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Undo COVID-19 by Pressing the Predication ‘Easy Button’

An unfortunate and persistent feature of contemporary society and one that is particularly prominent in younger generations of Americans, is the short attention span. It’s a precariously dangerous dynamic wherein the next “shiny object” is always only moments away, always already queued up by the string pullers enshrouded in darkness and operating in the backdrop, and always with the capacity to move the masses in particular and desired directions. It matters not if you brand it the ‘herding of the sheep’, the ‘social programming’ of the proletariat or any other appropriate and applicable label. Rather, what matters is that it is tested, tried and true; unless of course, you’re keen on sipping the Moonshine.

An unfortunate and persistent outcome of the short attention span dynamic is the production and maintenance of what I call the feeble American mind, which often gets penned descriptively as ‘feeble minded Amerikans.’ Therein, ones own sense of learned helplessness can bear down with full might to drive a perpetual cycle of institutional preservation that keeps the sheep in their flock and the shepherds posted-up and minding them: Kennedy assassination, Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, 9/11, Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment 1.0, COVID-19, a stolen 2020 election, the Capitol “insurrection”, impeachment 2.0, the installation of a Chinese proxy in Joe Biden, and the balance of this open-ended string of events. That is, unless, the forces of good eventually prevail in devastating form and soon.

Nothing is as frustrating as the one who is as intelligent as he is ignorant; ignorant of the correct details, that is. Those people occur voluminously, trend virtuously and without question, they and their blind faith in “authority” are leading their own kind and others to enslavement at best and slaughter at worst. They do it out of things like ‘systemic racism’, ‘climate change’, ‘orange man bad’ and a bunch of other literally fabricated and sown narrative constructs devised to perpetuate their own helplessness; and they are oblivious to it.

Are these positions too extreme to accurately characterize contemporary Americans and the status quo? Care to play devil’s advocate?

Consider that on 26 Aug 20, the CDC issued a press release revising away 94% of the bulk data used to justify and rationalize all of the federal guidelines and mitigations that devastated the nation, its people, its society and its economy. In layman’s terms, the CDC had retracted a months-long lie making it disappear with one swipe of the pen. Therein, 94% of the data they used was rendered fabricated and invalid. It was and continues to be demonstrable fraud. I couldn’t believe they actually released this data point but what I failed to consider is the power of the feeble Amerikan mind.

This was like catching fish in a barrel, I thought. The pandemic is over, I thought. The toothpaste is going back into the tube, I thought. I even wrote this article about it.

But what did Americans do after receiving this fortuitous news on 26 Aug 20 that was hardly reported? Not a God damned thing. Nope, rather they continued to act afraid. They continued consuming the wrong news and information. They continued wearing their masks and forcing them on their children. They continued following all of the pretend, made-up and flip-flopping rules until they were out of school, out of work and their businesses shuttered forever; like the sheep I’ve painted them to be.

What did Americans do on 12 May 21 and were they even aware of more troubling statistical developments from the CDC? Do Americans even know what even happened on that day?

On 12 May 21 and almost a year after the first gross revision, the CDC exacerbated the situation by issuing further notice that of all the bulk data it used to justify and rationalize mitigations and guidelines, only 5% now remained valid while 95% of the data were invalid and leveraged an average of 4.0 underlying co-morbidities.

In other words, the COVID-19 pandemic is only 5% valid and 95% invalid. I’ve covered about every granular aspect of how this occurred since roughly 27 Dec 19 – the first public report of the outbreak. Do you know what happens when you apply these percentages to the metrics the CDC was publishing?

It situates the entire COVID-19 pandemic squarely in the middle of regular seasonal flu as I’ve demonstrated over and over and over and over. Here’s a visual sample and following it we’ll pick back up.

I even wrote another article on it that very day.

What did Americans do after not one notice of demonstrable fraud, but two notices, and with a year in between to think about it and perhaps even challenge their own conventions to formulate a plan to redress it?

What did they do? Not a God damned thing.

Don’t lose hope, though, because we don’t effectively need all Americans on board the truth train – just enough of them to cross a threshold. Fortunately for us and in light of a mountain of evidence supporting our positions, we appear to be nearing that threshold if we’re not already there. This sums up the notion perfectly and hilariously and it gives us hope.

So then, what is the path forward? How do we redress the status quo and return an historically elected president to his rightful second term; and how do we do that before the Biden fraud train gets too far from the station to be returned? Is there an “easy button”?

It all starts with a walk backwards in time and a review of our timeline for the finer details. Therein, I’ll provide us with the “easy button” to push to end a pandemic that leverages a real bio-weaponized virus in the propagation of abundantly and demonstrably fraudulent data harvested and curated from underlying co-morbidities.

The “easy button” is something we call predication and it can be properly situated and properly removed. In the case of COVID-19, the predication was situated with patently fraudulent data and sown narrative and it can be removed by establishing verifiable fact sets that undermine these aspects. Establishing those fact sets is our mission today and we use timeline overlays to do it.

Timeline overlays make for formidable weapons devised at fleshing-out the truth. I began compiling a rudimentary and incomplete timeline years ago and it continues to serve us well. We’ll use it to understand the magnitude of a vital date in March 2020 and it’s something that no one ever talks about except for Moonshiners.

Importantly, understand that we are omitting most of the finer details here to make this conversation expedient and therefore, any missing gaps can be filled in by visiting the website and hunting them down. We move forward with meat and potatoes only.

As I previously reported, in late 2014, Lisa Monaco, who was then at Department of Homeland Security, co-issued a national security stand down at all U.S. bio-containment facilities that served as the false flag impetus to ensnare all U.S. gain of function work (bioweaponization) for the express purpose of off-shoring it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. This occurred against the backdrop of internal U.S. whistleblowers shining a light on the controversial and prohibited work. The off-shoring of the work is also reflected below relative to U.S. funding of it, which followed as per then President Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci. Our recent work details the role of Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance relative to that funding. We’ll begin our timeline review there.

Consider how all of this unfolds sequentially and like I said, see how timeline overlays are formidable weapons; especially as it relates to those with short attention spans.

Why did Obama make changes to longstanding presidential transition law with roots drawing back to the Kennedy assassination in 1963? Why did Obama change these compulsory laws to augment them to guarantee the inclusion of pandemic preparedness? Why did Obama make that change unilaterally with an executive order (Public Law 113-146)?

Why did Obama increase funding to the WHO, which is funded and controlled by China, Bill Gates and others and why did he do this at the same time he decreased funding at our own CDC? Why did Obama cut CDC funding at the same time he wittingly left our cupboards bare of masks and ventilators? Was Obama clandestinely working to promote a planned pandemic or working to prevent an unseen one? Rhetorical questions.

Why would Biden establish needed pretext by rearing his head in peculiar pre-COVID-19 fashion to publicly go on record claiming that the U.S. was ill-prepared for a pandemic crisis? Why would Obama circle back to it post-presidency to chastise President Trump over it? Didn’t Obama and Biden just finish eight years in office whereby they could have diligently ensured that America was supremely prepared for any sort of prognosticated pandemic event and therefore be positioned to hand that off to the next incoming president? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work and in the best interest of the American people?

If pandemic preparedness was so critical to national security, why did Obama and Biden leave America so woefully and inadequately prepared as they exited office? Isn’t that hypocritical and antithetical to common sense? Don’t Obama and Biden bear the culpability for any level of U.S. unpreparedness circa 2017 and forward? After all, they had 8 years and Trump was just warming up his seat. All rhetorical questions and all of it serving a known fraudulent construct.

Why did Anthony Fauci issue one of several pre-COVID-19 pandemic preparedness warnings just two days before the compulsory 13 Jan 17 transition meetings as augmented by Obama’s unilateral decree to include a pandemic preparedness exercise? Why did Obama’s White House coordinate the MSM release of the patently fraudulent Flynn/Russia narrative to preempt the meetings and deflect away from the newly minted pandemic concerns and why did this all overlap the need to renew expiring FISA warrants on Carter Page, which were extended despite being known to be improperly (illegally) predicated (there’s our word again but in a different context)?

Why was all of this going on at the same time and at the precise moment President Trump was executing Phase I of the bilateral trade deal with China – the hostile foreign nation that started an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared third world war with its release of a bio-WMD? No one talks about this timeline but we Moonshiners. Everything you value and hold dear can now be drawn back to these exact moments.

Continuing with 2017.

Leaving off at 31 Jan 17, let’s insert a few items for your consideration before picking back up with 2019 below. Consider these.

How could the U.S. and other (allied?) nations be purchasing “COVID” specific supplies and materials as early as 2017 (the most important timeline in contemporary U.S. history) when “COVID” was not created as the applicable name until 11 Feb 20?

We pick back up at 2019.

Why is all of the aforementioned occurring as an overlay to the smuggling of SARS-CoV-2 strains to the WIV via dirty Harvard University professor Charles Lieber and his slate of Chinese foreign nationals who were conveniently Harvard students? Why was Nancy Pelosi recklessly mismanaging her unfounded impeachment at this precise moment? All rhetorical questions. Impeachment served as the deflection mechanism for the ushering in of COVID-19 and no one else has told you that except for Political Moonshine and we did so about a year and a half ago.

Why was Fauci – the so-called expert who we can now say with absolute and 100% certainty was directly involved with and funding gain of function research relative to this exact SARS-CoV-2 virus – issuing dire predictions that stood antithetical to his stand down, which advised that travel restrictions weren’t needed and that Americans shouldn’t be concerned at all? The only expert to issue advice like that is a corrupt, treasonous, criminal and murdering one devising for the propagation of a pandemic he had constructed and would manage. Otherwise the details are just fodder for idiots trying to find their mask and their 6 ft. measuring stick.

Here is where we begin to delineate the “easy button” strategy to undoing the fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic and we do so resting on the notion that fraudulent constructs are just that – constructed. In statecraft, they are generally constructed by means of legislation or law ergo, by reversing course on the granular components that permit such construction, we can effectively deconstruct it. In order to do that, we have to rip out and destroy the predication.

For the fraudulent COVID-19 pandemic, the predication is comprised of the fact sets underpinning the need for a declaration of a national emergency. As noted, the declaration is rooted in and affected by legislation. Extracted from our April 2020 article,

Translated, the Fauci cohort technically usurped President Trump’s emergency powers when then President Trump declared a national emergency relative to COIVD-19. This compelled Trump to defer to them in the effort to steer the U.S. through its pandemic response. Therefore, in order to secure those powers back, the predication for the national emergency must be destroyed and the declaration rescinded.

With that last sentence in mind, finding a cogent explanation for how and why manipulated data became the driver for the fraudulent pandemic is easy. It also fully explains why in Spring 2020, they dragged us through the seasonal die-off of flu/pneumo with the mid-April shift from mortality data, which was in decline at the time, to “infection data,” which had never been done before – EVER. They’re doing the same now in spring 2021 with “variants” fear porn.

What is the predication for the national emergency? In short, we can say that the predication was based upon a new and apparently highly virulent virus about which there was little to no knowledge and for which there are no known treatments (cures). Obviously and by now, it’s known that both points are fabricated narrative that are patently demonstrable as lies.

Moreover, the Fauci cohort ignored natural herd immunity and set the standard for recovery as the widespread inoculation of the masses with experimental mRNA “vaccine” technology unapproved by the FDA for use outside of the “emergency” designation. This means that if the predication for the national emergency is removed relative to the pandemic, then the predication for the authorization of experimental vaccines is also removed. Without one there is not the other.

What is the predication for the emergency designation? In part, it’s that there are no known cures to the disease. Enter Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, which are both known and effective treatments for SARS-CoV-2. The latter has been safely in use all over the world for over 60 years and the Fauci and MSM cohort obliterated then President Trump for recommending it as an effective remedy; instead driving the mRNA vaccination objectives. There was a very specific reason Hydroxychloroquine (and Trump) was attacked the way it was and it’s obvious. With effective treatments immediately made available in late 2019 or early 2020, the pandemic would never have gotten out of its criminally fraudulent starting blocks.

Here’s how to press the “easy button” to undo COVID-19 and return to normal. Importantly, though, everyone must realize that in actuality, there is nothing easy about this and “easy” is only offered in colloquial terms for the sake of the conversation.

A narrow spectrum of effective treatments to COVID-19 including Ivermectin and Hydroxycholoroquine effectively remove the predication for experimental mRNA vaccinations, which were set as the standard exit from the pandemic. These effective treatments in combination with statistically accurate attributions for mortality and infection data; and remembering that only 5% of that data remains valid, return all pandemic infection and mortality rates to the range of conventional seasonal flu season. We don’t issue national emergency declarations for conventional, typical flu seasons.

The net effect of this eviscerates the entire predication for the declaration of a national emergency: 1) the infection and mortality data are otherwise standard, 2) effective treatments are widely available and, thanks to an ultimately high order maneuver by President Trump, 3) a slate of vaccination options exist. Importantly, it also creates the impetus to rescind the emergency declaration and immediately so.

For a quick sidebar, this hallmark successes completely overturned their apple cart causing them to regroup and once again, revise their plan and timeline in responsive fashion. I suspect that they intended on leveraging the conventional years-long vaccine R&D timeline to extend the construct for its original intent – a control mechanism.

Once the national emergency declaration is rescinded, the emergency authorization for the apparently dangerous and deadly experimental mRNA vaccinations also disappears. It would immediately make it impermissible to administer those vaccines because there is no authorization beyond the emergency designation. This would compel vaccine manufacturers to then align with conventional timelines for research, development, testing and delivery and that assumes they’re even needed to begin with, which they are not. Importantly, this would immediately put to rest vaccination mandates by places of work, schools, etc.

Combined with effective treatments, the rescinded national emergency declaration would also eliminate the predication for the CDC to issue pandemic guidelines and mitigations. Therefore, the authority that predicates and underpins gubernatorial enforcement of mitigations and guidelines at the state level (federalism bears down here) is removed as governors would be precluded from acting outside of the explicit language found in each respective state constitution. No emergency declaration, no emergency powers, no emergency experimental vaccines and no mitigations or guidelines or enforcement thereof. Everyone do as you please as God intended.

All of it is undone by removing the predication for the emergency declaration and the evidence validating rescinding it exists in spades.

Americans have short attention spans but timeline overlays can overcome this unfortunate dynamic for anyone willing to examine reliable information and data. If they further care to take action from that position, it would begin with ripping away the predication for all of it and beginning with the March 2020 national emergency declaration that serves as the only card holding up and entire house constructed of fraudulently fabricated cards.

Assuming President Trump returns to office in August as the evidence is now suggesting, his first order of business should be pressing the “easy button” and ripping away the predication for the single greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and the global population.

From there, we’ll eat popcorn and enjoy the show.



  1. K.D. June 23, 2021

    August is too late for the kids being MANDATED to take the vaccine (having had “Covid” or not) before going on campus. Parents biting their nails praying that mandates will be lifted before Aug. 1……..Any thoughts?

  2. Silver Sunday July 19, 2021

    “..This was like catching fish in a barrel, I thought. The pandemic is over, I thought. The toothpaste is going back into the tube, I thought…” Me too!!!
    This day stands out in my memory like a shiny bright wonderful moment, only to be dashed and covered over. Ignored, mocked, and not believed.
    I was walking with my son, his two boys in the stroller, and I showed him on my phone LOOK LOOK LOOK. 6% that would be maybe 32,000 people have died from the actual wuhan flu (I said SarsCov)! The CDC says so!!!
    By 8/2020, I had spent each and every day combing over data, statistics, listening to podcasts, I was up on each and every “alternative” person. I sent emails including these, I spent hours on the phone (in my forced isolation from seeing my grandsons) talking to my son …we have to live life, immune system, G-d, where is your common sense? This to no avail.
    Now here I was, giddy with the news. He did his “fact checking” with social media & Newsweek, and the spin had already begun… mattered not. So painful!!!

    “..Americans have short attention spans but timeline overlays can overcome this unfortunate dynamic for anyone willing to examine reliable information and data…”
    Anyone WILLING to examine!! My son and my adult daughter ignored and refused to look at anything I shared. And then one day I was told under no uncertain terms….stop sending us this stuff. Just stop.

    For my own self, I am ecstatic that I am here at this site. Your work is impeccable and your graphics and unique time line is invaluable. The thing about this is it seems that with all of this evidence, that everyone would come to the same conclusions. However, as I witnessed with the experience in August, that is not so.

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