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So, How Do You Think World War III Is Going?

So, how do you think World War III is going? I’d suggest that it’s going swimmingly, according to plan and right on schedule. Deep and broad analysis over several years renders the same position. Informed and well-read folks likely agree. Those indulging in the established narrative and relying on the mainstream media for information; only sipping the Moonshine to see what so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ tastes like, probably sashay all over town in their N95 mask, fly a Ukrainian flag at home and think “Russia man bad” but nowhere near as bad as “Orange man bad.” They do this in failing to comprehend an accurate fact set that always seems to thread back to China and its asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war against the United States.

China’s asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war against the U.S. aligns with China’s primary hegemonic doctrine – Belt Road Initiative/One Belt, One Road – and its military doctrinal and primary warfare vector – biowarfare.

I penned that position 06 May 20 only a month and a half into the so-called “pandemic” while the rest of the country was panicking over a contagion with a better than 99% survival rate [for most demographics] and trying to sort-out whether Ivermectin is really “horse paste” or if two masks are better than one.

I rolled with no mask and never quit “normally” and I sure as hell didn’t sign-up for human genetic experimentation to voluntarily receive an injectable bioweapon with redacted contents delivered as an experimental mRNA payload encapsulated in a nanoparticle envelope.

No, thank you.

COVID-19 was really only a “pandemic” of fraudulent infection and mortality data.

A primary objective of the so-called “pandemic” was serving as the boogeyman to scare people into enslavement while injecting themselves with a bioweapon they didn’t need to combat a bioengineered virus that isn’t deadly.

Now those vaccines and all of these boosters are obsolete as another election brings us another “pandemic” and another round of vaccines that really aren’t vaccines at all for another variant of a disease that isn’t deadly.

This is insanity; it’s absurd it’s ridiculous.

It’s also a collective intelligence test for the populace and we’re failing miserably.

We pause to kick my two favorite horses kicked since the first news broke on this so-called “pandemic”: 1-COVID-19 IS NEVER GOING AWAY and 2-THESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL THEY ARE MADE TO STOP.

Bullseye then. Bullseye now. Bullseye forever if we don’t get up off our asses and act like real Americans and yes, it will require “toxic masculinity” in absolute abundance.

The “pandemic” was a warfare mechanism to steal an election, remove a sitting U.S. president and install a Chinese proxy into the Executive.

China’s asymmetrical and irregular warfare vectors are executed stateside by domestic hostiles and they include things like subversion/infiltration, compromising domestics and turning them hostile, Cloward-Piven strategy, biowarfare, weaponized propaganda, two-tiered justice, sown [racial] division, a manufactured food crisis and more.

Other warfare vectors include economic, education, political, immigration, energy, financial, cultural, psychological, environmental, etc.

China’s brand of warfare is waged from a foundation of decades-long Chinese infiltration of the U.S. and its agencies, departments and institutions.

What we see today is a landscape that shifted under the surface after decades in the making and it was unbeknownst to most ordinary Americans distracted and preoccupied by the designed matrix in which they live.

The Chinese have leveled war against the U.S. by all the viable means imaginable except for one and its on the near horizon: direct kinetic warfare.

I’ve been warning of this vary scenario since late 2020/early 2021; closing in on about 200 articles on that narrow focus.

With China [Taiwan] as one theater and Russia [Ukraine] as the other, the analysis holds that once Russia goes directly kinetic with the U.S., Beijing will immediately open a second front in Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Ask the Germans how a second front in World War II worked out for them.

For those that didn’t learn their history, you’re encroaching on repeating it.

The drawing of sides will be customary in sorting out the allies and alliances that will occur: U.S./E.U./NATO/Israel/Japan/Ukraine/South Korea v. Russia/China/North Korea/Cuba/Iran/Iraq/Syria.

Other nations standing to be players include but are not limited to Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan recalling that the latter two are nuclear capable.

Private equity dealings depict a clear picture of the U.S. politburo being virtually entirely compromised by China [and Israel and others]; with the greatest example being Joe Biden, who I positioned as a Chinese proxy before the 2020 election.

Care to know China’s policy on something? Just examine Joe Biden’s policy for that thing because Joe Biden’s policies are China’s policies.

Don’t forget that the evidence and analysis indicate that the U.S. is being positioned for a designed defeat or in boxer’s terms, Joe is going to take a dive in World War III.

The Biden White House reversed a key Pentagon U.S. war readiness/capability position derived from war game exercises.

The Biden Administration shifted the DoD war readiness position from 1-in every instance gamed out, the U.S. loses in a war with China over Taiwan/South China Sea to 2-The U.S. is capable of effectively fighting a war in two theaters: Russia and China.

This is something that everyone should read: ALARMING: WHITE HOUSE’S ABRUPT REVERSAL OF POSITIONS – Every American Should Read and Come to Understand the White House’s Disingenuous and Newly Fabricated Position on the Multiple-Front War Precisely Predicted Long Ago.

Remember, Joe Biden’s policies are China’s policies and those policies have placed us on a trajectory for a two-front war in the precise theaters of Russia and China.

Don’t you agree that by all appearances this gives every indication of China setting-up the U.S. for defeat?

If you don’t, we’ll agree to disagree.

The Biden Administration shift on war readiness and capabilities is a permission slip to engage in a two-front war.

Biden’s [China’s] policies on Ukraine directly impact war readiness and capabilities.

This occurs via the billions and billions in U.S. dollars being printed and borrowed from China to send to Ukraine under the pretense of a fraudulently constructed war scenario.

China is forcing our debt and holding it, too.

Moreover, the U.S. continues to expend its available stockpile of arms and munitions by exporting them to Ukraine under fraudulent pretenses.

Don’t forget that China and Russia are already aligned on political, economic and military terms that are cooperative, bilateral and unprecedented militarily.

Uhhhhhh, we’re being set-up, folks. Old, dead horses kicked again.

Is this why Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – the detestable Mark Milley – is stepping down 01 Oct 23 to be replaced [Who will be the president’s top military adviser after Gen. Milley retires?]?

Was Milley the set-up man for the take-down and now that the set-up is complete with another “pandemic” and “election” coming around the corner, it has been compartmentalized in Milley for flushing?

Is it that the next phase of operations – the forthcoming dive and defeat followed by the handover – will occur under new management and be compartmentalized therein?

The analysis indicates that’s what is happening.

It will be the same United Nations that led-out on the “pandemic” to which the U.S. government completely aligned in its devastating COVID-19 response; and which features yet another Marxist communist and Chinese proxy on point, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, that will conduct the post-war treaty process to officially handover the U.S. to China, the Globalists and Marxist communists.

See how that works?

Of course, this will be after Biden takes the predetermined dive on orders from Xi Jinping.

This is all old analysis going back years and it bears repeating the question:

So, how do you think World War III is going?

Like I said, right on schedule with the 2024 election bearing down hard.

Here’s new evidence in support of existing and ongoing analysis:

NATO, Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan/South China Sea

Headline: Air Force General Defends Memo That Predicted War With China By 2025
Analysis: The General and I see eye to eye. For several years and in several hundred articles, I’ve intensively analyzed the march to a manufactured WWIII [Russia/Ukraine and China/Taiwan/South China Sea.] The analysis includes accurately projecting the current bilateral alignment of traditionally opposed Russia and China and specifically the unprecedented military one. We’re already long embroiled in a proxy war against Russia and there is a paper-thin margin between the current proxy status and a direct kinetic flashpoint. The analysis holds that Beijing will immediately follow by moving on Taiwan. The 2024 election is one bookend and that envelops 2025 up to the January inauguration.

Headlines: Ukraine Used British Cruise Missiles In Devastating Sevastopol Attack, UK Confirms and First US Abrams Tanks Arrive In Ukraine, Officials Admit They “Risk Being Destroyed”
Analysis: The U.S./Western Empire proxy war against Russia continues to escalate along manufactured vectors. Here, sophisticated weaponry from a NATO ally targeted a politically, culturally and militarily important target in Crimea. This occurs at the same relevant time that the first U.S. Abrams tanks arrive in Ukraine. U.S. troops are already in the region and it’s only a matter of time until the kinetic flashpoint occurs making the war direct. More timing considerations are discussed below.

Headline: NATO Fractures: In U-Turn, Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine
Analysis: Poland diverging from the NATO WWIII script is evidence of NATO’s crumbling Ukraine agenda and narrative. Whereas this development may appear to indicate a good sign that the war agenda is in trouble, in reality, it could serve as the impetus to stomp on the gas pedal before it all falls apart.

Headline: US Announces $2 Billion Loan For Poland To Spend On Military
Analysis: It’s clear the U.S. is responding to the initial Poland NATO fracture and this casts more doubt on any promise from it. This response is 5 days [in reporting] from the Poland fracture and it’s clear that the Western Empire will have its way no matter what Poland may or may not intend. It seems Poland was just angling for more money to continue being a good Team NATO player; as if to say, “If we’re fighting the Russians for you as your proxy, at least pay for it.”

Headline: GOP Lawmakers Warn White House On Ukraine Aid As McCarthy Vows To Confront Zelensky
Analysis: Speaker McCarthy is an establishment pawn functioning to serve and benefit the establishment. I branded him Milquetoast McCarthy for the reason that he’s all hat and no cowboy when it comes to rhetoric v. action that matters. His job is to be an establishment guardrail while providing the appearance of change. In reality, we’ll stay the course of corruption, criminality and treason behind McCarthy’s window dressing. Apply that lens in this case. *The Melodrama, Misgivings and Missed Promises of Milquetoast McCarthy.

Headline: US Army’s Hypersonic Missile Hit With Fielding Delay As China And Russia Lead Global Arms Race
Analysis: As the U.S. expends its weapons and ammunition stockpiles in Ukraine, China is increasing its stockpiles as the nation has been in pre-wartime maneuvers for several years [covered extensively.] The evidenced disparity in hypersonic weapons development is yet another instance of detrimental pre-war positioning for the U.S. at the same time it bears down on questions Hillary Clinton’s personal server and Joe Biden’s retention of classified and secret documents. How much U.S. classified and top secret information on hypersonic weapons was obtained by our enemies?

Headline: Syria On The Verge Of Collapse?
Analysis: Russia has a longtime strategic diplomatic and military presence in Syria, which has been a long evidenced and projected kinetic flashpoint for WWIII. An unstable Syria contributes to the flashpoint analysis making Syria ripe for conflict.

Headline: Rebooted Clinton Global Initiative Licks Chops Over Ukraine ‘Humanitarian’ Aid
Analysis: This is all about money laundering. As U.S. Secretary of State, Clinton initiated the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine along with Obama, Kerry as her replacement as State and Nuland. Zelensky was ultimately installed as the point man for operations. The U.S. politburo then extrapolated the coup into a massive global money laundering operation which included funneling U.S. aid laundered into crypto back to their own campaigns [mostly Democrats.] The Biden Administration continues to pump armaments, ammunition and billions upon billions in aid to Ukraine as part of these operations where the kickbacks are handsomely rewarding. The Clinton Global Initiative is looking to clean house here.

Headline: Explosive 60 Minutes Report on US Funding of Ukraine: US Paying Salaries of 57,000 First Responders, Subsidizing Small Businesses in War Torn Country(Video)
Analysis: Again, this is all about money laundering. 1-Create control [coup/Zelensky install], 2-Create impetus to send money to control [manufactured war], 3-Create impetus to send money to control [rebuild from manufactured war] and 4-So on and so on. It’s an old script: 1-Create problem, 2-Create reaction, 3-Create solution, 4-Write history and 5-Get rich doing it. Homework assignment: Follow the money from small businesses in the Ukraine right back to the U.S. and likely vis-a-vis shell corporations, campaign donations and NGOs.

Headline: SBF’s Parents Steeped In Democrat Dark Money And ‘Illegal’ Election Tactics
Analysis: I’ve written an entire series on Ukraine as ‘The Keystone of Corruption‘ and it includes intensive analysis of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried and his family’s nexuses and relationships; especially vis-a-vis Stanford University. The evidence now links the parents with strong Stanford ties to “Democrat dark money and illegal election tactics.” This is critical because SBF’s FTX is the central node in the Ukraine-based money laundering operation that sends U.S. aid to Ukraine where it’s laundered into crypto and funneled back to the U.S. politburo in the form of campaign donations; and where it’s mostly Democrats [plus and notably McCarthy and McConnell] and where Joe Biden is the primary beneficiary.


Headline: Biden HHS Hits Wuhan Lab With 10-Year Funding Ban Amid Mounting Evidence Of Leak.
Analysis: The U.S. government funded the development of SARS CoV-2 in the Wuhan lab, the criminal enterprise initially denied this fact set and the first part of my “Dismantled” series, puts to rest the limited hangout exit strategy of the intelligence community COVID origins report. Biden’s 10-year funding ban is window dressing for the cover-up phase of operations as we see another wholesale reversal in positions long after the fact. *DISMANTLED: Part I – ODNI Report on COVID-19 Wuhan Origins Is an Exit Strategy.

Headline: Fauci Was ‘Smuggled’ Into CIA Headquarters To “Influence” Covid-19 Origins Investigation: Select Subcommittee
Analysis: The analysis holds that COVID-19 is an intelligence community product that is a construct of enterprise fraud serving as a mechanism of overthrow. It envelopes the DoD and its contracts and involvement in the development of SARS-CoV-2 and the execution of the fraudulent “pandemic.” If that analysis is wrong, why did the CIA sneak Anthony Fauci into CIA headquarters with no record of entry to steer the COVID-19 narrative and propaganda in its origins report? The analysis is on-point.

Nazi Amerika & the Fourth Reich

Headline: A Nation Of Snitches: DHS Is Grooming Americans To Report On Each Other
Analysis: The analysis on U.S. Nazis goes back years and is extensive with roots drawing back to the immediate post-WWII era and Operation Paperclip. Vis-a-vis Dyastic Bush, the intelligence community has essentially ushered-in the Fourth Reich in Amerika. In the Constitutional Republic handed down by the Founding Fathers, there is no room for a “Homeland,” a Department of “Homeland” Security or spying and snitching on one’s countrymen for the purpose of reporting to that department. Occam’s prevails here.

Headlines: Trudeau Faces Hard Pushback After Honoring SS Fighter on Parliament – Mistake by Globalist Poster Boy Exposes Ukrainian Nazism to the World – PM Deflects the Blame, Points to Speaker of the House, Leftists In Canadian Parliament Seek to Erase Embarrassing Nazi Incident From The Record and Canada’s House Speaker Apologizes For Honoring Actual Nazi; Still Radio Silence From ADL
Analysis: Canada [Chinada] has been under Beijing’s wing for some time and where we find Chinese inroads, we find Nazis – literally. If that analysis is wrong, which it isn’t, why then do things like this continue to happen and where at the core of the matter, Nazis are to be found? And if the analysis is wrong, why would the people accused of being Nazis or in alignment with these Nazis feverishly try to rewrite history to make the Nazis and the incident disappear? Occam’s prevails here.

Capitol Insurrection Entrapment Operation

Headline: FBI Had So Many Paid Informants In J6 Riot They Lost Track And Had To Perform Audit: Ex-Official
Analysis: The immediate analysis on the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation was entirely on-point and the subsequent years-long extensive analysis only reaffirms the position. We’ve now reached the point where the FBI’s infiltration and leveraging of human assets and informants was so pervasive on January 6th that an audit had to be completed to reconcile that actual number. Pelosi was on point for this operation and should face charges and sentencing for treason.

Headline: National Guard Refused Before Jan. 6 Because ‘Pelosi Will Never Go For It’: Former Capitol Police Chief
Analysis: Entrapment operations are constructed to a particular set of details to ensure the operation’s tactical objectives and success. Any National Guard presence on January 6th would have entirely disrupted the entrapment scheme, which is why Pelosi obviously refused the security. Here, we have evidence to this end and once again, Occam’s prevails.

Headlines: Ray Epps Charged With Misdemeanor In Long-Delayed Wrist-Slap and Watch Live: Garland Grilled Over Ray Epps, Hunter Biden Influence Peddling
Analysis: Ray Epps’ charging is part and parcel with cover-up operations, which forego appropriate charging and prosecution in lieu of charging and prosecuting crimes like related misdemeanors or process crimes such as lying to law enforcement. By charging Epps with a lesser crime[s], DOJ can vacuum-up the Epps evidence, seal it away and discharge the unavoidable circumstances that eventually caught up with Epps and DOJ and forced this sham prosecution. Meanwhile, Epps the entrapment orchestrator gets a slap on the wrist.

Manufactured Food Crisis

Headline: This Is The Worst Global Food Crisis In Modern History, And It Is About To Go To An Entirely New Level
Analysis: The food supply is a warfare vector. From supply chain issues to repeated fires and devastation to a long list of food processing plants and farms, an attack on the food supply functions to create high inflation [supply and demand] at the same time it lends to resetting the food agenda [think of replacing animal protein with insect protein.]

Good v. Evil

Headline: Zelenskyy Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic To Be Ambassador For Ukraine, Help ‘Rebuild Schools’
Analysis: If at a fundamental level it’s not really about good v. evil, then why does the symbolism of evil continue to manifest in consistent patterns just like the symbolism of the Nazis? Saying this is all biblical is not a leap whatsoever.

It’s good v. evil and evil has good set-up for the take-down.

Joe Biden is the take down man and his principal, China, is the beneficiary of it all.

The rest is evidence and details.

One last time – So, how do you think World War III is going?



  1. scott328 September 27, 2023

    Why is it that so many websites can explain all that is happening to us, but nobody — and I mean nobody — ever proposes a plan of action to STOP it?

  2. scott328 September 27, 2023

    All we do is analyze our own impending demise. Why does nobody even try to actually DO anything about it?

  3. scott328 September 27, 2023

    In times past, there were LEADERS who argued for strategies and plans to avoid defeat and turn the tide. Not today!

  4. scott328 September 27, 2023

    Today there is only 24/7/365 disaster, doom & hopelessness. Why would everyone, without exception that I’m aware of (online or off), only preach constant doom, while never putting forth a credible plan to win?

  5. scott328 September 27, 2023

    Why is the comment section configured to make it impossible to hit the ‘reply’ button, if your comment is more than two lines long?

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