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Deadly Honest Questions For All Americans To Ask and Answer Themselves: Obama, Biden, Clinton Abedin, Trump and America [Video]

17 Jul 22

Did you notice that unlike every single president before him, President Barrack Obama never secluded into private life? Nope. Not this guy. He just moved down the street and opened-up shop in his basement with the old crew and Valerie Jarrett running point. At a minimum, we’re amidst Obama’s third term and if you care to include the four years he spent orchestrating the attack and undermining of President Donald Trump’s first term, we’re in his fourth consecutive term.

Did you notice how Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and Senator from NY-D and current “Russian collusion” propagandist who is still really pissed that her tiara was stolen from her in 2016 by Orange Man bad!, refuses to go away and always acts presidential despite failing to ever becoming a president? That lady is supremely bitter and she has far too many irons in the fire and skeletons in the closet to become irrelevant and without a hand in play anytime soon.

Did you notice how long-time Clinton aid, advisor, confidant and “second daughter” Huma Abedin, who is divorced from Anthony Weiner and his Clinton-implicating, child trafficking-laden laptop that fell into the possession of NYPD and ultimately the FBI, just disappeared? Poof. Gone. Like Jeffrey Epstein but still alive. I jest, I jest – Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. Hell, he still may be alive. I wonder if Huma is about to become relevant again?

Did you know that in Abedin, for over 20 years Clinton has had at her side and privy to all the most sensitive U.S. intelligence and information a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated and 9/11-related Middle Eastern terrorist with a Saudi background who was working within a faction to overthrow the United States from within? Issuing an APB for HA.

Did you notice how the Obama/Clinton cartel, which metastasized out of the Godfather’s [George H.W. Bush] Dynastic Bush empire, actually colluded with the “Deep State” and China [and Iran and others; some “allies”] to vilify Russia and to install Proxy Joe Biden as an illegitimate president so as to get things back on track? And how since then, Biden’s positions, decisions, actions and policies have essentially all benefited China, the CCP and Xi Jinping while they target, punish and attack Americans?

How’s the gas pump treating you? The grocery bill? The U.S. public indoctrination [education] system? The engineered insanity of LGBQT activism, abortion rights, rioting, burning, etc.? What about the supply chain and the food crisis underway? What about the “second pandemic” Proxy Joe recently promised? What about the flow of billions and billions to Ukraine while we’re an economic disaster? What about Ukraine being one of two evidenced epicenters for the Bidens’ corruption, crime and treason?

Do you recall how Moonshine has dug it all out to evidence how crimes like enterprise fraud permit this Dynastic Bush cartel to continue bending back against Americans the rules, protocols, policies, regulations and laws that it wrote for itself; and where extra-constitutional powers are triggered by fraudulently predicated “emergencies” they themselves create? Or how all of the linkages and nexuses threading from GHWB down through most president and candidate on both sides and right through to the Bidens; save one Donald John Trump, have been established and evidenced in this?

And how the Bidens not only thread to China, Xi Jinping, the CCP, the PLA, CEFC China Energy Company, CEFC Chairman Ye, Chinese intelligence officer Patrick Ho, Belt Road Initiative, COVID-19, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and more, but how the Bidens simultaneously tie directly to Russia/Ukraine on a long and evidenced timeline? And how that timeline draws back to the same Obama/Biden/Clinton/Kerry/Nuland/CIA 2014 timeline of regime change in Ukraine that leveraged Nazi and neo-Nazi factions and which overlaps the present Biden entanglements in Ukraine? How Metabiota ties the Bidens directly to U.S. Department of Defense biolabs in Ukraine that are further overlaid as targets by additional NATO locations all tied to the ongoing Russian Special Operation in the country? Now, Hunter can tell us all about it [*Marco Polo]:

And have you noticed how Schumer’s Senate and Pelosi’s House are out-of-control and subservient lapdogs in adoration of King Obama while executing his third [fourth] term?

Doesn’t that mean that quite literally all of it – the entire federal apparatus and down through to particular states, counties, cities and towns – has been bent back against Americans for ulterior and nefarious purposes? And wouldn’t that require all of the individuals, entities and groups I’m implicating here to be co-conspirators? And wouldn’t that entail a great many of them being compromised by foreign hostiles like Israel, China, Russia, Iran and others?

Wouldn’t it seem that all of these politicians – Democrats and Republicans – are of the same coint, complicit and aligned with Klaus Schwab, The World Economic Forum and others; all deriving from the Globalists writ large? And doesn’t the Globalist agenda align with the established evidence that America is being forced to forego its national sovereignty and subjugate itself to global governance enforced by medical tyranny enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism? And wouldn’t that make for life on the technocratic global plantation?

Those were the warm-up questions. The ones to get you thinking about the status quo; the present, and how it’s a far cry and a much different America than the one we all enjoyed several years ago to generations earlier.

We’re moving onto the tough questions. These are the ones that in the case of those still reading this as a bunch of nonsensical conspiracy theory; despite the irrefutable evidence already on the table, will severely challenge your conventions and the things you think you know.

There is also one caveat: It’s imperative to manage bias and shoulder the onus and burden of being honest with oneself regarding the words uttered below relative to an honest assessment of the way things are now compared to beginning several years ago. Anything less than that is an exercise in futility that will produce unreliable results.

This exercise entails watching short videos that are summarized for measurement against an honest assessment of the status quo.

We begin with Obama’s campaign statement prior to taking office in January 2009 when he promised “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”:

[All of the following videos are about a minute in length except for the last one.]


Do you know that one rule conventionally thought to be accurate is that in implicit ways; sometimes explicitly, they always tell you the truth. Obama was telling the truth there. What do you think he meant by “fundamentally transforming America”?

Wouldn’t “fundamentally transforming” America entail processes and wouldn’t those processes require mechanisms? Wouldn’t there be the need for the rationale and justification of those mechanisms and so wouldn’t there be a need for propaganda to communicate it all?

Since America is a Constitutional Republic in the representative form of government, wouldn’t “fundamentally transforming” America entail overcoming the established Democratic form of government? Wouldn’t that entail circumventing or canceling the will of the people? What might those “mechanisms” look like? Would they look like stolen elections? How might one steal an election? Could it be done by compromising 37 or so hub urban areas with sufficient electoral populations? Could they overlap 37 locations also tied to the COVID infection and mortality data that inform the emergency determination processes?

Don’t you agree that the evidenced is overwhelming that they faked a pandemic to force desired voting measures that they leveraged to determine the outcome in 2020? Why is it that when you put fraud on paper, elections and pandemics look the same? Do you know what statistical improbability is?

How do you fake a pandemic without erring and eliminating almost everyone? Do you commit enterprise fraud to propagate fraudulent infection and mortality data to reflect a pandemic? Is that accomplished by fraud at the level of the emergency determination process and where it triggers extra-constitutional powers that can impact how elections are run?

Thinking back to the history of this nation, past decades and up through Trump’s presidency, has America been fundamentally transformed respective to the moment?

Are you factoring into your decision evidence of things like medical tyranny, a Biden-promised “second pandemic”, two-tiered justice, fraudulent pandemics, fraudulent impeachments, fraudulent Capitol “insurrection” hearings, rioting, burning, censorship, societal division, inflation, cost of living, political strife, economic disaster, no rule of law, mandated human genetic experimentation [mRNA injections meeting no standard, legal, patent or medical definition for a “vaccine”], mandatory face coverings, shuttered businesses, a supply chain crisis, an energy crisis, a global food crisis, a corrupt MSM and not source of factual news, and the fomenting of multiple-front World War III that stands to go thermonuclear? Fundamentally transformed? Yes or no?

This is the same but then President Obama not talking about the Republican form of government, but of the pending world of global governance by means of individual rights surrendered to an “all-powerful sovereign”:


Wouldn’t stealing elections [2020 was not the first and it’s a problem in the decades] rise to the circumvention of representation by means of the right to vote such that people beholden to a single point of global leadership can unilaterally govern America? Wouldn’t that equate to surrendering individual rights to an “all-powerful sovereign”?

Wouldn’t committing enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO statute to propagate a fraudulent pandemic used to justify violating a long list of individual, group and public rights and liberties; and devastate a nation in the process, equate to a gross and tyrannical violation of rights writ large? Doesn’t it make for an extra-constitutional government with extra-constitutional authority and power? And doesn’t it take on the Marxist communist form when the extra-constitutional authority that they carved out for themselves closely aligns with the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism?

Isn’t this especially so since they routinely, fraudulently and endlessly extend the emergency determinations due to more emerging variants and sub-variants and other fraudulent narrative nonsense? And they do this for a virus that was never isolated respective to rtPCR testing and which contains six artificial HIV inserts indicative of bioengenineering and bio-weaponization; and for which there are 40,000 U.S. patent filings tied to it; and for which there is a general recovery rate of 99.998%? I could continue; I digress.

Obama touts an, “alternative vision that argues that ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs.”

Obama says, “Order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”

That was then and this is now. Does that now sound like this:


Do you understand that it’s who’s seated in the room that’s important? Happy hunting.

Assuming they’re killing national sovereignty and transitioning us to global governance enforced by the CCP’s brand of Marxist Communism; and while dragging us into a multiple-front [Russia over Ukraine and China over Taiwan and the South China Sea] world war scenario that our own Department of Defense says we’re positioned to lose, wouldn’t there have to be propaganda and mechanisms to coerce the American people into accepting the drastic downward spiral of destruction and supporting the war; ergo our military; ergo its commander-in-chief; ergo Proxy Joe Biden? Given what’s now known and especially given the evidence on Hunter’s laptop [Marco Polo] and cell phone, wouldn’t there be a need to further leverage the propaganda machine [it’s actual purpose] to not just mitigate and cover-up the Biden damage, but to ripen and soften us so as to expose our underbelly for overthrow?

Being honest about the landscape, headlines, politics, economy, national division, etc.; and relative to the status quo, does this sound like an extension of that and does it align with what all preceding it?

Here’s Obama again:


Obama says to, “Flood a country’s square with enough raw sewage; use that to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt, plant enough conspiracy theorizing, that citizens no longer know what to believe?

Sound familiar? Sound like Obama’s third and arguably fourth term? Hasn’t this been the norm for several years now and as a direct product of the psychological warfare I cite so often? Didn’t Obama get the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act passed to permit using propaganda and psychological warfare on the American population stateside?

Could you use Obama’s quote to exactly and precisely describe the present?

Obama says, “Once they lose trust in their leaders; in mainstream media, in political institutions, in each other, in the possibility of truth, the game is won.”

Can you name one leader you fully trust that matters but doesn’t include Donald J. Trump?

Can you trust the mainstream media?

Can you fully trust any political institution like the Department of Justice, Supreme Court, Executive, Congress and others?

Can you fully trust writ large those individuals all in opposition to your politics and beliefs?

Can you fully trust any single mainstream media source that matters or can make a difference in order to get the truth?

Assuming that honest answers to those questions delivered “no” across the board and according to Obama’s own established qualifying parameters, isn’t the “ballgame” already won?

Wouldn’t it mean that my contention drawing back to 06 May 20 is true in saying that the U.S. is in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China and along the lines of its primary warfare vector of biowarfare? And wouldn’t it further validate how I keep insisting that the country is almost around a conrner from which it will never return?

If this exercise doesn’t permit the reader to understand that our only way out of this is to embrace the intent of the framer’s and return to rule of law under constitutional governance, repeating it after a long look in the mirror will be necessary. The burden on the American people will facilitate a full and unprecedented housecleaning of government and the federal apparatus; including other states, counties and municipalities.

Keep repeating the exercise until you get it. After the second failure, it’s incumbent upon the reader to find the proof beginning with that “home” button.

The first step towards this single remedy is unifying. It’s imperative to understand that the national division is deliberate and manufactured. So it’s incumbent upon all of us to identify and dismiss it while seeking common ground where it can be found, as we rise as one.

Most Americans just want to get along and let others get along not caring to cram their beliefs down the throats of others just as much as they don’t want the same from anybody else not leaving them alone. That’s what America was founded on and it’s rooted in the Constitution.

It seems that when the Constitution is strictly interpreted, all of the classes of victims and others whose rights are being eviscerated will find that the rights they seek are already in place. They were always there and they never went anywhere. It’s only been an interpretation of those rights by infiltrators that has wreaked chaos in the American system. Lawfare, they call it.

That said, acknowledging the hiccups and messiness inherent in democracy while also acknowledging that experiencing them is a reasonable price for freedom, the best solution to all that ails us is to unify and launch from common ground as Americans to embrace our revolutionary spirit of 1776.

What about Huma, though, you may ask? Great question but I have one more, too:

Do you think that an international criminal enterprise with designs to steal the USA for global governance, which is comprised of Globalists, communists, China, our own “Deep State” and intelligence community, the Western Empire, NATO, the EU, the UN, hostile foreign nations, hostile “allies”, the elite, our own political class and others amounts to formidable opponent for a unified “We The People”?

Answer wisely. Your answer may determine whether or not we have a chance. As you do, recall that power cannot be taken rather it can only be given with your permission. It all distills down to a simple premise: stand or fall.

To lean more about Huma Abedin and her threat to national security vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton, watch this courtesy of Entheos:



  1. Michael Buhagiar July 17, 2022

    Excellent video from Entheos, but arguably with a significant mistake: 9/11 was not an act of Muslim terrorism, but of domestic terrorism, perpetrated by the CIA using Directed Energy Weapons. Dr. Judy Wood adduces powerful evidence for this in a 2 hour video:

  2. Sharon July 19, 2022

    All I can say is Thanks- as always!

  3. Ell Jay March 8, 2023

    Very good content. My first time here.

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