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CAPITOL “INSURRECTION” ENTRAPMENT OPERATION: Federal Operative and Squeaky Wheel Ray Epps Gets DOJ Grease in Sham Charges

According to an abundance of evidence already put forth; including video/audio of Ray Epps functioning in his role to coordinate and lead-out on the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation, it’s clear that Epps was acting as a federal asset/operative. Epps has now filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News for Tucker Carlson’s reporting on him and his involvement on 06 Jan 21. A filing from that litigation now reveals that Epps faces charges from the DOJ some 2.5 years after the fact and despite not ever being arrested by the FBI.

Zero Hedge has the story and Occam’s provides the answer relative to unavoidable circumstances,

The impending charges were revealed in a Wednesday lawsuit filed by Epps against Fox News, which accuses former host Tucker Carlson of defaming him.

“…in May 2023, the Department of Justice notified Epps that it would seek to charge him criminally for events on January 6, 2021—two-and-a-half years later,” reads the filing. “The relentless attacks by Fox and Mr. Carlson and the resulting political pressure likely resulted in the criminal charges.”

Zero Hedge

The analysis here is elementary and as always, Occam’s is our lens.

We live in an era when the capacity is prevalent for the instantaneous video publication of live events and the rampant capturing of those events on video for later posting on social media platforms and other media.

Those dynamics cause unavoidable circumstances to also become more prevalent; especially for people deceiving Americans from the dark shadows of corruption, criminality and treason.

In the case of an entrapment operation leveraging federal assets as dog whistles to lead innocent Americans exercising their First Amendment right into the trap, the likelihood of someone catching those assets’ image, voice and actions on film is considerably high.

That’s what happened to Epps; his cover literally blown and thanks to sleuthing by the common man in lieu of the Department of Justice, which rather than actually doing its job is instead facilitating entrapment operations to imprison Americans in an Amerikan gulag.

The capturing of Epps’ image, voice and actions on film was a problematic set of unavoidable circumstances for the DOJ for 2.5 years.

Occam’s tells us that the DOJ’s grease for Epps’ squeaky wheel of unavoidable circumstances is to also charge Epps, but only after enough people became outraged to force the issue.

Evidence for this can be seen in ZH’s reporting: “The relentless attacks by Fox and Mr. Carlson and the resulting political pressure likely resulted in the criminal charges.”

The DOJ therefore decided to charge Epps in May of 2023 knowing that the information would make its way into the public and give them a platform from which to rebut its critics while citing how “no one is above the law.”

No one except Joe Biden.

Just ask President Trump.

The projected outcome for Epps’ charges is right in line with the DOJ mode of operations that delivered Dead End Durham, Clinesmith, Sussmann, etc.; in the sense that any conviction of Epps will be for process crimes like lying to the FBI or some other lower crime or misdemeanor.

The establishment will reward Epps by influencing [rigging] his lawsuit against Fox News and whereby Fox will be ordered to pay Epps via the court’s ruling or Fox decides to settle.

Think of it like a “book deal.”

Either way, Epps gets paid for his service to the establishment and he certainly isn’t doing any hard time for it.

AG Merrick Garland and his goon squad with Chief Goon Jack Smith will see to that.

Ray Epps was a squeaky wheel of problematic and unavoidable circumstances for the architects of the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation and the DOJ is greasing it with sham charges and a handsome pay-out courtesy of Fox News.

Occam’s wins again.


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