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The Last Article That Wasn’t and Why – Life Comes Fast and Hard and the Details Matter

The last article was supposed to be the last article but circumstances suddenly changed and unexpectedly so. Moreover, they changed in significant ways. Now and out of a sense of obligation to those who have taken the time to regularly read this work, an explanation is deserved and so I’m providing it fully.

This article has a lot of “I” in it and that makes me uncomfortable. If you’re familiar with the work at Moonshine, you’ll know that’s not how we do business. We’re all about the facts, the research and the data points [and the fraud!]

If we; and by that I mean I, were interested in personal credit, I’d write by my real name rather than by Moonshine. Nonetheless, this is laden with “I” and has to be to give you a proper account of it all.

To preface this, please remember that I’m a regular person and I do this work out of personal interest – it’s a hobby until someone wants to pay me to do it for my job [please!] I have and always will share it freely and at no cost to others. So, this is not my job and I receive nothing for it; in fact, it costs me about a thousand dollars a year to provide the website and all of the attached services it requires.

Those reminders are important because reality can circle back around on you in an instant and that’s exactly where I found myself when I signed-off in the last article weeks ago.

Those circumstances at that specific time were completely different than the circumstances leading up to it. Shockingly different. Fundamentally different. They remain different now and in ways that, quite frankly, cause me to be unsure and to have continued concern.

I’ve been very clear and direct about having an intermediary who has connected me to three primary sources. That source network has since expanded. Specifically and predating COVID-19 by years, various items of my work had been sent by my intermediary to the three primary sources at different times. In downstream fashion only, sometimes I would receive limited and mostly confirming [the work] messages back that would then impact or even steer the work.

Importantly, understand what that means given that the exchanges were made on unencrypted devices and as it relates to intelligence collection by good and bad. It’s a full return, upstream/downstream exchange: [me<>intermediary<>1, 2, 3 sources]. Easy fishing for those fishing.

Talk to the right people about the right things and in you go. In I went.

Importantly and drawing back to the origins of these associations, the initial back-channeling of Moonshine work items began before it was even Moonshine. More importantly, it began unbeknownst to me.

In fact, I didn’t know the work had been sent initially until I received the first message back, “Tell your buddy to keep going. He seems to be the only one who’s figured it out.”

And so I kept going right up to the last article.

Back to intelligence collection. That example puts you on the radar screen. That was a long time ago and before things like my emails getting hacked multiple times in real time and only a couple of minutes apart; and from places inside and outside the US.

The work and its working relationships have caused very real exposure including direct threats to individuals in close proximity and in collaboration on the work. To evidence this, go to Garret Ziegler’s Telegram feed and examine the voicemail threats from DEA Agent Joseph Rosati relative to my work mapping-out the testimony of U.S. federal whistleblower Dr. Johnathan McGreevey.

In short, Ziegler poked Rosati with a stick that I made.

The Rosati matters came down weeks ago during the same relative time as the work going into the last article. I had the messages back then as sent by Ziegler. They’re absolutely legitimate because there’s no other logical explanation for Ziegler’s possession of them as possessed and on that exact timeline.

Ziegler only made the Rosati matter public yesterday.

For another evidenced example, go to Lin Wood’s Telegram feed and examine the death threats levied against him in writing. He shared those. This also occurred in the same relative time frame as the last article and Ziegler’s angling in on Rosati.

The point being not to conflate those occurrences but to get you to see that through my lens, everything that bears importance was coming to a head all at once: expected termination from employment, those ramifications, the exposure concerns outlined above and below and all of those ramifications and more.

Reminder – regular guy here who has earned a public employee’s salary for most of his professional life [and has had no form of income since February.]

With all of those circumstances in place, now consider the additional exposure that comes in having possession of and access to a forensic copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive as provided by Ziegler and the Marco Polo group. Consider how dangerous the DNC emails were to Hillary Clinton in 2016 respective to Seth Rich.

Now consider the nature of the evidence on Biden’s hard drive relative to the DNC emails realizing that these two are in different universes. By far and away, the hard drive dwarfs the emails in my opinion.

Now, let’s be blunt. It’s the broader cohort of former DAG Rod Rosenstein, Joseph Rosati, et al who are alleged to have arranged the hit on Seth Rich as per U.S. federal whistleblower Dr. Johnathan McGreevey. It was Lin Wood who took his statement over the course of several days.

It’s McGreevey’s testimony which drives much of Ziegler’s work. It permitted him to set-up Rosati and get retaliatory voicemails back in return.

Specifically, our work identifies Shawn Henry [FBI] as having duplicated the Seth Rich thumb drive, Alan Boroshok [ATF] as having provided the gun and Rosati [DEA] as having provided the transportation and contracting of the MS-13 hit men responsible for the Rich hit and replace [thumb drive] that resulted in an unintended homicide.

Those hit men were later dispatched themselves.

Look up again at the mapped associations I provided. What are the degrees of separation for me? What happens if folks within a hierarchy are off-limits because they are widely publicly known and hold important positions in the public spectrum?

In this case and typically, the messengers seek to convey their message through a lower branch in the tree. Now glance up again at that map and tell me who the low-hanging branch is.

Again, I’m a regular person with irregular associations. Do you think I’m properly equipped to handle any such incursion into my private arena? It depends on the incursion, I suppose, but these people deploy a wide spectrum of assets that effectively make a variety of incursions rising to murder easily achievable. Or so says the evidence and the whistleblower.

Do I have the resources to defend against that?

It’s why Lin has a team of former U.S. Navy Seals on his watch 24-7.

It’s why my intermediary did what he normally does – he left the country.

Before he left, he showed up on my front door step completely outside of his customary and steady cool cat self. It was an intense and surreal Smith/Hackman/Enemy moment that unfolded across my front lawn like a dream as he shouted go full public, make the video now, get it to Lin, sell the house and move out of state immediately. Those were the direct instructions.

Consider it through another lens. This is the same guy that beat all of Wall Street for two consecutive years, is as intelligent as anyone I know, has a wicked and unparalleled intellect and analytical skill set, is someone in whom I have full faith and trust, and is someone I try to consult on all important decisions before I make them. That guy. He told me all of that. And he did so in a way that was completely beyond his character in ways I had never witnessed from him before.

Walk a mile in a man’s shoes, they say.

It resonated, as you might imagine. Perhaps I handled things wrongly, prematurely and inappropriately by rushing to finish the article and signing off immediately.

Perhaps not. I thought I was on the move to another state right then and there.

Perhaps I mishandled it all long ago and the damage was already done long before then.

See the dilemma; especially for a regular guy with regular resources but highly irregular circumstances? Did it cause an irregular reaction? Maybe. Nonetheless, it pressed on the boundaries of my element and tested my mettle.

Biden’s hard drive stands to unravel everything. If Biden’s hard drive is the sun, at best the DNC emails are Pluto and they don’t even let Pluto be a planet anymore. The exposure is absolutely real and it’s palpable. It showed up on my front doorstep as you can see.

These matters get more complicated, though; way more complicated.

The front end work for that piece took over 2 weeks to complete including research, compilation, drafting, editing and posting. During that time all of these events unfolded to change the circumstances.

To recapitulate and for one, I was placed on unpaid leave for 6 months beginning 05 February 21 and that also required me to pay for medical coverage out of pocket. Those circumstances prevailed through the summer, too.

So, when I penned the last article and in addition to the circumstances above, I was facing termination from my employment for my refusal to wear a mask or receive the vaccine as mandated by Oregon’s governor.

With no job, the only play was to sell the house, cash-in, buy elsewhere and live off the balance of cash until I could reset on employment.

After I published the last article, I began lengthy written exchanges with my employer via email and to begin the process of documentation; including how they appeared to be legally encroaching on coercion relative to my employment status. This included a complete account of all written and verbal communications with date and timestamps.

Before I begin this, let me be clear. I’m not naming my employer or its law firm on retainer and I do not intend to cause either of them harm or embarrassment in what follows. That is why they are not identified and neither am I. These are sensitive and ongoing matters.

That said, I owe you a fulsome explanation and you’re going to get it. Furthermore, I want all of this in the public record for a variety of reasons.

In the email exchange, I further fueled the fire with a direct statement asking if they were ready to defend their positions [implying in court.] That was it. I never heard back except for communication from associates in HR to re-enroll for benefits including being returned to the payroll, I suppose. Any first check would arrive at the beginning of October.

I also advised my employer that I would only further communicate with them in writing via email.

Immediately after enrolling for benefits and because I refused to accept another half to full work year on unpaid leave, I filed a request for sick leave and left it open-ended for a recently emerged and ongoing medical situation. Again and since then I’ve heard nothing.

Things become even more complicated once you realize what follows. Before any of this and back on 16 Dec 20 and in writing, I formally placed my employer on notice with this exact language,

“This “pandemic” is demonstrably and patently fraudulent as evidenced by the CDC’s own data and Governor Kate Brown is on the wrong side of this line. I am retaining counsel. Any decisions impacting my employment, salary and retirement should be considered very carefully knowing that every legal remedy and exposure to liability will be pursued and exhausted.”

Being a former fraud investigator has distinct advantages because few if any people in America were positioned to write that or evidence it when I did and how I did. It was problematic enough for them that they required me to refile the form without that language. I still have the copy.

Moreover and on the next day, 17 Dec 20, I had a 45-minute phone call with the HR director back-filling all of the details of the notice from the form and in it, I requested a sit-down with the full slate of attorneys my employer keeps on retainer. I excelled in their environment doing their bidding for 5 years and I wanted to talk to them in their language and in ways we mutually understand.

Ways that look like massive portals for class action lawsuits.

That request fell flat and I never heard back.

In August of 2021, I bypassed my employer and went directly to the law firm on retainer and moreover, directly to an attorney whose family I’ve known for over 15 years. I did this in writing and share it with you below.

It fell flat.

I called the firm to address my request to meet with them only for the express purpose of providing them evidence and information on behalf of their client and my employer.

It fell flat.

I emailed a second attorney in the firm.

It fell flat.

This is extracted from my initial contact to my employer’s law firm,

“I have evidence I’d like to present you that is entirely reliable, replicable and suitable to an evidentiary threshold appropriate for a court of law no matter the burden of proof and whether it be preponderance of the evidence or guilt beyond a reasonable doubt – I’ve worked to both standards.

I know this because for the first five years of my professional career and prior to getting into education and capitalizing on a freshly minted degree in Criminal Justice, I was employed by an independent firm and contracted to conduct high value fraud investigations for law firms and insurance companies.

Therein, I acquired a very particular skill set. Therein, my sole work product was used to arbitrate, mediate, settle, dispute, prosecute, etc. Therein, I was required to take to the witness stand and testify to methods and findings and do so while meeting evidentiary thresholds.

What I have to present comes in spades and is rooted in U.S. patent filings, governmental documents, governmental publications, governmental data sets and proprietary work enmeshing it and stitching it altogether for meaning. Some of the work is already underpinning litigation in the southern part of the state, as I understand it.

What I will present stands to turn conventions on end and it will impact every single student and family member in the district. It will invoke mandatory reporting requirements as per state law and as per conventional definitions of child abuse; and hopefully it will begin a robust challenge to edicts being handed down by the State.

It will fully bear down on your entire firm as representative of the district relative to your oath and onus as attorneys to act in good faith relative to the receipt of reliable evidence  demonstrating that a crime[s] have been committed [under RICO statue] against your client and those they serve – the students and families.

Again, this was my world for five years and I excelled at the meticulous and arduous work.

None of this I take lightly. I know the precise weight of the words I share here. I will also tell you that there is precisely and even perhaps a less than a 0% chance that I’m wrong about what I have to present.

For the record, I asked for this meeting [actually with the full slate of attorneys on retainer] in a telephone conversation with the district on 17 Dec 20 and at that time I could irrefutably prove what’s in the evidence to be presented. I subsequently included similar language in the form I was required to complete after being relegated to 6 months of leave without pay or benefits and which the district asked me to refile because it was uncomfortable with language on it. I still have the original copy.

That meeting never happened and in light of the status quo, I respectfully request a meeting with you alone and as soon as it can be scheduled. I would suggest setting aside a 2-hour window. It’s deep, wide, complex and has to be outlined precisely for comprehension and moreover, you are guaranteed to have questions.

I know that you bear an onus to the district in representing it and if I could make but one request, perhaps hear me out before giving them a call and then please and hopefully; and in light of new evidence, you’ll call them right away.”

Acknowledging that the request to meet alone and or hear me out crosses the line, it was a bit of a last ditch effort to make inroads through closed doors. It mattered not. The request was met by a reply simply saying that the attorney was on sabbatical until after the start of the year.

I therefore contacted a second attorney at the firm presenting this in writing,

“As I’ve explained, I’m not seeking representation of any kind.

My only objective is to meet with and present to you, et al confirmed evidentiary findings suitable to the same forensic nature and evidentiary thresholds and standards as when I performed fraud investigations for law firms and insurance companies in my previous profession.

I am now and have been an employee of the school district [voluntarily on leave] and am contacting your firm specifically because it represents the school district and should receive this information.

I’m telling you in good faith and based upon my professional experience doing this exact work and especially as it relates to the liability exposure the district already faces, that you, sir, respectfully want to hear and see what I have to present, which is forensic in nature. It will bear down directly on your firms’ representation of the school district; especially from a class action standpoint, which may be nearer than farther away.

I am trying to be of benefit and service to you and the district before the timeline makes this unrecoverable.

I requested this meeting initially on 17 Dec 20 and it fell flat. I wanted your firm to be the first to receive this information.

I’ve already made the presentation of evidence as of earlier today to a prominent person in leadership and central to area interest groups. It is exclusive, proprietary work that establishes positions irrefutably and beyond any reasonable doubt, I’m comfortable working to both burdens.

I’m lined-up to present the same presentation to another superintendent and their district counsel as I discussed with her on the phone today.

I am being lined up to present to a collection of area superintendents and attorneys and other special interest groups beginning immediately.

What I have to present to you has been vetted by three independently sourced attorneys in places I cannot write here but will share with you in person – they will get your attention and fully.

What I have to present to you, sir and respectfully so, you want to hear regardless of the district’s intentions because it will impact your firm regardless and especially so now that I’ve outlined the nature of the matter more clearly and especially as it relates to good faith.

What I have to present to you qualifies for prosecution under RICO statute and I am submitting it to inform your advisement of the school district and class action that will certainly come from it.

Today, the NY Post published an article recapitulating the bulk fact set and findings of the evidence I care to present to you and which I BEGAN DOCUMENTING AND EVIDENCING IN EXCRUCIATINGLY MINUTE AND FORENSIC DETAIL 1.5 YEARS AGO.

A 2-3 hour window would be best. I am widely available outside of other presentation commitments.

Please consider the meeting request as time sensitive.”

As you can see, neither my employer nor their attorneys seem to care to engage on something so critical.

Now factor in these circumstances.

On 22 Feb 21, I was responsive to my employer and I advised in writing on a required form that I would be returning to regular full employment this fall. The return was contingent upon any mask and/or vaccine mandates to be handed down by the governor and then enforced by the employer if that were the policy. Receiving that information was contingent upon hearing directly from a new HR director responsible for developing [in conjunction with others] and communicating the policy[s] to employees.

Between then and the time up to the August email exchange with the district, I was on direct orders from my immediate supervisor to standby for the HR director and this was confirmed multiple times, verbally and in writing. It also included inquiries from me about the protracted timeline on the HR director’s part and why no decisions had been made yet given the encroaching start of the year.

Despite all of my efforts, I never received any contact from the HR director from 22 Feb 21 until 17 minutes AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE FIRST WORK DAY FOR EMPLOYEES.

It gets more complicated, though.

In all of this, I was never provided any of the annual and customary mailings that include all return to work dates, times, locations, etc. No correspondence was ever received the type of which I had been receiving every year at the same time since 2007.

Moreover, I communicated with my immediate supervisor multiple times verbally and in writing advising that I was locked out of all district assets and accounts and was therefore not privy to any information at those addresses and portals or in those accounts.

Do you expect people to arrive to your birthday party if you never send them the invitation and all of the relevant details? This is public education today, people.

My employer could not have messed this up any more than they did. They’re fully aware of this because their actions and inaction communicate it directly. They know that missteps can give cause in the legal sense.

They also know what I have and tried to give them.

This dynamic comes with problems, though. Although the cash infusion will cause me to not lose my home for the time being, I’m stuck in no man’s land with nothing that foretells of a conclusion or endpoint.

Being formally tethered to my employment requires me to stay put for the time being. All of this has changed my circumstances drastically and as you can see.

You should know that just because the writing stopped, the work did not. It transformed.

For one, the entire body of work has been compiled in a revised 104-page forensic report with around 400 evidentiary exhibits. It’s proprietary work that is being shared with select people and entities like Lin Wood, Garrett Ziegler, other attorneys, law enforcement, media and more.

I spent over an hour in conversation with our local Sheriff’s Department and maintain semi-regular contact with our Sheriff. He has been provided with a full copy of the report, all of its evidentiary exhibits and he receives updated versions each time addendums are attached to it.

That work was submitted to the Sheriff’s Department with a kind reminder about of their oaths and constitutional onus as it bears down in light of their receipt of verifiable and reliable evidence that severe felonies prosecutable under RICO have been committed against every single person in their jurisdiction.

I even wrote Governor Brown and paved an fantastic exit for her but her substantial wealth accumulation and Chinese entanglements precluded anything but a form letter reply.

Tomorrow will mark my 8th public speaking appearance and they vary from 2-3 hours long ripping through nearly 200 slides of work explaining the entire fraudulent pandemic. I’m fortunate to have come to associate with a kind, informed and connected soul who schedules for me. The attendees are regionally local, activists and leaders from a variety of capacities and we are moving to larger facilities and audiences while approaching large entities and outlets angling for exposure in a good way.

These excursions have created new opportunities and associations including repeat attendees. One of them will soon announce his run for Governor of our state and was gracious enough to put me face to face with Raheem Kassam of The National Pulse. His expressed interest in the work is heartening and I am hopeful that this new association permits us to make even more progress in the direction of good.

There will be another article. We’ll be exploring the underpinning documentation that leverages the “shielding” approach to mitigating viral transmission as the Trojan Horse for modern day concentration camps in America. This is holdover work that I was preparing to write mid-August before things began to unravel.

We will also examine how the Criminal Enterprise as defined under RICO baked into federal funding the means by which to bribe school officials across the country with discretionary funding for mitigations enforcement on campus, like mask requirements.

How does it look when a school district refuses to receive evidence on a matter but then has no problem receiving federal dollars for the same matter, and where that matter is undeniably drawn into question for enterprise fraud prosecutable under RICO?

I apologize for the flakiness of late – here, gone, back, etc. I talk about fighting and then appear to pull back from the fight. Publicly, yes, but as you can see, the fight actually intensified in more meaningful and tangible ways.

Such is the nature of war.

The nature of war is in part why this was written. Beyond you deserving a full explanation, this article is a form of insurance policy as recommended by my intermediary to hedge against being the low-hanging branch and just in case that it is actually needed.

I’m praying for God to keep the back of my jersey clean.

Every person referenced here is a real person and there is private, shared and public documentary evidence tying it all together. I’ve also presented to upwards of 60 people in the community who have now met me in person. People like Lin and Garrett have my personal information.

A cooler head prevails now, but the risk factors are no less significant than they were and I’ll be uneasy about this forever or until something is done about it. Seems that last part is up to us.

So, I hope this gives you some perspective on how things got real slippery and remain that way. Above all else, just remember this – regular guy, irregular associations and irregular circumstances… and those circumstances seem poised to change at a whim.

We go day by day from here.




  1. Wolf Moon September 22, 2021

    Great stuff. And I totally get where you’re coming from. Employment is one of the biggest controls out there.

    I was deeply enmeshed in establishment tethers and held back with “shallow state” leashes while employed. I didn’t even get moderately free of those until retirement. It’s a negotiated arrangement. And during both the employed times and after them, sketchy situations abounded. Many of them not recognized until years later. Sometimes we overreact, other times we underreact, and many times we perceive those mistakes backwards. Close calls look closer in retrospect.

    I will say this. You are playing in the big leagues if you or your work come anywhere near Rod Rosenstein or his sister, Anthony Fauci or his girl Rochelle. I had no trouble believing McGreevy about Rosenstein. Rosey was the rather astonishing answer to all my questions about why bad stuff was happening in my world.

    The big question is what the next COVID-level evasion is going to be. I don’t think it was Afghanistan. I think that’s just one barely plausible move in the game.

  2. Wolf Moon September 23, 2021

    Just a dropped tip here (moderated replies are so convenient). Lee Merritt has the goods on repurposing of gene therapies, IMO. SHEDDING being a known (2008) problem of mRNA and the fact that the companies were hiding it – this strikes me as indication of conscious fraud. The fact that we had to get Pfizer data from JAPAN which explained shedding – it all ties together.

  3. Jon Haffner September 23, 2021

    I was so happy to see this email today.


  4. Marlene September 23, 2021

    Stay brave and know you are doing the right thing and you are extra-ordinary.
    Having Raheem in your corner is quite a good development.
    It’s balls to the walls time and Fauci needs to be held to account, not in the next life but here and now!

  5. scott467 September 24, 2021

    Thank you, PM.

    For all of it. 👍

  6. Michael Buhagiar September 24, 2021

    Hi PM. Great to have you back, still ‘punching’ as the MAGA conservative Sly Stallone would say. I’m a little surprised to see Cipollone among your sources – he got such a poor performance report from Pat Byrne and Sidney Powell for his obstructive behaviour in Dec 2020. Btw I’ve become a fan of the Q) The Storm Rider Official Page channel in Telegram. Very productive and seems to me very solid.

  7. Silver Sunday October 2, 2021

    Look what I watched last night. Greg Hunter interviewing whistleblower Karen Kensington. Aside from the horrific details she provides here, she has a teenager in the San Diego school district. She is fighting them de mandated protocols….but she slips in towards the end that she has seen or is aware of some financial hanky Panay with schools district receiving funds related to the protocols. She is working in a website, but you can reach her on linked in…
    Here is a link to the interview it is off the chain and will make you sick’s+USAWatchdog%29&utm_content=FeedBurner

  8. Silver Sunday October 2, 2021

    Hi L – good to see you here! I have been following you since your first interview with RedPill78. This person does amazing work, I am so grateful to have stumbled onto it. I am Sanity2016 on gab.

    • Political Moonshine Post author | February 26, 2022

      I’ve never interviewed with RedPill78 so I’m not sure what that’s about. Thanks for the kind words.

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