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It’s Time to Cross the Delaware

As it sometimes happens, a single thought or idea grows its own set of legs. That’s the case here. Before getting into it, the RICO report going to Oregon State Senators Linthicm and Thatcher and their team of attorneys for the federal grand jury lawsuit was submitted and completed several days ago.

That process entailed expanding the existing report to bring current and into alignment with format and content. The endeavor was about a 5-week process with no days off during that 5 weeks. Beginning at around 0800-0900 every morning, the work went all day until around 0100-0300 the next morning. Rinse/repeat. Groundhog Day. Bill Murray. Dream-like. 331 pages, 66,989 words, 252 exhibits. Nothing else like it anywhere or in any way. I’ve looked.

If you are pursuing your own legal endeavor, have your attorney reach-out. I’ll gladly provide this report to any such attorney to assist you and as always with the Moonshine, it’s on the house.

To our point. I’ve spent much time devoted to the application of Chinese doctrine to America to install Marxist communism in the United States and how open borders as a function of Cloward and Piven strategy is a driving force to this end.

In a recent post on Gab and copied over to Telegram, The Jake Froggy replied. It’s my reply to Jake that follows which has grown its own set of legs. What started out as a reply back exceeded the space allowed and so I’m carrying it over and leaving it exactly as written.

Here’s that chain of thoughts [post linked below.]

Here’s the link to the post.

Here’s my reply to Jake.

Great recollection and cogent points – appreciated. For my nickel, the plausible nuclear option as a depopulation or other mechanism would be a reliable and proven one – false flag entry into war.

In fact, I’ve embraced your notion in a slightly different context in several articles [and a podcast or two when I shook a stick at that] by evidencing that the handwriting is clearly on the wall for Proxy Joe to enter into an agreed upon [with China] limited nuclear exchange with China over Taiwan. The pretext for it is broad and deep. The most terrifying aspect would be the treaty process and the US’ designed surrender to China.

Should you be concerned about the recent news in the disparity between the capabilities of China’s hypersonic missiles compared to the same for the US? Absolutely. It’s pretext to soften the public for exactly how and why the US could be defeated as the “greatest military power on earth.”

Should you be thinking that the Chinese benefited in this regard from Hillary Clinton’s unprotected public server that contained American SAP materials? Yes. All of this was designed with her being in place as the president to cinch the noose in a long line of presidents stringing back to George H. W. Bush.

That powder keg is fully set and ready to go. We’re a single spark away. A fraction of a second.

Therein, the US military loses EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE in gaming-out that war scenario. That’s exactly what the US military has told us in writing. Through the appropriate lens, that’s Chinese messaging from Proxy Joe, Malevolent Milley and the lot of them. Solid pretext. The type I bank on and that will predate any such event by a year to years, which, itself is evidence as in softening the public in preparation.

From the broadest of perspectives, I normally default to this notion – in assumptions of risk with global consequences, do you gamble and explore new methodology or do you ride shotgun with the same methodology that’s worked historically forever – false flag war scenarios: USS Maine [Spanish American War]; Gulf of Tonkin [Vientam]; 9/11 and “weapons of mass destruction” [Wars in the Middle East]; and “mass shootings” [gun control] being examples from a long list that we know well?

I applied this same lens in an article in 2020 asking if Obama was using [tried, trusted and reliable] FISA as a cover mechanism for the trafficking of coronavirus with the WIV. It would permit the attached and ancillary report marked “FISA” to envelop all of that intelligence and veil it behind a corrupt John Roberts. It’s the same lens. What do you trust that you know will deliver [because you built it and put it in place]?

So, I logically deduce that the impetus behind the use of nuclear weapons would not change relative to the driving force behind everything else that plausibly has lead up to that: infiltration, compromise, bio-WMD development and deployment as the mechanism to in part steal an election to remove a sitting president and deliver Marxist communism to the US through its own institutions that are now entirely penetrated by Chinese tendrils.

Then, looking at this through very big picture lens, it all just happens to comport precisely and perfectly with the Belt, Road and Chinese war doctrine and whereby their prioritized warfare focus is a publicly stated biowarfare.

Americans only like the truth when it works for them. Over time, they been programmed to deny truth and be acquiescent to the covering lie because it’s their only perceived mechanism to get back some of the rights stolen in the application of the truth in ways antithetical to the Constitution. The best example of this is the vaccine. “I’ll gladly get my experimental and by conventional means unauthorized vaccine and volunteer to participate in experimental human trials to earn back a fraction of the rights you stole from me with a fraudulent pandemic.”

Americans don’t know they’ve been programmed to think this way. How sad.

Americans are a combination of these things: acquiescent; not very “American,” generally really good people; grossly misinformed; grossly deficient in critical historic and civic knowledge; wrongly prioritized; incapable of challenging ones own conventions; incapable of independent and critical thinking; and unwilling to assume personal risk to fight for what deep down they know is right and regardless of political preferences.

And they do this failing to identify that all of the reasons underpinning their reluctance or refusal to fight back now will be eviscerated in the end as they’re left with nothing but remorse, regret and “we should have fought back when we had the chance and we should have listened to all of the friends and family we called crazy, marginalized and punished when their only action was trying to get us to listen to the truth.”

At the first interceding on our rights – “it’s only for a few weeks” – and even before, I hollered at the top of my lungs. No one listened. No one really listens now; except for a few.

How sad for this country and how sad for its people to have fallen this far.

It’s easier to feed the lie that requires the mask, mandates the vaccine and protects the ego than it is to fight for the truth; think independently and critically; challenge ones own conventions; and to run back upstream against a dangerously stampeding herd of ignorantly virtuous slaves intent on seeing you plunge right off the cliff with them.

And this will be our new normal until a threshold of Americans put down a final foot and join the rest of us who are already prepared to cross the Delaware; whatever that may look like in this day and age.

Since October 2019, we’ve been in the midst of an irregular, asymmetrical and undeclared world war. That fact will never change no matter who writes the history or how they write it.

It’s time. It’s time to cross the Delaware.


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