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If It Sounds Crazy, It Might Be: The Unvarnished Truth About the End Game of One Health

-23 Dec 22-

I will say it again. There is a zero-percent chance that we are wrong about COVID-19. It bears the question, “Who is we?” “We” is the team I serve that is led by Dr. Henry Ealy and sponsored by Oregon State Senators Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher. Last February into March, we filed a federal grand jury petition in the Ninth circuit respective to COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud.

What’s important about the team relative to COVID-19 is this: we’re all different – doctors, Senators, judges, attorneys, investigators, researchers, constitutional specialists, etc. – and as strangers, we all found each other in pursuit of the truth. Therein, we all reached an absolute and deeply evidenced conclusion before we ever met one another: COVID-19 is a construct of enterprise fraud. And there is a zero-percent chance that we are wrong about that.

In short, such a diverse group of strangers doesn’t authentically find one another in coalescence around such a divisive and controversial position of truth in error. This is especially so when considering the background and credentials of the individual team members. Well, that and a mountain of evidence indicates exactly the point in irrefutable, reliable and verifiable fashion.

One of our team members is Brian O’Shea, who is former U.S. military special operations in military intelligence specializing in perception management [better known as “psychological operations”] and a former contractor at two 3-letter agencies. You may also know him as the husband of prominent and esteemed journalist and author, Naomi Wolf.

This substantive article proves exactly what I’m saying here about the truth and it hinges on an interview between Dr. Ealy and O’Shea. The point of reviewing this interview and writing this article examining it is to incorporate O’Shea’s investigative findings on One Health into the broader body of COVID-19 work and evidence for the purpose of further developing our comprehensive understanding of it all.

The proof is found in the details delivered by Dr. Ealy and O’Shea that are in perfect alignment with a substantial body of work and analysis into COVID-19 on the Political Moonshine website. The important factor is how the Moonshine work was completed before I ever knew these gentlemen and began working with them as I have for the past couple of years.

Although the hour-long interview should be consumed on its own merits, this article captures its most imperative aspects and positions them alongside existing evidence for deeper meaning.

Here is the interview source link:

Here is the introduction to the interview: “In this episode of Energetic Health Radio, Dr. H [Henry Ealy] interviews private investigator Brian O’Shea to discuss the evil no one is talking about…the global tyranny known as One Health. It comes down to a fundamental question, do you want to live free and accept the risks of living, or do you want to surrender your freedom to the people profiting from your fear. The greatest liars who’ve ever lived are alive today…why in the world would we ever give them what they want?”

The interview opens establishing the general parameters in saying that the WHO’s attempt to subvert national sovereignty under the guise of declared medical “emergencies,” like a “pandemic,” is the true end-game objective.

I couldn’t agree more and have written about this copiously in stating that global governance by means of medical tyranny is the end game. Therein and as Dr. Ealy notes, the mRNA injections were a parallel agenda, which again reminds us that nothing serves a singular purpose. I address this concept below, as well.

O’Shea begins by stating that it’s difficult to find the definition for One Health because the drafters of it continually redefine it. O’Shea surmises that, “One Health as defined is this approach to public health, which recognizes the link between animal health, ecosystems and the health of people.”

O’Shea describes One Health as a framework delineating the operational directives encompassing the natural habitat and the human habitat, which on its face appears benevolent but One Health’s primary focus is addressing pandemics. The problem arises out of the depth of One Health’s intrusion with some of the frameworks going back decades.

O’Shea identifies how the most robust framework was written in 2018 making it a precursor to the enterprise fraud construct of the “COVID-19 pandemic.” The problematic aspects are found in One Health’s penetration into the education system, equity, community building, “smart cities” ideology and more.

O’Shea immediately extrapolates One Health to the WHO international pandemic treaty that I’ve covered rather extensively in several articles and which is designed such that the U.S. and other nations will forego national sovereignty under the guise of healthcare, which is more accurately termed medical tyranny. As I’ve long contended and evidenced, this is the mechanism for global governance.

Moreover, this extrapolation overlaps and encompasses even more Moonshine work that arduously ran down the U.S. biosecurity rules re-write initiated by Lisa Monaco and which permitted the bioweaponization of viruses as the necessary bioweapons to predicate and justify “Public Health Emergency Declarations.” “Public Health Emergency Declarations” preceded “Pandemic Declarations,” and whereby both were the impetus and justification for unilaterally determined “Emergency Use Authorizations.”

It’s the EUA and its subsequent renewals that permit extra-constitutional governance and extra-constitutional governance is the mechanism for tyranny and whereby the authority for it all is being exported to the WHO in violation of our national sovereignty. This is exactly and precisely how global governance is being implemented. O’Shea is evidencing how the framework of One Health underpins this ongoing objective.

Anthony Fauci said it best: “It’s the fear of the unknown which causes the panic.” And it’s the panic that herds the sheep up in acquiescence to global governance.

The other critical aspect of Moonshine underpinning all of this is the work into Obamacare [ACA] establishing it as the bedrock foundation in the sense that it restructured the U.S. healthcare system to provide all of the interfaces and mechanisms to create a pandemic of fraudulent data out of thin air. The heart of it is medical coding and so the Moonshine work into the ICD-10 Coding Manual [ 1 2 ] was and continues to be extremely important as a primary mechanism to whip-up a “pandemic” of fraudulent data out of comorbidity data like flu, pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Moreover, the same coding mechanism permits the further commission of enterprise fraud in obfuscating and covering up mRNA vaccine injuries and deaths so that the construct can continue in perpetuity.

Relative to the WHO’s international pandemic treaty, O’Shea’s analysis makes a critical point when he says that, “It looks to me more about…taking control of land and determining how that land will be used.”

What O’Shea is saying is that the confluence of the natural habitat and the human habitat in One Health, as discussed in the introduction and under the guise of global human health and healthcare, is by design intended to cast dominion over physical land. Consequently and as compounded by the foregoing of national sovereignty as per the WHO treaty, this dominion over land would fall to global governance. One World Governance; One Health. One in the same.

Dr. Ealy’s follow-up remarks stating, “All the land is our; you’re going to own nothing and like it,” bear down hard on Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s propaganda stating exactly that and furthermore, the WEF was one of three primary sponsors for the COVID-19 pre-pandemic tabletop exercise Event 201 in October 2019 along with Johns Hopkins and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Again, that’s all old Moonshine.

Dr. Ealy remarks how these frameworks are accomplishing their global dominion objectives for our “own good” by deceptive legislation in lieu of guns. O’Shea counters saying that, “I don’t think that we should expect that it won’t be with guns because where the One Health framework really goes beyond an ideology is that it is an actual drafted framework that requires the buy-ins of national governments federal; and in our case, to implement these One Health strategies to start tackling this impending doom of the pandemic that’s to come, right away. The real danger of that is it is crafted in such a way; almost as if they had NHS, but more so HHS…in mind when they wrote it, because like HHS, the One Health framework covers climate; it covers crime; it covers food; it covers land; and how these governments will deal with it.”

As O’Shea indicates, the aggregate of it all falls back on one thing – funding. That means U.S. taxpayer dollars and it means they’re all being exported to a Globalist international cartel just as I’ve evidenced for so long; including the work into The Keystone of Corruption: Ukraine and the FTX scandal.

Let’s pause for understanding. The EUA’s above are unilaterally determined by an unelected bureaucrat appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate – the Secretary of HHS. Moreover and as I’ve repeated ad nauseam, the global “climate change” agenda is perhaps the largest Ponzi scheme/money laundering operation to rip-off a wide swath of nations. Quite literally, all of their crime is interconnected and linked.

Dr. Ealy remarks on his expertise relative to previous positions drawing back to 2018 and resting on the notion that advancements in civilization and medicine writ large will intercede on the occurrence of naturally occurring pandemics. Dr. Ealy further remarks on how SARS-CoV-2 [and the mRNA “vaccinations”] is a bioweapon and we know this vis-a-vis the bioweaponization of the virus through Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The other major player in the bioweaponization vector is Ralph Baric at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

What this means is that this criminal Globalist cartel is conjuring up the past as the guise for launching bioweapons against humanity as the mechanism for global governance. Again, that’s old Moonshine.

O’Shea draws back on more old Moonshine identifying the One Health drafters as The World Bank and EcoHealth Alliance. Recall that one of the very first articles I wrote in late February 2020 respective to the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct reported on The World Bank’s issuance of “pandemic bonds” where in-part, I said this, “the pandemic bonds are triggered when a pandemic is declared and the World Bank gets to make that decision. That decision is predicated on the pandemic declaration that would come only from the World Health Organization. Ergo, if we want to know who is pulling the strings here, we have to look at who pulls the strings at the WHO and that’s what we’re doing.”

As Dr. Ealy states, the longstanding and evidenced crux of it is that Fauci used U.S. taxpayer money to fund Daszak and where Daszak and Baric collaborated in the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2 with Chinese doctors and scientists [Wuhan Institute of Virology]; which necessitated a move to China due to the U.S. moratorium on gain of function work. It is important to note that the change in venue was required because U.S. internal whistleblowers sounded the alarm on prohibited gain of function work. This all constitutes the genesis of the fake cover story that is fraudulently “controversial” as found in the “lab leak theory.”

Succinctly, the “lab leak theory” is nothing more than a deflection point construct meaning they offered not one fraudulent account of the COVID-19 “pandemic” – it was naturally derived from bats in China – but two and whereby the second was the “lab leak theory.” Of course, they never told us the actual truth which rests upon an entire mountain of evidence: it was a deliberate and planned attack that rises to the blackletter definition of biowarfare, which happens to be China’s preferred warfare vector as I’ve long evidenced in my examination of Chinese doctrine.

It should be noted that later in the interview, O’Shea and I have disagreement in the notion of a “lab leak,” whereby he believes in the leak theory; just not the story behind it. I, on the other hand, don’t entertain any notion of a “leak” and find evidence that it was a deliberate release ergo a biowarfare attack.

I broke-down the aforementioned crux – the bioweaponization of SARS-CoV-2 – in granular detail in a substantial article called Dangerously Changing Inconvenient Rules that draws back almost 20 years in time. It should really be consumed against the backdrop of the full timeline work I complied for comprehensive understanding here. It should also be noted that this is the 349th article I’ve written on COVID-19 so the linked items here are a sliver of a fraction of the full Moonshine body of work and to the extent that much of what is being published by others today represents content from my archive.

“Normally, there’s never one big plan in a room that kind of branches out and they start doing their tasks,” O’Shea says. O’Shea is hitting on a longstanding Moonshine tenet that always reminds readers that the fraudulent constructs devised to accomplish objectives always have paralleling objectives; meaning they never serve a singular purpose.

The COVID-19 “pandemic” is a perfect example of this. It created the mechanism to steal an election, which accomplished at least two objectives: removing a sitting U.S. president that represented the greatest threat to their plans at the same time it paved the way for global governance under the guise of medical tyranny.

O’Shea continues, “Normally there will be a plan such as One Health…to have authority over governments so we can control, really, who owns the land, and then there’s…what I like to call the opportunists for the parallel motivations.” O’Shea then drags-in “Big Pharma” respective to vaccines and entities disliking a neighboring nation as examples of the opportunists that capitalize on the “big plan.”

O’Shea then identifies “paralleling motivations” citing China as an example in how he doubts China is in favor of being part of a ruling bureaucracy [in reference to the Globalist cartel] “because they are an [intensely] nationalist country.” Respective to that intense nationalism, O’Shea hits on more Moonshine derived from my examination of Chinese doctrine by citing what I’ve identified as China’s primary hegemonic objective in stating that by 2049, China intends to literally rule the world. What does China’s warfare doctrine say? It says that biowarfare is its first and primary warfare vector. That’s COVID-19. Full circle. Old Moonshine.

The buried gold in the analysis is offered by Dr. Ealy and confirmed by O’Shea. I’d characterize it as China assuming a “lie in wait” posture whereby and as Dr. Ealy states, the framework for world dominion is being established by this Globalist cartel and where at a time of its choosing, China will diverge from that and go it alone. Ergo, China itself is an opportunist.

Citing One Health’s history, O’Shea identifies the concept of it coming about in 1947 originally being called, “One Medicine;” and noting there have been several iterations of it. As mentioned, the 2018 iteration provides the most robust framework of One Health. “In that, they lay-out everything” O’Shea, says.

Here is One Health as it now stands on the CDC’s website:

O’Shea identifies “World Health Day” as a problematic development respective to One Health and specifically as it relates to Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of HHS, which is the umbrella department with oversight and authority over the others. First was Becerra’s applause of Biden’s leadership followed by the Senate’s $10 billion funding for pandemic response, but Becerra’s remarks cited both the “domestic” response and a “global” response. This falls directly back on enterprise fraud and the funding and money laundering operations where U.S. taxpayer funds are exported under false premises.

O’Shea notes how Becerra’s vernacular and terminology conflates national interest and global vaccination to eliminate national borders. I position this as the erosion of U.S. national sovereignty at the same time it opens conduits to move money in the commission of enterprise fraud and O’Shea sees it similarly.

O’Shea quotes Becerra’s remarks pertaining to 2005 era legislation, which may be a reference to the resulting NIH Common Fund, NIH Reform Act of 2006 [O’Shea did not have the documents in front of him at the time], where Becerra cited “in the spirit of one planet, one health” relative to the Biden Administration’s fight against COVID-19. Notably, “one planet, one health” draws back decades to the original underpinning documents of One Health, as O’Shea states.

O’Shea states that by searching “one health,” the returns delineate a wide array of governmental agencies and departments in the U.S. functioning under that branding. I position this as the bending back of federalism – the COVID-19 enforcement mechanism, as I’ve long evidenced – against Americans in the pursuit of global governance achieved by medical tyranny.

As O’Shea wraps-up with how folks can educate themselves about One Health, he offers sobering advice: “IF IT SOUNDS CRAZY, IT MIGHT BE, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it.”

There’s a zero-percent chance that we are wrong about COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud devised to deliver global governance by means of medical tyranny as enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism.

If that sounds crazy, it might be, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it. In the insanity of today, pursuit of the crazy normally takes you to the unvarnished truth.

Thank you Dr. Ealy, thank you Brian O’Shea and thank you to our team sponsored by Senators Linthicum and Thatcher.



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