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Circumstances, Change and No Change At All

13 Feb 22

A little over a month ago, circumstances and change caused a hiatus in the work here at Moonshine. Trust me when I tell you that it was the last thing I wanted to do and since then, the same circumstances and change have been a bit of an impediment in returning to regular research, analysis and writing. All of it is and continues to be loaded with good, bad, challenges and victories. Collectively it is equating to the adventure of a lifetime and no adventure can be found without encountering difficulties along the way.

With this article representing a return to more regular work akin to old Moonshine, I’ll take you in a couple of directions with a brief recapitulation of the journey thus far and analysis of the status quo since the last article.

For starters, the featured image for this article is my current view from a friend’s family home in Livingston, Montana. Going backwards in time to 26 Jan 22, it all started by hauling out of Bend, OR – my home for 15 years.

As you may know, my professional career goes down three lanes: 1) as an investigator doing high value fraud investigations for law firms and insurance companies, 2) as a football coach and 3) as an educator following my investigative career. I am now full circle and back to investigations as a contractor and working for myself – more to be shared on that in time.

Let’s begin there before moving backwards in description of the journey thus far. Y’all know I love to kick dead horses; especially the sort evidenced by stacks of data and research. One of them is that the Moonshine has and continues to age like fine wine.

If there is one thing I have learned in all of this it’s that keeping ones nose to the grindstone in the face of defeat, which might be termed as resilient, gritty, determined, undeterred etc., is two things – the real test and the avenue to success.

What I mean by that is that since early in all of my COVID work, NO ONE WOULD LISTEN TO ME; NO ONE WOULD RE-POST THE WORK; and NO ONE WOULD LATCH ONTO MY ACCOUNTS TO FOLLOW AND SHARE despite knowing that I was exactly correct in my analysis. That includes Tucker Carlson and my handling of his cell number and my intent to reach-out to him again, which I have moved to the back burner for now and for good reason – it can’t interfere with greater objectives which I’ll outline below.

Defeated doesn’t begin to explain how two years of rejection manifested; especially since everyone was examining COVID [SARS-CoV-2] as a disease or a “pandemic” when in actuality it was and continues to be entirely enterprise fraud. Literally no one was telling you that when I was telling you that. The Moonshine continues to age like fine wine. Perspective and ones lens are critical and my analysis was exclusively unique and remains so. Dead horse kicked.

Between that time and now, developments have occurred; mostly in the backdrop. They represent what would become my lane to success even if few know about it. Beginning last summer, I started making presentations to small groups of Central Oregon residents numbering 15 or so on each occasion. My second presentation included a current Republican candidate for governor in Oregon and if [when!] he wins, I may consider moving back; we’ll see. LET’S GO BRANDON! He remains a close ally and we remain in close contact. My impact on him was as big as his impact on me. Hope and pray he wins and do this for the people of Oregon because they need it.

I began getting repeat attendees; some of whom began bringing their children. The presentations entailed taking them through roughly 250 evidentiary exhibits as the means to demonstrating COVID as a construct of enterprise fraud and they lasted upward of 3.5 hours depending on the number of questions asked. The activist couple scheduling and hosting my presentations introduced me to two Oregon lawmakers – Senators Dennis Linthicum and Kim Thatcher.

As with everything I’ve done, I’ve only ever asked for two things – time and attention. The Moonshine has always been on the house and so I presented my RICO report, which in its current version stands at 331 pages; roughly 70,000 words. It includes some 252 evidentiary exhibits.

My submissions and conversations primarily with Senator Linthicum led to an introduction to Dr. Henry Ealy, who is the world’s leading data expert on COVID. Keeping my nose to the grindstone and churning out exclusive work in relative anonymity opened the portal for success when I was invited to join this existing team. Never in a million years did I ever foresee this and I routinely and internally shake my head in disbelief.

There’s no substitute for grit.

Since I joined the team, I was subsequently tasked with and then compiled and submitted a second report for the team, which examined in typical Moonshine fashion the economic impact of COVID on the U.S. That conversation begins a $16 trillion and goes up markedly from there.

My inclusion on this team has me situated with an entire slate of folks that much of the world knows and we meet weekly. The last one included 18 of us. In addition to Ealy, Linthicum and Thatcher, there are doctors, judges, attorneys, legal specialists, constitutional specialists and other investigators like me that all exist in the backdrop and in relative obscurity.

Others, though, include folks like Doctors Malone and McCullough, attorney Thomas Renz, author and journalist Naomi Wolf and more. In all, it’s a collective of brilliant and determined people all fighting for all of you and for this nation, its heritage, its Constitution and its citizens; even the ones on the wrong side of this line.

Looking back, you already know that the team’s work ties to the federal grand jury petition efforts originating out of Oregon – that’s old news.

I’m not in a position to offer any additional news now, details or indications of what is to come; however, when you see it, I encourage each and everyone you to latch on to it in full support to spread it far and wide. I’ll certainly write it up once I’m positioned to do so.

So as I sit and type in real time soaking up the majestic views that Livingston offers, let’s go back to Bend and the craziness that ensued up to the present.

For roughly a month-plus, I was convinced that Ogden, UT would be my next home. It offers close proximity to ridiculous terrain for skiing, MTBing and climbing in addition to work potential. Moreover, the gentleman doing draft work for our team, who is former military intelligence and former CIA, has a partner in the area and it was a great fit as he helps me develop my own practice that parallels his.

Then the Huntsman’s newspaper’s [largest in the state] editorial board rolled out the op-ed piece saying that if Utah were more civilized, they would lock-down all “unvaccinated” people in the state and enforce it with the National Guard. Ogden was immediately scratched along with all of Utah.

This presented a problem – I had a house under contract to be sold and nowhere to go. Enter the 2022 Rekon.

Atop Whitefish Mountain / Big Mountain – Montana

Smart and timely real estate decisions relative to the market in Bend permitted me to sell my home, purchase this outright and bank the rest, which will fund me completely for as long as I care to do this or until I settle on a new home. That’s the objective of this adventure as I tour 30-40 different towns in multiple states while skiing as many hills in between stops.

That Coyote there is my best buddy and traveling partner. I’m thankful God sent him my way years ago – couldn’t ask for a better pal.

After studying locations and the real estate market for a couple years, the more I looked, the farther away from an answer I got. So, hitting the road was the only viable solution.

I closed on 26 Jan – the same day movers arrived to move all of my stuff into storage – I picked-up the Rekon on 27 Jan and hit the road 28 Jan; destination one unknown. I didn’t make it far. After stopping by my closest friend’s condo, which backed up to my old place of about 10 years, to drop off a few items before hitting the road, I was greeted with, “You wanna party?”

Rhetorical question. We proceeded to break a bunch of rules and got a little rowdy, which took a toll. It required another day there for “recovery” purposes.

I hit the road officially on 31 Jan making my way to Sandpoint, ID. There I skied Schweitzer for 4 days with another Bend buddy.

Looking at Canada from atop Schweitzer in Sandpoint, ID

My first night sleeping in the rig featured a faulty heater that had me awaking tens miles from the Canadian border with 35-degree temps inside and with a fridge that was also working improperly; hence some of the stated difficulties. Mike in Kallispell, MT [RV dealer] fixed me up and I’m grateful.

I made my way through Kellogg, ID; checking out Silver Mountain and then later Lookout Mountain; and with Wallace, ID in between before landing in Columbia Falls, MT to visit another Bend buddy.

There I skied Whitefish before heading Livingston. I taught with both of these guys back in Bend as the long time larger group fractured with about everyone bailing on Bend. Only about two remain there. Bend essentially doubled in sized during my time there and the influx from mostly CA and WA transitioned the town into an undesirable city with big city problems and clientele. Rinse repeat everywhere desirable it seems.

VIDEO: Poor off-piste conditions relegated us top riding groomers at Schweitzer
VIDEO: A slim layer of fresh at Schweitzer permitted us to find some mellow glades skiing

So, we all left. The current school board and district administration are emblematic of the changes to the town writ large. I’ll be seeing them all in court sometime soon.

Between Columbia Falls and Livingston, I skied Bridger Bowl in Bozeman.

The next few stops are lined up with skiing in between and I’ll report on them once notched on my gun belt.

I’ll tell you that moving from a 1611 square foot home into van has been an adjustment and trying to determine what to bring and in what quantity has been a challenge. Learning happens every day. It’s been awesome, though. Going somewhere different about everyday and seeking to have as many meaningful conversations with strangers as I can has informed my understanding across the board.

Americans are beginning to see through the veneer of the enterprise fraud I evidence. They seek the truth. My advisement to my buddy vying for the Republican candidacy for Oregon’s governorship was to be a truth teller. Stand alone. Speak the truth. People are craving it. It’s why the “pandemic” looks different in every town and state.

The status quo is falling apart aligned to near perfection with long established positions and evidence: China, COVID, Ukraine, Russia, Syria, NATO, Cloward-Piven, illegal immigration, CRT, BLM, Durham, Proxy Joe, Iran, North Korea, Dynastic Bush, the global plantation and more. In the time that I’ve been away much has changed and at the same time nothing has really changed in all of the important ways.

People seek truth tellers. Those who know the truth must continue to fight and recruit their ideological adversaries to the table of truth. When a threshold of Americans are sitting at the table, we’ll begin to get our country back and not until then. The only ones coming to save us are us. Drink the Moonshine. Dish it to others.

It’s good to be back. We’ll get trucking with more regular work soon and until then, circumstances prevail and determine everything; some things still being ironed out like regular internet access to do work.

Today is day 44 of year 3 of flatten the curve for 2 weeks.

How much longer will we tolerate this before Proxy Joe sees real “insurrection”? That’s precisely why Proxy Joe, as per Obama’s direct orders, is stirring up Ukraine and Russia causing it to resurface.

Real insurrection in the context of a second front equating to a hot third world war will be a moot point. It’s exactly why “insurrection” must occur before then.

As I keep saying, “You better wake the hell up, America.”

The only ones coming to save us are us.



  1. Daisy February 13, 2022

    Enjoyed this. Happy to know you’ve aligned with so many great minds. I’ve read and shared all of your past articles. Wow, you are just brilliant. We will all be looking forward to your future writings. Wishing you good health and safe travels.

  2. Lee February 13, 2022

    I am very happy that you have decided to continue your work. I have saved every written word and look forward to more of your investigative work. It makes my head explode, but we all need to know the truth. Meanwhile, enjoy the fresh air and uncomplicated time on the slopes. Stay healthy and safe.

  3. Kathie February 13, 2022

    Thank you! We need to hear the phrase “Enterprise Fraud” repeated over and over again. That nails it! Best wishes.

  4. JustTruth February 13, 2022

    PM, what on earth makes you think no one has been reading your work, and listening to your message. Dude, it is great to have you back, and I for one am thrilled.

  5. CaliCaro February 13, 2022

    Had hoped you’d be back sooner rather than later and look forward to your ongoing investigation and research. Glad you made your destination safe and sound, I really appreciate your work.

  6. TakeBackOurRepublic February 14, 2022

    I’ve been partaking and sharing moonshine throughout the plandemic so I am thrilled to find out that you are back to share the hopeful message of your new adventures and connections with an expanding group of like minded activists working to expose the fraud that is being perpetrated against citizens of the world. Your thorough investigative work nailed what’s really going on a long time ago.  Those of us who seek the truth and share that knowledge have been ridiculed, ostracized, and non-vax status marginalized by friends and family.  I’ve lost loved ones to Covidian mass psychosis (thank you Dr. Malone), not the bioweapon, and will surely lose many more due to future deadly side effects of the clot shots.  The good news is our side is growing as evidenced by the peasants finally revolting after two long years of this bullshit.  Who’d of thought compliant Canadians would lead the way here in North America?!  Welcome back PM…..enjoy your travels and skiing on God’s mountains.  You have more followers than you realize.

  7. A C February 14, 2022

    Thrilled to see Moonshine back! Looking forward to your beautiful installments. Cheers!

  8. Jhigh68 February 17, 2022

    Welcome back! Glad you cut Bend loose. We left Portland and have never looked back. In progressive cities one is not truly free (and yes Bend has become increasingly Progressive at an astonishing rate). I tell everyone I know to Get Out.

  9. PhilH February 22, 2022

    Thank you for shining light in dark places.

  10. Christi Wrench February 26, 2022

    I was one of the people at Lucy’s small group presentations of your extraordinary investigative work!! You blew my mind and I can say that every bit of your presentation was what I concluded from my own research. God bless you on your journey! You have so much support from all of us here in Bend! Miss ya.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      So kind to reach out – thank you. I was just there a few days ago on my way to PDX for our event and press conference announcing our filing in the 9th Circuit… skied Bachy and caught it at 7 degrees on a pow day!!! Appreciate you.

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