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AN AMERICAN STORY: The World You Knew, How It Will End and the Conclusion You Get to Write

22 May 22

I‘m going to tell you a story. It’s a story about the world you knew, how it will end and tragically, how late into the hour, no one had done anything to prevent it from ending in catastrophic ways; even for those who in every fiber of their being knew that everything was wrong and nothing was right. Some might think this story began in late December 2019 when an emergent virus was unleashed on the world’s population but that is far from the truth. In reality, this story was decades in the making and its timeline is a generational one.

As this story begins, the most crucial part of it is realizing that the ending remains an open one to be determined by a particular portion of mankind residing in an exceptional place. On a paper map, this place is really no different than any other with its established territory, geographic features and limiting boundaries. You see, it is the people within those boundaries that make this place exceptional, or at least that was the case for most if its history. Things change; however, never remaining the same and either improving or declining over time; and sometimes moving in one direction while intermittently experiencing episodes of the other direction.

Around 247 years ago, the first shots were fired in a revolution and borne out of it was grand Republic the likes of which had never been achieved. Not without its flaws and acknowledging that all things on earth have imperfections to some degree; especially so in light of its citizens’ evolving intellectual and moral development, it was about as perfect a nation as could be fathomed and brought to fruition. This nation was a creation of man, for man and governed by man. It was a nation that acknowledged God and protected the individual liberties and rights that God bestowed to every child, woman and man born in it.

With unfettered freedom, choice and individual rights, this grand Republic stood alone towering as a beacon to the world; as a siren; a coveted destination for citizenship for people the globe over who clamored to reside within inside its borders. Those graced and fortunate enough to be of this nation recognized and acknowledged this with a sense of thanks and embraced the only thing that would guarantee its longevity and continued existence. That one thing is civic duty.

In a democratic Constitutional Republic governed by its own citizens in representative form, those citizens must embrace this inherent onus of civic duty with vigor and with regular and active participation. There was a time when such a sense of civic duty was a forgone guarantee in the sense that no one dared trample on the rights and liberties of another without the expectation of severe backlash. There was a time when peaceful protest augmented civic duty to effectuate real change in governance that was evident and felt across society. There was a time when when those who were elected to govern gave fidelity to Constitutional purpose and represented their constituents with reliability and a moral compass.

The people residing in this exceptional place brought to us by revolutionaries and bearing this onus of civic duty are called Americans and they are the protagonists of this story; at least up to a point in time that’s difficult to constrict to a day, a week or even a year. Today, finding a real American emblematic of his revolutionary spirit and willing to assume personal risk to defend it at any cost is a difficult endeavor. Many will say such but few will actually do it.

There is a distinction that is imperative to understand about most Americans today; however, and it is found in comprehending that the revolutionary American spirit and the sense of individual American ruggedness that were once so commonplace is only dormant. Akin to a hibernating bear after a long winter’s sleep, this dormant revolutionary spirit can be awakened and those Americans can emerge with a ravenous appetite. This, my fellow Americans, is your choice – to awaken or to continue in your slumber; with the latter resulting in the end of this world as you knew it. It’s becomes the ending to this story; the conclusion that I promised you could write.

Will you awaken and will you pick-up your pen?

Since its revolutionary genesis and over time, this exceptional and near perfect Republic has experienced difficulties, sadness, tragedy and struggle. From them moral growth and development manifested so as to strengthen the fabric that binds it all together. Those difficult occurrences are few and far when compared to the triumphs, achievements, sacrifices for others and episodes of exceptionalism that underpin the American brand and spirit. Never has there been a more generous yet formidable nation of people.

As the world progressed becoming more civilized and technologically advanced, it followed America and the path she laid. Noble and worthy achievements became a part of the nation’s history decade after decade but it came at a cost that has me compelled to tell this story and you motivated to read it. As the old adage goes, “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” It’s a simple understanding that becomes compounded by a progressive loss of the sense of civic duty, which has been further eroded by distractions of sown materialism and ill-conceived priorities; all aggravated by engineered fear and chaos delivered by miscreants who infiltrated our institutions. This occurred as we slumbered and coveted and cared about things that don’t matter; and ignoring the things that did.

The infiltrators mastered the ability to sow discord and divide the people. In their division, the people strayed far from their revolutionary roots and turned on one another. Unity and purpose gave way to the incapability to think critically and independently; and further giving rise to a broader sense of feeble-mindedness. The duplicitous but masterful infiltrators stole election after election while deploying social programming and psychological warfare to control the masses and eventually extinguish their American revolutionary spirit; causing it to go dormant in many. The programming of the collective masses and the resulting feeble-mindedness led to their acquiescence to the infiltrator’s engineered fear, chaos, social pressure and group think.

Beginning more forcefully in September 2001, the frogs were unwittingly boiled alive as the fundamental transition of America flowed as an undercurrent beneath the veneer of the visible surface. By 2016, manufactured lies and state-sponsored propaganda caused half of the masses to scream “orange man bad!” in rabidly turning on the only man in recent times who cared to sacrifice his and his family’s own well-being in attempt to restore the Republic.

By 2020 and empowered by those under their spell, the infiltrators stole an historic landslide election to rid themselves of the one man standing in their way, but not before sowing civil unrest that burned many of the crown jewel cities; and not before unleashing the emergent virus and the fraudulent pandemic that followed it.

As the masses acted in good faith during times of great confusion deliberately caused by fear, chaos and disinformation, they made pragmatic decisions to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones not realizing that “safety” was the exact lever the infiltrators had been pulling to strip them of their last remaining freedoms, liberties and rights.

A very small few recognized the fraud and duplicity and they hollered and screamed loudly and widely. It fell on deaf ears. Branding like ‘crazy’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ were applied to marginalize and silence those who were actually the only truth-tellers to be found. The infiltrators viciously and vastly eliminated the truth-tellers’ free speech by removing them from all speech platforms altogether thus resulting in echo chambers and false realities. It was a time where uttering the truth resulted in the death penalty for free speech.

As the sown fear, manufactured propaganda and harsh mitigations lost their luster and became increasingly ineffective, many of those slumbering began to awaken and more were deciding to pick-up their pens, but it was far from the critical mass required. As the illegitimately installed new administration began the controlled demolition of the Republic causing pain and tormenting the people, more awakened and more decided to pick-up their pens. It still wasn’t enough. Far from it.

Three and a half years into the fraudulent pandemic and halfway through the second year of the illegitimate administration, the Republic had one foot around a corner from which it would never return; a corner that once rounded would spell the end of it all and the beginning of Marxist communism. With the infiltrators delivering war, famine and disease, the illegitimate president began taking the final steps to oblivion on the 22nd of May 2022.

On this day, the illegitimate president began his engagement with the world body that delivered the fraudulent pandemic as he put the Republic on the precipice of ending national sovereignty in lieu of permanent medical tyranny and the global governance it stood to deliver. It was all galvanized with terror and chaos as a new virus was deployed. The illegitimate president took to fear-mongering about the new virus while his administration offered dire and ominous warnings about the old virus for the winter to come. It portended to be a winter full of war, famine and disease; just as they planned and practiced.

On this day, all Americans face a paramount moment of personal reconciliation unrivaled in their lifetimes. The slumbering must awaken. The awakened must pick-up the pen. The pen holders must write the ending. The ending must be the only one acceptable for America and it must invoke our revolutionary spirit, be anchored by our revolutionary roots and revert us all back to revolutionary times.

To each and every American, this is your decision and it is yours and yours alone to make. Mine has been made and the pen is in hand. I endeavor to be writing my conclusion alongside yours and when the writing is done, the ink is dry and the war has been won, we will celebrate together like the American revolutionaries God intended us to be and like the revolutionaries we once were.



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