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In a Real Pandemic, the Methodology and Protocols for Data Formulation and Dissemination Don’t Change Like the Weather – COVID-19 Is Unmitigated Enterprise Fraud

10 Apr 22

In a real pandemic, the methodology and protocols for data formulation and dissemination don’t change like the weather as they have routinely done since the very beginning of the unmitigated enterprise fraud construct that people mistakenly call the “COVID-19 pandemic.” In enormous and irrefutable ways backed by evidence stacked to the moon, such regular and recurring changes in this methodology account for why COVID-19 is exactly and precisely enterprise fraud. I’ve dedicated going on three years of pro bono work to evidencing this with such granularity that writing these articles makes me feel like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day.’

As a reminder, today is day 100 of year three of flatten the curve for two weeks. Bill can relate.

Contemplate watching a football game where the goal line changes its location from quarter to quarter. Or a basketball game when the value of a made shot changes every time the ball is brought down the floor dependent upon who is refereeing the game and from whence the shot was made. Or a baseball game when a player crossing home plate is sometimes scored as one run and other times scored as multiple values of runs; sometimes two; sometimes six thousand; other times it’s 80,191,020.

Source: CDC

Sound egregious and outrageous? It should. That’s the magnitude with which we’re dealing and yet many people still don’t get it. Or at least they don’t want to get it because challenging one’s own conventions and admitting to being duped by the ones most trusted is just too damned difficult. Those are the folks I routinely and unashamedly refer to as functional idiots incapable of independent and critical thinking. Day 100 of year three of flatten the curve for two weeks, people.

Every now and then, I’ll make the effort to write a recapitulating article that essentially serves as a reproduction of work already established. I do this to help people continue to wrap their minds around COVID as enterprise fraud and to facilitate greater comprehension. I also do it to assist new readers who are just now arriving to Moonshine and discovering the work here. I wish there were more of them because getting the country back begins with a majority of united Americans coming to understand what is being done to them, which is distinctly different than what is happening to them. As another direct request and for posterity’s sake, please consider spreading the Moonshine far and wide.

The most recent recapitulating article was penned several days ago. It’s entitled COVID-19 Undeniably Stacks-Up As Enterprise Fraud – More Substantial Evidence of Bulk Data Set Deletions. For newer readers, this would be a great place to begin catching-up knowing that the COVID archives is about 300 articles deep; including videos [I’ve lost count.]

In that article, I said the following,

Question: In a scenario where the criminal enterprise leverages a viral pandemic as the context of for its enterprise fraud construct, what types of actions would the criminal enterprise be obligated to take?

Answer: 1-Change existing rules, regulations, laws, etc., 2-Construct false scenarios and data points to permit exercising “emergency authority,” 3-Exploit “emergency authority” to circumvent regular constitutional governance and impose unlawful mandates, 4-Harvest and construct fraudulent data for propagation, 5-Create a narrative supported by constructed data, 6-Revise, manage and control data and narratives, 7-Organize and communicate the narrative and data, 8-Organize and communicate narrative and data publication strategies, 9-Revise narrative as needed, 10-Manipulate or delete inconvenient data contradictory to the established narrative, and 11-Withhold effective treatments to ensure perpetuity and maximize damage. That’s a short and basic list that ought to sound familiar.

Political Moonshine

Let’s focus on the components highlighted above in italicized bold font: points 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. From there, let’s examine a recent Zero Hedge publication for direct evidence of these points.

Our primary source is entitled Growing Number Of States Changing How They Report COVID-19 Hospitalizations and it’s a reprint from Jack Phillips at the Epoch Times. The following condensed extracts drive from Phillips’ work and the emphasis he made with bold font was left in place:

  1. “An increasing number of states and municipalities are changing how they report COVID-19 hospitalizations, cases, and other data, signaling a shift in how policymakers healthcare workers view the virus.” [This was the introduction to the article.]
  2. “In New Hampshire, the state reported seven COVID-19 hospitalizations, down from about two dozen reported during the previous week. Officials said the drop reflects a change in the statewide reporting policy. In an announcement Tuesday, the state Department of Health and Human Services said it now defines a COVID-19 hospitalization to include patients who are being treated with either dexamethasone or remdesivir, which is employed to treat patients with severe or moderate symptoms. Individuals hospitalized with milder symptoms or for another reason but incidentally tested positive for the virus are not being counted, officials said.”
  3. “The Indiana Department of Health on Wednesday released new COVID-19 dashboards that will be updated fewer times per week. As for COVID-19 hospitalizations, the state will now only display the number of individuals who are hospitalized and won’t show the percentage of intensive care unit beds or ventilators available in the state.”
  4. The “Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director Bruce Vanderhoff said on March 10 that Ohio is transitioning from daily to weekly COVID-19 data reporting, including cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. “As cases and hospitalizations dramatically decline, we are refining our public reporting processes to be more relevant for this new phase of the pandemic,” he said.”
  5. “Health officials in Nevada said they would reduce how often the state reports COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations.”
  6. “Arizona on April 7, meanwhile, said it would be scaling back updates of COVID-19 hospitalization data displayed on the state’s CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus dashboard in the wake of the diminishing of the outbreak and Gov. Doug Ducey’s recent end of the state of emergency that he declared over two years ago. Department of Health Services Director Don Herrington said Thursday in a blog post that a surveillance order requiring hospitals to report specific COVID-19 data is no longer in effect.”

On to the findings. What did we find?

Were rules, regulations, laws, etc. changed? Yes.

Did those changes result in the termination of or changes to methodology and protocols that were evidenced to previously and by design harvest and construct fraudulent data for propagation? Yes.

Do those changes represent deliberate and witting actions to revise, manage and control data and narratives? Yes.

Are those changes direct evidence of deliberate and witting actions to organize and communicate the narrative and data? Yes.

Are those actions direct evidence of deliberate and witting actions to organize and communicate narrative and data publication strategies? Yes.

Are those actions direct evidence of deliberate and witting actions to revise narrative as needed? Yes.

The evidence for COVID-19 being a construct of enterprise fraud is as deep and broad as anything out there for those with a proper lens and the capacity to identify and comprehend the particulars of it.

Unfortunately for the fate of the country, the effort to obfuscate, deflect, manipulate and detract from this fraud with bona fide psychological warfare tactics, state-sponsored propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and malinformation is just as deep and broad.

This enterprise fraud has positioned the United States to be completely undone by predicating emergency powers that are determined unilaterally at the secretary level and which permit extraconstitutional governance that has eviscerated and shredded the U.S. Constitution to our own demise.

The exclusive body of work here at Moonshine stands alone with nothing else like it to be found anywhere. In fact, it was good enough to attach to our team’s recent federal grand jury filing as an evidentiary exhibit in the Ninth Circuit. That filing named the current and former directors of the CDC and others as defendants and it’s why I keep making direct requests to share the work here far and wide.

It’s simple. Until a united majority of WE THE PEOPLE escape the sown division to come to fully comprehend what is being done to us and further become galvanized behind a common cause to the extent that a real and formidable fight back begins, America as we have known and loved here is done. Sadly, that dynamic is inescapable at this point.




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