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BRIEF: Data Informing the Analysis of the Average Cost of Hospitalization for COVID-19

21 Jul 22

Not everything that gets done by Moonshine gets published at Moonshine. A significant amount of work remains confidential and behind closed doors in service to our team and its efforts, which are currently represented by our federal grand jury petition in the Ninth Circuit that levels charges of enterprise fraud against five defendants including the former and current directors of the CDC. All five have been served and a response is forthcoming.

In a peek behind the scene of team operations, our team leader and consensus world’s leading expert on COVID-19 data, Dr. Henry Ealy, runs our team and its meetings with support from cosponsors Oregon State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum. Behind them are the rest of us comprised of attorneys, judges, constitutional specialists, grand jury specialists, authors, doctors, nurses, researchers, investigators, and more. We quietly, namelessly and proudly serve the team.

Further, Dr. Ealy assigns team members tasks; receives back the task brief, report, data or other; and retains it until it’s brought online and into service for the team’s tactical objectives. It’s also customary for such work to be distributed internally to all team members. It’s all rather basic stuff as one might imagine.

Occasionally, Dr. Ealy prefers to publish proprietary content because the American people deserve to know it immediately. This is one of those occasions.

What follows for your independent consumption is a brief I compiled to inform our team’s analysis of the average cost of hospitalization for a COVID-19 case. It is being published per Dr. Ealy.

As you consume this data, recall that our team’s work and the proprietary and exclusive work found at Moonshine have amassed a mountain of reliable intelligence, information, research and analysis evidencing a criminal enterprise definable and prosecutable under RICO statute. This criminal enterprise delivered the entire construct of enterprise fraud that people mistakenly refer to as the COVID-19 “pandemic.” That means that “COVID” was “done to us.” It was avoidable. They made it happen. They cooked-up fraudulent data and sold apples as oranges to make all of this happen ergo enterprise fraud ergo RICO bears down fully.

As I continue to say, there is a distinct difference between what is happening to us v. what is being done to us.

COVID-19 was done to us and this is what it costs:

For a deep understanding delivered in a format that facilitates faster uptake and comprehension, the Moonshine timeline chronologically lays out-decades of evidence with hundreds of entries that link to supporting and evidentiary proprietary work and analysis and primary source data. There’s nothing else quite like it.

As I’ve discussed in the past two days in separate articles, ripping the former constitutional republic from the throes of the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism and the global governance that will follow begins with Americans receiving, accepting and then acting on the truth.

Our team delivers the truth in service to all Americans and from there, it’s all about Americans disseminating it to all and such that we effectively fight a virus like a virus.



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  1. Manolis July 29, 2022

    Please don’t type ‘comprised of’. It’s grammatically incorrect. You can look up the verb ‘to comprise’ in any dictionary.

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