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HOUSEKEEPING: A Quick Note, Apology and Thank You for the Kind Comments About Articles

01 Nov 22

I’ll be the first to tell you that the Moonshine isn’t for everyone. It can be heavy and lengthy reading that is often complex and difficult to wade through. Such is the nature of documenting pervasive and rampant crimes against humanity and worse that are centered on enterprise fraud. The objective is to make a water-tight case in service to all. The objective dictates the end product.

In short, the Moonshine is much like beer – an acquired taste that as stated, isn’t for everyone. The plus side to the nature of the work is that it has garnered the attention of some big brains and prominent folks. I suppose we call that quality over quantity although quantity is no bad thing.

It translates to a smaller audience and that makes all the folks who take the time to read the work and analysis both very important and highly appreciated; especially for those who take more time out of their own busy lives to offer input, remarks and more.

My apology is two-fold.

For one, I don’t believe in limiting folks and restricting their right to express themselves. I encourage disagreement and alternative opinions because they’re incredibly important to the discourse. The worst coaching staffs I’ve ever worked on we’re full of “yes men” unwilling to speak their minds. That is a significant weakness in any context.

That said, proper discourse, decorum and mutual respect supersede all else. So, the first apology is for the one recurring person, who I guarantee doesn’t read the articles in their entirety and is likely inadequately situated to understand what is being read, who only posts inappropriate, reckless, impish, juvenile and low-brow word salad insults that get after me personally. It’s no skin off my back but it throws a lot garbage on our floor.

I’m sorry you have to see that and I’m working on solutions.

What I’d like to do is provide my exact location and an invitation to chat face to face with that individual. You can define “chat” however you wish but it takes a specific form in my mind; nowhere near the level of politeness you’re reading here and understanding that physical restraint can also be a good thing. Cowards like that never accept such invitations, though. Rather, they hide behind their digital veil and carry on. It makes that person not worth one more second of time.

My second apology is for my lack of reader engagement.

Many of you post insightful, thoughtful and very kind remarks about the work that sometimes reflects back on me as a person. They are all genuinely appreciated and I’m honored to receive them. So, I am sorry for not getting back to you all and when I do have time, I normally sit down and plow through them as stacked-up by months. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve done that.

Not to offer excuses, but my lack of engagement is simply a matter of time and availability. In essentially all ways, my plate stays full like it’s Thanksgiving dinner and it’s progressively getting deeper with no relief in sight. So it’s important for me to get back to each of you and I’m shotgunning it with this post.

Please know that your readership, remarks and kindness are appreciated.

Thank you.

As we stay the course in fighting to get back this fallen and once proud constitutional republic, I offer all my best to you and yours.


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  1. John Fry November 1, 2022

    Rock on Moonshine , and I love Beer , LOL !

  2. Milt Parker November 2, 2022

    I would not know or have the knowledge of this without you. Thank you so much!

  3. Deb November 2, 2022

    There is honestly no need for apologies. If anyone reads the info put out by you (and the responses you mentioned needing apology) and cannot discern the heart from which it comes, theirs is the problem. Keep the great info coming. It is invaluable. Truth always hit the mark.

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