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Are Americans Celebrating Something They Don’t Actually Understand On This Independence Day?

Are Americans celebrating something they don’t actually understand on this Independence Day? For a staggering number of Americans, the sad answer to that question is an unvarnished ‘Yes!’ and the argument behind it is a strong one. The cogent explanation is found in a simple definition for ‘independence.’ What did independence mean in 1776 and what does it mean now?

The unmitigated disaster that is the public education system – and I know because I worked in it for over 20 years – that functions as a dogmatic and partisan indoctrination system stamping out good little worker bee after good little worker bee, is a starting point for the answer.

These worker bees live by a strict code manifesting as hive mentality and no matter what, obedience to the Queen supersedes all else; especially independent and critical thinking.

The only means by which these programmed and good little worker bees can thrive and find pretend success is in a world where the learned expectation is that everyone be in first place with no second places and beyond because losing hurts their feelings and that’s just not permitted.

You know, ‘safe spaces.’

The programming is to blindly serve the Queen and the hive.

The Queen rewards the good little worker bees by owning everything and every place but being so gracious as to dole out trinkets, prizes and treats to reinforce the all important hive mindset.

The programmed acquisition of material things is a high order priority in the hive as the Queen attempts to fill the void in the droning, mundane life of a good little worker bee.

The good little worker bees love the hive and can’t get enough it as they all relish being in first place; blue ribbon in hand; gold trophy on the mantle.

“I’m number one!” they exclaim.

It’s followed by, “And so are you and you and you and you and you….”.

The winner’s circle in a public education system school must be painted with a large enough circumference to encircle the entire student body.

It’s a broad, constant and grotesque exercise in mental gymnastics to reinforce the hive mind while learning the all important and ever-so-profitable ‘victim status.’

The ‘victim status’ assumption is a perfect plug-in for the hive mentality and its good little worker bees.

It keeps them distracted from the Queen’s tyrannical grip over everyone and everything.

“I’m number one, but woe is me!” they exclaim.

This is all true is except for the good little worker bees who are white and more specifically, white and male [acknowledging that for the analog, worker bees are exclusively females incapable of reproduction.]

For these white males, there is a ferociously mandated and reinforced demand to adhere to the hive mind in fealty to the Queen and they must assume blame for all that’s wrong; no matter where the culpability lies; and they must pay for it – financially and otherwise.

The good little worker bees will swarm and attack with great ferocity to reinforce this.

Failure to adhere can result in ejection from the hive.

By edict, the Queen declares the nation to be ‘systemically racist’ and the schools and teachers program the edict into the malleable worker bee mind.

The Queen nourishes her precious little worker bees’ minds with an elixir of ‘systemic racism,’ ‘victim status,’ ‘LGBQT+ rights,’ ‘racist history,’ ‘orange man bad,’ ‘white man bad’ and other dogmatic ingredients.

To redress the ‘systemically racist’ and discriminatory problems identified by the Queen, she codifies ‘systemically racist’ policies, regulations and laws that are based on identifying ones race as an actionable thing.

The good little worker bees enthusiastically begin their jumping, tumbling, flipping and spinning as the mental gymnastics ensue for reinforcement.

These good little worker bees are so certain of their unscientific and religious beliefs on ‘racism’ that you can find them all over the nation’s university system marginalizing, protesting and discriminating against themselves for being white.

These good little worker bees are incapable of seeing or understanding that no one signs-up for being white no more so than for being brown, black, tan or any other pigment laden term they care to apply.

Rather it’s just a state of being and no one should ever be found at fault for anything simply for the charge of being a pinpoint expression of God just as God intended.

But, the Queen eliminated God from her schools long, long ago.

So, it shall be that whites and white men shall be responsible for all of this nation’s problems with preference to everyone else.

But the US Supreme Court recently said no more in the context of university admissions.

The Queen was furious and the good little worker bees lamented and cried afoul over the decision to end the policies that discriminated against the majority of themselves.

Ah, the beauty and blissful ignorance of the hive mind.

The Queen Bee is clever, though, and will maintain the same systemically racist ‘educational’ environment by circumventing admissions and exacting her policies in other ways.

The good little worker bees will applaud and appreciate this.

Truth is, white males writ large built the country because that’s who immigrated to the US at the time of its colonial founding to its sovereign status.

That’s also who predominately fought the War for Independence.

Truth and facts matter and an accurate history book – good luck finding one in any public school – will depicts this.

The Queen has no such books in her hive.

When the Queen is killed the hive will often replace her and will likely prevail whether she’s replaced or not.

What then keeps the good little worker bees from breaking their service to the Queen and the hive?

They all know how to build, maintain and run an effective hive because that’s their mandate from the Queen.

I suppose that’s why they call them a ‘colony’ of bees.

Colonies require an Empire to rule them and upon the throne the Queen resides.

When the colony survives, so does the hive mindset that compels the good little worker bees to replace the Queen with a new Queen that looks and acts just like the old one.

Ah, the beauty and blissful ignorance of the hive mind.

When the Queen enacted a preexisting Patriot Act after she brought down three modern, concrete, glass and steel structures in broad daylight and attacked the Pentagon with a cruise missile, did the good little worker bees revolt and leave?

No, they forfeited a host of Constitutional protections and proclaimed “Safety!” as uneducated professional and fondling gropers “screen” them to make sure they are “safe” to travel.

Does that sound like ‘independence’ to you?

Good little worker bees!

The Queen did this the day after the Pentagon announced it had lost billions from its ledgers.

The Queen also faked an illness that she said threatened the entire hive while her remedies and mitigations encroached on what little remained of the health, freedoms and liberties of the good little worker bees.

What did the good little worker bees do?

They donned their masks, stayed inside their hive and swarmed with great fury against any ‘maskless’ bee unwilling to participate in genetic experimentation disguised as a Queen-sponsored ‘vaccine.’

Does that sound like ‘independence’ to you?

Good little worker bees!

Now many of those good little worker bees are immune-compromised, permanently ill, dead or on their way to dying.

80.2% of the good little worker bees took the first administration of the Queen’s ‘vaccine.’

The hive mindset prevailed once again in the absence of independent and critical thinking, writ large.

This doesn’t bode well for the hive.

The Queen makes claims of ‘climate change’ not supported by any reliable science or evidence as the reason the good little worker bees should go all electric in their power, transportation and currency.

The good little worker bees don’t recognize that this serves a different Empire – China – at the same time they fail to identify how the Queen will simply flip a switch to turn-off the power, transportation and currency of any bees intending, thinking or acting wrongly and against the good of the hive.

The Queen’s public indoctrination system has stamped out a few generations of this brand of good little worker bee and if you manage or own a business with employees, you’ve likely noted that these entitled ‘workers’ don’t like to work much at all as a fault of everyone but themselves.

“I’m the victim, your employment expectations hurt my feelings and intrude on my personal time; now where is my safe space?!?”

If you hired one of these good little worker bees and their parent attended the interview or inspected your facilities before permitting their precious bee to begin work, it’s your own fault.

Like everywhere else, these good little worker bees require a Queen, a warden, a master, etc. at work, too, because being self-sufficient and independently reliable as a worker requires independence in thought.

The Achilles heel of the American people is the same for the good little worker bee: a dearth of independent and critical thinking.

Independence begins with independent thought.

The rest is a unique and individually formulated algorithm that determines how much the individual is willing to risk to actually fight and preserve independence.

Independence also dies with independent thought.

It seems that ‘independence’ for the good little worker bees of today manifests as the freedom to purchase whatever material items that the Queen had them make.

It’s the freedom to make sure that everyone knows every victim bees’ virtue and to damn and attack anyone not agreeing with it.

It’s the freedom to demand that judgement and acceptance be matters of skin color and assumed identities; not merit, qualifications, experience or capabilities.

It’s the freedom to demand that history books be rewritten, monuments replaced or fireworks be replaced with lighted drones because of fake ‘climate change.’

It’s the freedom to live in ignorant bliss as a Constitutional Republic anchored in democracy is replaced by a Marxist government enforced by the CCP’s brand of technocratic communism.

In 1776, independence looked and was defined differently; much differently.

For the colonists, pioneers, miners, farmers, homesteaders, industrialists and more, their independence manifested as an escape from religious persecution.

The early settlers of the colonies and the country sought independence in where they lived, how they lived and to whom they would acquiesce their liberty and freedoms in a negotiated contract with strict terms for redress and remedy that included freedom of speech and guarantees to it like the all-important Second Amendment.

It was brand independence that acknowledged a duty to basic things like paying appropriate taxation but only with representation.

It was independence from a feudal system in Europe that had their families subjugated to a single other family because that family claimed it’s genetics permitted them to rule over everyone else as determined by physical boundaries and armies to enforce it all.

When the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, it was a death sentence.

A real history book paints that dark and deadly outcome as property and lives were destroyed and lost.

Independence is birthed by independent thought but dies without ubiquitous action in the form of civic duty.

The Queen dislikes civic duty and her public indoctrination system ensures that any form of it aligns with the hive mentality.

Independence is not deciding the brand of beer with which to celebrate today.

Independence is not deciding hamburger, hotdog or both.

Independence is not waving your sparkler.

Independence is; however, not paying any taxes until the Queen stops ripping off the good little worker bees and sending it to other hives.

Independence is not flying until the airlines are bankrupt or the TSA disappears.

Independence is noncompliance writ large for masks, lockdowns and “vaccines.”

Independence is taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches to hold accountable those who assassinated JFK.

Or waged manufactured war in foreign nations out of conquest and empire.

Or attacked our own country and people on 9/11.

Or faked a pandemic to steal an election.

Or removed a sitting president because he dared to restore the Republic and return power to the people.

Or entrapped innocent Americans in the nation’s Capitol because they dared protest that stolen [s]election with their First Amendment.

Or mandated and coerced human genetic experimentation dressed-up as a “vaccine” that is maiming, injuring and killing Americans in what can only be accurately described as a depopulation event.

Or a proxy war with Russia to drag us into World War III.

JFK was assassinated in 1963.

9/11 was in 2001.

The pandemic unpacked beginning 27 Dec 19.

The election was stolen on 03 Nov 20.

The mRNA vaccinations began rolling out 13 Dec 20.

The Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation was executed on 06 Jan 21.

The proxy war began in February 2022.

As of 04 Jul 23 – Independence Day 2023 – Americans have done nothing to remedy that list or the much, much longer list of treason and crimes against humanity.

This is the best evidence within a logical and cogent argument that Americans writ large don’t actually understand independence and what it really means.

If Americans by and large do know about the true nature of independence and I’m somehow mischaracterizing it all, don’t look at me.

Rather, look at them because it’s a matter of each American’s unique and individually formulated algorithm that determines how much the individual is willing to risk to actually fight and preserve independence.

You get what you tolerate. Period.

So far, a dead president, another president removed and a fake president aren’t enough.

Add to it an attack on ourselves, a fake pandemic, biowarfare, depopulation, an American gulag and a fake proxy war and it’s still not enough.

And that’s an incomplete list of what Americans are free and independent to tolerate.

And this must end.

Enjoy this Independence Day folks, because if we don’t come to understand the proper meaning of independence and unify, rise-up and fight back to preserve it, it could be the last one.

Independence begins with independent thought.

The rest comes down to character and intestinal fortitude.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence would tell you this if they could.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!


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