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Sullivan Denies Flynn Again

It didn’t take long from the publication of today’s earlier article updating the Flynn case to receiving breaking developments in the matter courtesy of the Good General’s counselor, Sidney Powell. Before getting into it, if you haven’t read the most recent articles or haven’t updated yourself on the Flynn case recently, you may care to do that for proper context.

The Mason Jar

  • 23 OCT 20
  • Breaking news/update on the government’s case against Lt. General Michael Flynn
  • An update from counselor Sidney Powell
  • The next important date, 26 Oct 20

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

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*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Here’s a quick rundown of recent work if needed, otherwise, the update follows if you care to scroll right to it.

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If you need more than that, there’s plenty to be found in the roll.


Here’s a brief recapitulation of a longstanding position that frames the entire angle on this.

With all of that in place, let’s consider what Sidney Powell posted today and I’m reproducing the images in the post just below it; consolidated and highlighted for easier consumption.

Here is the order consolidated and highlighted.

Essentially Sullivan is doing precisely what he has been ordered to do – yes ordered to do. This case is so far out of bounds of regular order that it’s not even a debatable point. “Compromised and corrupt” are routinely used when naming Sullivan in articles because they are technically accurate. He’s an activist judge of the highest order and playing a treasonous game of cat and mouse that will ultimately catch-up to him.

Recall that the FBI and DOJ constructed evidence by altering documents and otherwise so as to frame Flynn for investigation as a portal to through which to target the entire Trump administration. Remember, they sent Flynn into the Trump administration with an active FISA warrant attached to him. I’ve outlined that at length as founded by excellent analysis by Sundance at CTH. They sent Flynn to school sick to intentionally get all of the other kids sick so they could spy on the whole school.

So yes, Sullivan is executing an agenda rooted ultimately in treason. In so doing, he’s remaining aligned with the DELAY IS THE PLAY strategy and again dragging-out the case; hoping to get it past the election and ideally from their standpoint, past inauguration day.

What Sullivan has done is cite the FBI’s and DOJ’s own corrupt and treasonous actions as the impetus to require the government, which filed for dismissal in May, to certify or authenticate that the government’s evidence meets the threshold for accuracy standards and whereby it must be annotated. Sullivan is requiring this so that the court can take action. Importantly, it must be received by the court by 26 October 20.

This is insane. This is the equivalent of giving the DOJ busy work to just occupy them and their time and to have a reason to not order the dismissal.

Here’s an analog if none of that makes sense.

Dirty cops funnel counterfeit money to their favorite criminal target, who has no idea and continues spending legitimate money like he normally does. As soon as he spends it, they arrest him for passing funny money. The prosecutor learns that the cops are dirty and the case is bad. He tells the defense. Together, the prosecutor and the defense counselor ask the judge to drop the case. The judge says no, not yet. He then tells the prosecutor that he must write down a list of details about all of the funny money and and bad evidence. It was the dirty cops who lied and created the whole funny money situation but the judge is using that as the reason not to dismiss the case. Oh, and if you’re the prosecutor asking for its dismissal, you also have a busy work homework assignment – annotate all of that bad evidence for just shits and giggles.

Truly remarkable.

Here is the a transcript of the hearing referenced in Powell’s post above (29 Sep 20) as sourced from her website.

We’ll continue to follow this.


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