom and independence, then we don’t reserve the right to blame it on the progressive liberals and functional idiots. Informed inaction is far from a viable excuse.

Joe Biden is your sub today! If you don’t know what that means, I suggest clicking the critical mass link above.




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