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Pots, Spoons and World War III

If there is a pot boiling over somewhere in the world and for example, Ukraine or Israel, rest assured that the United States has its spoon in it and more specifically, the U.S. intelligence community. The IC is the puppet master and orchestrator of all things industriously working to fashion our reality 360-degrees. War and international skirmishes are highly effective mechanisms in this process of ubiquitous perception management.

So, too, is the IC’s kabuki theater production at home that we call “politics and government.”

Recently, I dedicated a futuristic, dystopian short film series to this topic of the IC and it stands at four installments with a fifth in production: Amerikan Clown Show, Cirque du Slave, House of Mirrors, Carnival of Carnage and [in production] Bumper Cars of Chaos.

See the film series: Amerikan Clown Show.

In the aggregate work at Moonshine, I’ve written several hundred broader articles of arduously detailed analysis including a couple hundred more narrowly focused on a scripted march towards a World War III with a predetermined outcome that has Chinese proxy Joe Biden taking a dive.

Moreover, the analysis includes the specifically projected war theaters of Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea and the Middle East.

That series hasn’t been updated since before football season began [I coach] and so additions are needed July-present. That work since July can all found on the main page.

[Brief Sidebar – Several weeks ago, I dislocated/fractured a finger in pregame so typing is a chore. It’s why this piece will be short and the focus lately has been short social media posts (mostly at my heavily ghost/shadow banned Xwitter account) and video production (easier to do with 1 hand/9 fingers).]

Here are recent thoughts on the most recent steps in a march to a scripted and manufactured third world war including analysis on the ongoing targeting of political opposition/conservatives by the Biden Administration, the vacated House Speaker position and more:

Per the designed norm, it’s a tangled web: 1-Biden as a Chinese proxy and point man for Obama’s third and arguably fourth term 2-compounded and aggravated by both Obama and Biden funding the Palestinians 3-ergo funding Hamas 4-as a proxy front for Iran, 5-which Obama also funded in the billions 6-and aided with the JCPOA. 7-The recent U.S. hostage exchange negotiation with Iran also bears down as a funding mechanism where the Biden Administration released $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil revenues as a part of the deal.

The deal emerged after months of indirect negotiations between U.S. and Iranian officials. As part of the deal, the U.S. also released $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil revenues, transferred from banks in South Korea to Qatar, an energy-rich nation on the Arabian Peninsula that is an ally of both nations. The U.S. and Iran have no formal diplomatic relations. The funds are intended to be used for humanitarian purposes only.

USA Today

A seasoned investigator and analyst specializing in fraud will suggest to you that the U.S. is engaged in a similar racket [RICO] as found in Ukraine, where war is manufactured in part to interface with NGOs directly or indirectly owned and operated by those who foment war to create a conduit to launder and receive back U.S. monies designated for humanitarian aid arising out of the constructed war.

Also see the FTX scandal.

Catching on yet, America?

Further aggravations include reports of U.S. special operations forces recently taking heavy losses from Hamas in Gaza and alongside Israeli intelligence.

It’s this simple: Where pots boil over, you find U.S. spoons and where those spoons belong to the Intelligence Community; and where you find the Intelligence Community, you will find U.S. Special Forces and contractors.

The evidence and analysis indicate that Israel/Hamas is a latter act in the production that has us marching towards WWIII and it was all designed and funded long ago to play-out on script right now.

Here are recent developments to augment our ongoing analysis [*expanded on where needed]:

  1. Col Douglas MacGregor Alleges US Special Forces Went into Gaza and “Were Shot to Pieces, Took Heavy Losses, I Understand” (VIDEO)
  2. Special Ops Marine 3-Star General Is Advising Israeli Army On Gaza Offensive *This is a direct interface for the IC.
  3. Israel A ‘Nuclear Wildcard’ On ‘Dangerous Road To Armageddon’: Macgregor *The scripted march to oblivion continues.
  4. Biden Admin Quietly Admits Worst Ever Illegal Crossing Numbers As Axios Declares Border “More Fortified Than Ever” *Relative to WWIII, this represents the mechanism for a fifth column to infiltrate the continental U.S. to assume a lie-in-wait posture for future attacks inside the U.S.
  5. Russia Accuses US Of Stoking “Escalation” By Mideast Force Build-Up As Pentagon Blames Iran
  6. America’s Crisis Of Faith: Poll Reveals More Americans Are Rejecting The Constitution And Embracing Violence *Evidence of the effectiveness of social programming [perception management] to desired and manufactured ends; especially in the directions of sown division and Third World technocratic enslavement.

Things are progressing right on a projected schedule according to a pre-written script and with the 2024 election as one bookend.

Stay tuned and especially so at heavily ghost/shadow banned Xwitter; and keep an eye out for the fifth installment in the Amerikan Clown Show series, Bumper Cars of Chaos.

We’ll resume normal operations when my digit is better and permits it.


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