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VIDEO: Enterprise Fraud – The True Account of the COVID-19 “Pandemic”

28 May 22

With monkeypox on the precipice of being propagated as a second pandemic front against humanity while Joe Biden is working to cede our national sovereignty to the WHO in a pandemic treaty, it’s imperative that Americans learn exactly what was done to them during the first enterprise fraud construct mistakenly referred to as the “COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The fast-paced video [12:01] features remarks and explanations from a recent Moonshine interview on The Prather Point.


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  1. Susan Guest May 29, 2022

    What is the precise legal mechanism contained in the IHR, in effect since 2005, or in its amendments, that ‘supersedes our constitution?’ What effect does our reservation contained in IHR have on the obligations contained in the treaty?

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