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The Hero, The Henchmen and The Heralded – A Post-Debate Update

The disparity found in the character and quality of Americans functioning within the geopolitical arena is as polarized and bifurcated; and with an enormous chasm in between, as it’s ever been. That’s an obvious statement. Not without a sense of irony, determining who belongs on which side of this chasm must be made relative to China and the CCP. Even more richly ironic is how those finding themselves in the cross-hairs continue to fraudulently and constructively shout, “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!” With the last presidential debate in the books, let’s take time to update on the HERO, the HENCHMEN and the HERALDED.

The Mason Jar

  • 23 OCT 20
  • The HERO: Lt. General Michael Flynn; an update on his case
  • The HENCHMEN: The Biden Crime Family; an update on evidence
  • The HERALDED: President Trump; brief post-debate analysis

COVID-19: With this series of articles now at forty and growing, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

COVID-19: If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline. NEW: UNDERLYING POSITIONS (important contextual backdrop for full understanding)

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.


I’ve given extraordinary time to covering the U.S. government’s case against Lt. General Michael Flynn, his counselor Sidney Powell and corrupt and compromised Judge Emmet Sullivan. Even looking to re-post links here to relevant articles is burdensome because there is so much to cover. For contextual backdrop to it all, please consider taking a chronological stroll through the the roll.

Moving forward and as a brief recapitulation, it’s important to remember that at the genesis of the effort to overthrow President Trump, which ties specifically to the mid-January 2017 timeline, was the initial step to target the President’s incoming national security adviser, Lt. General Michael Flynn. They made FLYNN FIRST! Ergo, we keep FLYNN FIRST!

Beginning with a foundational issue, which is the location and status of the original Flynn 302, recall that these have been points of contention throughout all of this. Delay, obfuscate, shield, deny, change the rules, create the rules; you name it. Corrupt and compromised Judge Sullivan, the FBI and the DOJ have done it all and more and all designed to adhere to the overarching strategy of delaying all important matters so as to drag them past an election they intend to steal and, more specifically, past inauguration day.

Here’ the latest from Catherine Herridge at CBS.

Here are the relevant findings from Herridge’s documents provision and they include aspects critical to the case, its timeline and the timeline for the political continuum (Flynn, Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, impeachment, COVID-19 and the newly engineered race war) in general:

  1. The DOJ confirmed that it has no more documents to produce, or, in other words, counsel has appears to have exhausted all document requests. Sidney Powell now appears to be in possession of everything she will receive from the DOJ/FBI.
  2. The original Flynn 302 from Flynn’s interview took 21 days to write; it was begun on 24 Jan 17 (mid-January 2017 timeline) by Agent Pientka; it was accessed routinely by agents Pientka and Strzok; and former Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Priestap electronically approved it on 15 Feb 2017.
  3. Powell is already in possession of three previous PDF draft versions of the 302 and respectively dated 10, 11 & 14 Feb 20. For clarity and through a broader lens, the pandemic construct was inserted into the incoming Trump administration by the outgoing Obama administration during compulsory transition meetings that also coincided with the preemptive leaking of the Flynn scandal the day before and of that all occurred on 13 Jan 17. Be reminded that Dr. Anthony Fauci advised of a forthcoming epidemic on 11 Jan 17 and the infamous Susan Rice memo meeting with Biden, Obama, et al occurred on 05 Jan 17. The timeline in Housekeeping below provides much more encompassing and granular detail.
  4. Curiously and with particular attention to the phrasing “that meet the standard for disclosure,” it’s clear that the DOJ/FBI are exercising a severe and likely undue level of discretion in the release of documents. This is especially true of all “comms” (or records of communication) described therein as, “all of the comms retrieved of McCabe with Comey, Page, Strzok, Baker, Priestap or anyone else about Flynn, Crossfire Razor or any other name for General Flynn or Michael G. Flynn, and any comms of Comey or any FBI member with anyone in the Obama White House about Flynn.” It’s reasonable to believe the FBI/DOJ still has other comms and or documentation it regards as falling sort of the “standard,” or, in other words, being just too damning and harmful to particular interests to released. That’s speculation on my part but I’d put a shiny new nickel on that bet.
  5. Notable here is that customarily, 302s are authored in “days” and whereas Flynn’s was authored in “weeks.” Remembering the writing, drafting and approval process, which included access by several FBI personnel central to all things, the timeline of “weeks” is concerning. It’s emblematic of anomalous FBI/DOJ practices which are often indicative of substandard (read as treasonous) actions. No less, it’s also from the same folks who are likely withholding more sensitive and damaging comms documents due to, you know, “standards.”

Here are clean copies of the same.

Suffice it to say that corrupt and compromised Judge Sullivan is sticking to the overarching strategy of DELAY IS THE PLAY! We’ll continue to update the Flynn case moving forward because it remains most important – FLYNN FIRST!


As the evidence and documentation detailing the Biden crime family’s enterprising efforts in China and other nations, like Ukraine, continues to stack-up like firewood heading into winter, it’s clearer now than ever that China and the CCP, in their efforts to infiltrate and displace the U.S. as the world’s preeminent economic, military and diplomatic superpower, brokered a deal whereby the Bidens would serve as their henchmen and quite literally be responsible for handing over us (America and Americans) to them.

The reward for quid pro Joe and the Bidens? Well, they just got rich. Real ridiculously, repugnantly and revoltingly rich.

Our efforts digging into all of this go back before Political Moonshine was even a thing. That said, the work is extensive. Deeper contextual backdrop can be gained from our more recent work including yesterday’s article and the preceding one.

Here in the last day or so, additional evidence has been released in an effort that can only be described as controlled demolition headed towards total destruction. If you have a Twitter account or are willing to access Twitter, consider following Steve Bannon’s War Room. He’s the demolition expert staging the evidence release. Now about that Q fella/s….

Recently released documents further confirm our assertions. Consider these, which outline previous revelations that the Bidens were charging, if that’s the correct word choice, $10 million just for introductions to then Vice President Joe Biden. Y’all ever heard of the emoluments clause? Y’all know what projection is? Rhetorical questions.

This document above is notable due to its draw back on the CEFC, which factors-in the recently emerged Patrick Ho as cooperating with Rudy Giuliani in the Biden matters and at the behest of the President. Deeper understanding can be gained form the aforementioned and linked previous articles.

The noose is cinching tighter around the Bidens’ collective necks and now it appears we have the documentation needed to slip it around former President Barack Obama’s neck. Here is initial evidence of Obama’s involvement as we already speculated and asserted more broadly and in reference to other and different details.

In a quick shift of gears to move from China to Ukraine in relation to the Bidens (always appropriate to do when discussing them), we have evidence that Franklin Templeton Investments may have been complicit in serving as a conduit to move money in fraudulent and/or criminal schemes. Again, note the direct tie to Obama. Further verification of these angles is needed.

For an immensely deep dig into the Biden crime family (and something I’ve only scanned at very cursory and veneer levels), this recently released publication from an unknown and unverified entity – Typhoon Investigations – appears to be worthy for us and damning for them. It is for your independent consumption.


Is there a President more worthy of accolades, admiration and being heralded than President Trump? No. Period. He is and will go down as the best and most significant and accomplished president in U.S. history.

When factoring in everything President Trump and his administration have accomplished and in the face of outright conspiracy, sedition and treason; and from those the American public trusts the most – the MSM, its government and its politicians – Mr. Trump has no company. No analog. No standard of comparison. No, rather, he stands alone.

Recall what I wrote back on 06 May 20 in Making the Case for Treason and as you do, pay particularly close attention to the last highlighted and blocked text; as it pertains to avoiding a war. Why? Because that precisely what Mr. Trump has done.

Moreover, those who quite literally constructed this war scenario and placed it as his feet before his first day in office – we call them the President’s enemies – have leveraged it as their primary attack angle to defeat him in an election they intend to steal. See last night’s debate.

As I said at that time,

Last night’s debate was full circle on the constructed viral pandemic that is on a war footing. Quite literally, the entire debate was framed around the President’s alleged and supposed mismanagement of his response. Utterly laughable and funny enough to make you cry – in the bad way.

Once again, it was the debate commission changing the rules at the last minute and leveraging an Obama acolyte as a “moderator” to frame the entire thing as an avenue to attack the President and do nothing but blame, criticize, finger-point, etc.

Once again, it was the debate commission constructing the format and questions of the debate to completely insulate Biden from any due harm and to afford him opportunities to drive false narratives built on a foundation of lies.

Once again, Mr. Trump was routinely interrupted albeit to a lesser degree and whereas Biden was not.

Once again, Mr. Trump was routinely asked difficult questions Biden was not.

Once again, the “moderator” frequently debated Mr. Trump but when it came to Biden, she did not.

Here is an early take on the debate as it was obviously being framed around COVID-19.

It was; however, Biden’s take on COVID-19 that should have all Americans concerned at a level perhaps not seen in a very long time. Consider.

Just look at what Mr. Trump has been forced to endure. Again, I ask, is there a President more worthy of accolades, admiration and being heralded than President Trump?

Again, I state, no. Period. He is and will go down as the best and most significant and accomplished president in U.S. history.


Before we go and for the sake of updating COVID-19, consider these.

Everything has an expiration date. Everything as an ending. More to come on that? Yeah, a lot more. Stay tuned. Sooner than later.


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