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The mRNA Injection Is a Bioweapon and the Statistical Correlation on a Specific Timeline Presents as Irrefutable

01 Nov 22

The following information, data and analysis was included in today’s article but deserves stand-alone own space given the gravity of the findings. There are two sides to Moonshine – the journalistic side and the professional side serving clients such as attorneys and the team sponsored by Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum for which I work. When client work is authorized to be published, it’s published on the website dedicated to the professional side: EDIFY Research & Consulting. That is the case here.

Weeks ago, I was tasked by our team leader Dr. Henry Ealy to expand on a single graphic pertaining to mRNA injections and cancer. That graphic was expanded exponentially and encompasses a vast amount of existing research and proprietary analysis from The Ethical Skeptic and team member John Beaudoin.

The findings present as irrefutable and the projection for the U.S. population is a dismal one understanding that 79.5% of Americans received at least one dose.

The work is introduced by a very short, contextual and highly informative MUST SEE VIDEO.

To read and view the work and findings, click this link, which takes you to the webpage: EDIFY Research & Consulting / mRNA & Cancer.

*The following is a downloaded image of the EDIFY webpage. Click the link above to visit the site.


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