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Why Kids Are Smarter Than Adults – Joe Biden Is Your Sub Today!

29 Nov 21

We just got the anticipated sales pitch for the constructed perpetuity that is built into the enterprise fraud construct that most Americans naively call the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s lifetime boosters and it’s delivered directly from a conspirator within the Criminal Enterprise [RICO] – Pfizer. This occurs just as we predicted and have evidenced; the latter applying to the entire pandemic; all of the way back to its beginning. If you think that was sometime later than 20-plus years ago, there’s catching up to do – click that link.

Here’s the snake oil sales pitch from TGP.

Americans have been subjected to psychological warfare and propaganda techniques for decades. They have been literally programmed to fear for their “safety” as if there is a “boogeyman” around every corner.

The boogeymen are real, though, otherwise the programming goes to waste. Anything tied to “terrorism,” “pandemics,” “mass shootings,” “systemic racism” and a whole bunch more bullshit [you know the list] is just that. Kabui theater. Fodder for the feeble minded.

“Keeping you safe” and your “safety” are responsible for much death and destruction and the evisceration of rights. They exist to justify the boogeyman. Period. How is it that Americans haven’t figured that out yet?

These injected people have been defrauded out of their personal liberty and individual rights, held prisoner in their own homes [along with the rest of us] and then were forced to bargain to regain a fraction of those rights by agreeing to participate in human genetic experimentation.

These people will require lifetime annual boosters and likely injections for each newly emerged variant. There are no fewer than 40,000 SARS-CoV-2 variants on file. These folks are likely immune-compromised forever and this will become compounded exponentially when factoring in how “variants” are used.

They’re using “variants” to change the narrative or support positions. It occurs when they circumvent the seasonal die-off of harvested comorbidities [primarily flu/pneumo] to bridge peak flu/pneumo season [primary data reservoir] of one year to peak flu of the next. This dynamic creates the perpetual cycle for the fraud construct. It will literally never end. I warned of that almost two years ago. Now look around you.

As it’s now occurring, the variant is being leveraged to capitalize on the annual beginning of the CDC’s peak flu every 01 Dec. It will be used to usher-in the next round of global lock-downs and vaccine mandates or other designed measures towards designed ends; none of them good for us.

Think of it as tapping into the flu/pneumo data reservoir that you know is always available at this time of year and attaching a cover story to it – “Omicron.” These people play inside of a box and it makes them entirely predictable.

Applying the example above, understand that “Delta” circumvented the last seasonal die-off to bridge us from peak flu 2020 to “Omicron” just as predicted.

The more I think about it, perhaps the emerging vaccine passport systems that we are now beginning to see should be designed to lock-out the vaccinated from the healthy rather than us from them. Sarcasm applies. Anything short of a free and open society is grounds for war.

More importantly, they can roll out as many unconstitutional and restrictive systems as they want because there is a simple remedy.

In common vernacular it’s called, “They can all go to hell and we can all just not participate.”

For some anecdotal evidence, I’ll offer this and it’s why kids are smarter than adults.

Let’s start with this question.

Have you ever been in a classroom with a grossly incompetent substitute teacher [or, if it’s a public school, a faculty teacher]? One where no student was listening to the teacher and the kids were doing whatever they wanted as the teacher defaulted to learned helplessness while the inmates ran the asylum? Oh, it can be quite a scene and I’ve seen it all.

I’ve been in plenty of those classrooms and normally to fix them.

Have you figured it out yet? What I’m suggesting?

This is EXACTLY what America should look like right now and forever and until constitutional governance, real elections and permanent law preventing another “pandemic” are all firmly in place. It should be that way until the rule of law has returned and we have a rightful government in all three branches.

Please allow me to expand on this just so everyone has a very clear understanding of what humans can and will do in the right circumstances. It’s this and hear me loudly and clearly, please.

In that moment, when they don’t know you’re coming and the classroom door opens to reveal the circus unfolding, understand this very simple universal truth that will never change. THOSE KIDS DON’T HAVE ONE OUNCE OF CARE OR CONCERN ABOUT THEIR DIFFERENCES but rather they decide to enjoy each other in a shared moment.

This is why kids are smarter than adults. When they are left alone they put their differences aside and return to being humans; and simply because they don’t know any better. That and public education hasn’t finished them off yet in its obedience and compliance indoctrination system.

Adults on the other hand seem to have forgotten this intuitive inclination instead deciding to do whatever it is they do.

Well, America. I have bad news, good news and great news for you.

The bad news is comprised of my two favorite dead horses to kick: 1-COVID is never going away and 2-these people will never stop until they are made to stop.

The good news is you can get your country back starting right now by following our classroom example above.

Now for your great news, America.

Joe Biden is your sub today!



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