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Dr. Naomi Wolf Reminds Us Who Is Culpable for Enterprise Fraud and Crimes Against Humanity

29 Sep 22

A Telegram post from Beyond The Con and The Vigilant Fox features Dr. Naomi Wolf making a recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room. In the segment, Dr. Wolf precisely reminds us where the culpability begins for enterprise fraud and crimes against humanity associated with the COVID-19 “pandemic” and four private non-profits: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, The Wellcome Foundation and CEPI.

These four non-profits are critical components to the evidenced COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct and we return to some of the first Moonshine ever distilled on COVID-19 respective to Dr. Wolf’s remarks and positions.

Dr. Wolf is a greatly appreciated and world renown author and journalist who is an associated team member along with her husband, Brian O’Shea. O’Shea serves our team in a direct capacity and his background includes over 10 years in perception management, asymmetric warfare, intelligence operations and counter-insurgency. It also includes working as a contractor in two USG intelligence agencies and years of experience working in private competitive intelligence in the fields of Big Pharma, international banking and finance, ag tech and heavy industry.

O’Shea’s background makes him an invaluable asset and a fascinating individual for long conversation. O’Shea’s professional investigative practice is Stiker-Pierce.

Our team is led by Dr. Henry Ealy, sponsored by Oregon State Senators Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher and our counsel is Mr. Stephen Joncus. In late February, we filed a federal grand jury petition in the Ninth Circuit respective to COVID-19 as a construct of enterprise fraud. Relative to that, the full body of Moonshine work clearly and exclusively evidences this construct. The work draws back years to the origins of it all in early January and February of 2020.

Dr. Wolf’s positions relative to COVID-19 and the general status quo permit her to function as a barometer of the truth for the rest of us. This is because Dr. Wolf, a Biden voter and longtime Democrat, was compelled to closely examine her own conventions and political affiliation with the Democratic Party, which is a central node to it all, when she began her discernment of the COVID-19 “pandemic” narrative.

That is offered with the reminder that Republicans and Democrats are nothing but two sides of the same corrupt and criminal coin.

Dr. Wolf’s confounding position is critical to the truth for the these reasons. Dr. Wolf’s self-initiated and self-directed internal exercise of introspection caused her conflict. Reconciling the conflict led to the truth. Dr. Wolf then faced the same predicament that has a hold of every single American whether realized or not. Inescapably, that predicament must be reconciled at some point.

In short, that predicament is to: 1-stay the course or 2-diverge from it to challenge what you once believed and now find to be fraudulent, errant, incorrect, objectionable or otherwise; and to do that in the face of an unprecedented hostile environment with very real and extreme personal risk.

I suggest that as a people, we all benefit when someone of Dr. Wolf’s character, moral compass and caliber publicly reverse course on highly important and controversial matters.

I offer all of this without ever having spoken to or directly interacted with Dr. Wolf outside of team communications that may have included her.

I offer all of this because I understand the journey upon which Dr. Wolf decided to embark; mine having taken place in the aftermath of 9/11 and the resulting scrutiny that fell upon the Republican Party vis-a-vis the Bush family and Dynastic Bush. I challenged all of my own conventions, party affiliation, perspective on truth and bunch more. That self-directed exercise set the course for landing in the status quo and provides relevant perspective on Dr. Wolf’s likely course to the same status quo.

Almost exclusively, the best things in life are the hardest things in life and that, too, is another inescapable reality. Going against one’s own grain in pursuit of the truth is such an endeavor.

When that endeavor is assumed in the public spectrum as Dr. Wolf’s is, the endeavor becomes an exponentially complicated and aggravated affair. Ergo we respectfully pause to tip our hat to and acknowledge a living example of “brave” as it is found in Dr. Wolf.

When people from across the broad and diverse spectrum begin landing on the exact same fact set, the truth is never far away.

To follow Dr. Wolf more closely, her site, where Wolf is CEO, is a great place to start.

In her War Room segment, Dr. Wolf frames the perspective on old Moonshine remembering that our evidenced positions hold that the United Nations and the WHO in particular are Chinese proxies.

“Every single wrong thing that ruined your life and your children’s life for the first 18 months since 2020 came out of the WHO. And the script for lockdown in country after country came out of the WHO.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf, Author & Journalist

Here’s the post that garnered my attention respective to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, The Wellcome Foundation and CEPI and the early Moonshine work into them:

Dr. Wolf’s assessment, analysis and positions on Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, The Wellcome Foundation and CEPI lend credibility, reliability and veracity to our Moonshine positions, which we offer in service to the American people in the effort to fight for the truth.

The Moonshine work into the four non-profits Dr. Wolf identifies is archived as follows:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Featured in 46 articles beginning on February 17, 2020

Gavi: Featured in 5 articles beginning on February 9, 2020 [the first article in this series of around 300]

The Wellcome Foundation: Featured in 6 articles beginning on March 8, 2020

CEPI: Featured in 7 articles beginning of March 8, 2020

Moonshine isn’t “news” rather it’s publicly available research and analysis in journalistic form that is partly informed by the “news”; and that is why Moonshine is always years ahead of the “news” on the truth.

Here’s the War Room segment from Dr. Wolf and remember, there is a ZERO PERCENT CHANCE that we’re wrong about COVID-19 being a construct of enterprise fraud:

Here’s the link to Dr. Wolf’s interview at Rumble:

There’s a zero percent chance we’re wrong….



  1. Zon Kuthon September 29, 2022

    You’re still a van bumming Grifter and your grand jury petition got slappped down just like it will for every appeal. Everyone hates Whites and nobody can unite.

    Ashes and Echoes

  2. jpmaxwell September 30, 2022

    Ms. Wolf has been invaluable. I was very impressed with her as a young lady giving one of her first public lectures at the University of Washington about 15 years ago when I was just leaving Seattle. She is a true feminist and not a feminazi. I believe she was right back when I first saw her at the UW – America is over as we know it and more power to her today, but we’re on a sinking ship and it’s past time to have boarded the life boats.

  3. Silver Sunday October 1, 2022

    There is no limit to what Gates has his hand in.

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