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19 Mar 20 (THIRTEENTH article in a series)

Do you trust the mainstream media? If the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ feel free to stop reading immediately and return to sipping on your Kool-Aid. If the answer to that question is the presumed ‘no,’ then I have some more questions for you.

Before we get into it, I’m obliged to offer the requisite disclaimer – this article serves to explore an hypothesis and therefore the research and findings therein are shaped accordingly. We are exploring how something could have happened; not saying how it did happen. That decision is for you to make in light of what I continue to outline.

So you don’t trust the MSM. Okay then, allow me to ask you this.

Why would the MSM, which idolized and worshiped Barack Obama and has relentlessly, egregiously and without standing attacked President Trump for over three years and sans a grain of supporting evidence, now laud, cherish, promote, idolize and thrust into leadership the White House coronavirus response coordinator?

Here is another way to ask that same question.

Why would the same MSM that idolized and worshiped what was perhaps the worst and most corrupt and failed president in our history in Barack Obama; and has done nothing but proffer lies (see Russia, Mueller, Ukraine, and impeachment as the four most obvious fact sets demonstrating this) to you for your lifetime (not just about Obama, Trump, etc.), now laud, support, treasure, idolize and thrust into leadership (think of how authority, control and governance – all things critical in an election year – have been usurped from the President during an election year as he is compelled to default to an “authority figure” with the appropriate acumen to steer the national response) depict this one woman as the individual to get us through this pandemic? Why would the MSM take the approach of furthering their attack on the President with COVID-19 as the conduit to do so while also simultaneously lauding, cherishing and promoting that President’s response coordinator? It’s nonsensical at face value but gains greater clarity depending on what information we are willing to consider.

The answer is an obvious one. The MSM treats Brix entirely different than Trump even though she’s a part of his administration. WHY?

Is it because she is an absolute Globalist through-and-through, who happens to be an Obama holdover, who happens to have been inserted into the President’s administration when President Trump was compelled by law to engage with President Obama’s administration during the transition meeting on 13 Jan 17; the same day the duplicitous and complicit MSM revealed the cooked-up Flynn/Russia revelations? Do you think that Flynn’s inclusion in that meeting, which was clearly disrupted and affected by the Flynn/Russia revelations as well as Flynn’s participation in it, was by design so as to be a disruptive and distracting force or was that just another coincidence? Is the MSM promoting and lauding Brix because she is the Globalist Obama holdover who was inserted into the Trump administration to usurp the President’s authority and control away from him in a pandemic that they may have actually triggered?

Seem far fetched? Really?

Recall that on the presumption we are dealing with the same criminal cabal, this group brought down three structures in Lower Manhattan in broad daylight on 11 Sep 01 and killed 3,000 Americans in one day. Releasing a mild but highly transmittable virus (or so it appears thus far given the conflicting reports about its epidemiology) inside the borders of your chief economic, military and political global rival and killing hordes old people is most certainly in their wheelhouse of means, motivation and opportunity; especially when you consider that in America, it’s this older voting demographic that stands in the way of them galvanizing their Marxist agenda in the US. A viral pandemic child’s play for the Globalists; especially knowing that they are dead in the water for the 2020 election at the same time the their suffers from an initial downward trajectory (see previous work for deeper understanding.)

Therefore, the 13 Jan 17 Obama/Trump transition meeting is plausibly the likely insertion point for this global viral pandemic as a Globalist political construct. Note that the transition meeting converges on the same 2016-2017 timeline that I thoroughly outlined in the previous twelve articles.

So, are you starting to see how this could very well be a political construct? Globalists Gates, who controls the WHO, which was thrust into being the preeminent authoritative governing body on this matter in the 13 Jan 17 Obama/Trump transition meeting, and Soros – both of whom are intimately tied to coronavirus patents and research – represent the access and means. Gates and Soros and likely others literally possess everything needed to engage in a false flag viral pandemic construct such as this. Moreover, don’t forget that Brix has long-established entanglements with Gates as it ties to funding. Sound swampy? That’s because it is swampy.

This leaves us with Brix and identifying her proper fit into the construct. As we discussed yesterday, her resume ticks-off on the Globalist checklist criteria as if she were an exemplar for the cause. You can refer back to yesterdays ARTICLE for deeper understanding. Gates and Soros serve the logistic and tangible components to the construct as Brix serves as the management component. She’s the handler. She’s the one who has been assigned to escort the President through the construct of their apparent design so that he can be affected by its dynamics, which appear geared to undoing is 2020 reelection effort (just turn on your TV – you’ll hear about COVID-19 all the way through the election and by design.

Understand this. Just as it was with 9/11, no one in the MSM is EVER going to print a headline even resembling accusations saying the former Globalist Obama administration acted nefariously in this; especially with any depiction of intent or premeditation. In fact, they are actively working to keep Americans from that very information point – that’s their job.

Hell, we’re 20 years removed from 9/11 and we still don’t have that sort of headline there even though a kindergartner can tell you that buildings just don’t “fall down.” We’re over 50 years from JFK’s assassination and they’re still sticking to their Oswald/lone shooter shtick. Expecting to find a MSM headline telling you the truth is not hat’s not how any of this works. Rather, the onus rests with you to find the information and decide on matters for yourself. I’m here just to offer my opinion and help you in uncovering that information because the evidence I’ve found thus far suggests that it warrants considerable scrutiny as justified by the continued encroachment on our individual rights and liberties as ushered-in and galvanized with manufactured panic and fear.

Here’s the next step in all of this. Let’s go back and examine earlier headlines and extracts leading up to today to see if they comport with what I’ve outlined thus far. In tipping my hand, they absolutely comport in terms of using rhetoric and context to disingenuously frame the administration for being wittingly and unwittingly grossly incompetent in its preparation for and management of the pandemic (that’s one half of the construct) while thrusting Brix into the preeminent leadership position as supported by a political aura of MSM confidence, command of leadership and authority (that’s the other half of the construct.) If and when we see our way though this, the MSM is guaranteed to make it a function of Brix occurring in spite of Trump and his idiocy, foolishness, stubbornness and gross incompetence. GUARANTEED.

For the sake of time, we’ll consider limited items representative of the bulk of what has been and continues to be published. Let’s get to it, EMPHASIS MINE:

20 JAN 17: Trump team’s compassionate act will keep up the momentum on AIDS prevention (SOURCE)

This Inauguration Day brings an act of compassion, outreach and bipartisanship by the Trump leadership team. The Trump administration will retain Ambassador Deborah Birx as the coordinator of PEPFAR (the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) until a successor is named and confirmed. This action was taken, I am told by administration sources, at the urging of Ivanka Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

It is normal during a transition for presidential appointees to write their resignation letter, clean out their desks and vacate the premises, even if no one has been chosen to replace them. An exception to that rule was important for PEPFAR. Birx is in the process of shifting resources to effective AIDS prevention efforts that will reduce the future burden of the disease, with a special emphasis on helping adolescent girls avoid infection. A gap of leadership would have slowed the momentum of the program and imposed a cost in lives.

PEPFAR was created by President George W. Bush in response to a raging epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. It has received strong and consistent support from congressional leaders in both parties. It was expanded and ably led during the Obama years. In Africa (where the program has helped save millions of lives), almost everyone knows the name PEPFAR, even if most Americans do not. Now the Trump administration is showing genuine concern for the continuity of this lifesaving, bipartisan effort and demonstrating that there is a constituency in the White House for America’s dramatically successful global engagement on health.

I have mainly been a critic of the incoming president, but this is a very good way to begin a day of national healing.

27 FEB 20: Appointing Pence to Lead Response, Trump Scrambles to Contain Fallout From Coronavirus Threat to U.S. (SOURCE)

So on Wednesday, Trump decided to get ahead of the story, calling a rare primetime press conference in the White House Briefing Room. His staff scrambled to put it together. “He was pissed over in India” and felt like his administration was “getting killed” in the press and by the markets about its handling of the coronavirus, says a White House official.

The decision to appoint Pence and the impromptu briefing seemed to be an acknowledgement by Trump that the threat of the coronavirus poses a critical challenge to his presidency.

27 FEB 20: After fumbled messaging, Trump gets a coronavirus czar by another name (SOURCE)

The move marked the administration’s latest attempt to show it’s in control of the spreading global threat after weeks of fumbled messaging, rising market jitters and mounting backlash from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. The two-day journey of upgrading the federal government’s public response highlighted a sharp contrast between Trump’s political instincts to downplay the virus risk in an election year and calls from health officials and lawmakers to show the government in command of a deadly and frightening threat.

07 MAR 20: Trump Virus Adviser Is a Rarity in White House Ruled by Loyalty SOURCE

Birx, 63, a medical doctor and retired Army colonel, was appointed to her ambassador’s post under President Barack Obama — and that’s usually enough to doom someone’s career in the Trump administration. But it’s a measure of her stature, and her political savvy, that she’s been elevated to a central role in the current administration’s response to a public health crisis.

“Her reputation is stellar,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development. She’s a natural choice, he said, “if you’re looking to try to bring a competent steady hand into this process and someone with a proven track record on global health matters.”

10 MAR 20: Trump’s botched coronavirus response has been 3 years in the making (SOURCE)

The Trump administration is under fire for its slow, sometimes incompetent, response to the outbreak of a novel coronavirus, “SARS-CoV-2”, which causes a disease named COVID-19. Though COVID-19 was first recognized in China in December 2019, President Trump’s priorities in the three years leading up to the outbreak put the U.S. at a distinct disadvantage to confront an outbreak that is already approaching a pandemic. Rather than emphasize expertise and experience, Trump has chosen loyalty and obedience in his subordinates. Instead of funding medical research and global disease prevention, Trump has directed billions of dollars to vanity projects and tax breaks for the wealthy.

13 MAR 20: The unbearable lightness of Donald Trump in a coronavirus crisis (SOURCE)

Moving markets, healing the sick, cajoling Walgreen’s to lie down with CVS, and Walmart with Target, and Lab Corp with Quest Diagnostics like the young lion and the calf of the Book of Isaiah, pressed—as he is day after day—far beyond the limits of his military-school education, he is a real-estate erector and fake-news barker confronted now with the possible end-of-life situations of tens of millions of people, some of whom, being dead, might not be able to vote for his re-election, depending on where in this country they live.

“I don’t take responsibility at all,” says Donald Trump, referring to everything that has gone wrong heretofore.

14 MAR 20: Trump disbanded NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised (SOURCE)

Trump’s elimination of the office suggested, along with his proposed budget cuts for the CDC, that he did not see the threat of pandemics in the same way that many experts in the field did.

19 MAR 20: 5 mixed messages from Trump that have marred his administration’s coronavirus response (SOURCE)

The federal government’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak represents a critical test for President Donald Trump and his administration, but some analysts say it’s one that has already been marred by a series of mixed messages from the president himself.

What’s that last quote? Did that say a ‘test’ for the president? Seems like Obama told him this test was coming during the transition meeting on 13 Jan 17, no? How convenient that said test came to fruition on the cusp of an election and with an inserted Dr. Brix to see us through it.

Recall that during and after the events of 9/11, George W. Bush did not usher-in the post-9/11 landscape, rather “experts” were utilized in the backdrop of Bush, whose presidential authority was then leveraged by proxy to enact their agenda. Similarly, it won’t be President Trump who ushers-in the post-COVID-19 landscape. Rather, Trump will be compelled to defer to his own expert – Dr. Deborah Brix – who happened to be inserted into his administration by then President Barack Obama on 13 Jan 17 when this construct was similarly inserted into Trump’s incoming administration. Ergo, it will be Brix – not Trump – who ushers-in the post-covid-19 ‘new normal.’ That said, if you didn’t read the last ARTICLE, you should see what she has in store for us.

Examine it all in it’s most basic form. Obama told Trump that he’d better be ready to fight a global pandemic. He told him on the same day that a complicit MSM made revelations about the cooked-up Flynn/Russia allegations as converging with Flynn’s participation in the transition meeting. Now, four years later and once the Globalists are on the cusp of collapse, in significant decline and out of political ammunition (failed Russia, failed Mueller, failed impeachment and failed Ukraine), Trump finds himself dealing with the promised pandemic. And who is that has usurped his response authority over its management? It’s none other than an Obama appointee Deborah Birx, who is being lauded in the MSM as fodder for hero-worship in her effort to save us all from the incompetent President Trump. Moreover and at the same time, the MSM continues to conveniently and incessantly propagandize the pandemic 24-7 to the President’s electoral detriment.

How is this not a political construct. They put all of the threads on the loom – all I did was stitch it together for meaning.

Same recipe, some different people, some of the same people, a different time….. but rest assured, it will render the same results; none of which bodes well for individual rights and liberties or the preservation of a once proud and traditional America.

That’s how this appears to be unfolding. It’s either that or all of this elemental evidence as arranged is nothing more than sheer and utter coincidence.

You can decide.

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